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The sale of a timber mill in the south-west Western Australian town of Manjimup is taking longer than expected, frustrating the local community.

Gunns Limited failed to find a buyer for its Deanmill timber operation and the mill was shut down in February, putting dozens of people out of work.

Auswest Timbers, which mills karri timber near Busselton, is in negotiation with Gunns to buy and reopen the mill.

Manjimup Shire president Wade De Campo says it is frustrating waiting for Gunns to finalise the sale.

“They’ve already torn the heart out of the local community, so they’re not doing that any more but what they’re doing is frustrating the community by not having that certainty within the community and not knowing whether there will be jobs lost before Christmas as was initially indicated

“So we just really want Gunns to make a decision whether it’s yes or no, then everyone can get on with their lives and start making decisions about how we can adjust to that.”


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