Image for Brown calls on Gillard and Abbott to haul Qantas’ Joyce into line

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to demand Qantas management get the fleet back in the air.

“This lock out is also a sell out of the spirit of Australia,” Senator Brown said.

“It is a multi-millionaire’s lock out of responsible decent pilots, crew and other staff whose work gives Australia the world’s best airline.”

“This lock out is about exporting Qantas to a world of lower cost, lower services values and lower safety.  The Government should stand up to Qantas’ selfish top brass,” Senator Brown said.

*Senator Brown will comment further at a press conference to be held at 12.15pm, Sunday 30 October, media room, Murray Street Pier, Hobart.

• ABC Online: Qantas holding knife to Australia’s throat: pilots

First published: 2011-10-29 07:32 PM

Telegraph, HeraldSun:
Qantas strike disrupts 13,000 travel plans ...
... including, world leaders, cricketers

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