Early this morning, three conservationists were arrested after attaching themselves to a truck that was in the loading area for a Ta Ann vessel.

‘Ta Ann is a company who is driving the ongoing logging high conservation value forests in Tasmania, they are exporting these forests to Japan and falsely advertising them as eco friendly.

Today’s demonstration was to protest the loss of endangered species habitat and carbon dense forests for a Malaysian logging company,’ Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.


Tasmanian Forest Protest Targets Ta Ann Vessel

This morning in Hobart three conservationists have conducted a peaceful demonstration against Ta Ann, a vessel is in port loading high conservation value forests.  Two people have attached themselves to a truck that was in the loading area on the port and loading operations have ceased.

‘Conservationists are today protesting about the ongoing logging in Tasmania’s high conservation value forests for Ta Ann, a Malaysian logging company.  Ta Ann is receiving timber from old growth and high conservation value forests and they are exporting these forests to Japan to be sold under the false brand of eco-friendly flooring,’ Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.

‘Ta Ann are the major driver of logging in Tasmania’s wilderness forests, from the world heritage value forests of the far south to the threatened forests where Miranda Gibson is in the ObserverTree,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘The Prime Minister promised protection of forests that are still being converted in to veneer to serve Ta Ann’s insatiable appetite for Tasmania’s natural heritage assets,’ Jenny Weber said.

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Gillard ‘not reneging on Greens forest pact’

JULIA Gillard has rejected claims that she has broken an agreement with the Greens to protect Tasmanian forests, and says she is available to continue her weekly meetings with Bob Brown.

The Greens leader said yesterday he would boycott the meetings unless the Prime Minister stopped logging in Tasmania as she promised when Mr Brown agreed to support the minority Labor government.

Ms Gillard yesterday dismissed Senator Brown’s claim that she was breaking the $276 million federally funded agreement to end logging in Tasmania by allowing up to 20sq km to be harvested.

She said she was available and it was a matter for Senator Brown if he did not want to meet.

The August deal, with Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings, was made to protect Tasmania’s forests and to support workers after timber group Gunns left the native forestry industry.

It required the state to “immediately” put 430,000ha into an informal reserve, ahead of an assessment of its full conservation value and protection needed.
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But Senator Brown said a decision to allow some parts to be logged was a breach of the agreement and that he would no longer attend weekly meetings—specified in the Greens deal with Labor to form government—until Ms Gillard asserted her authority and stopped the logging.

“The Prime Minister and Premier should honour their own agreement,” Senator Brown said.

“The spoilers at Forestry Tasmania and the Malaysian logging juggernaut, Ta Ann, should be evicted from this 430,000ha rather than be allowed to chainsaw through . . . the agreement.”

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