Art From the Hearth - David Roche’s Cottage Ornée Collection ...

Carolyn McDowall, Muse News, thecultureconcept circle
16.04.14 11:37 am

... includes Hobart Baroque’s boost to Tasmanian tourism, here.  • The MR is on TT here


Recently Carolyn McDowall viewed well-known Adelaide collector David Roche’s kitchen piled high with its wonderful antiques, art and collectibles, all put together with a great deal of love and attention to detail. Many objects are exceedingly rare and will be on show in a unique exhibition Art From the Hearth - 29th April to 16th October 2014.

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Tasmanian Tourism gets big Baroque boost

Steven Godbee,
15.04.14 3:53 pm

Tom Hawkey and Kathryn Lewek in Handel’s Orlando (photo: Rosie Hastie)

Visitor number, ticket sales and attendances all doubled

The second annual Hobart Baroque festival has recorded exceptional results and strengthened Tasmania’s growing reputation as a cultural destination.

Over eight and a half thousand tickets were sold for Orlando, the opera centrepiece of the festival, concerts with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Antipodes, five evening recitals at the Town Hall and a special event at MONA. In addition, all five of the special 5x5x5@5 late afternoon concerts at the Town Hall were sold out with standing ovations for the local performers who participated. And the free Masterclass at Government House, for which tickets were allocated by ballot, was also filled by local music lovers.

An impressive 41% of attendees came from outside Tasmania. Most stayed for a minimum of three nights and some extended their stay to explore other parts of the state.

The response of both the public and the media has been overwhelming. It’s impossible to put a monetary value on the phenomenal national media coverage Hobart Baroque attracted.

Print media around the country including all the major metropolitan newspapers ran substantial features and reviews that were overwhelmingly positive. Of special note was the support from ABC Classic FM whose support took Hobart Baroque to a national audience. That support is ongoing with the introduction of an Australia-wide on-air competition to identity the Top 100 most popular pieces of Baroque music. This promotion runs for the next three months.

While most visitors came from Sydney and Melbourne, Hobart Baroque attracted tourists from Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Bathurst, Woollongong, Canberra, Geelong and Newcastle as well. Visitors also flew in from New Zealand and Los Angeles.

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Dark MOFO tickets on sale ...

15.04.14 12:49 pm






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Another view of MONA ...

Robin Osborne, GPSpeak
15.04.14 12:39 pm


GPSpeak’s Angela Bettess visits the recently opened Margaret Olley Art Centre at Tweed River Gallery in Murwillumbah, while Robin Osborne takes in the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart.

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Three Nights Out

Bronwyn Williams
14.04.14 7:52 am

John Xintavelonis

We normally sit square-eyed in front of the box of an evening, but last week we had THREE night’s entertainment out, in a row.

We kicked off last Thursday with the regular comedy revue night at the Grand Poobah in Liverpool Street, hosted by Joyce (the very droll Matt Stolp, a vision in geriatric drag) and her gormless 40-year old spinster daughter, Markeesh (the equally lovely and talented Cathy Allen).

There was live music, courtesy of a talented young lass by the name of Emma Howard and the obligatory amateur stand-up performer, James, who was, well, interesting – in a scratch your head sort of way.  But the star turns of the evening were the bingo games and the dual personalities of comedian Rose Ottavi Kokkoris. 

It was bingo like you’ve never seen it before – the prizes were an ancient clock radio, a retractable metal rake and a used tin of bright pink paint – and as the numbers were being called, the wheelchair-bound Joyce regaled the crowd with stories of lustful assignations on the seashore with a well-endowed dolphin.  Apparently, Markeesh was the product of one such inter-species coupling.  Disturbingly, I still have the picture in my head.

Ms Ottavi Kikkoris maintained the very un-PC tone of the evening with her frequent open dressing gown flashes, in character as the lovely Iced Vo-Vo.  The flash revealed what looked to be, at first glance, her totally naked body, but was, in fact, an anatomically correct body suit - complete with a luxuriant ‘map of Tassie’.  Later in the evening, Rose reappeared as Mama Rosa – an unnaturally hirsute Italian matron with a massive rack and a talent for ‘reading’ pasta, as well as a fabulous singing voice.

The evening was well-worth the $10 entry fee – heaps of bad language, double entendre, and outright rude stuff, along with genuine ‘retro’ décor, a bar and a really sticky concrete floor.

Friday night brought our long-awaited date at Wrest Point with two iconic musical performers – Mr Boz Scaggs and his opening act, Mr Russell Morris.  Both men were in faultless form.  Despite their years – or perhaps because of them – their performances were the sort of polished, assured perfection younger artists can only dream of.  Russell’s newer, blues-style material was an ideal progression from the dreamy, atmospheric music of his youth.  And we weren’t denied a reminder of those heady days – we were treated to classic renditions of The Real Thing, Wings of an Eagle and Sweet, Sweet, Love.  The voice might have toughened a little, but the clear, bell-like notes of Mr Morris’ younger days were still there.

And, what can I say about Boz Scaggs?  A quietly-spoken, unassuming man with an infallible ear for melody, and a voice as clear, and unique as we remembered.  There was new material, and old favourites, and a mesmerising version of Tony Joe White’s Rainy Night In Georgia. Boz finished the set with a nostalgic tribute to his early blue-eyed soul days – the amazing Loan Me A Dime, in which he paid tribute to the guitar-picking talents of the legendary Duane Allman.

Fabulous stuff!

Thinking ourselves quite the culture vultures we ventured out AGAIN on Saturday night to the Theatre Royal where the Jonathan Biggins comedy, The State of the Tasmanian Economy, was playing – unfortunately for the last time.  Blue Cow Productions marketing person, and one of the satire’s four cast members, John Xintavelonis, took the curtain calls and then reminded the audience to tell their friends what they’d missed.

