"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Killing whales ...

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Senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson
21.10.17 5:15 am

Speech this week on whaling by Senator for Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson … Few environmental issues unite, not divide, Australians more than whale conservation and opposition to continued barbaric whaling practices in our Southern Ocean. While previous governments have made Australia’s opposition to Japanese whaling clear and have successfully pursued Japan in international courts, ultimately this has not ended Japanese whaling. In fact, recent legislation in the Japanese parliament suggests it has only spurred them on to greater efforts to legitimise and defend their whaling interests …

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Corruption that kills

John Ward* Pic*
20.10.17 4:00 am

Image for Corruption that kills

‘Mr Coal’ Josh Frydenberg, calculates that $3 billion in subsidies to renewable energy amounts to a subsidy of $66 billion up to 2030. He claims he is removing subsidies to make ‘Renewables’ operate on a level playing field …

• John Biggs in Comments: It is blindingly obvious that the fossil fuel industry is receiving massive financial support from the government. It is good to see the figures here to substantiate the figures involved. Frydenburg (and Turnbull and all the rest of them) are either incompetent or blatant liars to talk of a level playing field. What astounds me is that they are allowed to get away with such criminal dishonesty …

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The latest on coal ...

Bob Burton, CoalWire, https://endcoal.org/category/coalwire/ Pic*
20.10.17 3:30 am

Image for The latest on coal ...

CoalWire is a weekly news bulletin which summarises the most significant developments affecting the global coal industry and highlights the efforts of groups around the world working on coal-related issues. CoalWire is published by CoalSwarm …

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‘Environment Groups condemn Tasmania’s plan to log oldgrowth rainforest reserves’

Vica Bayley, WS, Jenny Weber, BBF, Scott Jordan, Save the Tarkine, Peg Putt, Markets for Change Media Release Pic*
20.10.17 3:20 am

Image for ‘Environment Groups condemn Tasmania’s plan to log oldgrowth rainforest reserves’

Special Species Management Plan finalised for gazettal today Environment groups have slammed the Hodgman Government’s plan to log oldgrowth rainforests within Tasmania’s formal reserve estate and also in the Future Potential Production Forests (FPPF), previously designated for secure, formal reserve protection, describing it as an outrageous and dangerous proposal that threatens the environment and Tasmania’s brand, whilst opening the need for government subsidies for this logging. The final plan is gazetted today and comes into force over the weekend. Over 4000 people made submissions on Premier Hodgman’s rainforest logging plan, almost all of them explicitly opposing the plan and rejecting the notion of logging oldgrowth rainforest reserves.  The fact this plan proposes logging in a Tarkine rainforest reserve specifically protected from specialty timber logging by John Howard in 2005, demonstrates just how far back this will drag Tasmania and its people …

Cassy O’Connor: Liberals’ Destructive Rainforest Logging Plan Takes Effect

• John Hawkins in Comments: … Barnett, we are all older and wiser. The rape and plunder of Tasmania’s old growth forests to feed Ta Ann under the Rolley-granted loss-making contracts has now bankrupted Forestry Tasmania and forced a name change, as window dressing, all under your leadership. This is the real reason behind all your political ducking and weaving. The Ta Ann contracts still have to be met hence Lapoyina, also hence the Bob Brown successful High Court appeal; the intended SLAPP suits; the application for the removal of World Heritage Listing over Tasmanian forests. What is your reward for all this anti-the-forests and the people crap … ?

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EXTRACT: Wilkie opposes new national security laws ...

© Peter Greste Pic*
20.10.17 3:15 am

Image for EXTRACT: Wilkie opposes new national security laws ...

This is an extract from the chapter ‘The Fearful Country’ in ‘The First Casualty’ by Peter Greste, published by Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House. © Peter Greste
To Wilkie, Walker and Williams, there is a vital need to protect the media’s oversight role, and in particular its function as a whistle-of last-resort for public servants who are genuinely acting in the interests of the public and feel that they have nowhere else to go …

• John Biggs in Comments: … To turn wrongful incarceration into such a meaningful experience Peter conveys to us is really inspirational. Just so much to digest in this conversation. Peter should be made a national hero, as should Andrew Wilkie who Peter so generously acknowledges.

Guardian: ‘The situation is desperate’: murdered Maltese journalist’s final written words It seems that Daphne Caruana Galizia’s enemies finally decided that her courageous journalism needed to be silenced …

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Do I have a snowflake’s chance in hell ... ?

