"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

‘Major players receive grants, smaller players nowhere near ...’

Image for ‘Major players receive grants, smaller players nowhere near ...’

HCC Lord Mayoral candidate Alderman Helen Burnet Media Release. Pics: Models of Myer.
01.10.14 6:16 am

…  the Council has, in my opinion, far too much riding on it as the great hope for the city. The development has taken 7 years to begin, and the significant delays have reduced business confidence … The release of the Council’s Annual Report is a step in the right direction, allowing some transparency in the financial support for the commercial development. It reveals some but not all of the costs set aside for this project at various milestones – $7m for Myer and more to Kallis - a cap on rates and waiving of some fees. These may seem to ratepayers and the public an outrageous price to pay. There is the argument that major development is required in our city and there is no denying that. But there has to come a time when developments stand on their own merits. My concern is that there may seem to be an unfair advantage to one developer over another. Indeed, I have had developers make this very comment to me. There is also the disadvantage to the smaller business who are expected to be grateful for major players who receive grants, but do not receive anywhere near the direct benefit from Council themselves.

• The Hag ... And what is going on here?

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What Damon Thomas says about Myer ...

HCC Lord Mayor Damon Thomas, Media Release. Pub: Sept 30
01.10.14 5:00 am

Image for What Damon Thomas says about Myer ...

When faced with business closures, empty stores and slashed rates the City of Hobart acted decisively to secure the long term economic future of Hobart’s Central Business District.

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‘Real time’ donations disclosure as candidates announced

Patrick Synge, Funding & Disclosure. Julian Type, Andrew Hawkey, ELECTORAL COMMISSION http://www.tec.tas.gov.au Pub: Sept 30
01.10.14 4:45 am

Image for ‘Real time’ donations disclosure as candidates announced

• Patrick Synge, Public officer – Funding & Disclosure (Inc) Nominations have now closed for the Tasmanian Local Government Elections and for the first time in Australia candidates are now disclosing in ‘real time’ donations and gifts on the dedicated website http://www.FundingandDisclosure.org.au

• All the candidates for all the LG elections Candidates have been announced for elections being held for all 29 local government councils, with 476 individual candidates (338 men and 138 women) standing for councillor.

• And as the clocked ticked to 9pm (Tues) there were just two disclosures on the website for Hobart City Council… and a total of six for other councils ...

• There is a permanent dinkus at the top of favoured blogs (left col) on Tasmanian Times

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The Probe

John Hawkins, Chudleigh. Pub: Sept 29. Pic*
01.10.14 4:30 am

Image for The Probe

Background to the Ta Ann Quota buy back The Lower House of the Tasmanian Parliament has established a Select Committee to investigate a private transaction involving an agreement between a public company Gunns and two private individuals over the sale of the woodchip plant at Triabunna. This political witch-hunt serves no purpose other than to provide grounds for the public to activate a similar probe into a far more important public interest matter relating to a private company - Ta Ann Tasmania (TAT) - and the granting of quotas by a Government Business Enterprise (GBE); a matter over which the Liberal Government has shown absolutely no interest or concern.

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Fears over Salmon Farms

Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator with Environment Tasmania. Pics*
01.10.14 4:15 am

Image for Fears over Salmon Farms

Community and Conservation Concerns Over Salmon Farms Rising Environment Tasmania have today called for a thorough upgrade of the monitoring, planning and management systems regulating salmon farms in Tasmania after a new report shows that scientific monitoring of the salmon farms is inadequate and a regional planning review is in need. “Right now, salmon farming is the ocean equivalent of overcrowded caged chicken farms. They are polluting Tasmania’s clean waters, damaging the health of the marine environment.”

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Break O Day Refugee Welcome Zone declaration

Peter Power-Lawrence Media Officer/Consultant Refugee Welcome Zone Break O Day Tasmania Media Release
01.10.14 4:10 am

Image for Break O Day Refugee Welcome Zone declaration

The Break O’Day Council will be signing the Break O Day Refugee Welcome Zone declaration this Saturday 4th October at 11:00 at St Marys Town Hall. Mayor Sarah Schmerl will be signing and saying a few words.