Friends, you missed a laugh-out loud, exquisitely insightful, intelligently presented analysis of everything that’s wrong with Tasmania. 

Two Tassie public servants (Xintavelonis and Scott Farrow) are engaged by a high-powered government lady from Canberra to spend four weeks finding a fix for Tasmania’a problems.  Their only qualification for such a monumental responsibility is the fact that they are the only two public servants to have never been considered for inclusion on a panel, or committee or focus group, or any other device designed to alleviate the state’s numerous woes.  They have ‘fresh eyes’, apparently.

The jokes are too many to detail.  Suffice it to say that the hapless low-level bureaucrats seek a little outside help, and the ideas range from heritage pumpkins, to interpretative convict artists on every street corner, to body replacement part grown to order for AFL footballers, to turning the state into a giant private prison – after all, that’s how we started - and more.  It’s clearly satire, and out-and-out hilarious, but there’s an uncomfortable resonance.

Maybe we are just a little too comfortable on our pretty little island – we pretend we want to be like the big kids, but in reality it’s all to hard, so nothing really changes.  The whimsical denouement has Max, the younger of the two protagonists, extolling the cosy virtues of his isolated home, and we’re left wondering if THAT is the real folly of Tasmanians.

The cast strikes a perfect balance between realism and over-the-top parody, with the desk jockey and field officer characters played straight and the various ‘ideas’ people a smorgasbord of outrageous caricature, thanks mostly to Guy Hooper, who plays several nutty male parts, and Jane Longhurst, who looks after the female bits.

The State of the Tasmanian Economy had a very limited run.  Hopefully, it will get another outing some time soon.

We could happily do it all again next week, and we’ll most certainly be keeping an eye out for the next Grand Poobah comedy revue.

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Dark Mofo!

Rebecca Fitzgibbon, Events Media Manager | Museum of Old and New Art
11.04.14 7:19 pm


JUNE 12-22 2014 HOBART

HOBART: JUNE 12 - 22, 2014

Shadows are falling across Tasmania, as the Museum of Old and New Art’s winter festival Dark Mofo returns in June 2014 to celebrate the dark through large-scale public art, food, music, film, light and noise.

Since Neolithic times, winter solstice rites have been held around the longest night and the shortest day, to face the shadows and celebrate the light. MONA bridges the old ways with new to create contemporary traditions around this significant seasonal shift.

MONA’s inaugural winter festival attracted more than 128,000 people to events across 10 days in Hobart last year. This year they’re building the fires higher, occupying historic and underutilised spaces around Hobart such as the Town Hall Underground, Prince of Wales Battery, Narryna Heritage Museum, the Old Mercury Building, and MONA’s new festival hub, The Odeon Theatre.

Dark Mofo 2014 will feature a large-scale public artwork by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer to light up the night sky (June 13-22); the City of Hobart Winter Feast (June 19-21) at the waterfront with fire, music, and community; the MONA till Midnight open museum event (June 17); the Future Hobart 2014: with Vito Acconci (June 17); the Dark Mofo Films program exposing the dark heart of Australian cinema (June 11-22); more after-hours debauchery at Dark Faux Mo (June 19 & 21), plus performances, installations, exhibitions, and much more, all building up to the longest night and winter solstice (8.51pm, June 21) with the annual Nude Solstice Swim (sunrise: 7.42am, June 22) to welcome back the light.


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Articulated Intersect
Diamanda Galás
SUNN O))) + Earth + Veil of Darkness
David Lynch presents Chrysta Bell
Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!
Yin Xiuzhen (尹秀珍): Washing River 2014
Future Hobart 2014: Vito Acconci
In Praise of Darkness with the TSO
Dark Mofo Films
It’s Dark Outside
Afterlife: Total Control + Kirin J Callinan + HTRK + MORE
The Bronx + High Tension
The Gin Club + Jeff Lang + Mick Thomas
Dean Stevenson and the Arco Set Orchestra: Tim Passes
Dark Faux Mo
The Red Death Ball at Hobart Town Hall
City of Hobart Winter Feast
Nude Solstice Swim
Nick Tsiavos
Ross Manning: Different Rhythms
Marco Fusinato: Spectral Arrows
Pat Brassington: À Rebours
Motel Dreaming
Grimoire at The Brisbane Hotel
A Night at the Museum (TMAG)
Mykki Blanco
Amelia Rowe Memoriam
Ningher Canoe
The Twilight Girls and Mark Shorter: 50 Ways to Kill Renny Kodgers
Huon Valley Midwinter Festival
MONA till Midnight
Michael Goldberg: An Inn for Phantoms
Ferris Wheel of Death
Snowtown: Live
TICKETS on sale 10am Monday April 14 from

VIDEO Dark Mofo 2014 launch video

Dark Mofo Creative Director Leigh Carmichael said: “We can’t wait for winter in Tasmania. This year Dark Mofo breaks new ground; working with the City of Hobart implementing the Creative Hobart Strategy, we will be activating spaces previously unused or underutilised, like the Town Hall Underground and Prince of Wales Battery, as well as establishing a new festival hub, in the historic Odeon Theatre.

“Festival highlights include three nights of the City of Hobart Winter Feast activating the waterfront at PW1, and the large-scale public artwork, Articulated Intersect by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, which we are thrilled to present for the first time in Australia with support from Hydro Tasmania during its centenary year.

“This is a festival of firsts; we are featuring an interactive public artwork on the waterfront,  Washing River 2014 by Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen, the Dark Mofo Films program features national and world premieres, and we are hosting the inaugural Future Hobart 2014 public space forum with Vito Acconci.

“Dark Mofo would not be possible without the funding and support of the State Government, the Lord Mayor Alderman Damon Thomas and the City of Hobart, Penny Clive and Detached, major sponsors Hydro Tasmania and the RACT. Mona very much appreciates the commitments made from the many cultural and arts organisations partnering with the festival.”

