Image for Massive plantations shortfall in Gippsland

Some sums on the link (HERE) showing the risky investment logic of a plantation based pulp mill.

Reality is showing that hardwood plantations are achieving lower growth than forecast, establishment rates have dropped off since the removal of MIS subsidies and bushfires pose a massive risk.

The conservation movement in Australia has more or less backed Maryvale mills plantation expansion and TWS/ACT supported the mill getting FSC CoC back in 2006, despite the mill increasing its native forest supply in 2005 by 30%.

The mill promised 2000ha of plantation would be planted in Gippsland every year from 2006-2019 so that the mill would be plantation based only. Another crock that the green groups fell for.

Now ACF/TWS are lobbying for the mill to get plantation stock from Western Victoria, the same area that the mooted Gunns pulp mill will also be sourcing from.