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An attacker wearing an Afghan army uniform has shot dead three Australian soldiers and wounded seven others in Afghanistan.

An Afghan interpreter was also killed in the incident, which happened during a routine morning parade at Shah Wali Kot in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan.

The attacker was shot dead.

The Australian soldiers wounded have been taken to a medical facility.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has notified the families of the victims and is investigating the incident.

Australian army cook Lance Corporal Andrew Jones was shot dead by an Afghan soldier in May.

A total of 33 Australians have now been killed in Afghanistan.

• Meanwhile, 13 American troops operating under NATO were killed in a car bomb attack on a foreign military convoy in Kabul.

At least one other soldier was wounded, the officials said, warning that they were still working off initial reports and the death toll may increase.

Violence across Afghanistan is at its worst since the start of the war 10 years ago, according to the United Nations, despite the presence of more than 130,000 foreign troops.


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• Senator Bob Brown:

Tragedy in Afghanistan: Brown

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today expressed great sadness at the deaths of three Australian soldiers and a local interpreter in Afghanistan and extended his hopes for a speedy as possible recovery to the seven defence force personnel who were wounded.

“The Greens join all Australians in offering condolences to their family and friends, and comrades in Afghanistan, as they deal with this terrible tragedy. They will all be remembered in Australia’s archives for their courage and commitment to our nation,” Senator Brown said in Hobart.

Thirty-two Australian soldiers have now lost their lives while serving in Afghanistan.

“The Greens call again for Australia’s defence force personnel to be brought home to Australia, without delay,” Senator Brown said.

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