Gunns this morning took delivery of three large Komatsu earth moving machines. 

The first two arrived at 9:05, and the third at 10:21.  The name ‘Hazell Brothers’ appears on some of the equipment and and the side of the escort van.  I have been joined by Fairley Ferguson, Warren Hastings and John Day.  The first two low loaders bringing in this equipment have returned to Launceston, with the equipment offloaded.  The third came at speed, taking the turn-off and driving through the already opened boom gates. 

People are calling in, parking to the side of the highway, chatting, giving company, and marking the fact that Gunns is moving in equipment for a project that does not have a Permit.  This is a shambles.  A maverick state, where the government does not govern, where rules are ignored, where the role of the EPA seems to be be let Gunns do whatever it wants.

More update when I’m able to post.


Please, I’m here each day for the time being, if you are coming to show solidarity, be careful to get your vehicle well off the highway and keep well away from the road.