Image for 8 hour blockade of Ta Ann logging ship. Two nights in remand. Released

“Six conservationists were arrested today at Hobart wharf, after halting loading of logging ship bound for Malaysia for 8 hours.

The ship was loaded with veneer sourced from high conservation value forests in Tasmania,” said Jenny Weber, Huon Valley Environment Centre.

“Two protestors who had scaled a loading crane on the ship were dramatically arrested after Tasmanian Police were forced to bring in their own crane to remove them,” said Ms Weber

“Today’s blockade by forest defenders was to highlight Ta Ann’s poor environment record here in Tasmania and in its home state of Sarawak,” said Ms Weber.

Watch Simon de Little’s video of the protest, HERE
Hunon Valley Environment Centre, HERE

Forest protestor appears in Hobart court after two nights in remand.

This morning a protestor who climbed a crane on the vessel loading veneer for Ta Ann on Saturday will appear in Hobart Magistrates court at ten am. After spending two nights in police custody, this conservationist will appear to apply for bail.

Six conservationists were arrested on Saturday after a non violent action disrupted the loading of veneer sourced from high conservation value forests for Malaysian logging giant Ta Ann.  The protestors have been attacked by the State Government and the Opposition for their action, however we remain committed to continuing to put a spotlight on the ongoing crisis in Tasmania, that is seeing ancient forests and endangered species habitat vanish. - Jenny Webber, Huon Valley Environment Centre

Monday 2 May 2011

Tasmanian Forest Protestor Released from Remand

“This afternoon a conservationist who had spent two nights in remand in Tasmania was released on bail of $10 000. Dylan Grimwood, is a committed and passionate conservationist, who on Saturday climbed a crane on a vessel that was loading veneer for the Malaysian logging giant, Ta Ann. Dylan Grimwood will reappear on Tuesday 10 May 2011,”
said Jenny Weber, of the Huon Valley Environment Centre.

First published: 2011-04-30 03:11 PM