Image for NZ forest industry vs Oz forest industry

Here is an interesting article about the current state of the forest industry in New Zealand written by Paul Nicholls (a forester friend who grew up in Tasmania, and now works for forest company Rayonier NZ).

Compare this with another article in the press last week about the current state of the forest industry in Australia.

Like what Paul says about comparing oranges and apples.

Why is the NZ forest industry so incredibly successful, while the industry in Australia is a basket case? The industry leaders and politicians in Australia really do need to take a good hard look at themselves and ask some hard questions. Perhaps they should invite some leaders from NZ (such as Paul Nicholls) to come over and talk to them about what changes need to occur. It’s not rocket science. I’ve got half a dozen suggestions to make, but would anyone listen? Very doubtful!!

And unfortunately the Forest Peace talks don’t look like they will provide the forest industry in Tasmania with any new vision for the future. In fact they won’t even resolve the forestry wars, because all of the issues that cause the conflict will remain unresolved. Reform of the forest industry! Not anytime soon!!