The Rundown ... Brandis: The arts policy he can’t remember and ‘marvellous’ Bolt

The Rundown
29.05.15 12:36 pm

ABC pic of George Brandis

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The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Melbourne adds a show ...

Julie Cavanagh, Amanda Buckworth.
29.05.15 10:29 am



Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets to the first three shows of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Melbourne, a new show will go on sale this Monday 1st June

New show Sunday 14 February 7pm on sale Monday 1st June at 9am AEST

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Melbourne will now perform:
Friday 12 February 7pm
Saturday 13 February 1pm
Saturday 13 February 7pm
And a new show
Sunday 14 February 7pm

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will march into Melbourne for the first time ever in February 2016 when more than 1200 performers will gather at Etihad Stadium.  Tickets for this extraordinary event went on sale to the general public on Monday 25 May.  The demand for tickets has been so great that a new show on Sunday 14 February 7pm has been added. 

Featuring a full size replica of the Edinburgh Castle, the Massed Pipes and Drums of Scotland’s famous regiments and performers from around the world, this will be one of the biggest entertainment events to ever perform in Melbourne.

Phone 136 100

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Teo and the Toys on Tour in Tasmania‏

Paula Xiberras
29.05.15 6:42 am


I recently spoke to Teo Gerbet who will be visiting Tasmania soon as part of the Play School Nursery Rhyme Show.

Teo, whose name denotes both German and French heritage with his family settling in South Australia. The Gerbet name means ‘brave with spear’ but for this particular Gerbet it is more a case of brave with crayon or pencil! as Teo travels, bringing the joy of Playschool to children all over Australia. Teo loves Tasmania and especially enjoys driving around the state, spending time in Hobart, Burnie, Devonport and Launceston, and of course visiting the lovely museum that is MONA. Teo has toured with Play School for seven years and has been with the show for 10 years, with 128 episodes under his belt, making him a Play School veteran.

Teo says it is a great privilege to be part of the Play School family that soon will celebrate 50 years and testimony to its pedigree, notes that all the best Australian actors over the years have participated in the show.

This production will see the famous Play School Toy characters take part in nursery rhyme stories with a liberal amount of what Teo says is ‘mucking around’ with the lyrics. Some of the storylines will include a pirate adventure and the prop of a large book will be part of the interactive production as characters leaf through its pages.

When I ask Teo to diplomatically say which toy is his favourite he tells me that since he has spent a lot of time with Little Ted (working with the popular bear in a separate production, ‘Little Ted’s Big Adventure’) and that ‘what happens on the road stays on the road’ he would have to admit their relationship is pretty close.

Teo says the live entertainment aspect of the Play School on the road show with its instant reaction from the children is very important. Children demand honesty and so Teo says the nature of his role on Play School so dependent on that honesty informs his acting in other productions with that same honesty as well as vice versa.

Teo ponders that perhaps fellow playschool presenter Jay Laigia was exaggerating when he said the toys received special treatment on their flights ie having their own seats on the plane. Teo does say that the toys have become an integral part of Australian culture.

You can see Teo and the toys on tour at:

Burnie Fri 24th July - 10:00am
Burnie Town Hall (Burnie Arts & Function Centre), Wilmot Street, Burnie

Devonport Sat 25th July - 10:00am
The Performing Arts Centre Reece High School, Middle Rd, Devonport

Hobart Sun 26 July - 12:00pm; Mon 27 July - 10:00am
Hobart City Hall, 57-63 Macquarie Street, Hobart

Launceston Tue 28th July - 10:00am
Door of Hope, Cnr Glen Dhu St & Heather St, Launceston

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Despard: Fish, New works by Sebastian Galloway; LAST WEEK

Steven Joyce Director Despard Gallery
28.05.15 11:14 am


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The Hothouse: Education to Year 12 is not for everyone in Tasmania ...

Rebecca Fitzgibbon, Mona Events Media Manager, Jane Menzies, Mona Media Coordinator
28.05.15 10:10 am


Clemenger: We changed thinking into an event

Education to year 12 is not for everyone in Tasmania – or at least, that’s the message we are sending to students, according to University of Tasmania Adjunct Professors Michael Rowan and Eleanor Ramsay.

“The structure of our schooling is denying Tasmanians and Tasmania a bright future by making students change schools after year 10 – and in many cases, move away from their homes or travel for hours on buses each day to continue and finish their education to year 12,” the Professors point out.

