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It would be useful to know (a) who were the other applicants in the ‘competitive field’ for the position of Chair of the Tasmanian Heritage Council and (b) who made the selection? Apparently Snowden was a reasonable interim head of the THC when the egregious Scott Gadd got rid of Peter James and just about everyone else who dared question the government’s policy on heritage. Her appointment suggests to me a certain acceptable quiescence or malleability. Will she dare challenge Forestry Tasmania’s appalling decision to clear fell above Liffey Falls? (HERE)

As I understand it, her qualifications are in historical research, mainly in the somewhat narrow field of Irish women convicts, and she has no particular interest in or knowledge of architecture, cultural landscape or the broader sweep of Tasmanian history and even less on the importance to tourism of historic preservation.

She may well be an independent thinker but on past experience the last thing this wretched administration welcomes is independent thought. She will take her orders from Pete Smith.

We live in an age of perceptions and I’m afraid the perception here is of a definite conflict of interest. But why should we be surprised? Most ministers and bureaucrats feel threatened by anyone who know more than they do. They want lackeys and lickspittles.

Leo Schofield
Dysart House

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