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman said: “Dark Mofo has become an essential part of our cultural landscape, a winter experience without equal. It cuts through the darkness and cold to feed and challenge our senses.

“Winter in Hobart has previously been a time where we have experienced challenges in attracting tourists, but events like Dark Mofo are leading more tourists to discover the wonders of winter in Tasmania. Dark Mofo is not only bringing more people to the State, but also attracting Tasmanians back outdoors to experience Hobart like never before. The Tasmanian Government is delighted to once again partner with MONA to deliver this major winter event.”

Hobart Lord Mayor Damon Thomas said: “Following the outstanding success of the inaugural Dark Mofo in 2013, the City of Hobart is proud to continue its support of this high quality winter festival of national appeal and growing international stature.

“We recognise the substantial economic benefit to our city as well as the important cultural and social outcomes it provides as part of an dynamic year-long program of quality Tasmanian events, particularly reinforcing our Creative Hobart cultural strategy. Events such as this fortify Hobart’s increasing reputation as a ‘must visit’ destination.”

Events Tasmania Director Adam Sproule said: “Dark Mofo 2014 offers no less than we have all come to expect from the team who keep giving us reasons to explore a wide array of creative ventures. This event not only lifts the winter spirits of Tasmanians, it lures other like-minded people to our shores. They’ve heard about Tasmania and know they want to visit – special events and festivals such as Dark Mofo give them a reason to make the trip over.”

Dark Mofo is a project of MONA supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania, and Hobart City Council, Tourism Tasmania, Hydro, RACT, Audi, Australia Council for the Arts, and more.

Colder and darker: @monamuseum’s @dark_mofo lineup announced:

[Pic and hotlink to ]] Colder and darker: Dark Mofo 2014 lineup announced:

Instagram: @dark_mofo

Tickets on sale
Monday April 14, 10am

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Hobart Baroque: Post-Event Survey

Steven Godbee
11.04.14 12:32 pm



Thank you to all the baroque lovers from Tasmania and across Australia for making Hobart Baroque 2014 such an incredible success!  To make next year’s event even bigger and better, we would greatly appreciate your time filling out the survey below. The future of the festival relies on much of the research generated from this survey, so your feedback and information is extremely important.

The survey does not take long, and you’ll also go into the draw to win a $250 MYER GIFT VOUCHER!

Thank you for attending Hobart Baroque, and we hope to see you again next year.

More here, including link to the Survey

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Kings of the North reign in Tasmania

Paula Xiberras
10.04.14 6:43 pm

Kings of the North become kings of the south when they bring their music to Tasmania this week.

The guys are just back from a USA tour and are publicing their new album ‘Sound of the Underground’ and their new single’ wanted’ which is presently getting airplay in BMW ads.

You can see Kings of the North at the following venues:

Thu 10th April at Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, TAS
and Sat 11th April The Pavillion Hotel, Launceston, TAS

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Gallery Ten: Inspiration in Transit

Ten Days Artistic Director David Malacari
10.04.14 11:00 am


Following the success of Hobart’s Spiegeltent extravaganza, Ten Days is offering the Tasmanian
community a chance to be inspired by Transit #2 – an exciting art exhibition by talented Tasmanian artist
Ross Byers.

To be held at Gallery Ten – Ten Days’ new office and public gallery space – from 11 April – 30 May 2014,
Transit #2 explores large-scale 3D forms in the versatile, yet humble medium of corrugated cardboard.
Coordinator of the gallery program Jane Deeth said the visual arts were a major strength of Tasmania’s
cultural life and a significant part of the Ten Days festival program.

“This exhibition celebrates the long-standing relationship between Ten Days and Devonport Regional
Gallery,” Ms Deeth said.

“In 2013, Ross Byers was the recipient of the gallery’s fifth emerging artist solo commission, which
allowed him to produce a body of work. This work is being reconfigured within this particular space for
this exhibition, transforming the aesthetic dynamics and the relationship to the audience.”

Ten Days Artistic Director David Malacari said Transit #2 was the first exhibition in a series that would
celebrate and honour some of the significant partnerships generated over the years between Ten Days
and communities across the length and breadth of Tasmania.

“Ross Byers is a wonderful example of the cultural wealth of Tasmania,” Mr Malacari said.

“For over a decade Ten Days has celebrated that wealth alongside outstanding arts and cultural
presentations from elsewhere that had never before been available to Tasmanians and we will continue
to do this.

“Through this series of public exhibitions at Gallery Ten, Ten Days is highlighting the outstanding creative
and community outcomes that are achieved when public organisations, artists and communities work

Ross Byers completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts and a Master of Fine Arts and Design through the
School of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Tasmania, Launceston. He has also studied in
Hawaii, undertaken a residency in Glasgow, Scotland and been included in several national and
international group exhibitions.

Transit #2 will be officially launched at Gallery Ten, 71 Murray Street on Thursday 10 April at 6pm by Dr
Ellie Ray, the Director of the Devonport Regional Gallery. The exhibition will then be open to the public
from 11 April – 30 May from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and is open to all free of charge.

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Theatre Royal: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Festival of Voices
08.04.14 12:54 pm



Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Wednesday, 9th July 2014 - 10:00am
Wednesday, 9th July 2014 - 12:00pm
Thursday, 10th July 2014 - 10:00am
Thursday, 10th July 2014 - 12:00pm


A classic tale for children of the twenty first century. The story we know and love with songs, silliness and audience interaction, is a hit for the whole family. From the safety of the village to the dangers of the forest, we follow Little Red Riding Hood on her journey to visit her sick grandmother only to come face to face with big eyes, huge hands and a mammoth mouth. Her trust in others is tested, her will is unwavering and her courage is fierce.

