I was lucky to be given by one of my grandchildren a book published by Penguin Ltd and I noticed on the cover the FSC Logo on a 2011 colour plate soft covered book.

So I Googled Penguin, and read this:

“Making our Books Green with the FSC The FSC Penguin’s biggest impact on the environment comes from our use of paper (though it may surprise you to know that book manufacture only accounts for 2% of world paper use). For a number of years Penguin has sought responsible paper sourcing and in June 2006 we announced that by the end of the year we would print all our monochrome hardback and trade paperback titles on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. The FSC guarantees that the paper comes from environmentally and socially responsible sources. At this time FSC accreditation is much harder to come by for colour and mass paperback titles, but Penguin is working with the World Wildlife Fund to explore new opportunities. Our progress on this pressing issue will be reported here soon.”

Random House has also adopted FSC Accreditation.

No FSC, No Sales. Ask Gunns.

First published: 2011-12-30 02:39 AM