Forestry chief Bob Gordon, left, and Minister Bryan Green

I note that as per the attached letter (download below) from Forestry Tasmania they intend to commence logging of Coupe BA388D on or about 6 February, thereby pre-empting the findings of the Professor West Independent Verification Group (IVG). Coupe BA388D was identified as being within the Kelty 572,000 hectares as identified by the ENGO’s.

Fascinating that FT would start just before the end February IVG reporting date and even more fascinating that the reporting date has been conveniently slipped by two months. Begs the question how many other coupes are being commenced in the same timeframe but I am sure there could be no collusion between FT and the Minister and the IVG.

Accordingly I have sent the following to the relevant FT Officers with copies to Bob Gordon, Ministers Green and Burke (Federal), The Premier and Professor West

Given the exact words of Section 26 of the IGA below, please provide a detailed explanation of why FT is proceeding with logging on the 6th of February when Coupe BA388D is clearly a priority…. 26.The State will ensure that, until the further independent verification process required under Clause 20 is completed, wood supply required under Clause 17 will be sourced from outside the 572,000 hectares of ENGO-nominated High Conservation Value forest area unless the remaining State Forest area is insufficient to meet the contractually specified quality and quantity of wood supply. Where this is the case, the Tasmanian Government will ensure that wood supplies are sourced outside the 430,000 hectares placed in Informal Reserves. The Tasmanian Government will ensure that the 430,000 hectares of State Forest identified in Attachment A is not accessed. Where harvesting work has already begun in coupes within the nominated 430,000 hectares, rescheduling will occur as soon as practical and a list of coupes that will be harvested will be agreed by the Governments and the signatories, advised by the Independent Verification Group, within two weeks of the signing of this agreement. If sourcing of wood supply from within the 572,000 hectares is considered to be necessary under any circumstances, the Governments will immediately consult with the Reference Group of Signatories and the Independent Verification Group in order to inform them of the basis for sourcing wood supply in those areas, and with the intention of providing this supply in a way that minimises impacts on conservation values.

I ask readers to suggest what the response might be from FT/the Ministers/ Professor West ... if any!


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