But you don’t want to miss the twist in the tail when the girl cries wolf!

A school holiday treat for the kids.

Starring: Monica Trapaga as Little Red Riding Hood and Ryk Goddard as the Wolf

Written by: Christopher Gist & Paul Kooperman

Bookings from Theatre Royal Hobart: 6233 2299 /

More, Festival of Voices, here

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Falling Christian in control

Paula Xiberras
08.04.14 5:08 am



Christian Schooneveldt-Reid was always comfortable taking the more difficult path and he walked it…. on his hands!, The difference from other kids was he didn’t grow out of this different perspective of navigating the world and even startled and shocked a neighbour by the dangerous act of jumping off a roof! It seems with such extreme early experiences Christian would be destined to become an acrobat and circus performer.

Christian has a genetic predisposition to perilous performing, with a great uncle, a member of a circus that toured Europe in the 60s and 70s and his great grandfather gravitating as a gymnast.

Christian is a regular visitor to Tasmania for the circus festival and the ironically the ‘Falls’ festival. In fact it was at Falls last year, while on the peninsula he experienced the fires.  This year he aims to return there to collect the swimmers he left at a friend’s house and also if time allows, to take up where he left off and enjoy some of the beaches.

Circus and acrobatics, Christian explains, are areas of skill and entertainment that are growing in popularity and are continually evolving. Now, there are circuses without animals and the focus is on the skill of the acrobats.

Like the circus in general, ‘Controlled Falling Project’, the production the troupe are bringing to Tasmania, is a continually evolving project. Christian says that the title was thought up by the group because acrobats like to be in control and at the time of coming up with the title it was still a ‘project’ in its early phases.

I ask Christian about the importance of trust in his act and he says there are two kinds of trust, trust for one’s physical wellbeing and goes without saying in a project like this and is therefore played out subconsciously. The second kind of trust is trust in your fellow performers to not only be there for you physically but also to be there for you emotionally.  When you are out on the stage you are in a vulnerable position in performing acrobatics.

Christian says that he hopes audiences will be entertained by the shows ‘quirky, grace daring’ and something ‘beautiful’ and also the occasional laugh or two.

I wonder what safeguards are in process should there be a minor mistake in the show. Christian says the key is in the live music accompanying the show which can be shortened or lengthened as required to cover a minor mistake and see them through to the successful completion of the act.

As would be expected from such a high energy production the show is not stagnate and all members are on stage at the same time allowing the audience to experience their ups and downs in the story, which is set in an laboratory and about three scientists conducting experiments on their physical abilities.

One of the physical abilities Christian’s will showcase is the ‘teeterboard’ or ‘the high energy see-saw.’

You can see ‘Controlled falling project’ at the Theatre Royal on the following dates and times:

Tuesday, 29th April 2014 - 7:30pm
Wednesday, 30th April 2014 - 4:00pm
Wednesday, 30th April 2014 - 7:30pm

and at Devonport Entertainment Centre, Thursday, May 1, 2014.

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Review: Citizen Shrapnel and the Lords of Little Egypt

Thomas Connelly,
07.04.14 6:07 am

Photo: Tony Bonney

I have seen Citizen Shrapnel and the Lords of Little Egypt play several times now. Each time it was an experience I was glad to have experienced. Many times seeing local musicians one is struck by the amateurism of the band. Indeed a quaint sort of amateurism pervades much of the art in Tasmania. This is not a bad thing, in fact it is one of the more endearing aspects of our island culture. as it allows a close mingling of performer and audience.

Amateurism, can however, spill over into a sloppiness, that may at times seem to detract from the performance. Citizen Shrapnel and the Lords of Little Egypt keep this feel of amateurism and intamacy, but without the sloppy falling apart. They are in fact a tight and professional outfit. This tightness comes from years of experience. For the band is the reformed and reshaped gypsy cabaret romp Shemozzle who were active members of the rich Tasmanian music scene back in the naughties, breaking up about 2007.

Music is a type of obsession and possibly even a disease. Once caught this illness is hard to shake off, and like malaria music is a recurrent sickness. So after a few years, and after a few children the singer songwriter Michael Shrapnel got some of the band back together for a new incarceration and another bout of fever.

The band is made up of Michael Shrapnel on microphone duties; Russell Dobie and Sean Brady, also from Shemozzle, doodling the double bass and drumming the beats respectively, while relative newcomer David McNamara chord pounds away on the piano. Like all bands the music is influenced from many different artists. The band cites such legendary performers as Jacque Brel, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone as major creative sparks.

On seeing The Lords of Little Egypt one is immediately immersed in flow of smoky, decadent, old world cabaret sounds; a swirling kaleidescope of thoughts and sounds. Maybe without the gallows humour of the Wiemar republic cabaret; but with Michael’s world weary lyrics and vocal styling (echoing to this critic’s ears David Bowie) they are an antidote to the creeping fascism that we find ourselves sleepwalking into.

One thing that I get from this band is a feeling of The Boethian Wheel, that life is a series of ups and downs. Or as the saint may have said: “It’s my belief that history is a wheel. ‘Inconstancy is my very essence,’ says the wheel. Rise up on my spokes if you like but don’t complain when you’re cast back down into the depths. Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it’s also our hope. The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away.”

But do not take my word for it, you have two chances this weekend to see Citizen Shrapnel and the Lords of Little Egypt; on Friday night April 11 they will be playing, along with with special guests Steve Young & Ben Brinkhoff, at the The Night Owl Music Bar on Liverpool Street , and then again on the Saturday night April 12 at the always pleasant Lark Distillery on Franklin Wharf.

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Moonah Arts Centre: An Evening with Loose Canon Chamber Singers

Sean Kelly
04.04.14 5:44 pm

Loose Canon Chamber singers are an award winning a capella choir with a wide repertoire stretching from the Baroque to 20th Century Jazz.

