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This reminds me of the time then Premier Robin Gray spruiked the Wesley Vale pulp mill on North Broken Hill letterhead ...

Now, George Town Mayor Doug Burt appears to be acting as a spokesperson for Gunns — on a Gunns corporate letterhead.

The leaflet, which was distributed in George Town over the past few days, is an invitation for four residents to join Gunns Pulp Mill ‘Community Liason Committe” (CLC).

A cynic would say this is basically a tool by which Gunns can say ‘see the community think the pulp mill is great and Gunns and the community are besties nowadays’.

Now according to this leaflet the committee already includes GT Council, Tas Police, Gunns and the Launceston C. Council who last time i looked had an official position of opposition to the mill.

It’s significant for the LCC and their electors because part of the criteria for membership of the CLC is that parties are ‘supporrtive of the pulp mill project’. This is how Gunns advertised it through the Examiner a week or two back:


I wonder how many LCC electors know about LCC’s memership of this committee of which Gunns is a controlling member?

I would love to hear LCC Mayor Albert Van Zetten justify why LCC are on this committee, if the decision went to council for a vote and if they have advertised the fact to electors on whose behalf the council took a position in opposition to the mill.

I’ve also asked who paid for the production and distribution of leaflets. As yet no answer.




First published: 2011-09-29 06:36 AM

• Launceston City Council officially withdrew support for the mill in 2007, recorded on Tasmanian Times: HERE

• What LCC says…

Bell Bay Pulp Mill Community Liaison Committee

The Launceston City Council has accepted an invitation to be part of the Bell Bay Pulp
Mill Community Liaison Committee (CLC).

The primary purpose of the CLC is to provide a forum for addressing local community
issues associated with the project construction and operation.

Launceston City Council General Manager Robert Dobrzynski said “The Council’s
participation on the CLC should not be misinterpreted as indicating any change in the
Council’s formal position regarding the Pulp Mill, which has remained consistent.

“In the event that the Pulp Mill proceeds, it is extremely important that the inevitable
impacts on the city are assessed and managed. Launceston is the largest populated
area in the vicinity of the site, with 105,000 residents, and the Council needs to make
sure the best possible outcomes for those residents are achieved.

“Impacts such as heavy vehicle movements, accommodation for workers, coordination of
local contractors and, critically, ensuring that all permit conditions and community
obligations are honoured will need to be managed.”

• What Jeremy Ball says ...

Dear All

I am astounded by LCC’s media release to say the leaset.

The opening line says that Launceston City Council took this decision - we did not.

This decision needed to be brought to the aldermen - it was not.

In my opinion no-one has the authority to make this decision on their own; it must be a decision of council.

I will be moving over the weekend to tackle both the Mayor and GM on this issue and to request in the strongest terms that LCC’s support be withdrawn until such time as Council takes the decision at a full council meeting, in the open, in front of the public where this matter belongs.

Well done for the emails and this is not over yet.




Jeremy Ball