Image for Call for LCC to clarify position regarding Gunns’ Pulp Mill

Friends of the Tamar Valley Inc today expressed its concern and dismay over Launceston City Council’s ambivalence in respect of Gunns’ Tamar Valley pulp mill project, following last week’s reported LCC endorsement of the company’s ‘Community Liaison Committee’.

“When put to the vote at a 2007 council meeting the result was to give no approval or support for the pulp mill.  For the last four years this has been - and still is - the official LCC position,” said FTV spokesperson Anne Layton-Bennett.

“LCC’s submission to the former Lennon State Government cited unaddressed concerns relating to air quality, transport and traffic infrastructure within the Launceston and Tamar Valley region. These are concerns that continue to remain unaddressed and unanswered today.”

“Four years ago former General Manager, Frank Dixon, stated the LCC would not co-operate with Gunns in its attempts to gain support. This unequivocal position remains unchanged according to those aldermen who contacted members of FTV.”

Numerous emails and phone calls have been made by members of the community since Friday, and FTV has established the decision to endorse Gunns’ CLC was neither addressed nor endorsed at a council meeting. FTV can also confirm none of the councillors were aware such a decision had been made in their name.

“The apparent purpose of this CLC is to proclaim to interested parties that Gunns’ pulp mill is socially acceptable, but it’s nothing more than a public relations exercise,” said Ms Layton-Bennett.

“The Launceston City Council’s media release would therefore appear to completely contradict its previous decision of providing neither support nor endorsement for the pulp mill. Given the confusion and anxiety that has resulted FTV urges Mayor Albert Van Zetten to clarify LCC’s position immediately,” she concluded.


First published: 2011-10-02 02:02 PM