What’s On at the Theatre Royal September/October

Theatre Royal
29.08.14 6:50 am


In this enews:
Henry V
Swamp Juice
Hell Aint a Bad Place to Be
The Magic Flute
Sons & Mothers
Coming Soon

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Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival official program launch and gala ball

Travis Tiddy, Festival Director, Leigh Styles Marketing Coordinator
29.08.14 6:34 am




The Award Winning Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival (10-12 October 2014, held every two years) launches their 2014 festival program at an extravagant gala evening to be held this Saturday.

Tickets for the gala evening are $145.00 per person and include hors d’oeuvre catering, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and entertainment. Entertainment is provided by the Royal Australian Navy Band (Tasmanian detachment), an extremely popular ‘rock and roll’ outfit that will most certainly have the gala evening guests up and dancing.

A limited number (20) of tickets for the Gala Evening still remain available for sale. Tickets can be purchased from or by telephone/visiting the Queenstown Railway Station after 10am on Friday (29th August). Tickets will not be available at the door or available on the Saturday before the Gala Evening.

Queenstown was recently successful in winning the opportunity to host a ‘Mini Muster’, an event provided by the organising committee of the Deni Ute Muster. The Mini Muster will be held also on Saturday 30 August. Interested persons visiting Queenstown for the Mini Muster are most welcome to purchase tickets for the Gala Evening and continue their celebration in style.

The Gala Evening is a black-tie event.


A key part of the Gala Evening is the Fine Art Auction. The fine art auction is the Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival’s premier fundraiser. Nine artworks form the auction catalogue from very well respected artists who have been specifically tasked with producing an artwork tied to the festival’s overarching theme ‘The Power of Water’.


The Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival is an award winning, hand crafted cultural festival held every two years in the mining town of Queenstown on Tasmania’s West Coast. Following the success of the 2012 festival, the festival returns in October 2014 appropriately themed ‘The Power of Water’ to celebrate the centenary of the Lake Margaret Power Station – Australia’s oldest working Hydro Electric station, near Queenstown.

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Despard Gallery presents ... Drawings & Paintings by Peter Poulet

Steven Joyce Director Despard Gallery
28.08.14 6:17 am


Despard Gallery presents…
Drawings & Paintings by Peter Poulet
Opening September 3, 5:30pm
3 - 29 September 2014

Every good painting starts with a drawing…

Prolific artist and design professional Peter Poulet will be exhibiting a new body of abstract paintings and drawings at Despard Gallery. Drawings & Paintings will be the second solo exhibition by Peter Poulet at Despard Gallery. Poulet’s colourful approach to abstraction has been well received by audiences in Hobart and nationally. Poulet is best known for having held the position as the Tasmanian State Architect for a number of years. Poulet brings his design experience and enthusiasm for structure and colour to this new body of work.

Please join us for the opening of Drawings & Paintings on Wednesday 3rd of September from 5:30pm.

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Lauren Glezer announces new single ...

Emily Cheung
28.08.14 6:07 am



Gifted Melbourne singer songwriter, Lauren Glezer has announced her new single, This Living (out September 12), lifted from her debut EP, Searching For Tall set for release on September 19.  Glezer will be celebrating with an east coast tour kick starting in Canberra at The Co Op on September 10 and moving through to Melbourne for shows at The Wesley Anne on September 20, The Evelyn Hotel on September 28 and The Breslin Gallery on November 9.

Lead single, This Living is a stunningly poetic folk pop tune.  Glezer’s honest, raw vocals set amidst the beautifully simple musicianship work perfectly to complement her heartfelt songwriting.  “It’ll be alright in the end, and if it’s not, it’s not the end.”  An ode to those who work too hard, Glezer explains, “this song was written in the name of my dad and for anyone that feels like they haven’t done it right.  It’s never too late to make a change.”

Filmed by Edwin Tedjokusumo (The Pierce Brothers, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes), the clip for This Living “was always going to be about the mundane ways of every suit wearing, train taking corporate,” says Glezer.  The clip follows a corporate man through the daily grind of working life and is contrasted by a sweet, carefree young girl playing hopscotch and chalking the street.  “For me, the contrast between these two characters shows how many of us have forgotten about the child that resides within us.  We are too busy working hard to consider how we want to be spending our precious time on earth… I hope this film clip raises one simple question for people; am I living the life I had imagined when I was a child?”

Two years in the making, Searching For Tall follows themes of self-discovery, love, loss and fear.  “My EP is about knowing that everything we are searching for in our external world is there to be found in the internal world.  It’s about losing love, but knowing that every day promises new opportunities,” an expressive Glezer enthuses.  Produced by Richard Stolz at Woodstock Studios alongside her long-time band, Conrad Tracy (owner of Revolver Drums) and Ryan Monro (Bass guitarist from The Cat Empire), the EP is radiating with a warmth and positivity that is hard to come by.  Each song has been carefully crafted with the perfect balance of space and beauty to allow Glezer’s generously raw vocal to impress and wow the listener.

Excited to hit the road and perform her new material, Glezer says, “I’ve been told that I deliver a very honest performance.  I’ve never been into the whole stage persona – what you see is what you get…. minus shoes.  I can’t wear shoes when I sing.  I’m not sure why, but I just can’t!”

View the clip for new single This Living
Listen to new EP Searching For Tall

WED 10 SEP | ACOUSTIC SOUP @ THE CO OP, CANBERRA ACT | ALL AGES | Tickets available at the door
SUNDAY 28 SEPT | THE EVELYN HOTEL, MELBOURNE VIC 18+  | Tickets available at the door

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Growing alarm throughout Arts and Culture ...

President of Regional Arts Australia, Dennis Goldner Media Release
27.08.14 3:47 pm


The President of Regional Arts Australia, Dennis Goldner, today expressed concern that the Australian
Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will discontinue its work in the area of creative and cultural activity in Australia.

“According to data released by the ABS in 2014, the contribution by the cultural and creative sector to
Australia’s economy is more than double that of agriculture, forestry and mining,” Mr Goldner said.

In his media statement of 5 June 2014, the acting Australian Statistician, Jonathan Palmer released a
revised ABS work program which proposes to discontinue examination of Culture, Sport and Recreation

“There is growing alarm throughout the arts and culture sector,” Mr Goldner said. “We also believe this
move undermines the work of the Meeting of Cultural Ministers (MCM) and their national cultural data
collection, research and analysis.”

“Arts and culture, as an industry, plays a major role in the national economy and it demands appropriate
scrutiny,” Mr Goldner said. “The continued growth and wellbeing of cultural and creative activity aligns
with Australia’s economic interests, but it is also central in promoting Australia as a clever country.”

