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Afghan activist, writer and former politician** Malalai Joya visited Hobart for a day last week with this message for Australia: Get Australian and NATO troops out of Afghanistan.

She told a meeting the position of women in Afghanistan today in is as bad if not worse than under the Taliban ...  extremely unsafe; especially if you speak out as Malalai does against the war lords who are in power, in Parliament,  and well funded by the Western alliance!

She said that If troops left the the warlords’ power would be weakened and a chance for a democracy movement would emerge.

“In Afghanistan, democratic minded activists face many challenges, risks, and obstacles. The only difference between me and other Afghan activists is that I have fame.

“We are all fighting against a puppet mafia regime and against an occupation; we are fighting for justice, peace, democracy, women’s rights, and human rights in our country.”

She spoke at a session hosted by State Minister Cassy O’Connor at Parliament House. Cassy has promised to raise a motion in Parliament about the need to get Australian troops and all NATO troops out of Afghanistan.
Malalai also spoke at Ogilvie High School and an evening Forum held at Conference Room of Hobart City Council.

Her trip to Australia was funded and hosted by SAWA*  (Support Association for Women of Afghanistan)

**Malalai was dismissed for publicly denouncing the presence of war criminals in the Parliament.

Malalai is also a writer and published, ‘A Woman Among Warlords’, from:

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