Tony Mokbel bewigged: is this the worst disguise in history?

Contributing editor-at-large for Independent Australia Tess Lawrence reports on the links between convicted drug dealer Tony Mokbel and the National Australia Bank.

It came as no surprise to anyone in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday, when Kuwaiti-born Antonios ‘Fat Tony’ Sajih Mokbel, so named because he is more overbelly than underbelly, learned from Justice Simon Whelan that he would be blowing out the candles on his 47th birthday cake next month, behind bars in Barwon Prison.

And another 29 birthdays after that, unless the industrial strength drug manufacturer and narcotics sales rep behaves himself and qualifies for an effective non-parole period of 22 years — two years less than his life expectancy, according to one doctor.

Or unless he meets the same fate as his late mate Carl Williams in Barwon.

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