From the ABS’ recent statement, it appears that the ABS has singled out Culture, Sport and Recreation
statistics. It has not indicated an intention to reduce its examination of any other specific area of economic

“The arts is big business. It is difficult to imagine the ABS discontinuing statistical work in health, education
and retail trade, yet by its own statistics, these areas have a smaller Gross Value Add than cultural and
creative activity,” Mr Goldner said.

“The data collected by the ABS is essential in understanding and resourcing the not-for profit arts sector in
Australian today. We urge the ABS to maintain this vital part of its program.”

In February 2014, the ABS released data highlighting the national significance of cultural and creative
industries. It estimated that in 2008 – 2009 cultural and creative activity provided a Gross Value Add (GVA)
of $86.0 billion (6.9%) to Australia’s economy. This places cultural and creative activity squarely among the
mainstream elements of Australia’s economic activity. Cultural and creative activity outranked retail trade
($57 billion - 4.9%) and education and training ($53 billion – 4.6%) and more than doubled the contribution
of agriculture, forestry and mining ($29 billion – 2.5%).

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Love Desire & Riches – Fashion of Weddings at Rippon Lea

Carolyn McDowall,
27.08.14 2:40 pm


National Trust Australia (Victoria) is showcasing historic wedding dresses at their Melbourne gold boom mansion Rippon Lea House and Garden representing 200 years of a bride’s dreams of her wedding day. The exhibition Love, Desire & Riches on show until September 30 2014

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AND ...

Dream Week is a week each year that Look Good Feel Better has to help raise funds and awareness of the help available for women with cancer.

All the details here:

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Virtuosi Tasmania: Hot August Jazz Festival - North Hobart

Virtuosi Tasmania Inc Tasmania's premier ensemble bringing chamber music to regional Tasmania.
27.08.14 7:51 am


Hot August Jazz Festival - North Hobart

You may have heard us live last December or even bought our CD Spirit of the MJQ. Now you have another chance to hear the Virtuosi Jazz Ensemble play that concert as part of the Hot August Jazz Festival at North Hobart.

Spirit of the MJQ

Sunday 31 August 4pm: Church Hall North Hobart (opposite the State Theatre)

Hear Kelly Ottaway, vibes, Dan Sulzberger, piano, Matt Ives, drums and Stephen Martin, bass play melodic jazz from the marvellous Modern Jazz Quartet repertoire.


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Russell’s Richmond and Tassie Tiger Trajectory

Paula Xiberras
27.08.14 7:48 am


One of the meanings of the name Russell is ‘fox’ but with his recent album proudly depicting a portrait of the Tasmanian tiger and his love for the Richmond football team it would seem ‘tiger’ is the more appropriate animal symbol.

Russell Morris is a regular visitor to Tasmania, in fact as we chat he tells me this year he has supported Suzy Quatro and Boz Scaggs on their Tasmania tour as well as taking part in the APIA tour with fellow artists Joe Camilleri, Richard Clapton and Leo Sayer.

Not only does Russell regularly visit Tasmania but he also has made an album inspired by Tasmania’s convict past called ’Van Diemen’s Land’. Listening to the album you can hear Russell’s musical influence ranges from rock and roll to roots and blues.

Russell talks about how the stigma attached to having a convict in the family has now turned to an actual desire to have a convict in one’s family’s past.

Of course the situation these convicts endured on their way to Tasmania is also explored in the songs. Russell talks about the hell hole that was Van Diemens Land and the ‘brutal’ 6 month journey from England as well as the not so friendly welcome of the native snakes and spiders.

Russell says these early convicts who were often convicted of petty crimes went on to become the backbone of Australia.

Russell recounts to me that once when he and his friend, guitarist and Tasmania Tony Naylor were on tour and perusing book stores, (one of Russell’s great loves is reading historical tomes) Tony was delighted at finding his great, great grandmother’s listing as a convict in the book ‘whores strumpets and bad women of Tasmania’.

Russell chose the wonderful illustration of the Tasmanian tiger that adorns the cover of his album.

Russell is also a big admirer of another Tassie tiger in Richmond player Matthew Richardson and believes that Richmond should have made use of their tiger symbol to be the
Tasmanian’ football team.

Russell’s album is a real treat, with many friends like Rick Springfield, Rob Hirst, Joe Robinson, Phil Manning, Ross Hannaford, Joe Camilleri ,Vika and Linda Bull coming together on’ Van Diemen’s Land’, which is out now.

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Junction Arts Festival, Launceston Sept 10- 14: What a Launch ...

Junction Arts Festival
26.08.14 7:38 am

Premier Hodgman and Lord Mayor Albert van Zetten

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Constant Constanzo

Paula Xiberras
26.08.14 6:28 am


Rachel Constanzo hasn’t been to Tasmania yet but tells me as we chat that she wishes she could go on holiday there.

However, for this lovely young lady who is only 17, still at school and juggling a burgeoning career as a pop star, with school and gigs there isn’t much time for a holiday.

We had spoken last year about Rachel’s first single ‘Blindside’ and Rachel tells me of an interesting fact regarding the song, of how, one day Fox FM’s computers had broken down and Rachel was brave enough to call the channel managers and ask them to play her single ‘Blindside’. What followed was a request for an interview with her and some airplay for the single!

Rachel’s new single ‘Starlight’ was inspired by her being tired of going to school and wanting to escape for 3 minutes, the length of a song, hence ‘Starlight’ was filmed outside the escapist areas of Luna Park and The Palais Theatre. Rachel says the people of St Kilda were very ‘kind and mindful’ of the cameras during the shoot.

An interesting fact relating to ‘Starlight’ is that Rachel cast her real friends to play her friends in the video, which gives the clip a wonderful, natural feel of friends having fun in each other’s company.

Rachel, in spite of her pop career speeding ahead, as noted before, still attends school, where she takes two music classes among the other conventional classes or as she calls it ‘boring stuff!’

Rachel says she can’t imagine what she would do if she wasn’t planning on a career in music. Music is Rachel’s number 1 passion and with the Constanzo name meaning ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast’ it would seem she is well on the way to achieving her passion. Further testimony to her steadfastness is that she has been playing the piano for 8 years and the guitar for 2. She says if she wasn’t doing music maybe she would be working at Kmart or perhaps planning a future as a music teacher.

Rachel will be performing at the Teen Expo at Melbourne on Thursday August 28 and Friday August 29.

You can view the clip to Starlight here

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Humanity of Animals

Paula Xiberras
26.08.14 6:25 am


Nick Mitchell of the musical group ‘Humans as Animals’ tells me he loves Tassie, he especially enjoys the outdoors and talks to me about his one visit so far, when he travelled on the Spirit of Tasmania, visited Cradle Mountain and went kayaking.