Loose Canon Chamber Singers originally started in 2004 as the TSO Chamber Choir and has continued as an independent a capella group by audition, regularly performing at festivals, commemorative occasions and in regional centres in Tasmania. The name, ‘’Loose Canon Chamber Singers’’ is a fabulous play on words, and a reference to the groups wide ranging and eclectic tastes.

Loose Canon don’t have a regular conductor apart from Sue Harradence (Alto) who prepares the group for concerts with final polishing by invited conductors. This has given the group a broad spectrum of singing opportunities.

Our Moonah Arts Centre concert includes a range of composition from16th century madrigals to 20th century jazz. While mainly in English, the concert will also feature songs from other major languages. The Singers will be under the musical direction of Stephanie Abercromby.

Stephanie Abercromby has been a repetiteur for ABC opera concerts and appeared regularly as a soloist with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. She has sung with and directed the Jane Franklin Consort, and was repetiteur with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus before retiring in 2010. Stephanie was also director of the Tasmanian Chorale from 2005 to 2010. The Concert will also feature guest artist Genevieve Stather on clarinet.

Where:        Moonah Arts Centre, 65 Hopkins St. Moonah
When:        Friday 11th April
Times:        7:30pm start. One hour duration.

Entry by Gold Coin Donation

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Want to be part of Ella’s debut EP?

Steph Pickett
04.04.14 8:27 am


Ella Fence Music

Want to be part of Ella’s debut EP? All you have to do is Think Positive.

Visit for more info.


E: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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2014 Festival of Voices announces Headline Acts

Carmen Stephens, Festival of Voices
04.04.14 8:19 am


Friday 4 – Sunday 13 July, Hobart
Ben Lee: Sat 5 July, Federation Concert Hall
Clare Bowditch: Fri 11 July, Federation Concert Hall
The Exchange: Sat 12 July, Federation Concert Hall

Ben Lee: Sat 5 July, 10am, Long Gallery
Clare Bowditch: Fri 11 July, 10am, Federation Concert Hall
The Exchange: Wed 9 July to Sun 13 July, McNeil Performing Arts Centre


Australia’s premier celebration of the human voice, Festival of Voices, is delighted to reveal its exciting headline artists for 2014. Two of Australia’s finest singer/songwriters, BEN LEE and CLARE BOWDITCH, join US contemporary a cappella champions THE EXCHANGE to thrill Hobart in July.

Headlining a glorious ten-day program of performances from national and international artists, these three artists will also participate in the festival’s inspiring series of major workshops, which are run by the artists and suitable for singers of all ages and experience.

Forming his first band at 13, BEN LEE has nurtured a life-long obsession with music which has seen him become an ARIA Award-winner and Top 10 artist in Australia and overseas. Lee’s quirky, spiritual pop and deep connection with audiences has won him fans worldwide. In addition to his exclusive Festival performance, Lee will run an intimate, 90-minute vocal workshop on July 5 which he is looking forward to.

“While I’m not a technical singer by any means, I’ve always believed that a unique voice is all about the authenticity and communication of intention. I am looking forward to getting to know the singers, their voices, and what they each have in their hearts to share.”

Fellow ARIA Award-winner, beloved pop singer/songwriter, Offspring star and creative-business mentor CLARE BOWDITCH will charm Hobart with her beguiling brand of folk pop. Festivalgoers keen to learn something from Bowditch, who was recently invited to tour with Leonard Cohen, can also take part in her unmissable three-hour performance workshop on July 11.

Hailing from the US, THE EXCHANGE are a five-piece vocal powerhouse. Having met on the set of NBC’s The Sing-Off and becoming friends off camera, each member introduces a distinct musical style – gospel, opera, rock, R&B and hip hop – to the group’s electric performances, which feel like both a concert and a house party. In concert on July 12, the group will also lead a five-day contemporary a cappella workshop from July 9-13.

Festival of Voices CEO, Paul Kooperman, said, “We are thrilled to include exclusive opportunities for singers from all over Australia to come to Hobart and work with our headliners Ben Lee, Clare Bowditch and The Exchange. Yes, they will be performing but to be able to work so closely with these major artists is unique to our festival and a rare exciting opportunity for singers of all levels of ability, ambition and background.”

Celebrating its tenth year this July, Festival of Voices welcomes individual singers, choirs and music lovers from across Australia. Embracing contemporary and classical, choral and cabaret, gospel spirituals, story-telling and hip hop, the 2014 Festival of Voices brings together a diverse pool of extraordinary vocalists to create a festival experience like no other.
The festival spills across Hobart, taking advantage of the city’s fine venues and stunning locations to bring a community warmth to Hobart, as the city comes to life with the sound of music.

The full 2014 Festival of Voices program launches May 8.

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Irish supergroup Celtic Thunder dedicate their biggest and most spectacular Australian tour

Paula Xiberras
04.04.14 6:24 am


Irish supergroup Celtic Thunder dedicate their biggest and most spectacular Australian tour Mythology to the memory of the late George Donaldson

Following the tragic death of original principal singer George Donaldson last month, Celtic Thunder has announced they will be dedicating their upcoming Mythology Australian tour in May/June this year to the late member. George’s death has stunned his fellow band mates, along with their fans. He was highly regarded and loved by all. Affectionately known as “Big George”, he was invaluable in helping to establish the show’s trademark celebration of Celtic heritage.

Emmet Cahill, who left the show in December to pursue a solo career, has graciously rescheduled other commitments to join the tour with Keith, Ryan, Neil and Colm, to pay tribute and honour their lost friend and colleague. “I am deeply saddened by the death of not only a colleague but a great friend and felt that it was only right to re join the guys on the momentous occasion, paying homage to a wonderful man.”

