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Conservationists have today hung a 15 meter banner from the roof of Hobart’s Parliament House, calling for a forests moratorium and urgent protection of Tasmania’s world class and unique forests.

“Huon Valley Environment Centre and Still Wild Still Threatened have taken action in Tasmania’s forests, at the offices of Premier Lara Giddings and now today at Parliament House to pressure the State Government to stay true to their commitment to a progressive moratorium over three months. On December 15th 2010 Premier Bartlett stood by Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke and announced their commitment to the forest principles, starting with the key process of a progressive moratorium over three months,” said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened. 

“Tasmania’s ancient forests, water catchments and wildlife habitat’s are being lost to a logging industry in crisis every day. The global community was looking forward to a moratorium on the logging of the high conservation value forests, due to be in place by March 15 2011. It appears that the full moratorium will not be in place and that is due to the lethargic Tasmanian State Government and an industry that is bent on logging Tasmania’s last wild places,” said Jenny Weber, spokesperson for the Huon Valley Environment Centre.

“Every hectare we lose from these forests we are losing from our future national parks or world heritage area. The moratorium must be implemented to protect these areas for future formal reserves, as agreed by the Statement of Principles, and our organisations will continue to take action to hold the government accountable to this commitment” said Ms Gibson.

Media Update:
Conservationists arrested at Parliament House today.


Two conservationists were arrested today after hanging a banner from the roof of Hobart Parliament House this morning.  The two protestors have been charged with creating a public nuisance and released on bail.

“Today’s action has brought attention to the continuing destruction of our high conservation value forests and the urgent need for a moratorium to be implemented by the March 15th deadline” Said Jenny Weber, Huon Valley Environment Centre.

In conjunction with today’s action at Parliament House, conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened continued to halt logging in the Styx Valley for a second day, continuing yesterday’s action.

“The Styx Valley is a globally renowned as the Valley of the Giants and contains vast tracts of pristine old growth forests that should be protected through the forest peace talks. Yet Forestry Tasmania has continued to go into new areas in the Styx within the last two weeks. With only a week to go until the moratorium must be implemented, we are calling on the State Government to take immediate action to ensure these forests are given the protection that has been promised” Said Miranda Gibson from Still Wild Still Threatened.



Media Update: Styx Valley protest continues for a second day.

Today in the Styx Valley, conservationist from Still Wild Still Threatened returned to logging coupe SX28C to continue yesterdays protest. This in-forest action and todays Parliament House banner display are an urgent call for the moratorium to be fully in place by the March 15th deadline.


Conservationists have halted logging operations for a second day in an urgent call for logging to cease in this highly valuable and unique area of the iconic Styx Valley forest. Said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

This area of old growth forest in the Styx Valley contains spectacular tall Eucalypts and is pristine wildlife habitat for endangered species, such as the Tasmanian Devil. Every day that logging continues here we are losing irreplaceable tracts of old growth forest that should be included in future forest reserves, as has been agreed by the forest peace talks. Said Miranda Gibson, Still Wild Still Threatened.

Still Wild Still Threatened is calling on the State Government to honour their commitment to the forest peace talks and ensure Forestry Tasmania withdraw logging operations from this coupe and all areas of high conservation value forest. This moratorium is the first vital step in the Statement of Principles. Said Miranda Gibson, Still Wild Still Threatened.
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