“It sends the message that year 12 is not for everyone, when in the 21st century, year 12 completion is universally recognised as the bare minimum preparation for a successful, healthy and productive adult life.”

Tasmania’s educational attainment rates are some of the worst in the country. The percentage of Tasmanians completing their TCE (or equivalent) is lower than the poorest 30 per cent of students in all the other states, and the ACT. Tasmania’s rate of year 12 attainment is even lower than students in remote areas everywhere else, except the Northern Territory.

This is despite the fact that in primary school (grade three specifically), our NAPLAN results are on par with WA, SA and QLD, and only in Victoria do year three students always do better. It’s despite the fact that right up to year nine, our students’ NAPLAN performance is still keeping up with Queensland and South Australia, and on three out of five tests with NSW as well.

It’s despite the fact that 73 per cent of the thousand or so primary and high school students surveyed, even in rural and outer regional schools, think that continuing beyond year 10 is important, and half plan to go on to university. It’s despite the fact that in our private schools, students complete their year 12 certificates at about the same rate as other states.

“The problem is the structural and geographic divide between high school and college – it is the one thing about the Tasmanian schooling system that is different to everywhere else in Australia (except the ACT, which is on a different planet entirely),” according to Professors Rowan and Ramsay.

We must urgently extend schooling to the end of year 12, abolishing the gap between ‘high school’ (to year 10) and ‘college’ (years 11 and 12), assert the Professors.

“This is not about killing off our colleges.  It’s about creative transformation, with leadership coming from the teaching profession itself in partnership with each local community, driven forward by confidence in our kids and ambition for their futures.”

“To realise our plans for a modern high-skill economy, we need a schooling system in which 70 plus per cent of high school students achieve their year 12 certificates before going on to on-the-job training or further study at University or TAFE.”

Professor Michael Rowan will present this idea in the Hothouse, a Dark Mofo event taking place on Salamanca Lawns in Hobart, Tasmania, from June 1-3, resulting in 4 ideas per day that rethink education in Tasmania.

These 12 ideas will be on display in the Hothouse Structure as an exhibition from June 11-13, and in discussion at the Odeon Theatre on June 11, hosted by ABC Radio National Life Matters presenter Natasha Mitchell.



Australian teaching artist Leon Ewing, a maverick in promoting the arts and creativity in learning, believes an avenue forward for Tasmania is to build intergenerational innovation into its economy and culture, as evidenced by the successes of the Museum of Old and New Art.

As a professional artist working in educational settings, Leon Ewing quotes inspiration from Steve Jobs’ biography, in which the Apple Computers cofounder stated that “taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life.”

Ewing agrees. “We already prescribe amphetamine-like medications to our children for focus and docility - what if we medicated for creativity? Educational marijuana, if you will.”

Referencing the legitimacy that medicinal marijuana is receiving around the world, Ewing proposes supply in a controlled and moderated manner to our best and brightest.

“Artists and shamans have been using mind-altering substances to broaden their consciousness since the beginning of time.”

To minimize risk, Ewing envisions enlisting a voluntary control group, screened for robust mental health and latent creativity, using customised vaporisers and working in residence at Mona in collaborative relationships with some of the world’s leading contemporary artists and provocateurs.

“What genius could be nurtured, if not unleashed in such circumstances? What a transformational experience!”

This June, Leon Ewing will be participating in the Dark Mofo event the Hothouse, a 72-hour idea generation project addressing issues that affect educational attainment and retention in Tasmania.

Dark Mofo Creative Director Leigh Carmichael acknowledges that this is potentially a controversial position. “We don’t necessarily agree with this idea, but we love that it’s brave and creative - and in order for seismic change, we’ll need to think big and be open to provocative ideas.

“With the Hothouse, we want to encourage new and bold ideas about the issue. And to do this, we have to be open to the broad spectrum of creative responses that may emerge - whether we agree with them or not.”

The Hothouse takes place on Salamanca Lawns in Hobart, Tasmania, from June 1-3, resulting in 4 ideas per day that rethink education in Tasmania. These 12 ideas will be on display in the Hothouse Structure as an exhibition from June 11-13, and in discussion at the Odeon Theatre on June 11, hosted by ABC Radio National Life Matters presenter Natasha Mitchell.

• The Hothouse issue announced for Dark Mofo 2015

In Hobart this June, Dark Mofo project The Hothouse will gather creative and strategic thinkers and communicators in a purpose-built temporary structure on Salamanca Lawns.