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Government is seeking to go way beyond what is necessary

Andrew Wilkie, Independent Denison. ABC Pic of Tony Abbott
01.10.14 4:05 am

Image for Government is seeking to go way beyond what is necessary

“This morning I was one of only three members of the House of Representatives to vote against the Government’s national security Bill,” Mr Wilkie said.

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First Day of the Month Picture Special

Isla MacGregor
01.10.14 4:00 am

Image for First Day of the Month Picture Special

Amidst the chaos and the cut and thrust of daily life ... it’s time to pause ... and ponder the natural world, for it is the first day of the month. Which means a special picture essay ... again from Isla MacGregor: Three pics from Wellington’s peak looking to the South-West.

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Boost for solar industry in East Timor

Donna Luckman, chief executive of the ATA Media Release
01.10.14 3:10 am

Image for Boost for solar industry in East Timor

An ambitious plan by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) to create a sustainable solar industry in East Timor has received an enormous boost with the initiative being named a finalist in the Google Australia Impact Challenge. The Solar for Timor plan aims to install 2000 solar lighting systems and train 75 village-based installers in the next two years, delivering an overall 60kW of low-emission solar energy.

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Sue Hickey pursues Myer directors to confirm or deny development plans ...

Alderman Sue Hickey 129 Argyle Street, Hobart. Media Release Pic: of Sue Hickey
30.09.14 12:30 pm

Image for Sue Hickey pursues Myer directors to confirm or deny development plans ...

Alderman Sue Hickey (candidate to be HCC Lord Mayor) will be moving an urgent motion to the next Council meeting that correspondence received from Myer be released to the public unless Myer CEO and board member, Bernie Brooks, publicly and personally declares that the Company is still committed to the “state of the art” store in the Hobart Kalis development.

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What does loyalty mean to Myer?

Eva Ruzicka*. Pub: Sept 29
30.09.14 12:15 pm

Image for What does loyalty mean to Myer?

I strongly believe that if there is to be any damage caused to Hobart City Council’s reputation from what our Annual Report reveals, it will be as nothing to Myer’s reputation and customer loyalty if it should decide Hobart is only worth investing in as either an online retail facility or their new FFS model (see below).  Council has bent over backwards to get Myer back into the CBD given the threat of a new floor being built at Eastlands to house them or Myer moving out of the CBD for good

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This should be a no-brainer ...

Chris Green, in consultation with Brian and Heidi. John Powell
30.09.14 5:20 am

Image for This should be a no-brainer ...

Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine the perfect product for King Island. Would it be organic? Would it utilise local produce? Would it add to and capitalise on the King Island brand? Would it be locally owned? Would it create job opportunities for local people?

• John Powell: Enterprising and Innovative ...  ... These are the two most relevant words if the Tasmanian economy is to be revitalized. Let us move on from the traditional concepts of what might constitute economic growth and, dare to be different. On King Island these words are living freely in a concept proposal for a Whisky Distillery and Malt House.

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Abolishing Integrity: ‘Straight out of the Campbell Newman Playbook’

Nick McKim MP | Greens Justice spokesperson Media Release. Pub: Sept 29
30.09.14 5:15 am

Image for Abolishing Integrity: ‘Straight out of the Campbell Newman Playbook’

Liberal Plan to Abolish Integrity Commission Powers The Liberal majority government’s submission to the parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Integrity is a confession that it wants to abolish the investigative powers of the Integrity Commission. “This is the height of hypocrisy. The Liberals voted in favour of an Integrity Commission with investigative powers when in Opposition, yet after just six months in government they want to kill off its capacity to investigate allegations of corruption and serious misconduct,”

• Use the TT NEWS dropdown menu (top nav bar) for MSM news on this story ...

What Vanessa Goodwin says

Nick McKim: Liberals want to effectively abolish Integrity Commission

Bryan Green: What have the Liberals got to hide?