Ahead of the tour commencing, the internationally successful group will arrive in Sydney on May 7 for a three day promo visit ahead of their biggest tour to date, beginning in in Hobart May 12. The spectacular Mythology tour will be covering an extensive 22 dates across capital city and regional markets throughout Australia, concluding in Perth on June 13.

The Mythology DVD debuted at #1 on the ARIA chart and remain on the chart for 25 weeks. Following on from Mythology and to coincide with the tour Universal Music Australia will be reeling a new DVD and CD package on April 18 titled My Land.

My Land DVD is an hour-long journey alongside the members of Celtic Thunder as they bring you to their favourite places in Ireland and Scotland, chat about growing up Celtic, about making the Mythology Show and about the love they feel for their homeland. The DVD features footage and interviews with George Donaldson at his home in Scotland, and in Ireland interacting with the rest of Celtic Thunder. The My Land package also features a bonus CD with unreleased audio tracks from Mythology.

Both the bonus DVD and CD will feature an extra special tribute for Australian fans, a Celtic Thunder version of Waltzing Matilda, recorded especially for the Australian release of My Land and available just in time for the Mythology tour.

Mythology is without a doubt Celtic Thunder’s most extravagant and spectacular show to date. Taking you through the history of the Celtic people, this show looks back at the heritage and influences of the Celtic community. To see what Australian audiences can expect click here.

2014 Australian Tour Dates
Hobart - Hotel Grand Chancellor - Monday 12th May
Launceston - Princess Theatre - Tuesday 13th May
Townsville - Townsville Entertainment Centre - Saturday 17th May
Mackay - Mackay Convention Centre - Sunday 18th May
* Rockhampton - Pilbeam Theatre - Tuesday 20th May
Maryborough - Brolga Theatre - Wednesday 21st May
Brisbane - Brisbane Entertainment Centre - Friday 23rd May
Gold Coast - Jupiters Casino Theatre - Saturday 24th May
Tamworth - Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre - Sunday 25th May
Newcastle - Newcastle Entertainment Centre - Tuesday 27th May
Wollongong - WIN Entertainment Centre - Wednesday 28th May
Sydney - The Star Event Centre - Friday 30th May
Canberra - Royal Theatre - Saturday 31st May
* Albury - Albury Entertainment Centre - Sunday 1st June
Bendigo - Bendigo Stadium - Tuesday 3rd June
Ballarat - Wendouree Performing Arts Centre - Wednesday 4th June
Geelong - Geelong Arena - Friday 6th June
Melbourne - The Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre - Saturday 7th June
Adelaide - Adelaide Entertainment Centre - Monday 9th June
Adelaide - Adelaide Entertainment Centre - Tuesday 10th June
Mandurah - The Boardwalk Theatre - Thursday 12th June
Perth - Perth Arena - Friday 13th June

Tickets on Sale Now at / 132 849
* Tickets available at venue box office

For further information about the Mythology Tour 2014 please visit
Celtic Thunder Official Site -

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Russell Morris celebrates Tasmania’s history with Van Diemen’s Land

Sarah Chipman
03.04.14 5:03 am



“Australia has an amazing history of yarns. From Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson, through to Paul Kelly and Bryce Courtney the Australian experience has always been retold in story.

Americans have a proud tradition of folk songs passing their history down through the generations and while there are some amazing songwriters celebrating modern Australia, I wanted to create something that connected people today with the characters that shaped them”.

ARIA hall of fame inductee Russell Morris captured the hearts and imagination of Australians in 2012 when he unveiled ‘Sharkmouth’, the first of a trilogy of albums re-telling some amazing stories in Australia’s distant past—some famous, some not so famous—creating a historical document using blues and rock to celebrate the yarns that modern Australia was built on the back of.

Van Diemen’s Land picks up where Sharkmouth left off, this time covering great Australian characters and stories including Breaker Morant, Sandakan, the Eureka Stockade and many more. Morris is joined on Van Diemen’s Land by a host of special guest artists including Joe Camilleri, Rick Springfield, Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil), Scott Owen (The Living End), Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool), Vika & Linda Bull, Phil Manning (Chain) and Joe Robinson.

“Van Diemen’s Land is an album that has been an amazing experience to make,” said Morris, “With the success of Sharkmouth, it really let me off my leash so to speak. It showed me that people want music that tells them a story and moves them.”

“I spent over a year researching these great Australian stories. To me these albums are about looking back at the characters that deserve to be remembered and then doing that in the best way I know how—through song. It’s about leaving a legacy that in fifty years time, someone can put these records on and learn something about the spirit of our great country, in the same way we do when we read The Man From Snowy River.”

With over 18 months at the top of the ARIA blues chart (where it still currently resides!), platinum sales and an ARIA award, Russell Morris’ “Sharkmouth” album was his biggest ever, re-establishing him as one of Australia’s most important singer/songwriters. Best known previously for his seven minute epic 70’s hit “The Real Thing”, Morris’ success proves that great art is ageless and that in an industry besotted with celebrity, scandal and fashion, sometimes it’s just the music that matters.

Van Diemen’s Land is in stores and online from April 11. Russell Morris will be showcasing new material in Tasmania on these dates:

May 10 – Wrest Point Casino – Hobart, TAS
May 11 – Launceston Country Club – Launceston, TAS

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Hobart Baroque: Stunning!

Reviews: Fairfasx, Limelight, Carolyn McDowall
02.04.14 7:27 am

Pic: Rosie Hastie

Fairfax, Limelight and Carolyn McDowall (the cultureconcept circle) have given Artistic Director Leo Schofield and Executive Director Jarrod Carland’s Hobart Baroque stunning reviews ...

