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Here we go again.

How many times are we supposed to compensate the industry and subsidise them for the same thing.

The Community Forest Agreement gave the industry $250 million to re tool and prepare for using smaller logs.

So we have already compensated them for that. No more money should go to them.

Aprin Logging have already been the recipients of almost $3 million in subsidies first to set up a small business and secondly to buy plantation harvesting equipment under the TCFA.

They are looking like a Lazarus Gunns ltd, only in business to collect subsidies.

Posted by Pete Godfrey on 23/06/11 at 05:35 PM

24 June 2011

The Minister for Economic Development, Mr David O’Byrne

Dear Sir,

I am dismayed to think that you might be considering providing funds for the sale of the Triabunna Mill to Aprin Ltd’s ‘Fibre Plus’.

There is currently a buyer for the mill, Jan Cameron, who does have the cash.

I urge you to reject Aprin/Fibre Plus’s request for public funds to finance that sale.

Yours faithfully,

Garry Stannus

Posted by Garry Stannus on 24/06/11 at 10:22 AM

Nick McKim and Cassie O’Connor should hang their heads in shame, resign from the Greens and formally join the Lib/Labs if they allow the State Govt. to advance a ‘loan’ to Aprin for the purchase of the Triabunna mill.  They are in, and part of, the current Govt. and must surely have some input into what is done.  If they don’t then they should sever ties with Labor and go back to being the Green opposition.

The question should be asked ‘why can’t Aprin go to their bankers and get a loan?” - if I want to buy a business that I don’t have the cash for that’s what I’d have to do. Another question is ‘how could they make an offer for the mill when they didn’t have the finance already lined up?’  And yet another, ‘what chance is there of Aprin ever repaying the loan?’ There didn’t seem to be any problem with Jan Cameron having the finance so the mill would still be sold, the only difference would be more jobs eventuating from a tourist enterprise,  and less of Tassie’s forests being turned into woodchips.
Posted by greenwitch00 on 24/06/11 at 01:45 PM

11 The more worrying aspect of the whole deal to me is how Aprin could make an offer to Gunns with out the finance being already lined up, or why Gunns would accept an offer without finance. The question that needs answering is, did Aprin make an offer in the full knowledge that our government would supply the money and did Gunns know that they were dealing with the government.

Posted by max on 24/06/11 at 03:55 PM

On or about 11 June I wrote an unpublished comment to the Mercury noting:

1. The Aprin contract appeared to have more clauses than a bucket full of holes.
2. Michael Lester was reported as the Media Contact person for Aprin noting his role has been with the government. I asked who paid his fee - Aprin or us.
3. The Company at the forefront of purchasing the mill was apparently a shelf company only just incorporated.
4. Where was the Tasmanian Development Board and Denis Rogers in all this.
5. What bank would finance the purchase of a non performing asset.

I made similar comments on TT. Giddings and Green are breathtaking in their abuse of Treasury and our tax dollars. Hodgman can’t even present a decent budget response. These politicians need to be asked some very blunt questions by our media without any wriggle room.

Posted by Mark on 24/06/11 at 06:01 PM

As St Helens GP, Dr Alison Bleaney has shown; there MUST BE something in the water.

Welcome to Taz-mania!

Posted by David Obendorf on 24/06/11 at 06:49 PM

Comments 11&12; are onto something and 13 asks it all. Where are the corporate regulators? Where the ef are they?  Where’s the effing ASX?  Asleep on the job? Still?

When is it legal for civil disobedience against unjust laws, oppressive regimes and perverters of previously accepted community business and political practice? It needs and may well be tested.

Another reason and evidence for a Royal Commission.

What would they find out? What heads would roll?

Posted by russell on 24/06/11 at 09:25 PM

These comments were posted in response to this Tim Morris Media Release, originally published HERE:

Taxpayer Funds Should Not Be Used to Export High Conservation Value Woodchips

Tim Morris MP
Greens Economic Development spokesperson

The Tasmanian Greens today exposed, through parliamentary questioning, that the Department of Economic Development had been approached by Aprin to assist with funding for its proposal to purchase the Triabunna Woodchip Mill from Gunns Ltd.

Greens Economic Development spokesperson Tim Morris MP said that taxpayer funds should not be used to prop up native forest woodchip industry, and the Minister should reject the request on those grounds.

“The Greens strongly urge the Minister for Economic Development to reject any proposals that will use vast quantities of our high conservation value forests to be clear-felled and exported at lower then ever prices,” Mr Morris said.

“The fact that it is now known that a funding request is currently before the Minister is only due to questioning by the Greens. This should have been disclosed up front.”

“It seems that Aprin wants funding to purchase the Triabunna woodchip mill so as to export high conservation value forests as woodchips, or wood pellets, to be used as pulp or boiler fuel and that all of this now appears to rely on a loan or grant from the State.”

“If the Minister decides to provide financial support to further prop up the ongoing destruction of the high conservation value forests in Tasmania, this would actively undermine any repositioning of the forest industry into a high value low volume industry, and will see the conflict of the past 30 years continue.”

“We now learn that the Tasmanian Development Board (TDB) had received an application from Aprin to financially assist them, and the TDB has made a recommendation to the Department of Economic Development, but the Minister has not yet made a decision,” Mr Morris said.

*Last week on Tasmanian Times, Bronwyn Williams: Business as usual in Triabunna?

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