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STATE: Feasting off the kill ... ?

Image for STATE: Feasting off the kill ... ?

Kim Booth, Retired Greens Leader. Pic* First published: July 7
08.07.15 5:30 am

Response to Comment 27 HERE Re #27 Andrew it really is a pity that instead of addressing your mind to the real threat to special species timbers, which is the native forest woodchip juggernaut, you have instead wasted endless hours poring over Greens’ forest policy trying to find a full stop in the wrong place! ( Thank you Gary #30 for roundly demolishing Andrew Denman’s absurd proposition) ...

Andrea Dawkins: Heritage No Excuse for Logging the TWWHA

• Peter Adams in Comments: The media keeps repeating: “Speciality timber workers are pushing for access into World Heritage.” It would be more accurate to read: “A couple of speciality timber workers are pushing….” My guess is that the overwhelming majority of furniture designer/makers and boat builders in Tasmania have enough skill and design talent to use what materials are at hand, readily available and not in World Heritage areas.

• Pete Godfrey’s record of “World’s Best Practice” ...

• Harry Higgins in Comments: Twenty five years ago, when I was younger and much fitter, I made a living for a while by salvaging minor species timber for sale to craftsmen. Access to clearfelled coupes in the northeast of the state was granted by Forestry, which allowed me and my colleague to scrounge what remained of the giant myrtles, eucalypts, musk and sassafrass to produce blocks for woodturners and boards for picture frames etc. We did it the hard way, dragging and carrying the wood back to our old ute. One area in the Fingal Forestry district looked a good prospect, so I travelled to the spot with a forestry ‘inspector’ to obtain approval for salvage work. When we arrived, I was appalled to see the entire area had been obliterated, including the stream reserve that the loggers were meant to preserve. The inspector (a former logger himself) said that the stream reserve was “only a Grade 3 reserve so it wasn’t so bad”. I then adopted a new strategy which involved turning up at log landings while the coupes were being ravaged, offer the loggers a carton of beer, and quickly gather the wood I wanted before it was crushed or burned. Logging whole areas to gain access to specialty timbers is a cop out and the lazy way to do it!

• Jack Lumber in Comments: Do you note apart from the usual suspects no-one even bothers to join in. This is a typical TT W@#K fest and the pictures add no value to the discussion and the discussion is the usual circular backslapping and hand ringing . THE WHA is not under threat; it will not result in large scale Clearfall, ( so why the pics ). I’m sorry that the celerytop pine tree was burnt but really are you saying every tree is special. If so please advise when a sawmill in Meander is closing, as EVERY TREE must be special > or is imported lumber OK. What is the chain of custody for said lumber at Meander? Just give me a FSC cert # and we can put that one to rest once and for all.

JULY 3 on Tasmanian Times: STATE, WHA: No mining ... but logging still allowed ... ?

ABC: Tasmania named best island destination in Australia, NZ and South Pacific region by Travel and Leisure Magazine

Jenny Weber: Call to protect Tarkine in Festival of Voices

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NATION: As Abbott over-hypes ... Turnbull’s call to under-hype ...

Guardian. Satire: Leunig, leunig.com.au , used with permission
08.07.15 4:30 am

Image for NATION: As Abbott over-hypes ... Turnbull’s call to under-hype ...

Malcolm Turnbull has warned against over-hyping the threat posed by Islamic State, arguing it is important not to lend any credibility or currency to the grandiose “delusions” of the jihadists

• Keith Antonysen in Comments: What a brilliant Leunig cartoon. More people have been killed through domestic violence in Australia in a year than by terrorists in Australia’s history.

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Advocates call for Tas Gov to enforce gay-hate decision

Tasmanian gay rights advocate, Rodney Croome Media Release Pic: of Rodney Croome
08.07.15 4:00 am

Image for Advocates call for Tas Gov to enforce gay-hate decision

Tasmanian advocates have called on the Tasmanian Government to hold accountable a man who was found to have breached the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act but is refusing to respect the decision.

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Lincoln Siliakus ...

Jenny Weber, The Bob Brown Foundation
07.07.15 7:00 am

Image for Lincoln Siliakus ...

Lincoln Siliakus - a man of true history and very influential action in the Franklin campaign - passed away today (Sunday).

