Monday 30th Jan, 12.00 noon.
150 Davey St, Hobart. 

Ta Ann is an ongoing threat to the forests of Tasmania.

Ta Ann has a pivotal role in global forest destruction and loss of endangered species habitat.

A media release from Christine Milne yesterday (HERE) drew attention to many relevant questions about Forestry Tasmania and Ta Ann:

(1) How is it that after Forestry Tasmania lost two thirds of its contracts with the demise of Gunns, that it has to log inside the 430,000 hectares of HCV forests to meet one third of its contracts?

(2) Has Forestry Tasmania over allocated the forests?

(3) Has Forestry Tasmania massively over cut the forests over a long period of time and would not have been able to meet both Gunns and Ta Ann’s contracts if both were still in business?

(4) Does the TA Ann contract only require Ta Ann to pay for the volumes that leave the wharf and not for the logs that are delivered to its plant?

(5) Where do the unpaid for rejected logs and waste go?

(6) When the Commonwealth gave Ta Ann $10 million to set up in Tasmania , it was to process lesser quality logs hence not from HCV areas, how is it that Ta Ann is now demanding logs from HCV areas?

(7) Who changed the specifications of the original contract?”


Protest at Hobart’s Ta Ann Head Office

When; Today at Noon

Where; 150 Davey St Hobart

Community members are mobilising today for a peaceful demonstration outside Ta Ann’s head office in Hobart.

“Tasmania is losing globally significant forests to Malaysian logging giant Ta Ann, who then misrepresents their source of timber as ‘eco-friendly’ in Japan.  The truth is that the wood comes from High Conservation Value forests, including old growth,” said Ms Jenny Weber.

“Ta Ann Tasmania’s wood requirements are driving the continued destruction of vital high conservation value forests. The supply of peeler billets to Ta Ann Tasmania is the major factor stopping forest protection, according to the official reports on the failure to reschedule logging operations,’  Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.

‘Community members will today protest about Ta Ann Tasmania being the major factor to stopping comprehensive forest protection.  The large area of forests that was left out of the conservation agreement, so as to ensure business as usual in the forests, are to ensure Ta Ann’s wood supply. Logging of old growth ecosystems in the Picton Valley and world heritage value forests in the Catamaran in the far south are supplying Ta Ann.  The Tasmanian Devil habitat that Miranda Gibson is keeping watch over in her ObserverTree is also going to be logged for Ta Ann,’ Jenny Weber said.

Jenny Weber
Huon Valley Environment Centre