Image for Social deprivation in riot hotspots: an infographic

The graphic above shows the level of child poverty and joblessness in some of the areas which saw the most rioting from the sixth to the tenth of August according to the Guardian’s record of incidents, with the exception of Witney and Westminster which are included for contrast. (Westminster’s constituency does include some poorer areas as well as the City of London). This choice was not scientific, and shows some of the areas that have the most child poverty, excluding others such as Ealing and Enfield. A complication of this exercise is that deprivation varies significantly within the areas shown, and that the location of incidents doesn’t tell us where people have come from. For example, most of the incidents reported in Bristol took place in the Bristol West constituency, where child poverty is less than half as widespread as in Bristol South. 

Children are legally defined as living in poverty if their household’s income is 60 percent below the national average (the median, to be precise). The percentage of children living in these households comes from an End Child Poverty report, and apply to the parliamentary constituencies shown next to the national map, and the (unbracketed) local authorities shown next to the London map.

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