Image for Logging native forests kills biodiversity

Scientists in a new study, just published in the prestigious journal ‘Nature’, have demonstrated the importance of Australia stepping up its protection of native forests to defend biodiversity, said Greens Senator for NSW and forests spokesperson Lee Rhiannon (SMH online today: No substitute for natural forests: study).

“Logging forests is shown to devastate biodiversity, with disturbed forests poorer in the richness of mammals, birds, plants and other species,” said Senator Rhiannon.

“This study debunks the myth that secondary forests have the same biodiversity values.

“Logged forests are very much the poor cousins of native forests.

“The value of Australia’s native forests in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining biodiversity cannot be ignored.

“Degrading forests by logging them will send species to the wall, something that is untenable to the Australian public.

“The pressure is on the Federal Forestry Minister Joe Ludwig to clean up the forest industry and introduce stronger protections.

“Standing by when we have this new evidence from Australian and international scientists is environmentally irresponsible,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Download the full study, read for yourself, innature:
‘Primary forests are irreplaceable for sustaining tropical biodiversity’, here: