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Environment groups and the community have been opposed to the proposed mill due to a range of environmental and social impacts and the flawed assessment process for many years.

“The collapse of the independent assessment process in 2007 and the fast-tracked State-based assessment completely disenfranchised the local community and the public. This legacy means that the proposed pulp
mill continues to have strong local opposition and no social license,” said Dr Phill Pullinger, Director of Environment Tasmania.

“Environment Tasmania will be reserving any judgement on the proposed toughening up of environmental permit conditions associated with the proposed mill until the Minister makes a decision,”

“Environment Tasmania, however, is not in the business of giving endorsement to industrial projects, and does not support and will not support the proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill,” he concluded.

Environment Tasmania is the peak body for Tasmanian environment & conservation groups – and represents over 20 Tasmanian environment groups with collective representation of over 5000 Tasmanians.