JUBI, 29 December 2011
West Papua Media

Families from Kampung Budauwo, Panian sub-district, returned to their homes in an attempt to celebrate Christmas Day, but were unable to bear the situation. The continuous sound of gunfire struck them with fear so they stayed for only one day in that place, then moved on again.

“There was the sound of gunfire all the time, coming from the direction of Eduda and Obaikebo Hill. After our religious service in the late afternoon, we heard yet more gunfire. We were very afraid so we returned to Enarotali,” Ome man said.

Badauwo Kapung is not far from Eduda, the base of the TPN/OPM.  Other nearby kampungs such as Tokoo, Yagiyo, Yukeikebo, Kugitadi, Badauwo, Mayudebe and Dagouto, are deserted, as is also Wegamo.

The gunfire began again in Eduda on Tuesday, from early morning till late afternoon, it could be heard. One villager said: “I thought that it was only we people in Ugamo but it seems that all the people living in kampungs around Madi were also terrified. Many have already fled their homes.”

Others said they were deeply regretful about the security situation in Paniai, totally unsuitable for Christmas time, affecting the people here, most of whom are Christians, Protestants or Catholics. Virtually none of the churches held services on Christmas Day.

In view of the recent situation, JUBI sources reckon that the Matoa Operation 2011 in Paniai will continue, especially as the local police chief said that they will continue to hunt for the leaders of the TPN/OPM who have apparently moved from Eduda, while Eduda itself has now
been turned into a police command post.

The local police chief Jannus Siregar told journalists, “I call on the people to return to their daily activities because the situation here is quite normal and people can celebrate Christmas. We are not hunting for civilians, still less are we shooting anyone dead. We are just doing our duty which is to chase the OPM.”

The operation has been on-going ever since Brimob troops from East Kalimantan were sent to Paniai in the second week of November.

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