Hans Willink* Pic*
20.10.17 3:00 am

Image for Do I have a snowflake’s chance in hell ... ?

A pitch to the Good Citizens of Pembroke: Mints, Water and Competence Yes I know it, as an Uber driver without political party support I stand a snowflake’s chance in hell of beating the high profile candidates for this year’s Pembroke by-election. None the less here is my pitch to Tasmanian Times readers living on Hobart’s eastern shore, a pitch that hopes to communicate that there is more to this particular Uber driver than free mints and water …

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Who is more clever, a teeny-tiny glider or a fancy bird scientist?

First Dog on the Moon, Guardian
19.10.17 4:00 am

Image for Who is more clever, a teeny-tiny glider or a fancy bird scientist?

How can we keep the evil yet adorable sugar glider from eating all the swift parrots? Here’s where Operation PKO and you come in!

• There is a problem with Comments, which are not registering. There ARE comments ...

• Ivo Edwards in Comments: … I actually designed my own sugar glider proof swift parrot nesting box last year and offered to supply one to Dr Dejan Stojanovic for free trials. He effectively told me to bugger off (said it would cost too much to post to him!) My design was based on the principle that there was a significant difference in weight between sugar gliders and swift parrots and that a simple counter weighted door could allow the parrots access, but not the sugar gliders. The problem I envisage with his own design is that the arrangement is very expensive and of suspect reliability …

The Conversation: Sugar gliders are eating swift parrots – but what’s to blame?

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‘Police must investigate Glenorchy City Council wrongdoing’

Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison Media Release. Pic: of suspended GCC Mayor Kristie Johnston
19.10.17 3:45 am

Image for ‘Police must investigate Glenorchy City Council wrongdoing’

The Tasmanian Auditor-General’s report on Glenorchy City Council, tabled in Parliament today, shines a fascinating spotlight on the Council. But it raises more questions than answers …

Personal statement from Matt Stevenson

Personal statement from Kristie Johnston

Labor: Deeply concerning report into Glenorchy City Council

Kristie Johnston: Personal Statement from Kristie Johnston (2)

Rosalie Woodruff: Liberals’ State Election Positioning at Expense of Democracy

What Citizens for Glenorchy says ...

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‘Over-the-top and unnecessary ... ’

Richard Griggs, Tasmanian Director of Civil Liberties Australia Media Release
18.10.17 5:15 am

Image for ‘Over-the-top and unnecessary ... ’

… The laws adopted by the Tasmanian Government were over-the-top and unnecessary and sought to stifle the rights of ordinary Tasmanians to protest about things that affect them and their communities. In striking down the anti-protest laws today, the High Court has illustrated the real need for a Tasmanian Human Rights Act (THRA) …

Guy Barnett: Response to High Court

Labor: High Court decision embarrasses Hodgman Government on national stage

Greens: Liberal Anti-Protest Laws Condemned by High Court

Libs’ Joan Rylah: High Court decision a disappointment Comment by John Hawkins: Rylah. It is the people of Tasmania who need protection. This from your right wing anti-the-people Liberal Tasmanian government which dances to the tune-deaf pied piper, one Erich Abetz. Your party attempts to …

• Tim Upston in Comments: Questions need to be asked as to who is in danger in these work sites, surely it is the protesters who face off with bulldozers and irate workers (encouraged by this state’s Liberal Government) in their efforts to take a stand against illegal laws.It is to be hoped the various ministers who enforced these laws should be asked to pay back the overtime handed to the many police taken away from their duties to the public to sit in the bush and help fulfill some ideological campaign by big business and their eager servants, the Liberal Party.

Mercury: Taxpayers face $170,000 legal bill over protest laws case, warn Greens

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‘Crown Casino allegations’

Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison Media Release. Pic*
18.10.17 5:00 am

Image for ‘Crown Casino allegations’

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will discuss the allegations concerning Crown Casino and the Victorian gambling regulator that he raised this morning (Wed) in the Federation Chamber at approximately 10:12am …

ABC: Crown Casino ‘tampered’ with poker machines, former staff allege, as Andrew Wilkie tables claims in Parliament

Andrew Wilkie: Labor and Liberal grovel to poker machine industry

Fairfax: Coalition, Labor lashed for opposing Crown Inquiry

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NATION: A government which cares not for health nor human rights, nor its people

Urban Wronksi (aka David Tyler*) Pic*
17.10.17 4:30 am

Image for NATION: A government which cares not for health nor human rights, nor its people

