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I received a copy of this letter (Download below) anonymously; it gives the background to the recent Examiner advert (On TT: Business - including GBE - aids pulp mill bid)

The sentiments and requests expressed in the advert are unsupportable and designed to be seen as “reasonable” to those readers who may not know the full detailed basis of this 6 year old proposed Gunns Pulp Mill project.

For this group of business people to expect the community to put aside all that has happened, has been said and has been promised over the past six years without any changes put in place to protect us in the future – is so unreal as to be contemptuous.

These business people should note that the community will not allow this situation to continue any more. Without resisting we have no future.

Do these business people really support a Government (and Opposition) that:

• Amends a raft of Tasmanian legislation to allow a public company and industry unprecedented benefits, shielding them from scrutiny, providing bespoke enabling legislation, and legislation that specifically excludes any avenue for legal redress by anybody.

• Provides huge levels of promotion and assistance for a proposed project by a public company.

• That has promised time and time again full public input, no further assistance,  “a line in the sand” to further assistance: “The project will stand up or fall on its own from now on”. The Government (and Opposition) has blatantly broken every promise it has made on this issue.

• Allowed a company to withdraw from a statutory state planning process and then allowed the company to draw up its own legislation; enabling its own project, allowing the company’s lawyers into our Parliament;  then truncating Parliamentary debate on the legislation.

• Allowed the company to base its project assessment on a benefits only study undertaken by a range of “independent” consultants with very limited scope of reporting and assessment.

• Allowed a company to make literally 100s of media and ASX statements that have mot come true.

• Has blindly and totally supported the company and project at the expense of community input, trust and respect. To the extent that ordinary Tasmanians are unable to speak with the majority of its own elected representatives on this issue.

• Who also relies on key media outlets not asking the hard questions, accepting with question and publishing fairytale answers by government, not covering issues in detail, not publishing community views on an equitable basis?

By supporting this advert these business people obviously do support the Government and Opposition performance and legacy on this iconic issue.

The advert speaks of the safety of the process and standard of engineering. Air and effluent discharges are still of major concern to the community. However, the communities have great concerns about the ability of the Government to react to any incidents that may occur in the community.

Will the EPA act impartially and promptly? Will the Government leave it to the EPA? Will the Government provide adequate resources to the EPA?

The advert speaks about the future – whose future? 

Will we be getting more of the same by the same people with the same the long, appalling history of lies, cronyism and arrogance by the very people elected to represent us?  Like the Government and the Opposition this group of business people do not want to know how the community sees the future of Tasmania.

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