Christine Milne: Vale Lincoln Siliakis: World Heritage legend

• Alec Marr in Comments: Lincoln Siliakis - He was always there ! I was privileged to work to work with Lincoln over the last 30 years. His efforts on behalf of wild places in Australia was absolutely extraordinary. Almost every major battle to protect Australia’s World Heritage for the last 30 years has relied on Lincoln at some stage of the fight. His often lonely lobbying efforts during the 1990’s (with me on the end of the phone back in Australia) eventually made it possible to have the forests of the eastern boundary of the World Heritage area finally inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2013. It was again Lincoln we relied on in the lead up to the DOHA meeting to stop the attempt by the Australian Government to remove 74,000 hectares of forest from the World Heritage area. In the end, the Australian Government was humiliated and the proposal was rejected in 7 minutes with a kick in the backside for Australia on the way through. Lincoln also helped kick start the campaign the Barrier Reef by delivering Petitions to UNESCO in 2012. Lincoln lived a happy and interesting life, he did many fine fine things for the planet and still managed to have plenty of fun along the way, we could all do worse than follow his fine example. Our Wild places have lost one of their truest friends ! Alec Marr - Bonn World Heritage Committee session 2015

Bob Brown: Lincoln Siliakus, environment legal expert, has died

• Pictures of Lincoln in Europe ...

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The hypocrisy ... the monumental hypocrisy ... ?

Sydney Swans Fan (name with-held for family reasons)* Pic: AFL of Harley Bennell
07.07.15 6:38 am

Image for The hypocrisy ... the monumental hypocrisy ... ?

… A hypothetical question: If a similar photo of a News Ltd executive, let’s say hypothetically one of the Murdochs, became available, would it be also be run on Page 1?  …

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STATE, WHA: No mining ... but logging still allowed ... ?

Vica Bayley Tasmanian Campaign Manager The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc. http://www.wilderness.org.au Media Release. Pub: July 3
07.07.15 6:00 am

Image for STATE, WHA: No mining ... but logging still allowed ... ?

… This decision confirms an international rejection of Mr Hodgman’s plans to allow logging and mining in the WHA and identifies very clear solutions to addressing these and other issues,” said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for the Wilderness Society, speaking from Bonn. “Logging and mining have no place in a World Heritage Area and Government must commit to explicitly prohibit both logging and mining by upgrading the conservation status of relevant areas to National Park. This relates to iconic forest areas such as the Styx, Weld and upper Florentine valleys and the Great Western Tiers. …

Matthew Groom: World Heritage Committee decision paves way for ongoing constructive engagement

Greens: Liberals must accept UN’s rejection of Tasmanian World Heritage Area plans

Nick McKim: United Nations Slaps Down Groom on WHA Logging and Mining Parks Minister Matthew Groom’s fixation with profiting from the TWWHA has blinded him to the true value of the area. It seems that if he can’t put a dollar sign in front of it, Mr Groom is just not interested. The United Nations did not protect the TWWHA just so Mr Groom’s corporate buddies could make money from it.

Luke Martin: UNESCO findings on draft TWWHA management plan

• John Powell in Comments: … Both Minister Groom and Harriss are in denial, and Premier Hodgman and Deputy Premier Rockliff are plainly sycophants to Senators Abetz and Colbeck. Waiting for Opposition Leader Green to put both feet in mouth but. Odds on that he will.(SportsBet info)


Vica Bayley: Tas Government rules out World Heritage mining, but snubs UNESCO’s logging call In response to the UNESCO decision regarding Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area (WHA), the Tasmanian Government’s announcement to ‘rule out’ mining in the WHA represents just one part of a number of specific requests that make up the decision. The decision also asks for logging to be prohibited, for wilderness to be retained in the management plan and for a comprehensive Aboriginal heritage survey. ‘A commitment to prohibit mining is welcome but represents only one part of the requested action and it must be extended to include logging,’ said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for the Wilderness Society. ‘A ban on logging across the entire World Heritage Area is specifically requested, but Government appear determined ignore this, seek to justify World Heritage logging and bulldoze ahead with changes that remove management plan protection for iconic forest areas.’ There appears confusion in the public debate as to exactly what the Hodgman Government proposes as possible regarding World Heritage logging. The facts are … HERE

Nick McKim: Mining Ban needs to be in WHA Management Plan as Government Ignores United Nations on Logging and Tenure


