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For the first time since the signing of the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement, 120 guests at a dinner in Hobart on Sunday evening will hear details of what opportunities are likely to flow from this lengthy and often controversial process. Speakers include Federal Minister Tony Burke, Deputy Premier Bryan Green and Greens Leader Nick McKim.

Our Common Ground spokesperson, Judy Tierney said “This dinner will give interested people a chance to hear directly from the ministers, the senior bureaucrats and signatories to the Agreement.”

Regional Development Australia (Tasmania) CEO Craig Perkins and international nature tourism expert Tony Charters will join speakers intimately involved in the Statement of Principles. Minister Burke said “For too long, timber communities have had to deal with a boom and bust cycle and a lack of certainty as markets change. This is a one-off chance for job security and conservation to come together to end years of bitter conflict.”

Regional Development Australia’s Tasmania office will provide details of transition planning and support they can provide to communities affected by the forestry industry transition, including how to seek access to Economic Diversification Funds.

Deputy Premier Green said “This agreement is about supporting forest workers, providing new opportunities for regional communities and achieving lasting conservation outcomes. All involved need to show leadership to make it a success”.

Greens Leader Nick McKim, a member of the Cabinet Subcommittee on Forests Transition, added;“The intergovernmental agreement has the potential to be a win for jobs, a win for the environment and forests and a major step forward in the ongoing transformation of Tasmania’s economy.”

International eco-tourism expert Tony Charters sounds a warning saying that to meet Tasmania’s great potential with ecotourism “Significant and ongoing investment in infrastructure, industry development and local community involvement will be required”.

Speakers list

• Tony Burke, Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities speaking on ‘Opportunities from the IGA’
• Bryan Green, Deputy Premier and Minister for Energy and Resources on ‘Turning Opportunity into Success’
• Nick McKim, Greens Leader and Member of Forests Transition Cabinet Subcommittee
• Tony Charters, international nature tourism expert
• Craig Perkins, CEO of Regional Development Australia (Tas),
• and four speakers from the Signatories to the Statement of Principles.
Compered by Judy Tierney, Our Common Ground

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