• Michael Shmith, Fairfax: A pure delight to savour

Handel: Orlando
★ ★ ★ ★
Theatre Royal, Hobart, March 28

Xavier Sabata (Countertenor)
★ ★ ★ ★
Orchestra of the Antipodes, cond.
Erin Helyard
Federation Concert Hall, Hobart,
March 29

Hobart is indeed the place for a festival, particularly a Baroque one. Somehow, the further south you go in this world, the purer the music sounds. Friday night’s opener, a focused and utterly charming production of Handel’s 1733 opera seria, Orlando, was wonderfully performed, directed and designed.

Read the reviews here

• Limelight: Concert review: Julia Lezhneva & the TSO (Hobart Baroque)
By Clive Paget on Mar 31, 2014 (18 hours ago) filed under Classical Music | 1 Comment
Vivaldi, Handel and Mozart give Lezhneva a chance to play a dazzling game of Russian roulades.

Federation Concert Hall, Hobart

March 30, 2014

There was a definite buzz in the air for the headline act at this year’s Hobart Baroque. The reputation of the 24-year-old Russian coloratura had clearly preceded her and this was an audience expecting something a little bit special.

Read the full review here

Carolyn McDowall, thecultureconcept circle: Hobart Baroque 2014 – Orlando, Opening Night Fun & Fabulous

Carolyn McDowall, the cultureconcept circle: Xavier Sabata – Bad Guy Becomes a Good Guy at Hobart Baroque

Carolyn McDowall, the cultureconcept circle: Julia Lezhneva – Jewel in Crown of Hobart Baroque, Alleluia


Listen to the message of Orlando, Will
<b>• And, in Muse News here, with lots of other news ...

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Prince Teddy plays school in Tasmania

Paula Xiberras
02.04.14 6:36 am


Play school’s Big Ted visits Tasmania in April as part of a nation wide search for his castle!

One of Prince Big Ted’s attendants in Tasmania will be a Play School ‘custodian’ Alex Papps. I spoke to Alex recently about the privilege of being a Play school presenter and his history with the show.

Alex tells me about his initial audition for Play School, a vigorous 6 minute mini episode in which the candidate must present, sing and ‘make something’ Alex passed these requirements and has been with Play School for an impressive 7 years. The presence of acting colleague Justine Clarke acting as a mentor helped smooth his addition to the show.

It has been 3 or 4 years since Alex has been in Tasmania. At that time he stayed with friends in Hobart, a city he describes as ‘beautiful’. This visit Alex hopes to see the markets, and take in the sites in the drive from Burnie to Hobart.

Alex says Play School owes some of its success to the gentle way it directly addresses each individual in the audience. The benefits of working on Play School are great for the presenter. Alex says that most of the cast are trained actors and the presenter role helps keep them ‘match fit’ and ‘limber’ for acting roles.

It’s not an easy job with the presenter needing to be multi-skilled. Alex says he is an ‘okay singer’ but whether he is a triple threat, well, his dance, he says humbly,is limited to ‘twisting in a silly fashion’.

The premise of this live production is the story of ‘Big Ted’ searching for his castle, along the way there will be songs sung and stories told, staying faithful to what viewers are familiar with on the TV show. The only difference being it will all be done with a higher energy level in the live shows.

On the subject of the princely Ted well there is some truth to the Play School toys being treated like royalty. Alex relays to me a story of travelling to a TV appearance last year and having to walk to the studio in the rain and being surprised to see the toys taken to the location by taxi!

Alex is being kept busy apart from presenting. He will have an album out on June 6 ‘Lets put the beat in our feet’, and he’s also been developing some other projects including writing and directing on Play School and directing a friend who is a’ great puppeteer’.

I have to ask the question as to what toy is Alex’s favourite, like most of the other Play School presenters he is diplomatic, explaining,who would want to disappoint the big four, Humpty, Big Ted, Jemima and Little Ted with making such a choice when all the toys are held in such high regard.


You can see the Play School tour at the following venues:

Thu 10 Apr Launceston Door of Hope

Fri 11 Apr Burnie Burnie Town Hall (Burnie Arts & Function Centre)
Sat 12 Apr Devonport The Performing Arts Centre Reece High School

Sun13 Apr Hobart Hobart City Hall

Mon 14 Apr Hobart Hobart City Hall

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Bett Gallery: Richard Wastell, High Country, skittleballs to skullbone plains

Emma Bett, Bett Gallery
28.03.14 2:55 pm




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Hobart Baroque’s week-long Festival ... as Orlando poised to captivate and thrill ...

Steven Godbee MR
26.03.14 5:19 pm

Medoro - Daniel Bubeck (countertenor), Dorinda - Anna Davidson (soprano), Amor - Tom Hawkey (the 11 year old Hobart boy who has the largest non-singing role).

Artistic Director Leo Schofield is Australia’s most experienced festival director.

With four Melbourne Festivals, four Sydney Festivals and the Olympic and Paralympics Arts Festivals behind him, he now pours his heart and soul into a new festival that brings the exquisite music of the 17th and 18th centuries to the city of Hobart.

“As with each festival I’ve worked on, there is a tremendous sense of excitement right now as the artists gather ahead of the opening night,” says Leo. “In the past weeks I’ve watched the rehearsals of Orlando and I feel confident that it will captivate and thrill audiences.’

Director Chas Rader-Shieber’s production of Orlando was first seen at the Glimmerglass Festival in upstate New York and later to great acclaim at the famed Lincoln Centre in New York City.

“The production is visually stunning and will look absolutely magnificent in the Theatre Royal,” says Leo. “It is also the ideal venue in which to hear the outstanding voices of the young cast of American singers we’ve assembled – sopranos Kathryn Lewek and Anna Davidson, countertenors Randall Scotting and Daniel Bubeck and bass baritone Tom Corbeil.

“I’m proud to present such a fine young cast here in Hobart. As singers and actors, they are at the top of their game. Kathryn Lewek, for example, comes to Hobart hot on the heels of her debut at the Met in New York where she sang the role of Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute.