Paul Harriss: Green groups’ lock up plan exposed

Paul Harriss: Special Species and the TWWHA

Cassy O’Connor: Minister Harriss being deliberately deceitful over WHA logging

Paul Harriss:  O’Connor admission on specialty timbers in TWWHA torpedoes no case


• Kim Booth in Comments: Great news that the World Heritage Committee has rejected the obscene push for mining and logging in the Tasmanian World Heritage area. There is no sympathy for those so called boatbuilders and craftsmen that Harris now sheds crocodile tears about not having access to specialty timbers. They stood back and watched and offered themselves as Trojan horses to facilitate the greatest resource of fine and rare specialty timbers on the planet to be bulldozed and burnt, sacrificed on the altar of woodchipping, Like modern day elephant hunters they now seek the last tusks of Ivory. Plenty of specialty timbers still being woodchipped if Harriss et al really care.  As far as the TFA goes it legislated for logging in the WHA and punished the community by removing forests identified and agreed for conservation,  if the community dared to protest against logging in other areas. It was also obvious that by the time the reserves could be proclaimed under the act, the Liberals would have well and truly repealed it. For those whom seek to rewrite history, the passing of the TFA had nothing to do with the 177 thousand hectares nominated for the WHA. Minister Tony Bourke had made it crystal clear that the nomination would proceed whether the TFA passed or not. That is why I finally voted against the bill.

• Karl Stevens in Comments: Good to see Kim Booth back defending forests. I think the speciality timber industry is more like the trade in rhino horns. Rhinos are critically endangered and the horns are bought by mostly Chinese who use them to enhance virility. So the most overpopulated country on Earth buys rhino horn to promote reproduction? I’ve noted that countries that cut down all their trees (like Greece) end-up bankrupt. Will this happen to Tasmania? I’ve also noted that heavy frosts in my area are only on cleared land. I saw no frost in bushland adjacent to grassland. How do trees generate heat?


Richard Colbeck: Tasmania’s specialty timber industry should be valued and supported

TUESDAY (July 7) ...

Jenny Weber: No World Heritage Logging Will Take Place … “The global reaction to taking bulldozers and chainsaws into World Heritage rainforests in Tasmania would damage the domestic and international image for wild and scenic beauty which has become pivotal to our economic and employment well being. Sacrificing tourism promotion to logging would be a public interest disaster,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager, said. “The rainforest timber industry has been grossly mismanaged for years with millions of tonnes logged and burned in regeneration burns while those now advocating logging in the World Heritage Area clapped it along. There has been no stronger advocate for the historic waste and destruction of industrial logging in Tasmania than Senator Colbeck,’ Jenny Weber said. “The only thing special about ‘specialty timbers’ is the protected rainforests that they come from, World Heritage listed rainforests that need to remain intact. The shameful disregard of millions of tonnes of rainforest species burnt over the years was met by silence from today’s rainforest logging advocates, and ancient rainforest tracts protected as World Heritage are off limits as it should be,” Jenny Weber said.

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The Age of Post-Democracy

Tim Thorne*
06.07.15 5:00 am

Image for The Age of Post-Democracy

There are increasing signs that what we know as the Western democratic world is entering an era which I think can best be described as post-democratic.

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Magna Carta, Waterloo ... not so important after all ... ?

Charles Wooley
06.07.15 4:45 am

Image for Magna Carta, Waterloo ... not so important after all ... ?

Two important anniversaries happened this month but if historical significance is to be judged by contemporary headlines, television news and tweets then maybe they weren’t so important after all.

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NATION: The dreadful, dreadful Abyss

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ First pub: July 6. Pic*
06.07.15 4:30 am

Image for NATION: The dreadful, dreadful Abyss

Parliament rose for a six week winter break last Thursday amidst whispers of an early election and a delegation on the wing to Singapore, led by a PM in search of Asian investors, clutching his northern Australia white paper that is his government’s vision for an economic powerhouse and ever keen to boost free trade and other links with Australia’s fifth largest trading partner.

• phill Parsons in Comments: … The new policy was thus drowned out as the ABC ban and the failure of the liar in chief to address gay marriage in the Parliament hang like an albatross. Fear seems to have failed as voters perceive domestic violence as a bigger threat than terrorism. It is as though Mad as Hell has become real life whilst people await patiently for the emperor’s new cloth to be tested in the pit of a global economic crisis or a chance to vote on the performance of the adults.