… The government, meanwhile, brushes aside criticism of its Robo-call fiasco. It dismisses complaints made against the system as “third parties … aimed solely at scoring political points”. It’s a line it likes to apply widely to any call for accountability and thinking which informs a lot of its spin excusing its own lamentable failure in energy policy … Left right, you know the drill. Look over there! Don’t you know there’s a war on? Or one about to go on in North Korea. What could break the Turnbull government’s log-jam of indecision and ineptitude better than a military adventure? Abroad, in a scene worthy of Apocalypse Now, Julie Bishop jogs the DMZ dividing North from South Korea while urging an increasingly potty POTUS to declare war on North Korea as she dodges questions about Myanmar’s genocide … Elected unopposed, Australia waits to play its part on the UN Human Rights Council which is waiting for us to condemn the human rights atrocities in Myanmar which Foreign Minister Julie Bishop insists arise from a “security operation”. The Rohingya are to blame. Look where their insurgency has led them. What bother they’re causing Bangladesh … Refugees? Rohingya refugees? No here. Not us. 11,000 flee in one day? We “need independent, verifiable accounts” …

… “What will it take for our government to draw a line in the sand with the Myanmar military so as not be to complicit in crimes against humanity in our region?,” asks Diana Sayed, Amnesty’s crisis campaigner in Australia …

Guardian: Report on Australia’s human rights record to be scrutinised by UN committee

Independent Australia: Tony Abbott at the UK climate change deniers convention: Daring to be dumb

The Conversation: Turnbull’s ratings fall in another bad Newspoll The Coalition is trailing in its 21st consecutive Newspoll, with Labor maintaining its two-party lead of 54-46% and Malcolm Turnbull suffering a setback in his personal ratings. As parliament resumes, with the energy issue preoccupying cabinet and the government nervously waiting on the High Court’s citizenship decisions, Turnbull’s lead over Bill Shorten as better prime minister narrowed to 41-33%, a margin of eight points, compared with 11 three weeks ago (42-31%). Turnbull’s net satisfaction in the poll, published in Monday’s Australian, worsened from minus 17 points to minus 24 points. Shorten’s rating also worsened, from minus 20 to minus 22 …

Andrew Wilkie: Climate Vandals running the Federal Government … It’s plainly obvious that the Government needs to give up its ideological obsession with coal and gas. But while other countries are fostering investment in renewables, Australia is taking backwards step after backwards step …

ABC: Malcolm Turnbull wants us to bet on the National Energy Guarantee trifecta without seeing the detail

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‘Federal Government protecting Tasmania’s remote shorebirds from the Tasmanian Government’

Dr Eric Woehler, Convenor, BirdLife Tasmania Media Release. All pics by Eric Woehler
17.10.17 4:25 am

Image for ‘Federal Government protecting Tasmania’s remote shorebirds from the Tasmanian Government’

… “Protecting the natural shorebird values protects the cultural values present on these remote beaches – both of these have been present for thousands of generations, and deserve better than the Tasmanian Government’s callous disregard for them in preference to destructive 4WDs … “

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European ARTlessness

Josephine Zananiri* Pic: Picasso's Weeping Woman ...
17.10.17 4:15 am

Image for European ARTlessness

Song and dance are synonymous with human joy, we all enjoy sketching or scribbling, we love colour and sigh with happiness with the first blossoms of spring.  So we are all capable of creating art, why then has art become a multimillion dollar industry where artists are frequently lowly paid and a large infrastructure such as galleries are incredibly wealthy?  Two reasons: capitalism and Europe.  Capitalists have their nasty hand upon the means of art production namely the output of artists and the Europeans have historically ensured the most mediocre art is most admired …

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Free books ... First in, best dressed

17.10.17 3:59 am

Image for Free books ... First in, best dressed

Tasmanian Times has books to give away ... Katherine Boland’s Hippy Days Arabian Nights, A Memoir; Nicholas Irving’s Way of the Reaper (New York Times bestselling author of The Reaper); and two books by Tamara Moss, Lintang and the Pirate Queen. All you have to do is write to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) , giving your snail-mail address. As always, first in best dressed ... And Hippy Days has gone ... And Way of the Reaper is gone. That leaves Tamara Moss’ book. And there are two ...

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THIS ARVO: Fullers Bookshop, The First Casualty ...

Anyez Lindop*
17.10.17 2:20 am

Image for THIS ARVO: Fullers Bookshop, The First Casualty ...

