Here are some examples of Tree Spiking carried out in Tasmania.

These appear to be not carried out by Environmentalists.

The questions are.

Were the nails removed after the signs were?

Did the signs just blow away in strong winds and how much effort was taken to recover the Tree Spikes?

Is this proof that Tree Spiking is a common occurrence in Tasmania?

And for the naysayers none of these photos are made up, they are real signs that I have found over the years.

Meanwhile, Hakan Ekstrom:

Wood fiber costs for pulp manufacturers declined in the 4Q/11 as pulp prices fell – with Global Wood Fiber Price Indices dropping 3.5%, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly
Global demand for pulp has declined and pulp prices fell during the second half of 2011. As a consequence, prices for wood fiber, the highest cost component when producing pulp, were down throughout the world, as reported by the Wood Resource Quarterly. The Global Wood Fiber Indices for softwood and hardwood fiber declined 3.5% from the 3Q/11.

The full article can be downloaded in the attached PDF file:

Dave Groves: Forestry’s surgical strike