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STATE: Promoting tourism in the Tarkine ... a way ahead

Ted Mead. Pic: by Ted Mead of Lake Chisholm
06.07.15 4:15 am

Image for STATE: Promoting tourism in the Tarkine ... a way ahead

Isn’t it fascinating that the Liberal government is not promoting tourism in the Tarkine whilst their driven agenda is to open up remote areas in the WHA to their development cronies.

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A boomer’s take on the housing crisis: a personal response

Garry Stannus
06.07.15 3:45 am

Image for A boomer’s take on the housing crisis: a personal response

Recently, Tas Times on-published an article by Matt Ellis (via John Lawrence) which carried the title “The housing crash we had to have: A Gen Y perspective on the bubble”. You can read the article again [Here] and Ellis’s full article in [Rational Radical: Here]. I share Ellis’s view that we have a broken economic model. Ellis says that this…

utterly broken economic model is wholly reliant on housing speculation … and unacceptable financial risk.

Furthermore Ellis points to private debt (‘we borrow too much’) and certain financial policy settings which apparently enable Gen Ys to do so much borrowing.

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Sexuality, Feminism and the Coming Crunch

Christopher Nagle. Pic*
06.07.15 3:40 am

Image for Sexuality, Feminism and the Coming Crunch

For those who watch these things, there seems to be emerging in feminist circles an increasingly intense conflict between sexual libertarians and those with a much broader gender based sexual-political agenda.  The latter are insisting that narrowly sexistentialist (I am my sexuality) laissez-faireism (deregulated individual agency) has not been benign for women and the time is long overdue to not only put some boundaries around it, but properly address the political side of sexual politics.

• Annie in Comments: I think it is rather gorgeous that the American Indian Iroquois have a creation story about the Sky woman who floats to earth on the back of snow geese to land on turtle island. Who needs credit cards or to participate in consumer capitalism or to be exploited if the alternative is lovely story about Skywoman nourishing the soul for ever and a day? I did appreciate reading Christopher’s article several times as well. We don’t need Christmas every day to indulge the bonfire of our vanities - just a simple Christmas sharing once a year will be enough

• Christopher Nagle in Comments: … There has been the most passionate debate going on for months in this magazine about whether the Abbott government is fascist or not. The wearisome correspondence could nearly fill a book! But what I am saying has far more dramatic consequences than fascism. The secular fundamentalism that I am arguing for claims that all the virtues of our age have been turned to mush and that we must now resort to an ‘authoritarian’ and not terribly tolerant clean up to restore the commons’, whether they are biological, social or existential. …

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Hockey’s defamation win is dark news for democracy and free speech

Michael Douglas, Lecturer in Law at Curtin University, The Conversation. Pic: of Joe Hockey
06.07.15 3:30 am

Image for Hockey’s defamation win is dark news for democracy and free speech

We should all be careful before saying anything that will hurt our politicians’ feelings: they might sue us for defamation. On Tuesday, Treasurer Joe Hockey was awarded A$200,000 damages against Fairfax Media in relation to a series of publications that focused on his political fundraising activities.

• John Hawkins in Comments: Abetz started his spat with me with a threat to sue for defamation. The subject of the defamation was payments by Gunns Ltd of large sums of money to the Liberal Party. I took great exception to this threat and pushed back discovering that a major payment was made when he held office as Minister of Forests. He sent two men from his office to suggest that it would be in my interest to lay off the Senator. I took even greater exception to this appalling behaviour. I took him to the High Court. He has yet to be audited by the ATO over his land deals on the Channel Highway as detailed on TT: HERE . He sat illegally in the parliament as a dual national from 1994 until 2010 when he renounced his German Citizenship - you cannot renounce a citizenship you do not have. How and why is Abetz that powerful? His behaviour as a representative of the people in almost every field leaves a lot to be desired yet he remains a defining icon of the so called Liberal Party.

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This week’s Feminist Roundup

Bronwyn Williams
06.07.15 3:15 am

Image for This week’s Feminist Roundup

Feminist Roundup This looks cute, doesn’t it – but look closely and think about what it is.  It’s a baby girl dressed up like a woman advertising lingerie.  She can’t walk or talk or feed herself, but that’s okay, because she looks fabulous in high heels and pearls! Source: http://www.peeweepumps.com

International Business Times, via Isla MacGregor: Greek crisis: Thriving sex industry shows austerity has violated women’s rights

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Could wood be bad for the environment? That depends on policy

Andrew Macintosh, David Lindenmayer, ABC
06.07.15 3:00 am

Image for Could wood be bad for the environment? That depends on policy

When considering the greenhouse gas emissions from the full lifecycle of anything, the relevant government policies should be factored in. Otherwise the results may surprise.