Before arriving in Cairo in December 2013, Peter Greste had spent more two decades reporting from some of the world’s volatile hotspots including Afghanistan (before and after 9/11), Kenya, Serbia, Somalia and South America. In Egypt on short-term assignment Greste and his colleagues from Al Jazeera’s English service expected no more than the usual degree of risk associated with covering a local political crisis. Until that is, they were suddenly arrested …

• 5.30pm, Tuesday, October 17: Peter will be in conversation with Tasmanian Times editor and journalist Lindsay Tuffin for a discussion of The First Casualty at Fullers Bookshop, 131 Collins St, Hobart. Tickets are free but booking is ESSENTIAL.

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Asylum seekers: Festival of the Dead ... Halloween ...

Jane Salmon* Pic*
16.10.17 4:29 am

Image for Asylum seekers: Festival of the Dead ... Halloween ...

Festival of the Dead, Halloween, is also the literal deadline for the Manus men still at Lombrun Refugee Processing Centre (RPC). On that date they are to be forced out of the compounds that have housed them for 4 years and into Lorengau, a village 9 kms away which is the transit centre …

Andrew Wilkie: Doctors ring alarm over Manus Island health crisis … “The situation on Manus Island is dire,” Mr Wilkie said. “On top of what we already know about the dreadful conditions in the detention centre on Manus Island, the way in which the Australian Government is managing the impending closure of the centre on 31 October is making a bad situation worse. “Of particular concern is the impending withdrawal of medical care and torture and trauma support. Already we’re seeing the improper dispensing of medications. “Foxtrot Compound has already been shut down and there is no electricity, running water or drinking water for the men who are there. And the East Lorengau transit accommodation that the Australian Government is pressuring the detainees to relocate to is unsafe and lacks basic medical facilities …

• John Biggs in Comments: Thanks very much for this Jane. I see two reasons for this shocking and irresponsible behaviour by Australian politicians of both sides. Howard sniffed out when his hold was marginal that the swinging seats were in bogan territory and to win their vote and therefore several seats that were otherwise doubtful he did his Tampa job and the children overboard lie. Not be trumped, Beasley clambered on board with Howard’s now racist policies …

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Double Trouble ...

Ted Mead* Pic*
15.10.17 5:30 am

Image for Double Trouble ...

When it comes to addressing the planet’s climate change issues, the world is in desperate need of inspiring leadership, techno-innovation and political impetus, but for some inexplicable reason we are experiencing some of the most retrograde theatrics by prominent loons ever.  As the earth warms up, these deluded confidantes seem to be in a constant state of denial, and continue to preach that there is no case to answer, stating life may actually be better in some ways. … Greens’ climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt called Mr Abbott “a dangerous fool who could be simply ignored were it not for his ability to dictate Malcolm Turnbull’s climate policy” …

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‘Public servants getting away with misconduct, corruption, watchdog chief Murray Kellam says’

Lindsay Tuffin*, for ABC. Pic: of Murray Kellam
15.10.17 5:15 am

Image for ‘Public servants getting away with misconduct, corruption, watchdog chief Murray Kellam says’

It is a couple of years since Murray Kellam said this: “Tasmanian public servants are escaping prosecution for misconduct because the Tasmanian Government is complacent, according to the head of the integrity watchdog … “

Mercury: Integrity Commission says current legislation hinders its ability to sanction councillors TASMANIA’S corruption watchdog says current legislation limits its ability to properly assess rogue councillors. The Integrity Commission wants a change to the Local Government Act for code of conduct complaints against councillors, arguing too much influence remains in the hands of council general managers. Chief executive Richard Bingham told the Sunday Tasmanian a section of the Act was impacting the watchdog’s ability to run investigations. “The problem with LGA Section 28V [and associated sections] from the commission’s perspective is that we cannot act as a complainant under Section 28V, and that we cannot refer a matter so as to enliven the code of conduct panel process,” he said

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‘WBO World Welterweight Champion Holder Jeff Horn joins the fight against Bullies!’

Reuben Cunningham, Angels Hope* Media Release
13.10.17 4:48 am

Image for ‘WBO World Welterweight Champion Holder Jeff Horn joins the fight against Bullies!’

WBO World Welterweight Title Holder Jeff Horn has thrown his support behind anti Bullying organisation, Angels Hope, in their efforts against Bullies being named as Angels Hope Ambassador … “This is not the first time I have fought this battle, “said Jeff Horn, WBO World Welterweight Champion.  “When I was younger, I had a pretty rough time dealing with Bullies and luckily I had the support to give me the strength to make it through …

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