The Hothouse is a space for ideas, where relevant specialists, academics, and members of the public can imagine, argue and explore an issue.

Coinciding with the 125th Anniversary of the University of Tasmania, the key focus for the Hothouse will be ideas which aim to improve educational outcomes in Tasmania.

For 72 hours from June 1-3, 2015, The Hothouse Session will demonstrate the power of creative thinking, to explore new constructive approaches to education in Tasmania.

The Hothouse aims to demonstrate the benefits of collaboration around this complex issue, and to engage with the community at all levels and contribute to a community debate on the issues that impact on educational attainment and retention in Tasmania.

“The University of Tasmania has as one of its highest priorities addressing the issues which impact on Tasmania’s relatively low standards of educational attainment and retention,” Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor David Sadler said.

“We understand that these issues will require top-flight research and input from across a range of academic disciplines, along with enduring political commitment and a high level of community ownership. It is why we were so proud that in our milestone 125th year, we announced the establishment of the Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment, which is designed to deliver just that.

“We are also thrilled to be part of the Hothouse because of the collaborative arrangements involving our students. Providing an unrivalled student experience is a key to delivering our aim of being a university of global standing and impact.

“The ideals of informed discussion and inquiry sit at the heart of the University, and we will watch with great interest what those in the Hothouse – coming as they do from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience - make of Tasmania’s educational dilemma.”

The project will incorporate public interactivity online via the Hothouse website ( and in-person, collating insights from the community around the issue of Education, from May 1.

The Hothouse media partner projects include community idea generation and democratic voting via the Mercury, the Examiner, and The Advocate, resulting in four members of the community nominated by each media outlet to join in the third day of the Hothouse Session.

At the end of the 72 hours, The Hothouse will have defined 12 ideas to present at the Hothouse Forum on June 11 and in the Hothouse Ideas exhibition from June 11-13. These ideas will present new ways of looking at the issues that impact upon the outcomes of education in Tasmania.

The Hothouse is a collaboration between Dark Mofo, University of Tasmania, Clemenger Tasmania/OMD, the City of Hobart and News Corp Australia.

The Hothouse project components include:
-      the Hothouse Structure: designed and built in partnership between the University and Cave Urban Design Collective through February to May 2015;
-    the Hothouse Session: a 72-hour session in the structure from June 1-3: to creatively generate ideas in response to the issue of education in Tasmania, resulting in 12 ideas;
-    the Hothouse Forum at the Odeon Theatre during Dark Mofo on June 11: presenting the 12 ideas to the public;
-    the Hothouse Ideas exhibition in the Structure during Dark Mofo from June 11-13: presenting the workings, the ideas that didn’t make it, and the 12 that did.

Dark Mofo 2015:

Facebook: @darkmofofestival
Twitter: @dark_mofo
Instagram: @dark_mofo
#darkmofo #thehothouse #discovertasmania

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Poet’s International Profile Grows With Second Collection

Jessica Dean Marketing UQP
27.05.15 9:08 am


The Hazards by Sarah Holland-Batt, Publishing June 2015 Embargoed until May 27th
Poetry | ISBN: 978 0 7022 5359 1 | June 2015 | B-format paperback | 112 pp | $24.95

From the award-winning author of Aria comes The Hazards, a dazzling, inventive and highly anticipated collection of poetry.

Rapidly acquiring an international reputation as a leading Australian poet of her generation, Sarah Holland-Batt wrote the poems in The Hazards during stints living in New York and Rome, and has recently returned to the country after a prestigious fellowship at the Yaddo Colony in New York. Poems from the collection have appeared in The New Yorker (see O California, overleaf), Poetry and other major international magazines, and Spanish translation rights to the collection have already been sold in advance of publication.

Opening with a vision of a leveret’s agonising death by myxomatosis and closing with the image of a lover disappearing into dangerous waters, The Hazards reflects a predatory world rife with dangers both real and imagined. Its cosmopolitan poems traverse diverse geographical territory – from haunted postcolonial landscapes in Australia to vicious animal hierarchies in the cloud forests of Nicaragua – and engage everywhere with questions of violence and loss, erasure and extinction. Divided into four sections that travel through the successive brutalities of history and the cyclical ferocity of the natural world to more private and personal spheres, the collection reveals a lasting fascination with the twin engines of generation and annihilation, and the persisting insurgency of memory. Holland-Batt’s poems are sites where these urgent and competing forces inevitably converge, and are marked, always, by a keen awareness of the ephemerality of our season on earth. Charged with fierce imagination and swift lyricism, The Hazards inhabits this unsettling terrain with a forensically clear gaze, unafraid to veer straight into turbulence.


