Image for Back to the Future: Remember Wesley Vale?

With Gunns Pulp Mill still sorta theoretically possible and the farcical result of the ‘peace talks’, I felt the urge to revisit a good news story to lift my spirits.

I was only 8 years old when the debate over the proposed Wesley Vale Pulp Mill was raging and I knew exactly where I stood on the issue. I was ferociously Pro-Mill. Despite my unbridled support having evolved from Robin Gray giving me a lolly at the Bream Creek show, I was pretty sure this thing was a good idea. Needless to say, it takes more than a fantale to buy my support this time round. 

A couple of years ago I edited a box of dusty VHS tapes into a little video which told the story of the campaign through various news and current affairs stories. As many people will be aware, the parallels with the campaign to stop the Tamar Valley Mill are eerily similar. Get rid of the mullets and fluoro sweatshirts and this could be Tasmania 2011. 

This is a personal favourite of my little political videos. I was only asked to make a 5 minute clip for the 20th anniversary and the full 45 minute version (I got a bit carried away) has never been shown. So if you fancy a little nostalgia, don your tube socks and acid wash jeans, crack a wine cooler, sit back and enjoy-

Watch HERE