Image for Forestry Tasmania’s priorities ... and contempt?

Forestry Tasmania, as reported (HERE: Forestry Tasmania’s Secret) have been uncooperative with the provision of timely and relevant information to the current parliamentary inquiry into its financial performance.

No such restraint existed in regard to extensive information provided to Barry Chipman and Timber Communities Australia.

Looks like Bob (Gordon) is thumbing his nose at Parliament.

Or is it the whole Board?

Enough to make the parliamentary practitioners scramble for their case studies on ‘contempt’.

What Barry said:

TCA Members and Supporters
Following and attached is some very worth while information kindling provided by Forestry Tasmania. 

FT rates paid to Municipal Councils
Attached for your information is a table of all Municipal rates paid to Councils and Water Authorities by Forestry Tasmania, from year 2002/03 to 2010/11.

The table has been kindly provided by FT following a request made by TCA, which resulted from a growing interest expressed by TCA branch’s and members as to what rates are paid by public land mangers to their local municipality.

As you will see by the attached table the annual rate contribution made by FT is very significant. With the high $ amounts paid by FT to many rural councils, it could be that FT is the largest single rate payer for a number of councils.  (we would welcome any advice from our various council member friends on this matter of interest)

We have also learnt that in the main FT’s rate payment is based upon the area of productive state forest within the boundaries of the relevant municipality. No rates are payable on forest reserves. (TCA also inquired as to whether PWS paid rates for national parks or WHA and the answer is NO.)

FT’s collective payment of 17 million dollars over the past 9 years to local Government is no small amount, wonder what the fall out would be if local government collectively was confronted with a simular sized rate loss for the next 9 years and beyond.

Forest & Land tenure by Municipality
Also kindly provided by FT is the attached excl table of forest and land tenure for each Tassie municipality. Well worth a look as it contains the most update and useful info.

A Job Well Done TV promotion
As mention in our last update TCA is fully supportive of the excellent and compelling job well done promotion being aired on Southern Cross TV at present  The positive message of the promotion has really hit home for our branch network and along with Tas Country Sawmiller’s Federation a number of TCA branch’s has offered financial support and encouragement to FT to extend the broadcast of the promotion. (We are very thankful to FT for their wiliness to extend the broadcast.)


Barry Chipman
Tasmanian State Manager
Timber Communities Australia

Download, read for yourself: