Image for Polling shows 85% want immediate protection for Tasmania’s forests: Brown

Australians want national park status for 570,000 hectares of Tasmania’s native forests identified by the intergovernmental agreement as needing immediate protection, polling released today by Greens Leader Bob Brown showed.

“Overall, 85% of Australians believe the 570,000 of native forests should be made national parks, and support is consistent across all ages and states,” Senator Brown said in Hobart.

“The Native Forest Study by Galaxy shows an overwhelming majority want these wild forest areas protected and yet future national parks in Tasmania will be left-overs of land not wanted by loggers, miners or other exploitive interests according to the current stich-up by state and federal Labor and the forestry industry,” Senator Brown said.

The telephone poll of 1,048 respondents, commissioned by Senator Brown, was taken on the weekend of 19-21 August.

Thinking now about some other issues. As part of the Tasmanian Forest Intergovernmental Agreement, 570,000 hectares of native forests were identified as needing immediate protection. Do you support or oppose the Tasmanian Government protecting the 570,000 hectares of forests by making them National Parks?

Support       85%
Oppose       10%
Neither/Don’t know     5%