Humans as Animals are set to launch their new EP ‘Eukaria’ at the time of speaking. Nick said he had been in rehearsals with 2 weeks to go the culmination of two years in the making. Helping them at the launch will be actor and friend Michael Wahr (an actor/puppeteer from the stage production of War Horse), as Michael possesses the dramatic ability the band aspire to.

Nick said the band got their name when their bass player saw a boat of activists brandishing the banner ‘humans as animal’s and it was deemed the perfect name for the group.

The name of their EP ‘Eukaria’ also has an interesting story associated with it and was inspired by a friend studying engineering at university. ‘Eukaria’ is a scientific concept about how different components come together to make a one. This idea is continued in the story of how their album came together. Each band member wrote a ‘different’ song of experience that was a component of the whole, coming together into the ‘one’ that being the album.

The single ‘Her Name’ says Nick is about ‘the mixed world of relationships’ because relationships are possibly the one thing everyone on the planet is interested in at some time’. While composing the single Nick reflected on the girls in his past and how he handled the relationships.

The single ‘Her Name’ was released on July 18th and ‘Eukaria’ has been available since August 1st.

You can view the video for ‘Her Name’ here

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Keith’s Characters in Saintly Shakespeare

Paula Xiberras
25.08.14 6:49 am


The name Agius is of Maltese origin and may be a latinization of the Greek ‘agios’ which means ‘saintly or holy and is applied to a virtuous person’. It can also refer to ‘learned one’. I am talking to an Agius, that being Keith Agius of the Bell Shakespeare company, soon to tour Tasmania with their production of Henry V, the play about the growing to maturity of young prince Hal. One of the characters Keith is playing in Henry V maybe considered a saintly, holy or virtuous’ person in the form of the archbishop and on the second meaning of Agius, Keith is certainly a ‘learned one’ in Shakespeare.

Keith tells me he is ‘looking forward’ to visiting Hobart again. He has been to Tasmania a number of times with the Bell Shakespeare Company and says some of the highlights include the company’s excellent accommodation near the water and pier, allowing the company to treat themselves to some of Tasmania’s celebrated sea food and wine.
Keith was in Tassie for the Bell Shakespeare company’s production of Julius Caesar which was also performed as Henry V will be, at The Theatre Royal which Keith calls ‘just magnificent’.

Keith explains that this production of Henry V consists of two stories set in the 1940 blitz on St Crispin’s Day, October 25th and over 57 consecutive nights of 1940 to 41.

The characters in the story include children and a history teacher, bunkered down in a basement where the school teacher decides to give a lesson on the hundred year’s war, encompassing the story of Henry V. In a dramatization, the children take on the roles of the characters in the play.

Talking of taking on roles, Keith takes on the roles of narrator, chorus/teacher, the King of France and an Archbishop and says it poses no problem taking on multiple roles, indeed most actors in the Bell Shakespeare Company take on 3 or 4 different roles. Part of the reason for actor’s playing multiple roles is due to finance where it would be impossible to take such a large cast on tour, so a lesser number of actors Keith says ‘populate the play’. Keith tells me, that on one occasion he played King Lear as understudy to John Bell.

Keith’s career in Shakespeare or at least drama began as a child when his Mum took him along to a drama group. He lists Audrey Blaxland, actor and drama teacher, as a mentor as well as inspiration from the UK’s Italia Ponti, who began the famed drama school of the same name.

Keith would later graduate from NIDA.  For a long time he tried to get into the Bell Shakespeare Company and eventually got his first gig in 2010. Keith has praise for the Bell education unit which takes Shakespeare to schools, as he believes like many, that the only real way to appreciate Shakespeare is by seeing live performance. Keith has always been proactive and ‘on the front foot’ in pursuing his career and creating opportunities and is enjoying working with Damien Ryan, the director of Henry V. Keith is also involved in ’ Sport for Jove’ an outdoor Shakespeare Company in Coogee, Sydney.

You can see Keith Agius in Henry V at The Theatre Royal:

Thursday, 4th September 2014 - 7:30pm
Friday, 5th September 2014 - 7:30pm
Saturday, 6th September 2014 - 7:30pm

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2nd Annual 48-Hour Tasploitation Challenge Winners Announced!

Briony Kidd, director and programmer Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival web: twitter: @swmf_h
24.08.14 7:00 am









Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival returns from 21-24 August in Hobart

Hobart – 22 August 2014 – Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival kicked off last night with the awards night and screening of the very popular 48-Hour Tasploitation Challenge, which returns for a second year (it’s the third year of the fest itself).

Teams were given 48 hours to make a short horror film (6mins or less) with three random prompts given to them at 8 pm on Friday night: an object, a line of dialogue and a horror sub-genre.

The result was 16 short films screened in competition (plus 4 screened out of competition – whose films didn’t quite make the deadline!). They were screened to a packed house at the Grand Poobah in Hobart last night, with a dress up theme and twin choc top sellers adding to the atmosphere.

The prize winners were:

Screen Tasmania Prize for Best Film – Bring in the Cat by RMH Films
Wide Angle Tasmania Audience Choice Prize – Living Things For Lively Youngsters by Tripe Productions
Cooper Screen Academy Prize for Best Performance – Rob Braslin in Toy Boy by The (Totally) Lost Boys
Monster Pictures Prize for the Sickest Film – Shithouse by The Decomposers
Special FX/Design Prize –  Blood Gen by Play Nice
Tasmaniana Award – Lady Garden by Carrie McLean
MONA Award for the Most Original Film – Orange Lies by Special Patrol Group (filmmakers Sarah L. Badcock, Isabella J. von Lichtan and Matthew Taylor composer)

Teams included emerging filmmakers and experienced filmmakers and absolute beginners. Many teams, including the winners RMH Films, involved children as collaborators and performers!

The judges of the awards were:

genre screenwriters Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause
Screen Tasmania Director Karena Slaninka
film reviewer and and journalist Tim Martain
producer and Screen Tasmania board member Anita Ondine
special guest genre filmmamker Mattie Do
Neil Foley of Monster Pictures

More information and bookings:


Tasmania’s STRANGER WITH MY FACE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL is an annual event which returns for the third time in August 2014. The event’s featured filmmaker in 2013 was American filmmaker Jennifer Lynch. SWMF has recently been voted one of the Top 5 Coolest Women’s Film Festivals in the world by the readers of influential Movie Maker Magazine.

The festival program is available online and tickets can be purchased via the website or at the door of screenings. There is also a VIP Festival Pass option, which allows access to all ticketed events (except the children’s program) for $90. There are also a number of free events, including Mary Shelley Symposium talks and spooky storytelling for children.

Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival takes its name from the teen suspense novel by Lois Duncan and focuses on highlighting the work of female filmmakers in genre, from exploitation to gore, art house to exploitation. 

In 2014 the event will start on 21 August with the awards night and screening of the 48-Hour Tasploitation Challenge, a filmmaking comp that is open to both male and female participants from around Australia. The opening night film and party are on 22 August, followed by a weekend of screenings, talks, workshops, panels discussions and social events, including a short film program on the evening of 23 August and a live reading of a new play on 24 August.

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Brodie Rainbird Singing for Tasmania

Paula Xiberras
24.08.14 6:53 am


A ‘rainbird’ refers to a bird that ‘sings or predicts rain’ and coming from Tassie and its unpredictable weather it seems an appropriate name association for this singing Tasmanian son.

Brodie Rainbird of the country rock band Wolfe Brothers is still always eager to return home to Tasmania, (whatever the weather), after a trip overseas, or from the mainland because it is ‘where we grew up’ and he craves that ‘thick clean air’ that hits you in the face when you get off the plane. Brodie says Hobart is a nice place to live, it’s quiet and a haven from the traffic congestion of the mainland.

The story of the Wolfe brothers forming their band stretches back to school days when all the boys lived on the same rural road. They all caught the bus to school together, where they would talk about their dreams. An interesting bit of competition from the early days would be the boys racing to the back of the bus to get their choice of music into the player. In those days it was the heavy metal of ‘Guns and Roses’ and’ Metallica’ that was the music of choice. Brodie and Nick shared the same musical class at school and Tom and Casey were in another music class and performed in a heavy metal band.

Later, sitting in Nick’s lounge room the boys would watch a Jon Bon Jovi DVD and dared to dream they too could one day make such a DVD. Now, that dream doesn’t seem that far off, nor does winning a golden guitar with four nominations already under their belts.

The boys, once they were a band, did gigs all over including at rodeos. Nowadays the boys aren’t complaining about the necessary trips away from Tassie to tour with country legend Lee Kernaghan. Lee was looking to freshen up his band and couldn’t look past the boys from Tassie, with their new brand of country rock. The boys continue to tour with Lee as his official band and Brodie can see that going on for some time yet as Lee has become a ‘mate’ to them all. The boys have great respect for Lee, who they remember seeing on television shows such as ‘Hey, Hey It’s Saturday’ and impressed them with how he used his celebrity position, to help people.

The new album ‘Nothin’ but Trouble’ will have something for all musical tastes and the boys promise some surprises. The album features music which deals with issues such as making mistakes and takes some inspiration from Keith Urban’s ‘Golden Road’ which features ‘a different kind of country’.

See The Wolfe Brothers at Sorell Hall on September 20th.

The new album ‘Nothin’ but Trouble’ will be released on September 5.

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Aussie Rules The World

Second Nature Films
22.08.14 11:44 am


Second Nature Films presents


          Directed by Michael Stringer McIntyre  
            Narrated by David Wenham

Releasing in selected cinemas nationally from 22nd July, 2014

Second Nature Film’s feature documentary AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD releases nationally this July, with special red carpet premiere events scheduled to take place around Australia. AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD is narrated by award winning actor David Wenham and directed by Michael Stringer McIntyre.

Second Nature Films is the team behind the international award winning success story Yogawoman. Aussie Rules the World is being distributed by the innovative Australian distribution company INDIEVILLAGE.

Filmed in 20 countries, AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD is a sports travel film with huge appeal to all footy fans, sports fans and families who want to catch a glimpse of a revolution as Australian football goes international.

The film features football legends Brett Kirk, the AFL’s International Ambassador and the former co-captain of the Sydney Swans; Adam Goodes, dual Brownlow medallist and 2014 Australian of the Year, Andrew Demetriou, Mike Sheahan, Martin Flanagan; Eddie McGuire and AFL Multicultural Ambassador Bachar Houli, devout Muslim player respectively.


Why would we keep the greatest game in the world a secret? Australia’s national game is under threat from all world sports. Will the Australian Football League (AFL) find new ways to survive in this new global market? AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD follows AFL superstar Brett Kirk on an international mission to save the game.  This film uncovers people’s passion for footy in unexpected corners of the globe. Footy will never be the same!

Michael Stringer McIntyre was given a super 8mm camera when he was 12 years old and has made films ever since. He has an extensive background and wealth of expertise as a Producer, Director, DOP and Distributer. In 1997 he co-founded Second Nature Films and went on to produce and distribute the award winning Yogawoman. Second Nature Films is one of Australia’s leading independent documentary production companies. Michael has been a football fan since he was a boy.

Check out the trailer:

- Screening dates below -


DARWIN Friday 4 July Event Cinemas


SYDNEY Tuesday 22 July EQ Hoyts
MELBOURNE Wednesday 23 July Village Crown
PERTH Monday 28 July Perth Paradiso
ADELAIDE Wednesday 30 July Mercury Cinema
WEST SYDNEY Monday 4 August Event Cinemas, Burwood
BRISBANE Wednesday 6 August Barracks Cinema
BALLARAT Wednesday 13 August The Regent
BENDIGO Thursday 14 August The Star Cinema
MT GAMBIER Friday 15 August Oatmill Cinemas
WAGGA WAGGA Tuesday 26 August Forum 6
HOBART   TBC - August State Cinema

Tasmanian premiere on Wednesday 3 September, 6:15pm at The State Cinema

24 July: Cameo Cinemas, Belgrave | Classic Cinema Elsternwick 31 July: Croydon Cinema
14 August The Star Cinema, Bendigo 19 August Forum 6, Wagga Wagga

Other cities & towns to follow – Check for details

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Onion Waters Eyes and Soul

Paula Xiberras
22.08.14 8:49 am


It’s a rare treat to see John Waters in his signature piece ‘Looking Through a Glass Onion,’ even more so because come October, John will be taking the production to an open ended season at the Union Square Theatre in New York. This has been given with the approval of the Yoko Ono Estate.

I spoke to John recently and he recounted his happy memories of being on the road touring Tassie, both Hobart and Launceston. In fact he tells me Tassie, after Melbourne, was the place Glass Onion had its first big show at the Theatre Royal.

John originally came to Australia on a working holiday as part of a English rock band ‘Riot’ and went on to stay the 40 years he now clocks up. He says the initial aim was to stay 2 years and get a passport, in fact he says he was an early example of a backpacker.

It happened that John got entangled in a little production called ‘Hair’ followed by acquiring an agent and contacts in Australia and even though he did return to England he then settled in Australia for good. John still returns to England, every two years to stay in touch with family but he sees Australia as the perfect place to raise his young family.

With all his work on film, TV and stage that John has taken part in I ask is he the triple threat?. He jokingly says to me ‘only if you can consider the tango’ he did in the stage production of the Addams family as reputable dancing!

