Picture: Geoff Rollins

A new report titled “Nowhere Else on Earth: Tasmania’s Marine Natural Values” has for the first time, collated the science of Tasmania’s marine life on a state-wide level, and found that Tasmania has extraordinary natural values of global conservation significance. 

“What we have discovered through the writing of this report is that Tasmania is even more extraordinary than previously thought. Our State is a hot spot for high biodiversity, unusually large numbers of unique species found nowhere else, and rare ecosystems within pristine underwater wilderness areas that rival World Heritage-listed lands,” said Dr Karen Parsons, Author of the report and former Principal Scientist with Aquenal. 

“Tasmania’s marine life is so extraordinary, so unique, that people come from all over the world to see it. Sea Dragons and Hand Fish, Dolphins and Whales, kelp forest and sea caves, all provide this incredibly beautiful and rare experience for people,” said Mick Baron, owner of Eaglehawk Dive Centre, and professional diver of over thirty years. 

“This report reveals that around ninety per cent of Tasmania’s marine life is limited to our region and found nowhere else on earth, yet just one per cent of our marine environment is protected compared to forty per cent of our land. To ensure that our grandchildren can experience these magnificent natural wonders, and that future businesses can be built on these unique qualities, the Government must establish a state-wide network of Marine National Parks as a matter of priority,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator, Environment Tasmania. 

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