Fifteen protesters today attempted to walk into the Forestry Tasmania head office in Scottsdale.

Five of the protesters dressed as green living statues and the group held a banner which read ‘Abolish Forestry Tasmania’.

The group arrived to find the office under complete lockdown and under police presence.

The activists are from the group ‘Code Green’, and the different statues represent different members of our community and how we all have a responsibility to work towards a sustainable future for Tasmania.


The statues include a schoolgirl, a housewife, a businessman, a farmer, and a timber worker. The protesters are not planning to leave until forced to do so by police.

“We don’t believe Tasmania’s forests should be managed by a company that has such a vested business interest in these forests”, spokeperson for the group Dr Lisa Searle said.

“Forestry Tasmania is a profit-driven company. There is a fundamental conflict of interest when a government enterprise whose main interests lie in clear-felling and burning our native forests is given responsibility of implementing forest conservation.” She said. “Forestry Tasmania have had their chance to prove that they can responsibly and sustainably manage Tasmania’s irreplaceable native forests and they have repeatedly shown us that they have no interest in the conservation of these forests.”

“We call on the Giddings government to abolish Forestry Tasmania and take responsibility for implementing immediate protection for native forests.”

“Forestry Tasmania are destroying local business and community, and giving away our precious native forests at a very low price while the forest industry is going broke. They are selling native woodchips to the local timber company Artec, who are exporting these overseas. According to financial analysts, the woodchip industry is not currently financially viable and this will continue into the foreseeable future. We are calling on Forestry Tasmania to release all information about any new wood supply contracts they are signing with Gunns’, Artec, and any other players.”

YouTube: Abolish Forestry Tasmania