‘Looking Through a Glass Onion’ is not a glossed over portrait of John Lennon nor a ‘hagiography’ but ‘a hard hitting warts and all’ depiction of Lennon’s life. The title takes its name from a line of The Beatles from the White Album, so called because the album cover was completely blank apart from the Beatles names emblazoned upon it.

John tells me the production’ leaves the audience ‘moved and endeared’ by the man and his story. The production is hard to describe as it is neither a concert nor a play.

John says John Lennon was ‘a brilliant writer ‘and ‘creative genius’ ‘a person of extreme intelligence’, with ‘an openness and personal honesty’, remembering, he also had ‘a tortured childhood of abandonment’.

I ask John what has been his favourite role and he says he can’t choose but he believes this show is his signature one.

You can see John in his last Australian appearances for some time in ‘Looking through a Glass onion’ at Wrest Point Casino on Friday September 12 and Launceston Country Club on Saturday, September 13.

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Allegri Ensemble is proud to present Madrigals & Spirituals in the beautiful Hobart Town Hall.

Caroline Miller Allegri Ensemble
21.08.14 5:06 pm


Madrigals & Spirituals features the subtle word-painting and sometimes extraordinary harmony of sixteenth century madrigalists from Gibbons to Gesualdo, in secular part-songs dealing with love, death…and birds. Some are well-known, others rarely performed. These are partnered with familiar Spirituals in perhaps not-so-familiar settings. Musical Director Andrew Bainbridge, Organist of St Mary’s Cathedral and Assistant Chorusmaster of the TSO Chorus, formed the ensemble in 2010 delivering highly acclaimed performances of Handel’s Messiah in 2010 and 2011. The handpicked Allegri Ensemble has grown into a tightly-knit group of committed singers drawn from many choirs, some of whom are soloists in their own right.

The program includes Jannequin’s extended and masterful Le chant des oiseaux, full of French bird-song; Tromboncino’s frottola Non val acqua; the frothy fa-la-la refrain of Morley’s ballet April is in my Mistress’ Face; the serpentine part-crossings of Thomas Weelkes’ O Care, Thou Wilt Despatch Me and Carlo Gesualdo’s Moro lasso; and the sombre moral contemplations of Orlando Gibbons’ The Silver Swan. Also included is one modern madrigal, Phyllida and Corydon by E J Moeran. Written in 1939, this is the opening movement of a suite of the same name, in what is possibly its first ever Hobart performance.

After interval, the mood changes and the emotions are set free in Spiritual settings by pioneers Harry T Burleigh and William H Dawson; two British arrangements by Michael Tippett from his cantata ‘A Child of Our Time’; and modern American settings by Rollo Dilworth and short-lived genius and hero of the genre, Moses Hogan.

A concert not to be missed, tickets to Allegri Ensemble’s Madrigals & Spirituals are available from Centertainment, 53 Elizabeth Mall, Hobart ph 6234 5998,, or at the door. Official website:

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ST.ART Festival: Primitive

Alderman Doug Chipman, Mayor of Clarence
21.08.14 4:54 pm


Street art is an age old art form. Over thousands of years humans have drawn cartoons on the walls of the Forum in ancient Rome, told tales on the tomb walls of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and recorded their lives on the walls of caves in the Palaeolithic era. To reflect this rich history and connect it with today, the 2014 ST.ART Festival is teaming up with the Bookend Trust’s ’16 Legs’ and ‘Cave Art Open’ programs to deliver street art with a history.

During second and third terms this year, a school workshop program has empowered students to create works reminiscent of ancient cave art but with a modern twist. The works combine modern aerosol sprays with charcoal and ochre and will be on display in a custom made ‘cave’ during the Festival.

Alderman Doug Chipman, the Mayor of Clarence said that inspiring young people toward legitimate artistic expression was helped when they are shown that they too are a part of the history of telling stories through their art.

“There’s a great gulf between destructive tagging and the development of artistry in our young people. By exploring the history of art styles and adapting the ancient into modern forms we are encouraging participants towards positive creation,” Mayor Chipman said.

As well as retaining the ST.ART Festival’s favourite components such as free spray, stencilling and dirty car reverse graffiti, the Schoolhouse Gallery and The Barn will be featuring exhibitions inspired by Tasmanian caves and endemic cave spiders.

Other new components for this year’s festival include web bombing with Team Textiles, creating spider webs and spiders and a tribal sound track performance by DJ Wax Doctor West.

WHAT: ST.ART Street Art Festival: Primitive
WHEN: 1-4pm, August 23rd
WHERE: The Rosny Farm
  ST.ART is a free family festival.

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Horror Film Festival Opens in Hobart

Elise Archer, Speaker of the House of Assembly
21.08.14 3:33 pm

Today I officially opened the Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival at Salamanca Arts Centre.

Now in its third year, the festival focuses on horror films that are made from a female perspective and explores the connection between the genre and gender.

There are almost 30 events over the four day festival, which is gaining national and international attention and attracting visitors who are passionate about the genre to Tasmania.

This unique festival is widely acclaimed in the film community and has been voted in the ‘Top 5 Coolest Women’s Film Festivals in the World’ by readers of Movie Maker Magazine.

Congratulations to the festival’s co-directors, local filmmakers Briony Kidd and Rebecca Thomson, for adding to the diverse cultural activities on offer across Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Government is a strong supporter of the arts and is providing funding to this year’s festival through Screen Tasmania and Events Tasmania.

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Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival returns from 21-24 August in Hobart

Briony Kidd, director and programmer Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival, web: twitter: @swmf_
21.08.14 1:11 pm

Mattie Do

Festival launch by Elise Archer and special guest filmmaker Mattie Do, Laos’s first female director

Hobart – 21 August 2014 – The third Stranger With My Face Horror Film festival will be officially opened today by the Hon Elise Archer MLC along with international guest, and Loas’s first film director Mattie Do.

Ms Do’s first film Chantaly has the distinction of being the first horror film made in Laos and only the fourth feature film ever made there.

Chanthaly is a psychological ghost story that reflects on aspects of Laotian society through the vehicle of genre filmmaking. It was produced with a tiny budget, with filming taking place in the director’s own house. Her pet dog even has a starring role.

Mattie Do is currently in pre-production on her second feature film, Dear Sister, following a recent successful crowdfunding campaign. She’s looking forward to arriving in Hobart and sharing ideas and low budget filmmaking tips with the local film community.

“It’s amazing that I can be a part of an event that so strongly promotes women’s talents and stories like the Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival. Being the only woman to have directed a feature film in my country, I often feel like the odd one out “

“I’m so excited and looking forward to being a part of the Stranger With My Face Festival and seeing the support for these unique works in person!”

The Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival in Hobart, Tasmania, features a shorts film program, the awards night of the 48-Hour Tasploitaiton Challenge and the Tasmanian Gothic Script Challenge, and a range of talks, workshops, panels and events. The festival’s principle supporter this year is Screen Tasmania.

