Forestry chief Bob Gordon, left, and Minister Bryan Green



I note that with Kim Booth’s assistance I met with you on 23 November in Parliament. I then provided you, via your assistant Karen Vadasz, with all relevant information that had over the prior 18 months been provided to both FT and the FPA regarding Coupe BA 388D. All of this material is on the FT RTI weblink

Karen informed me via email on the 30th of November that:-

Hello John,

A quick note to acknowledge receipt of each of your emails (as attached). I am seeking advice for the Deputy Premier on the matters you have raised and he will provide a response back to you in due course.


Minister, I have not yet received a response from you as Minister.

On the 5th of January I received a letter from Colin Leary of FT regarding the future logging of Coupe BA388D, the coupe that is adjacent to my property and would use my only access road to proceed with that logging activity. See Attached DOC 120105 (download below).

In my meeting with you, and my subsequent emails to Karen, I outlined what I considered were a series of breaches of the Forestry Practices Code with respect to BA388D, and the specific FPP for the coupe, that I felt were untenable.

I asked you to review all of those breaches, and also the sanctity of my legal access to my covenant property, an access that had been in place for some 80 years plus. I note again that FT claims that I have no legal access and that they are prepared to charge me for that access.

I find it extraordinary that while you are making consideration “in due course” that I would receive the attached letter from FT that not only did they wish to continue the logging of Coupe BA388D (part of the Kelty 572), but to vary the area; the type of logging; and produce a new FPP for that activity.

I am able to make only three conclusions, viz:-

• That you are not aware of the process that FT is wishing to pursue, but you should,

• That you/FT have reached the conclusion that a varied approach to BA388D might satisfy my concerns, (that will just not happen), or that

• You are aware, and have decided that a response to myself, is secondary to the desires of FT to log this coupe as a matter of urgency, and your delayed response will allow them to conduct this operation “incognito”


Minister, whatever the truth of the above, I would ask you to immediately direct FT to withdraw their letter of 4 January, and both wait for you determination of my various requests, as per Karen’s email of 30 November, and also await the assessment of Professor West of those HCF Forests that MUST be protected from the activities of FT as per the IGA.

I also repeat my request for your decision to be as follows:-

Tell FT that the Coupe is never to be logged; reinstate the WHA sign where it was on the corner of Highland Lakes Road and Mountain Road; declare it a Tasmanian Heritage Area of Significance (European/Indigenous/Convict); and fund DPIPWE for a FULL Tassie Devil Survey!

And of course confirm my legal access to my property via Mountain Road

John Powell

Download: DOC120105.pdf

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