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Deep thinking, Brian!

Billy MacTold
06.07.15 2:30 am

Image for Deep thinking, Brian!

Tired of all that blathering (apt word that) by our less than exalted leaders on television – pollie-speak, aided and abetted by an army of spin doctors? Switch off and go for the alternative: the silver screen, with excellent viewing fare offered by our North Hobart establishment, the State Cinema.

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The rabid attachment to the past

Dr Michael Powell*. Picture: Daniel Haley. First pub: July 2
05.07.15 7:30 am

Image for The rabid attachment to the past

The rabid attachment to the past by the Forestry Minister Paul Harriss is an heroic act in the twilight of the problem, but an utterly forlorn hope. The die is cast and has been for a long time.

SUNDAY July 5 ...

• Peter Henning in Comments: It was just a couple of weeks ago that Rick Pilkington raised the issue of the repetitive nature of the debate taking place on TT, over and over, not moving on, but stuck, with the same old stuff, arguing strongly that it was actually wrecking the site, turning people away, turning them off. It’s a good point, but my response then was that Tasmania hasn’t changed since the Tasmanian parliament licked Gunns’ boots and did their bidding, hasn’t learned, doesn’t want to and won’t.  Gunns has been replaced by others, that’s all. The politicians want to pursue the same policies they always have in relation to forestry.  We shouldn’t forget that after the collapse of Gunns there was still great hope within the Giddings government and then the Hodgman government that the pulp mill would rise from the dead and pollute the Tamar Valley for decades into the future, sucking public funds into its maw like a huge vacuum. It is beyond strange that this stuff keeps going round and round. It’s like a recurrent disease.  Maybe we should identify the obsession with clear-felling water catchments of their vegetation for woodchips which have to be subsidised to sell, then napalming the clear-felled site in order to eliminate competition for monocultural exotic p[lantations which will never earn a buck, as Easter Island syndrome. …

• Simon Warriner in Comments: re 8, so what to do about this dismal, atrocious and sad situation, Peter? That is what we are all searching for isn’t it? We could agitate for a corruption inquiry, but the mainstream media here quite obviously cannot be bothered getting off its collective arse to give it the push it needs even when the math as presented by independent rep Wilkie in the federal parliament is beyond question. no go there. We could wait for the greens to use their collective political clout with the media to get the issue up. no go there either as the greens in their infinite wisdom have supported the plantation industry. We could babble endlessly on Tasmanian Times but that is quite clearly not getting us anywhere …

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Abbott urged to play fair, not foul on marriage equality bill

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome Media Release. First pub: July 2
04.07.15 10:00 am

Image for Abbott urged to play fair, not foul on marriage equality bill

Marriage equality advocates have cried foul over Tony Abbott’s claim ( here ) that the cross-party marriage equality bill may not come to a vote any time soon because it is a private members’ bill.


Rodney Croome: NRL backs marriage equality

The Age: Eric Abetz letter blasts Hobart Council over same-sex marriage: ‘Children deserve the best start in life’

Rodney Croome: Abetz should respect strong support for marriage equality among Hobart residents

The Age: Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster challenges him to allow conscience vote

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The bid to crush the green movement

Samantha Trenoweth, The Saturday Paper
02.07.15 3:00 am

Image for The bid to crush the green movement

A new inquiry into environmental groups’ eligibility to receive tax-deductible donations appears to be the latest salvo in a sustained campaign to crush the green movement and starve it of funds.

• Ted Mead in Comments: … Have you ever heard of Tas GBE’s (the greatest charities in the universe) renowned businesses perpetually propped up mendicants who can’t run a profit, or return virtually anything back to the community. These GBE’s are constantly milked by copious amounts of bloated snouts in the trough, whilst their debts are forever underwritten by the taxpayers. In comparison, the environmental organisations receive a pittance in government funding, which is under the guise of at least trying to improve the well-being of the broader community. Removing funding is not about fiscal rationale, it’s about the forces of darkness quashing any dissent!

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