The launch will be followed by the opening of an art exhibition that is part of the festival this year Exterminating Angle: Rare prints by Linda Dement (curated by Nancy Mauro-Flude).

When: Thursday, 20 April 2014
Where The Founders Room Salamanca Arts Centre
Time: 1:20 pm
Mattie Do is available for interviews – and vision of her debut feature is available for broadcast, as well as high resolution stills.

Watch the trailer here:

More information and bookings:


Tasmania’s STRANGER WITH MY FACE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL is an annual event which returns for the third time in August 2014. The event’s featured filmmaker in 2013 was American filmmaker Jennifer Lynch. SWMF has recently been voted one of the Top 5 Coolest Women’s Film Festivals in the world by the readers of influential Movie Maker Magazine.

The festival program is available online and tickets can be purchased via the website or at the door of screenings. There is also a VIP Festival Pass option, which allows access to all ticketed events (except the children’s program) for $90. There are also a number of free events, including Mary Shelley Symposium talks and spooky storytelling for children.

Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival takes its name from the teen suspense novel by Lois Duncan and focuses on highlighting the work of female filmmakers in genre, from exploitation to gore, art house to exploitation. 

In 2014 the event will start on 21 August with the awards night and screening of the 48-Hour Tasploitation Challenge, a filmmaking comp that is open to both male and female participants from around Australia. The opening night film and party are on 22 August, followed by a weekend of screenings, talks, workshops, panels discussions and social events, including a short film program on the evening of 23 August and a live reading of a new play on 24 August.

Laos, 2012
109 minutes
Director Mattie Do

A young girl, raised alone by her overprotective father sequestered in their home in Vientiane, Chanthaly suspects that her dead mother’s ghost is trying to deliver a message to her from the afterlife. After a change in the medication treating her hereditary heart condition causes the hallucinations to cease, Chanthaly must decide whether or not to risk succumbing to her terminal illness to hear her mother’s last words.

Starring Amphaiphun Phimmapunya, Khouannakhone Souliyabapha, Soulasath Souvannavong, Soukchinda Douangkhamchan, and Douangmany Soliphanh

Directed by Mattie Do
Written By Christopher Larsen and Douangmany Soliphanh
Screenplay by Christopher Larsen and Mattie Do
Produced by Lao Art Media and Sleepy Whippet Films

Watch the trailer here:

Chanthaly screened at the 2012 Luang Prabang Film Festival and the 2013 Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. Pop singer Amphaiphun Phimmapunya stars in the leading role as Chanthaly, alongside Douangmany Soliphanh and Soukchinda Duangkhamchan.

Mattie Do will participate in a post-screening discussion with Australian/Indonesian filmmaker Katrina Irawati Graham, whose short film White Song will screen before the feature film.


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Future of Film in Jeopardy

Koral Chandler
20.08.14 7:21 pm

Emerging Sector Responds to Screen Australia Cuts

On Tuesday, 2nd September 2014 filmmakers from across the country will come together to discuss how Screen Australia’s cuts will impact the emerging screen sector.

Public Forums In Hobart:

Founders Room
Salamanca Arts Centre
6 – 8pm

Read more here

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Rachel Gemmell
19.08.14 8:21 pm

Tina Arena

Hobart-based, Essential Oils of Tasmania (100% owned subsidiary of ASX listed Atlas Pearls and Perfumes Limited (ASX:ATP)), is set to star centre stage as the company announces its involvement in the production of what is expected to be Australia’s first luxury perfume.

This unique venture will launch Australia into new territory, breaking into the traditional European perfume market and putting Tasmania on the map, whilst leading the charge for a new generation of perfume and cosmeceuticals. 

Essential Oils of Tasmania, as a long established local business, produces a wide range of essential oil products for use in perfume; pharmaceutical and food industries.  Crops include lavender, boronia, Tasmanian native mountain pepper, parsley, fennel and peppermint.  It is these crops, produced on 20 farms across Tasmania’s clean environment that will feature in the production of the perfume, alongside world best plant extracts from France.

Managing Director of Essential Oils of Tasmania, Stephen Gleeson, is delighted to announce this ground breaking project:

“Our expectation is that this perfume will focus worldwide attention on the incredible crops of Essential Oils of Tasmania and the pristine wonders that the great state of Tasmania has to offer.”

In a major coup, singer and songwriter, Tina Arena will collaborate and launch the aforementioned perfume from Tasmania to the world. With nearly 40 years in the entertainment industry, Tina Arena is arguably considered Australia’s best known female artist.

Essential Oils of Tasmania’s parent company, ASX listed Atlas Pearls and Perfumes is delighted to announce the collaboration with Tina Arena,  who hopes to create a “world’s best” perfume and jewellery capsule that reflects on the personal journey of both Atlas Pearls and Perfumes’ CEO Stephen Birkbeck and Tina Arena.

The pair share a united love and passion for Tasmania and France, as Steve Birkbeck explains:

“Tina is an astute business woman and the perfect bridge between Australia and France.

“It has taken two and a half years for me to entice Tina Arena to collaborate with Atlas Pearls and Perfumes.  I am delighted that Tina has joined the Atlas team on this journey and on such an exciting project. 

“Tina is the consummate professional and does not lend her name to products in a flippant fashion sometimes expected of celebrities. To my knowledge she has never lent her name to any brand. This is not a typical celebrity fragrance but an artistic collaboration. Tina has been the key decision maker on all aspects of the fragrance, the bottle and philosophy underpinning what both parties believe will be a reference for the global luxury perfume industry.”

About Essential Oils of Tasmania
Essential Oils of Tasmania will build and commission an innovative manufacturing facility in Tasmania for production of fragrance, flavour and cosmetic ingredients from innovative Australian indigenous botanicals and marine (pearls and seaweed) and fungal products, and secure long term supply agreements for these products. It will include Australia’s first commercial Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) plant using CO2 for the extraction of ingredients and bioactive compounds.  Tasmania is recognised as an attractive source of new cosmetic ingredients because of its environmentally pure resources.

About Atlas Pearls and Perfumes Ltd
Atlas Pearls and Perfumes (“Atlas”) is an Australian based pearling and perfume business established in 1992. Atlas has earned an enviable reputation as a world leading pearl producer of “nature’s most precious gift”, the South Sea pearl, specialising in highly sought after white and silver pearls. Atlas operates pearl farms spread across the Indonesian archipelago, including Bali, Flores, and West Papua. Atlas is a fully integrated pearling business. The Company has its own high quality grading and loose pearl distribution business, a jewellery manufacturing capability and sells direct to customers through wholesale partners and via its retail outlets. In 2012, the Company expanded its operations into perfumes and is currently developing a range of propriety products which include pearl powder (cosmetics and nutraceuticals), pearl proteins (cosmetics), pearl volatiles and boronia (perfumes) for supply into the global luxury supply chain.

For more information please visit:

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Eileen Francisco'
19.08.14 8:09 pm


Hot Dub Time Machine Presents:
‘Biggest. Tour. Ever.’

SYDNEY       Friday 10 October       Enmore Theatre                    
HOBART       Saturday 11 October     Odeon Theatre                      
DARWIN       Friday 17 October       Discovery Theatre                  
BRISBANE     Saturday 25 October     The Tivoli                              
ADELAIDE     Friday 31 October       Thebarton Theatre                
MELBOURNE   Friday 7 November     Forum Theatre                    
PERTH         Friday 14 November     Astor Theatre                    

First Release $30 + bf
All tickets from

All the details here

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Concert at Runnymede House Sunday 24 August 2.30pm

Susan King Hobart Tasmania Australia
19.08.14 5:56 pm


Helen Thomson - soprano
Susan King - lute
Brett Rutherford - viola da gamba
Matt Goddard - percussion

Special Guest - Gary Files
Award winning actor, theatre director and radio writer, Gary Files has a distinguished career. His TV work includes Neighbours, Corelli, State Coroner, Marshall Law, MDA, Blue Heelers. He co-founded The Period Pieces Theatre Company In Victoria. In 2006 he played Raymon Radley in the TV series of Dogstar

Tickets - available from and in in person from Chez Moi French Style at 55 Liverpool Street Hobart. Tickets are $75 each and include Concert, Champagne and Canapes. Audience limited to 40 people as it being held in an historic house - Runnymede House in Bay Road New Town, Hobart. Pre-booking essential. For questions and info contact Susan King 0432164145 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Arrive at 2.30pm for pre-concert champagne and canapés especially prepared by chef Philippe Pascal. Then you are invited to the post-concert reception to meet the musicians & enjoy further champagne and canapés finishing at 5pm.

The Program
Songs of John Dowland
Flow My Tears, Come Again, Now O Now, Can She Excuse, Time Stands still.

Other Renaissance Songs
With my Love my Life was Nestled, It was a Lover and his Lass, Tobacco is like Love.

Poetry, Sonnets & Readings
William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe,  Sir Walter Ralegh, Michael Drayton, John Donne, George Peele & King James I of England (VI of Scotland).

Instrumental Music
From music so popular you will guess what it is as soon as you hear it to the very beautiful but mostly unknown, Dowlandʼs Adew for Lute & Viola da Gamba.

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Peacock Theatre ... Breaking!

Kickstart Arts
19.08.14 11:44 am


You are invited to the following event:

Event to be held at the following time, date and location:

Multiple Dates
Peacock Theatre
77 Salamanca Place
Hobart, TAS 7000


Breaking is a moving, unique and beautiful dance and music work that opens at The Peacock Theatre at Salamanca Arts Centre on Saturday August 23.  Kickstart Arts and Salamanca Arts Centre’s SPACE Dance Program teamed up to create a powerful multi-artform hybrid workwork based on refugee stories. Breaking features contemporary dance led by renowned choreographer Kelly Drummond Cawthon set to…

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter

We hope you can make it!


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Cash Back for Tasmania

Paula Xiberras
19.08.14 5:33 am


It really will be a Cash bonanza for Tasmania when, for the third time in so many years, Daniel Thompson will bring his tribute show celebrating the life and music of Johnny Cash to the state.

Daniel says Tasmania is ‘a beautiful part of the world’ and that band member Stuie French is actually a real Tasmanian!

Daniel is also a big fan of The Theatre Royal where one of his performances will take place. Daniel says’ it’s a beautiful old theatre’ and is amazed by how close the audience are to the performers.

This year’s presentation will again feature all of Johnny’s big hits and with Daniel’s expert knowledge will also include some different songs from favourite catalogues, as Daniel says ‘There is no shortage of songs to select from’. Another addition this year will be Cash’s ‘Australian Songbook’. It may surprise that Johnny wrote a song about ‘Ned Kelly’ and did versions of ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’ and ‘A Pub with no Beer’.

Daniel’s extensive research on the man in black, he believes is his responsibility and although the attention to detail doesn’t see him going overboard in attempts to look like Cash physically, he does believe there are expectations to be met, such as wearing the black suit and Daniel will only use the type of guitars that Cash himself used. Daniel also emulates how Cash held his guitar which Daniel describes as ‘a little bit differently ’ and also affected his stance. Daniel has a deep voice like Cash but doesn’t believe he sounds that much like him but adds that members of the audience often say that if they shut their eyes they could imagine Johnny was singing himself. Daniel believes this is because the audience brings their own perception to the show and it’s up to them to interpret as they will.

Johnny Cash as Kris Kristofferson said was ‘truth and fiction’ and Daniel agrees with this statement. That sometimes Cash would emphasise the bad time he had in prison in an attempt to reach out and help those who also endured those conditions. Daniel says Cash was very upfront and didn’t try to hide ‘his battles with addiction and women’.

Daniel is a huge fan of Johnny Cash and says, that admiration grows, as he learns more about him as does his appreciation of the songs which are ‘hard to sing’ and that John was ‘a good singer and entertainer’. Daniel also believes that John and June were not as serious performers as many believed.

Fantastic old video shows Johnny in the background pulling ‘goofy’ faces and ‘making noise’s when June was singing to distract her and make her laugh. It’s to be noted that at all times the performance is respectful to John and June’s legacy.

An interesting piece of information that Daniel has come across in his research is that in the 60’s, at the height of his career, Johnny Cash performed in either Burnie or Devonport and surprisingly only 17 people attended! Whether it was because the event wasn’t advertised sufficiently or people didn’t believe it was the real Johnny Cash, Daniel has still to establish.

He does know he has met people who said they were at the concert and those that have attested as being there add up to more than 17!

You can see Daniel perform as ‘Johnny Cash the Concert: Golden Greats of the Man in Black’ the Theatre Royal on Friday 10th of October and at the Launceston Country Club on Saturday 11th of October.

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Award-winning Queenstown Heritage & Arts Festival ...

Travis Tiddy, Festival Director, Leigh Styles Marketing Coordinator
18.08.14 8:29 am



The Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival is an award winning, hand crafted cultural festival held every two years in the mining town of Queenstown on Tasmania’s West Coast. Following the success of the 2012 festival, the festival returns in October 2014 appropriately themed ‘The Power of Water’ to celebrate the centenary of the Lake Margaret Power Station – Australia’s oldest working Hydro Electric station, near Queenstown.

The highlight of the West Coast winter is the official program launch and gala evening.