Sarah Holland-Batt was born in Southport, Queensland, in 1982 and grew up in Australia and the United States. She is the recipient of Yaddo, MacDowell and Hawthornden fellowships, an Asialink Literature Residency, and an Australia Council Literature Residency at the BR Whiting Studio in Rome, among other honours.

Her first book, Aria (UQP, 2008), won the Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize, the Arts ACT Judith Wright Prize, and the FAW Anne Elder Award and was shortlisted in the New South Wales Premier’s Kenneth Slessor Prize and the Queensland Premier’s Judith Wright Calanthe Award.

Holland-Batt holds an MFA from New York University, where she was the WG Walker Memorial Fulbright Scholar from 2010–2011, and also studied literature and writing at the University of Queensland. She is presently a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the Queensland University of Technology and the Poetry Editor of Island.

‘Aria is one of the most accomplished first volumes I have read in a long time and Holland-Batt is a poet worth taking special note of.’ The Australian

‘A stunning first book is always exciting: Aria by Sarah Holland-Batt is a joy to read, she appears to be a major poet from the start.’ The Age

O California

I want to wake in the lagoon of the sky
where sunlight binds the mutilated palm-tree dawn
like duct tape, an aerial shot rolling and rolling
out of town in the muffled trunk of a brown panel van
along the death roads, the desert roads, the hairpin
turns, California, the desert silvering in my eye
like a coyote, I want to swim in the jewel-jade pool
of your lonesome foothill vowels,
stretch out under the mirroring clouds
like a million rooftop deckchairs, feel
that blankness unfurl in my mind like luxury,
California, your beautiful blankness, your sheen.
O, shake me a basil gimlet at Silver Lake
and tell me about your tattoos, hermana, how death
is that bad tooth wobbling in my head,
in my head, California, that skyline that breaks
into backdrop hills I know like nostalgia, pink saguaro
and sumac, the ripe berries smashed like bodies,
each ragged cactus cross hoisting up against a silver
desert screen, California, and night that goes on like a drive-in,
palms exploding like napalm, fireworking over everything.
I want to ride the long smooth tan body
of California, I want to eat the bear of the flag
of California, I want to roll like a corpse off the highway
of your chase scenes, I want my perfect teeth
preserved, California, my teeth buried
in the earth like a curse, California, and won’t you show me
where the bodies are kept, California,
won’t you show me, show me, show me.

From The Hazards by Sarah Holland-Batt.
Published by UQP, June 2015.
First published in The New Yorker (February 23, 2015).

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The Rundown ...  Brandis and Australia Council cuts

The Rundown, powered by Crikey
27.05.15 6:03 am


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TMAG Deputy Director takes up new role

Vanessa Goodwin, Minister for the Arts
26.05.15 8:48 pm

Jennifer Storer, Deputy Director at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) is leaving the museum to take up a position in New Zealand.

Ms Storer has been at TMAG for almost twelve years. She started as the inaugural Registrar before undertaking important roles as Project Manager on the TMAG Redevelopment Project, Deputy Director, and Acting Director in 2014 and 2015.

I thank Ms Storer for her dedication and commitment to TMAG, particularly for the important role that she played as Acting Director over 15 months.

Ms Storer leaves TMAG to take up the role of Deputy Director at Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand.

“It has been an honour to work with all the wonderful staff and volunteers, membership groups and Trustees at TMAG’” Ms Storer said.

“I am proud of what we have achieved together, particularly with regards to the redevelopment of the city site.”

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We’ve raised $39,153 – help us get to $50,000!

Junction Arts Festival
25.05.15 8:05 pm


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The Rundown ... This Weekend: The unparalleled joy of EUROVISION!

The Rundown, powered by Crikey
23.05.15 1:44 pm


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The Rundown: The Staff takes control ...

The Rundown
22.05.15 12:58 pm


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FEDERAL Lyons MP Eric Hutchinson
22.05.15 12:55 pm

FEDERAL Lyons MP Eric Hutchinson is inviting aspiring arts leaders living in regional and rural Australia to apply for a new scholarship to further develop their leadership skills.

“The Australia Council will provide $150,000 over the next three years for three high-performing regional arts leaders to take part in the Australian Rural Leadership Program,’’ Mr Hutchinson said.

“A scholarship will enable a high-performing arts administrator or manager working in regional Australia to take part in the Australian Rural Leadership Program to further develop their management skills and build networks with other regional leaders.

``I encourage arts leaders in Lyons to apply.”

Arts Minister George Brandis said that the scholarships had been developed to address additional barriers that regional arts leaders face including fewer opportunities than their metropolitan colleagues to participate in arts sector initiatives.

``The Australian Rural Leadership Program is the flagship program of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation,’’ Senator Brandis said.

``Running over 15 months, it consists of five residential programs and covers topics such as leadership, advocacy, media, international relations and community programs.

``Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a two week study tour to South East Asia.”

Applications for the Australia Council Scholarship close on August 31, 2015.

Scholarship recipients will be announced in February next year and the program will start in August next year.

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Despard Gallery News: New works by Sebastian Galloway

Steven Joyce Director Despard Gallery
21.05.15 4:12 pm


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Siobhan Kranz
20.05.15 5:20 pm


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Mushroom Promotions
20.05.15 12:19 pm



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Virtuosi Tasmania Inc: Flute, Cello, Piano

Virtuosi Tasmania
19.05.15 7:59 pm


At the end of May and early June Virtuosi Tasmania will bring you a special trio at four venues across the state. Outstanding players Jillian Norton, flute, Martin Penicka, cello and Amanda Hodder, piano will bring you a romantic program including Weber, Hummel, Gaubert and Astor Piazolla.

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Documentary Screening - Small is Beautiful

Jeremy Beasley, A Tiny House Documentary
19.05.15 7:48 pm


Event name: Documentary Screening - Small is Beautiful

Date: Wednesday 10 June
Time: 7pm
Venue: Village Cinemas Hobart
Address: 181 Collins Street, Hobart TAS 7000
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Description:  We are excited to invite you to the Small is Beautiful Premiere in Hobart!

Jeremy Beasley has been working on this feature documentary for nearly two years and it’s now being released and toured around Australia! It’d be great to bring it the Village Cinemas Hobart.

Tickets have to be booked online here:



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The Rundown ...

The Rundown, powered by Crikey
19.05.15 7:07 pm


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Tasdance on the hunt for a new Artistic Director

Norm Mcilfatrick, Tasdance Chair
19.05.15 3:31 pm


After more than 20 years in association with Tasdance, including 18 in the role of Artistic Director, Annie Greig is
departing Tasdance, and the search is on for a new artistic leader for this vital role.

Expressions of interest are now open, with the closing date of 15 June 2015.

An exciting opportunity, the Artistic Director takes a lead role in the development of the artistic program, selection of
repertoire and guest choreographers, and the recruitment, leadership and professional development of dancers for
the company.

Prospective applicants need to have demonstrated experience in program development, great networking skills and
management skills.

This role will be an exciting prospect for anyone looking to make their mark in the industry, on a local and national
scale. The Artistic Director will work with a small but dedicated team, including a newly appointed General Manager,
to fulfil the 2016 program, and create the 2017 program and beyond. 

“I have loved being able to create diverse and exciting programs, nurture emerging dancers and choreographers, take a professional approach into the educational sphere and initiate and establish stimulating collaborations in my time

at Tasdance. Whilst part of me is sad to leave such a vibrant company, it is thrilling to think of a renewal for this
flagship organisation under a new person,” said Annie Greig

Tasdance Chair, Norm Mcilfatrick said, “It has been a privilege to work with Annie Greig, who will hand over the
Company in great shape to a new Artistic Director later this year. Annie has been an inspirational leader in Australian
contemporary dance, establishing Tasdance as the benchmark for Australian regional arts organisations.”

Interested parties can receive the EOI documents on request to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) , or by calling the Tasdance
office on 03 6331 6644.


Tasdance, a vital force in Tasmania and is a valuable player in the national dance scene, provides an important
professional development hub for dancers and choreographers and is a leader in audience development. 

Founded in 1981 as Australia’s first official dance-in education company, Tasdance has continued to grow, as one of
only two regionally-based contemporary dance companies in Australia, Tasdance balances the presentation of main
stage performances with an extensive range of community and education engagement programs.

“Passionate, committed and daring, Tasdance has worked with the ‘who’s who’ of contemporary Australian
choreography … they are passionate ambassadors for the art form.” – Sidney Myer Foundation.

