Image for Logging protesters hit Ta Ann ship

Conservationists have today participated in a protest on Hobart’s wharf, where a vessel is being loaded for the Malaysian logging company Ta Ann.

‘Four conservationists have attached themselves to the vessel, we are participating in today’s non violent protest to highlight the ongoing loss of high conservation value forests,’ Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.

‘Ta Ann’s long-term demand for native forest, and the Tasmanian government’s commitment to their contract till at least 2027, locks in Tasmania to losing valuable wildlife habitat and vital carbon stores for decades,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘We are witnessing the shameful export of native forests, when high conservation value forests should be in a moratorium now and a swift transition out of native forests is crucial,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘This protest is in solidarity with the people in Sarawak whose lives have been displaced by   Ta Ann’s logging practices,’ Jenny Weber said.

UPDATE: Conservationists arrested on Tasmanian logging vessel

Eight conservationists boarded a vessel in Hobarts Port at dawn this morning.  The dawn protest was held to oppose the ongoing loss of high conservation value forests in Tasmania and the track record of the Malaysian logging company Ta Ann, in global forest destruction and indigenous people’s displacement in Sarawak. 

Five conservationists were arrested at 10am this morning after they locked on to a tower attached to the crane that loads veneer.  Four of those activists have been released and are due to appear in court 22 August.

One of the activists who locked on, has been remanded in custody to appear tonight in court at 7pm.

‘These five peaceful protestors were strip searched by the police, in an unnecessary and inappropriate treatment of people participating in a non violent direct action,’ Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said

Three conservationists were earlier escorted from the premises, they will be charged with trespass by summons.

‘Today’s protests on Hobart’s waterfront was taken by Huon Valley Environment Centre to highlight Ta Ann’s continual disregard for not only Tasmania’s wild forests but the indigenous people of Sarawak,’  Jenny Weber said.

‘The Tasmanian Government and Ta Ann are locking in the logging of native forests to meet a wood supply contract till 2027.  High Conservation value forests are being lost to feed Ta Ann’s mill, when they should be in a moratorium now.’ Jenny Weber said.

‘There is a crisis in the logging industry, and a failure of the Federal and State Government to provide real and lasting solutions, meanwhile it’s business as usual in the forests.  Huon Valley Environment Centre will continue to stand up to highlight the ongoing logging of native forests and endangered species habitat,’ Jenny Weber said.

WATCH: Simon de Little’s video edit of the protest, HERE