Date:  Saturday 30 August
Time:  7:00pm
Venue: Queenstown Memorial Hall, Orr Street, Queenstown
Tickets: Tickets for this event are almost depleted. Interested persons   should look to secure their tickets in the next few days to avoid   missing out. Ticket price: $145.00 per person. Tickets available   from or by telephoning the West Coast Wilderness   Railway Station in Queenstown (03 6471 0100)
Attire:  Black tie

The program launch and gala evening are a major fundraiser for the Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival. The Royal Australian Navy Band Tasmanian Detachment headlines a bumper evening of entertainment.Ticket prices include entertainment, alcohol, soft-drink and hors d’oeuvres catering.

Festival Director Travis Tiddy said that the festival committee have worked hard to deliver a hand crafted and authentic event, the program launch and gala evening being an event for the West Coast community and anyone with an interest in the area:

We would like to extend a warm welcome to join us at the program launch and gala evening on August 30. We’ll be saying goodbye to winter with a great night of entertainment, food, drinks and friends.

Regarding the festival weekend (10-12 October):

October’s festival is of increased importance in boosting morale and providing a social and economic lift for our community. Our aim and our pledge is to excite audiences by providing money-can’t-buy connection with a place and its people; inspiring audiences with the abilities and cultural wealth of regional Tasmania. We aim to demonstrate what can be achieved through working together and through adherence to authenticity, excellence, and understanding what makes our region so special.

The best thing that we can do is work hard to give everyone a big lift this October. We’d like to welcome you to attend our festival and contribute to this experience with us.

At a time when the residents of the West Coast need an event like this, we welcome all Tasmanian’s to join us in Queenstown.

• Official Program Launch and Gala Ball:  Saturday 30       August

• Festival Weekend (More details to follow):  Friday 10       October for       three days

Festival Director Travis Tiddy encouraged visitors to Queenstown to book in advance:

Tickets for our program launch and gala evening have sold quickly. I urge anyone that is interested in attending to book at or by telephoning the West Coast Wilderness Railway Queenstown station.

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Arts | What's On

Hear a Spaniard play the works of two great French and Spanish composers

Robert Thompson
18.08.14 7:00 am


Hear a Spaniard play the works of two great French and Spanish composers – Debussy and Albéniz.

Fermín Higuera - concert pianist

Classical Afternoon Invitation
Saturday 6th September
1640 Channel Highway, Margate,
Brookfield House

3.30 Enjoy a pre concert drink whilst soaking the country ambience. Meet the Makers of some local crafts on exhibit and sale.
4pm Featuring: Allan Guiseppi Badalassi on piano, Rachel Walters on Violin and Roman Astra on Sitar.

4.30 Nibbles supplied by Marypin and a glass of Brookfield Pinot Noir

4.50 Fermín Higuera

Fermín is from Tenerife in the Canary Islands and is a concert pianist and professor of piano at the Conservatorium of Music in Madrid, Spain.

Outside Spain, he has delivered recitals in Argentina, Colombia, France, Italy, Switzerland and Venezuela.

Here is a unique opportunity to hear a Spaniard play the works of two great French and Spanish composers – Debussy and Albéniz.

Supported by World Class Local Composer, Allan Giuseppe Badalassi, with Rachel Walters and Roman Astra.

Cost $30
Seating limited so book now on 0439 672 331 and secure your place at this amazing concert.

“Proceeds to “Save the Children’‘

Robert Thompson of
Robert’s GIFTS and GAMES
featuring Made in Tasmania
at the Old Avalon Theatre Indoor Market
(Open Hours: Sat 9-3, Sun 8-2)
52 Melville Street Hobart Tas 7000

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Arts | What's On

World premieres at Stranger With My Face

Briony Kidd Director, Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival
15.08.14 8:16 pm


Read more here

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Ama-zon-ing Marcia

Paula Xiberras
15.08.14 7:45 am


Miss Marcia Hines is back with an amazing album, both by name and content! The Amazon in the title refers to Marcia’s promotional poster for the ‘Amazing’ tour which sees her dressed in a golden hue, looking every bit the amazon goddess!

Marcia is excited to back touring Tasmania after her last visit to Launceston in 2011. This time Marcia is happy to be visiting both Launceston and Hobart and says next time’ Burnie’!

Marcia has a history with Tasmania that goes further back than her holiday at Freycinet 2 years ago. Marcia lived here while performing’ Hair, at that time she was esconed at the casino and she developed a love for its surrounds and the suburb of Sandy Bay, especially appealing are the op shops. Reflecting on her time in Launceston she tells me it was a time when the monkeys were running free and the curator of the museum and his family took Marcia in to stay with them. Marcia still keeps in touch with the children.

Marcia will return to Tasmania with her new band ‘Weather Permitting’ perhaps a topical name forTasmania at the moment. Marcia smiles at this and reminds me that this doesn’t bother her as snow was common in her original home of Boston, a place she still regularly visits and is her’ other’ home together with Australia.  Even though these are her homes Marcia says she is ‘A Child of the Universe’.

The new album ‘Amazing’ enlists the help of some musical friends, with’Diesel’ Mark Lizotte playing on the beautiful love song ‘Equals Three’ and Russell Crowe acting and singing in ‘Remedy. The collaboration eventuated after Marcia worked on Russell’s group ‘Ordinary Fear of God’ and the favour was returned with Russell insisting on directing ‘Remedy’ in a Sydney studio and the result is a cinematic rendering of a high energy song that highlights Marcia acting talent.

Marcia explains to me that she was keen to have an album where every track was a stand-alone winner, and in ‘Amazing’ including the title track she has done just that.

Talking of studios Marcia has now been given her own station by Foxtel, called ‘Smooth’. Marcia works with Cameron Daddo at ‘Smooth’ and tells me she feels very comfortable as a TV host of the eclectic musical presentation that also includes lots of humour and fun between the two hosts. Marcia says the presentation is ‘well put together’ and includes music from the 60s, 70s, 80’s and music relative to now.

Away from work Marcia is a keen textile artist and creates individual works for her friends although don’t be surprised that there may be a public exhibition sometime soon. Marcia is also as she calls it’keeping the grey matter massaged’ by thinking up ideas for telling stories, Marcia has already published a book on wisdom ‘Life: Things to Get You By’

In her Amazonian appearance Marcia is also taking time to address critics like those that recently attacked Kylie Minogue with derogatory remarks about her being too old to do sexy videos. Marcia says’who are they to decide and that’ if they want to say something like this then they should stand in front of a mirror ‘scantily clad’ themselves!’.

Audiences will be treated to a mix of Marcia’s ‘Amazing’ new album and all her hit songs on her tour of Tasmania.

You can see Marcia perform at the Launceston Country Club on Friday 5th of September and at Wrest Point Casino on Saturday 6th September.

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