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Download the Dark Mofo app immediately ...

19.05.15 1:11 pm


Details here

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Mushroom Promotions
19.05.15 1:05 pm



The Rubens return with new single ‘Hallelujah’, the first single off the band’s sophomore album Hoops, out 7 August. 

‘Hallelujah’ is a stamp-your-feet, fist-pump-the-air, rock anthem, with a hook that will stay with you for days and you can view the captivating video right HERE.

As the thumping kick drum comes in, it’s no surprise this song started as just a beat. Lead vocalist Sam Margin explains:

“[Hallelujah] started out with programming a beat, putting it on loop and riffing on it until something decent came out of it. The song itself is about people trying to force their religious beliefs or ideas upon you, and in the process destroying what it is they’re plugging.”

Once again recorded and produced by Grammy Award winner David Kahne (Lana Del Rey, The Strokes), the song was mixed by another production heavy weight, Grammy Award winner Michael Brauer (Coldplay).

Receiving its world-wide premiere on triple j Breakfast on Monday morning, ‘Hallelujah’ marks a bolder, bigger rock sound for The Rubens, who took their 120+ shows played into account when working on the songs that make up Hoops.

“We put more of a focus on how the songs would work in a live setting for this album. We wanted to write songs that would be fun for us to play live as well as fun for our audience to listen and move to.”

The band can’t wait to unleash their new tracks live and will be giving a lucky few fans who pre-order the album, the chance to catch the band at two exclusive Golden Ticket events in Sydney and Melbourne. Numbers are incredibly limited and only available to those who purchase a ‘golden ticket’ bundle via the band’s website. The lads are also offering a variety of other pre-order options including signed limited edition CD’s, t-shirts and vinyl. More details on

Hoops follows on from the band’s certified platinum, self-titled debut album, which landed at an impressive #3 on the ARIA Album Chart and saw the band win an APRA Award, Nominated for Best Album at the j Awards and clocked up three ARIA Award nominations.

With ‘Hallelujah’ as the first taste, fans are right to be excited for the release of Hoops on 7th of August. The 11 tracks that make up Hoops showcase a band with a clear understanding of how to play to their strengths. Hoops is brimming with giant rock hooks, growling guitars, driving rhythms and that unmistakable, soul-drenched Sam Margin voice.

‘Hallelujah’ is out NOW through Ivy League Records

Get it on iTunes: HERE:

‘Hallelujah’ by The Rubens:

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Early paintings by French explorers to visit Tasmania for the first time

Vanessa Goodwin, Minister for the Arts
18.05.15 4:41 pm

Kangaroo Island emus by Charles-Alexandre Lesueur

Exquisite illustrations by French artists made during Nicolas Baudin’s nineteenth-century exploration of Australia will come to Tasmania for the first time as part of an agreement between France’s Museum of Natural History in Le Havre and six Australian museums.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the French and Australian museums, stunning original watercolours and drawings by expedition artists Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit will be showcased at both the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) in Hobart and the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) in Launceston.

A delegation from France, led by the Mayor of Le Havre Mr Édouard Philippe, will attend a special function at TMAG today to sign the MOU with the Directors of the TMAG and the QVMAG.

The exhibition will open in Adelaide in July 2016, before being on display in Tasmania from early 2017.

In early 1802, the French explorers landed in Tasmania and spent time interacting with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community and recording their language and culture, flora and fauna as well as collecting cultural objects and specimens.

This partnership will allow audiences across Tasmania to see depictions of early Tasmanian life which are of enormous significance to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people and the Tasmanian community in general.

Most of the anticipated 100 illustrations to be included in the planned touring exhibition have never been displayed in Australia before. The drawings are held permanently by the Museum of Natural History in Le Havre, Normandy.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Director, Ms Janet Carding said the illustrations provide an opportunity to tell many of the stories associated with the interaction between the French explorers and the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

“Baudin’s expedition represents a significant part of Tasmania’s history and these illustrations provide unique insights into the lives of Tasmanian Aboriginal People pre-colonisation”.

“I am delighted TMAG is part of a national collaboration to bring these extraordinary works to Australia and indeed to be working with QVMAG to showcase this important material across Tasmania” said Ms Carding.

The Director of the Museum of Natural History in Le Havre, Cedric Cremiere said: “It is wonderful that after that first French encounter with Australia more than 200 years ago, we can share these discoveries and sense of wonder with Australian audiences.”

