Image for Forest peace talks teeter on collapse

Parties to Tasmania’s forest peace talks are blaming the State and Federal Governments for the talks stagnating and teetering on collapse.

Signatories to the statement of principles say the talks are in danger of collapsing unless both governments pledge financial and legislative support.

They say transition out of native forests can not happen without more financial help.

The State Opposition’s Peter Gutwein says the Federal Government must commit money.

“If next week’s Federal budget doesn’t include significant funding, then quite frankly it will show that this process has just been a sham,” he said.

Federal Greens leader Bob Brown suspects there will not be any money put aside for a forest peace deal.

“We’ve got to be very careful that compensation is fair,” he said.

The Premier Lara Giddings says she will not pre-empt the state budget.

“All I would say to our stakeholders is be patient and let’s just continue to work together to hopefully achieve a positive outcome,” she said.

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