Natural Resource Management (NRM) Weed Survey

I was asked in late October 2011, as a neighbour to a World Heritage Area (WHA), by NRM South, based in Hobart, to comment on the processes I have put in place for the visitors to my property to ensure the prevention of transmission of weeds etc, from my property to the Central Highlands/Liffey Falls WHA.

These processes included:-

• Check boots and gear are clean and dry before entering the WHA
• Plan the cleaning locations and how to dispose of cleaning waste
• Check and clean equipment on site
• Check, clean & dry back at home
• Do you ever use disinfectant?

I replied that perhaps the major provider of weeds, pursuant to the DPIPWE List of Environmental Weeds, is not the hikers, tourists or local residents, but was in fact a patron of NRM South viz: Forestry Tasmania (FT).

I sent the attached material to NRM South and others   by email on 3 January 2012 and got a “Failed Message Delivery” notice which is symptomatic of the “I do not want to read this email” reply I have got from the CFPO for the past 14 months.

I do not know whether the Minister has curtailed the NRM’ s ability to respond or has made them redundant.

Whatever the reason this factual and visual representation of “ World’s Best Forestry Practices” need to be commented on by the Minister of Forestry.

I would further note that if Coupe BA388D is logged as is planned by FT, then the next suite of foxglove panoramas I capture will have Projection Bluff as the backdrop!!!! See photo below!

Coupe BA388D on the left.       

Looking North, Coupe on the right

Note: Small buffer zone only.

Part of Email to: NRM South; NRM North; Deputy Premier et al on 3 January 2012

Hi All,

I enclose some photos (taken January 2011) of the coupes on C513, Bogan Road, within the Liffey State Forest and managed therefore by FT.

The location of the coupes in question are in the centre of the Google map below:


image image                       

Fox glove infestations on Bogan Road = FT owned plantations


Drys and Liffey Bluffs from Foxglove plantations on Bogan Road

I suggest that any of these photos would be stand out candidates for the FT 2010/2011 Sustainability Report.

And is this what you applaud as sustainable, self regulating forest management?

I would suggest that you leave your offices in Launceston and Hobart and come and have a look, do not rely on any advice from FT or an FPO, see it yourself!

John Powell

3 January 2012