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Shock of the New: Replacing history with a Concrete Block. Green Wall call

Alderman Philip Cocker, Hobart City Council
30.09.14 5:15 am

Image for Shock of the New: Replacing history with a Concrete Block. Green Wall call

The building of a facility to house hundreds of new workers is a tremendous thing for the City. The building that has eventuated is not. I am shocked at what has been allowed to be built.

• Philip Cocker: Call on developer for green wall

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STATE: State enacts earliest ever total fire ban

ABC. Pub: Sept 29
30.09.14 4:45 am

Image for STATE: State enacts earliest ever total fire ban

Five bushfires were left burning out of control on Sunday where cooler weather conditions and easing winds helped to simmer down other blazes in the region.

Mercury: Premier Will Hodgman rejects union calls for more talks on public sector job cuts

• Relocate the wharf, says Labor, ABC Radio - 4pm bulletin today (transcribed by Peter)

ABC: MONA director David Walsh started museum out of guilt for making millions as professional gambler

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NATION: Australia Network goes off air. Torture death of a Dad. Rupert avoids Tax ...

ABC. Pic* Pub: Sept 29
30.09.14 4:30 am

Image for NATION: Australia Network goes off air. Torture death of a Dad. Rupert avoids Tax ...

The Australia Network has gone off the air after the Federal Government withdrew funding for the broadcaster earlier this year.

SMH: No bonus for Medibank’s policyholders when the government floats health insurer

ABC, Ebola crisis: Health groups, Labor urge Federal Government to do more to combat virus spread

ABC: Six-month wait for dole would breach human rights, bipartisan parliamentary committee finds

ABC: Reserve Bank set to front Senate committee about tougher lending rules for first homebuyers

Sky: Australian forces prepare for action

ABC: Dual citizen tortured and killed in Afghanistan was targetted because he was Australian: authorities

Guardian: Tax avoidance could be costing budget ‘more than $8bn a year’ New report says almost a third of ASX-listed companies pay less than 10c tax in the dollar and some firms pay no tax at all … Tax avoidance strategies save Rupert Murdoch’s Twenty-First Century Fox an estimated $1.6bn each year globally, the most of any ASX-listed company.

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An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Aboriginal Elder Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra*
30.09.14 4:20 am

Image for An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

OPEN letter from Aboriginal Elder Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra to Prime Minister Tony Abbott

The Australian: Indigenous leader welcomes Tony Abbott’s support for recognition

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Myer disclosure

Alderman Sue Hickey 129 Argyle Street, Hobart. Media Release Pic: of Sue Hickey
29.09.14 5:20 am

Image for Myer disclosure

I call on Bernie Brooks, CEO of Myer and the Myer Board to state publicly whether they plan to take up the new development in Hobart and that it will remain at the standard of store heralded in earlier times.

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Dust and Clouds Dance Over the Sahara

Photo: Alexander Gerst, International Space Station. Source: NASA.
29.09.14 4:59 am

Image for Dust and Clouds Dance Over the Sahara

More dust blows out of the Sahara Desert and into the atmosphere than from any other desert in the world, and more than half of the dust deposited in the ocean lifts off from these arid North African lands. Saharan dust influences the fertility of Atlantic waters and soils in the Americas.

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Corporatised Sport: As scandalous as drug-taking ...

Chris Harries. Pub: Sept 28
29.09.14 4:50 am

Image for Corporatised Sport: As scandalous as drug-taking ...

Australia plunges itself into another messy war; the Ebola virus is on the rampage in Africa; hundreds of war refugees rot away on Manus and Nauru Islands; catastrophic climate change threatens to collapse human civilisation; then came yesterday’s AFL Grand Final.

The personality of note on Saturday was star forward Lance Franklin, bought by the Swans during the year for the princely sum of $10 million in a nine year deal – a purchase that the Swans had gambled on to tip the balance in its favour. That particular sale is just one set piece in a rapidly accelerating trend towards naked, untrammelled commercialisation of the sport.

Examiner: Tassie in the spotlight IT IS impossible to measure the overall benefits for Tasmania of Hawthorn’s successful grand final appearance yesterday, says Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman.


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