Illustrations featured in the exhibition will include evocative portraits of Tasmanian Aboriginal People; images of their baskets and watercraft; watercolours of marine invertebrates; highly accurate profiles of the coastline; and drawings of Tasmanian animals such as the now extinct King Island emu.

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FOV: Let’s fill this town with voices ...

Carmen Stephens, Festival of Voices
18.05.15 11:49 am

Sweet Honey in The Rock

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Robbie Williams confirms his Let Me Entertain You Tour ...

Rina Ferris Media Release
17.05.15 7:24 am


... is coming to Australia and New Zealand!

For Release: Sunday, 17th May, 2015: Chugg Entertainment are thrilled to announce the details of Robbie Williams’ upcoming Let Me Entertain You Tour, which is heading to Australia and New Zealand this October, as revealed by the superstar himself last month.

Of the announcement, Robbie Williams said, “Australia and New Zealand - Let Me Entertain You. Me: Robbie Williams. You: the audience. Let’s have some fun together, like old times!”

Kicking things off in the West at Perth Arena on Friday 9th October, Robbie Williams will then head to Adelaide Entertainment Centre (Tuesday 13th October), the Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Saturday 17th October), Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena (Thursday 22nd October) and Sydney’s Allphones Arena (Tuesday 27th October) before heading across the ditch and taking in Wellington’s Basin Reserve (Saturday 31st October) and wrapping things up at Auckland’s Vector Arena on Tuesday 3rd November.

Robbie Williams was last in Australia in 2014 for The Swing Tour Live, which saw him perform to sell-out arenas across the country, delighting fans that had waited eight long years for him to return down under. The Swing Tour was something of a departure from Robbie’s juggernaut 2006 Close Encounters world tour, which saw the pop superstar perform his biggest hits to over 500,000 Aussies in stadiums across the country.

This time around Robbie will return to Australia armed with his biggest hits, a glittering collection of fan favourites and a handful of unique covers. The aptly-named Let Me Entertain You Tour boasts a set-list perfected over a career spanning two decades at the very pinnacle of pop and includes the likes of Angels, Rock DJ, Better Man and Bodies. Coupled with his characteristic showmanship, infectious charisma and the wicked wit for which he is renowned worldwide, Robbie Williams is a born entertainer and a consummate showman. Let him entertain you? It will be impossible not to!

Advance tickets to the Let Me Entertain You Tour 2015 will be available at the Visa Entertainment presale for all Visa Credit, Debit and Prepaid cardholders and can be purchased using Visa Checkout. The presale starts from 9am (local time) Wednesday 20 May 2015 until 9am (local time) Friday 22 May 2015 or until presale tickets sell out at


Robbie Williams Let Me Entertain You Tour 2015

General Public tickets on sale from 10am on Monday 25th May

Friday 9th October 2015
Perth Arena, Perth, WA 132 849
Tuesday 13th October 2015
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, SA 132 849
Saturday 17th October 2015
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD 132 849
Thursday 22th October 2015
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VIC 132 849
Tuesday 27th October 2015
Allphones Arena, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 132 849
Saturday 31st October 2015
Basin Reserve, Wellington, NZ
Tuesday 3rd November 2015
Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ 0800 111 999

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Strange Feeling this Shelley won’t be Sidelined!

Paula Xiberras
17.05.15 5:42 am


The beautiful and bubbly Shelley Segal is not a person to be sidelined. A variant of the name Segal is ‘Chagall’, as in the celebrated modernist and Fauvist artist, Marc Chagall. That same artistic flair is seen in the personality and work, both music and video of musician Shelley.

I had the chance to catch up with the delightful Shelley recently for a chat about her new single ‘Sidelined’ from the EP ‘’Strange Feeling’. I find it hard to believe it when Shelley tells me we haven’t chatted since 2013.

In that time Shelley has been busy in the studio as well as discovering new tour opportunities in the UK, which she describes as a ‘fun new market’. Shelley has also continued her tours in the US and around Australia and is looking forward to revisiting her music to all these places and hopefully China which she describes as ‘modern’ and ‘interesting’.

Shelly’s new single ‘Sidelined’ was prompted, by her being ‘set off’, in this case by someone in her life asking her to change her physical appearance for them.

The song provokes important discussion on one of the most prevalent issues of today, the import we put on physical appearance and how we react to this. Sometimes we might be pressured to submit to these prescriptions while other times we might rebel against them.

