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I suggest that this video is a good example of the power of the Internet.

Nestlé, the giant food company, was the target of this a spoof advertisement on You Tube for one of the company’s chocolate bars, Kit Kat, which contains palm oil. The advertisement shows an office worker munching on a chocolate bar which turns out to be the bloody severed finger of an orang-utan. This scored more than 1.5 million online hits and put Nestlé in a panic. It stopped buying palm oil from its main Indonesian supplier, Sinar Mas, a conglomerate with a reputation for chewing up the rainforest, stating that it would purge from its supply chain any producer linked to illegal deforestation, promising to obtain 50% of its palm oil from sustainable sources.

The effect was immediate, and the world’s largest food company dumped the Widjaya’s until they changed their ways.

Nestle is now FSC accredited both for packaging and Palm oil.

The Widjaya family as I have noted on TT is a potential Gunns joint venture partner, or as is now more likely, the purchaser of the approvals for the Pulp Mill from the Gunns Liquidator.

Using the Kit Kat example I think we have the potential to use the creative talent pool of the TT readership under a New Years Resolution to come up with a “Spoof Devil Advert” for the delectation of FT.