Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today launched an analysis of Tasmania’s economic potential which finds 3000 jobs could be created from the $120 million fund promised in the intergovernmental forest agreement.

“This fund has the potential to create more than 3000 jobs in regional areas which would largely replace the 3500 jobs lost from forestry since 2008,” Senator Brown said.

“But this money will only flow if there is a strong conservation legislative outcome by June this year.

“I commissioned this report to show Tasmanians the sorts of ideas that could be implemented to create an environment that will help small businesses flourish, with protection of the forests at the heart of reforms.

“Edwards and Hanson have interviewed people from Tasmania’s business, tourism and academic sectors to come up with an indicative set of projects that could help stimulate private sector investment.

“Their report is a springboard for discussion. I’ve got a few ideas of my own, including establishing an institute to foster and retain Tasmania’s world-leading track-building skills and promoting the far south as a tourism destination for its interesting mix of tourist railway, caves, spectacular coastal walking and historical sites of French arrival,” Senator Brown said.

*The report’s authors are Naomi Edwards BSc (Hons) FIA, FIAA, FNZSA who is a Tasmanian financial and economic consultant and Jamie Hanson BA(Hons) BPhil (Oxford) a Tasmanian researcher recently returned to his home shores.

Tim Morris MP
Greens Acting Leader

The Tasmanian Greens today welcomed the release of the ‘Greater than the sum of its parts’ report, examining opportunities that will flow from the Regional Development Fund associated with the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA).

Greens Acting Leader Tim Morris MP said the report, commissioned by Greens Senator Bob Brown, estimates that over $250 million in new investment and over 3000 jobs could be generated, and contains some excellent examples of the types of projects that could flow from the deal.

“This report is a timely reminder of the huge employment opportunities that the IGA will deliver for Tasmania’s regional economies, through the $120 million Regional Development Fund,” Mr Morris said

“Given the ongoing instability in the global economy, Tasmania cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to future-proof our economy by putting the forest industry on a sustainable footing and boosting economic activity and diversity in regional areas.”

“While the IGA is certainly not perfect, those who are seeking to destabilise it must realise that they are also standing in the way of thousands of new jobs in regional communities.”

“The IGA is not just a conservation agreement, but an integrated package which would provide exit with dignity for contractors, protection of identified high conservation value forest, an industry transition and a boost for regional development.”

“The Greens are urging all members of the Tasmanian Parliament to consider seriously how the industry and conservation measures included in the deal will further Tasmania’s economic transition onto a sustainable footing,” Mr Morris said.

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• John Hawkins, in Comments, HERE: Dimity, A recent poll in the influential UK Daily Telegraph listed Tasmania as the 5th best place in the world to live. The Chudleigh Valley since I moved here some 10 years ago has lost 14 family farms to the Abetz tax scam MIS. This is 14 family’s who have left their homes and farms in this valley and no longer work or partake of our community life.There are now only 2 sawmills not 4 since Gunns monopolized the logging timber supply chain.