Shelley says we are visual creatures and this has ‘a huge impact’ on us. Shelley’s music and video clip encourages ‘robust discussion’ on these issues.

Shelley says the process of writing is an unpredictable one, she might be playing her guitar in the car for ten minutes and a song might pop out and how while some songs take longer to take form and of course there is the occasional bout of writer’s block.

Shelley tells me she is interested in writing songs for other people and with her partner a poet we may see this talented and vivacious young woman branch out in to other forms of artistic expression as well.

Shelley Segal will be performing at Northcote Social Club, Melbourne on May 30 (8pm doors) with Tasmanian artist Heloise supporting her.

You can also see Shelley on

Sun 24th May, Caravan Music Club, Melbourne 7pm doors

View the clip for Sidelined here:

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The Rundown ... This Weekend: Mad Max is back!

The Rundown, powered by Crikey
16.05.15 3:23 pm


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The Rundown ... Brandis pulls the trigger. Mad Max

The Rundown, powered by Crikey
15.05.15 2:18 pm


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Julie Cavanagh Cavanagh PR
14.05.15 6:41 am


One of the biggest shows on the planet returns to Australia!


Friday 12 and Saturday 13 February 2016
Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

Tickets on Sale Monday 25 May 2015

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will march into Melbourne for the first time ever in February 2016 when more than 1200 performers will gather at Etihad Stadium.

The Melbourne season was launched today by Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle in the presence of Brigadier David Allfrey, MBE, the current producer of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Featuring a full size replica of the Edinburgh Castle, the massed pipes and drums of Scotland’s famous Regiments and performers from around the World, this will be one of the biggest entertainment events to ever perform at Etihad Stadium.

With its unique, stirring blend of military ceremony, music and entertainment, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is phenomenally popular, attracting an annual television audience of 100 million.

Now the people of Melbourne will have the chance to experience the iconic event live.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said: “If there is one world event that we do not have currently that I would like to attract, it is the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and I am pleased to today announce that it is coming to Melbourne.”

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo attracts the world’s best massed pipes and drums – and Melbourne will be no exception.  There will be a large contingent of the leading military bands from the UK, along with other international outfits.  There will also be a number of bands representing the Australian Defence Forces.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Melbourne will be one of the greatest outdoor spectacles to be seen in Australia.

Brigadier Allfrey said “Australian audiences have always embraced the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Edinburgh every August, and comprise one of the largest International supporters of the event.  But in February 2016 the Tattoo will return to Australia, for performances that will be amongst the most spectacular ever staged.  In over six and a half decades our unique event has been presented abroad on only three occasions.  So we are delighted to be returning this time to Melbourne with a brand new show with the best bands and performers from around the world.  To play in Melbourne is an extraordinary privilege and we are delighted to be the most exciting new addition to the 2016 calendar.  This will be an event Melbourne will remember for a lifetime.  If you have ever wanted to travel to Edinburgh to see the Tattoo, it’s now coming to you Melbourne.”

Brigadier Allfrey was commissioned into the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in 1979, going on to command the regiment from 2000 until 2002.  Prior to taking up his position at the Tattoo in 2011, he spent three years as commander of 51 (Scottish) Brigade.

As a young officer, he served in Germany, Northern Ireland, Canada, Belize and the Far East and took his regiment through two tours of Kosovo.  He has directed many military spectaculars over the years including the 50th D-Day Commemorations on the south coast of England and the Scots Dragoon Guards’ album Parallel Tracks.

Etihad Stadium in Melbourne is the perfect venue with a closed roof and temperature correct environment means the show is comfortable rain, hail or shine day and night.

Friday 12 February         7pm
Saturday 13 February     1pm
Saturday 13 February     7pm

Tickets on sale from Monday 25 May at Ticketmaster.
Phone 136 100
For travel packages go to Flight Centre stores around Australia

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Download ticket and booking details:

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1st Australian Fashion Film Awards 2015 - Jo Bayley Reports

Carolyn McDowall, Muse News, The Culture Concept Circle
13.05.15 12:08 pm


Judge Marion Hume said about the 1st Australian Fashion Film Awards to happen on May 20, 2015 - “A fashion film celebrates and promotes fashion ... and, at the core are great creative ideas”. Fashion Elixir’s Jo Bayley was on hand to discover plans for the future, the categories and the list of nominees.

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The Rundown

The Rundown, powered by Crikey
12.05.15 4:09 pm


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