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The Tasmanian Greens today (Wed) called on Resources Minister, Bryan Green, to make publicly available the letter of supply to reassure Tasmanians that the Statement of Principles will be adhered to, and to guarantee no high conservation forests identified by environmental groups will be included under the new supply agreement.

Greens Member for Lyons, Tim Morris MP, said Tasmanian forests must not be compromised by this deal, and if a new wood supply agreement is negotiated with Fibre Plus, that our high conservation value forests are protected from being used at the new woodchipping operation.

“Minister Green must provide surety to Tasmanians that high conservation forests will be not be used in the new wood supply agreement to Fibre Plus, as detailed in the Statement of Principles,” Mr Morris said.

“If the old Gunns supply agreement is not being adopted outright, and a new agreement is being created for Fibre Plus, then the deal must be made public to ensure confidence that the work on protecting Tasmanian forests is not undermined.”

“Minister Green failed to answer the question in Parliament today calling on him to provide details on this new deal, leaving rise to suspect that Forestry Tasmania is failing to be transparent yet again,” Mr Morris said.

Aprin Seeking Customers for Torrefied Wood Pellets

Tim Morris MP
Greens Member for Lyons
Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Tasmanian Greens today rejected as totally unacceptable the proposal by Forestry Tasmania to sell high conservation value forests to Aprin Logging to have them turned into Torrefied Wood Pellets and sold on as boiler fuel in the event that they complete the purchase of the Triabunna Mill.

Greens Member for Lyons, Tim Morris MP, said that Forestry Tasmania will find that the vast majority of Tasmanians will find it unacceptable that they are proposing to sell the State’s unique high conservation value forests to a company which intends to export them for boiler fuel.

“A quick search of the internet discovered that Aprin is advertising ‘Timber Harvesting Company, diversifying into renewable energy with Torrefied wood pellets. We are looking for prices offered to us for the above products with possible partnership for interested buyer/user,’ Mr Morris said.

“When questioned in Parliament, the Minister for Resources, Bryan Green, revealed that in the event that Aprin Logging purchased the Triabunna Mill from Gunns that Forestry Tasmania would contract to supply them wood from native forests and would not rule out that high conservation value forests as identified would be included.”

“The Tasmanian Greens totally reject the sale of any native forest for export for boiler fuel, and it will definitely be perceived as an act of very bad faith for high conservation value forests to be reduced to this.”

“Interestingly the Minister said that any contract would not be of the ‘take or pay’ type that they currently have with Gunns, and again I urge that any new contract is made publicly available.”

“Clearly Minister Green does not understand that any contract by Forestry Tasmania to sell native forests for boiler fuel will only exacerbate the conflict over the ongoing use and management of Tasmania’s high conservation value forests, and is a step in the wrong direction,” Mr Morris said.

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