The Orchestra of the Antipodes, comprising some of the finest baroque players in the country playing period instruments, will be directed from the harpsichord by Erin Heylard.

Another highly anticipated international guest artist for 2014 is the young and prodigious Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva. “She performed last week in Melbourne in a recital with piano and generated huge excitement.”

“Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva, 24, demonstrated a rare combination of innate talent, disarming sincerity and comprehensive artistry. She possesses not only a precocious, near faultless technique and an often arresting purity of tone but — rather more importantly — a profound musicality and exquisite unity of physical and vocal expression that is quite astounding in one so young.”  — The Australian

“I’m very proud to say that Hobart is the only place in Australia you’ll be able to hear Julia in a full orchestral program” says Leo. “I believe that Julia Lezhneva with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Oliver Gooch, in Federation Concert Hall will be remembered as one of the great concerts seen in this country.”

Also poised to make a major impact is the Spanish countertenor Xavier Sabata, who will bring to the stage arias written for the ‘bad guys’ of Handel’s operas. His Bad Guys CD has brought him considerable acclaim and is a front-runner in the CD category at the International Opera Awards to be presented in April.

From next Monday there’ll be a week of concerts in the Hobart Town Hall, including the Australian debut of Greek guitar virtuoso Smaro Gregoriadou and the Bach cello sonatas played by the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Timo-Veikko Valve. Young Tasmanian artists will be showcased in a $5 per ticket series each day at 5pm. There is a masterclass, a festival club, free public talks and an Ottoman feast at MONA rounding out this exciting program.

“We are thrilled with the response and support from ticket buyers,” says Jarrod Carland, Executive Director of the festival. “A week out from the opening night, we have virtually tripled the number of tickets sold for the inaugural Hobart Baroque last year and a significant number of events have already sold out.

“Over 48% of our ticket sales are from the mainland so we are particularly encouraged that we’ve managed to create a festival that has enticed such large numbers of people to invest in a trip to Tasmania,” adds Jarrod. “While they are here, they’ll not only experience performances unavailable anywhere else in Australia, but also enjoy all that Hobart and Tasmania have to offer.”

For more information or to book tickets to Hobart Baroque events, visit:

• Download Festival Overview:


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Despard Gallery: Glen Clarke, Cloak

Steven Joyce, Despard Gallery
26.03.14 5:15 pm


Glen Clarke’s collages and paintings are intricately constructed from delicately folded currency and precisely cutout images of wars machinery and military hardware. Each component is then assembled into a tapestry of the symbolism behind war from the artists perspective - each folded note, cut out plane, tanker, helicopter and ship tells a story of the profits and losses attributed to war. Clarke’s fascination with stealth technology and camouflage-cloaking-invisibility, via examinations of the light bending properties of Mother of Pearl and Cuttlefish, is evident in this new body of work.

Since 2003 Glen Clarke has been involved with the non-profit organisation PROJECT RENEW in Quang Tri Province central Vietnam and MAG, Mines Advisory Group Laos. Their primary objectives are Mine Risk Education (MRE) and to clear Quang Tri & Quang Bình Province and the neighboring Ho Chi Minh Trail on the Laos-Viet boarder of Unexploded ordinances.

All the details here

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Island at the Farm Bar - Friday 4 April 2014: Launching Island 136

Island Magazine
26.03.14 11:53 am


Island Magazine’s 136th issue is ready to be launched and scattered amongst the masses! The Autumn 2014 issue is full of what you’ve come to expect from Island; fiction, non-fiction, poetry and beautiful art throughout. We’re pretty proud of this baby…even if we do say so ourselves.

Our new fiction editor, Geordie Williamson (yes that dapper gentleman also known as the chief literary critic of The Australian) ...


To get out to the Farm Bar, there is a bus departing at 5.30pm from Hobart Tourist Information Centre (cnr of Elizabeth and Davey streets) and returning around 10.45pm ...

Read more about the Launch, here

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Spring Bay Theatre Company presents: Love Letters

Robert Thompson
26.03.14 7:26 am

from Spring Bay Pharmacy, Triabunna and at the Door
Spring Bay Theatre Company

Share in the story of Melissa & Andrew as t hey grow together through the power of the pen

Director: Dorothy Duncombe-Jackson


7.00pm Friday 11 April
Performed by Judy Bishop & Malcolm Bishop

7.00pm Saturday 12 April
Performed by Judy Bishop & David Anderson

2.00pm Sunday 13 April
Performed by Jackie Foale & David Anderson

at Orford Community Hall

Download Flyer:

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Tasmanian Theatre Company 2014

Charles Parkinson
25.03.14 7:08 am


I am very excited to be able to offer you six very different theatre works in the Tasmanian Theatre Company’s 2014 season.

The year starts with a triptych of new plays from three of Tasmania’s most outstanding playwrights. These plays are designed to be performed as one work around the shared theme of contemporary masculinity. They are presented as Born From Animals.

In July, we invite you to join us for one of the funniest experiences you’ll have this year. Cinema Fiasco are famous for savaging the world’s worst films. In collaboration with the Festival of Voices and TTC, they are bringing three dreadful films to share with you as they run their hilarious live commentary over the films. If you’ve never experienced Cinema Fiasco – here’s your chance!

Patricia Cornelius is one of my favorite Australian playwrights. A few years ago I was involved in commissioning her wonderful play The Berry Man and so it is a huge pleasure for me to be able to direct the Tasmanian premiere of this beautiful play about life, love, redemption and fertility.

A unique theatrical experience will be available to only 50 people each night when Edward Albee’s remarkable play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is performed in one of Hobart’s most beguiling architectural treasures. The passion and energy of Albee’s remarkable work will swirl around an audience totally immersed in one of the 20th Century’s greatest plays. Booking early will be essential for this one!

Late in 2014, SMILE, SMILE, SMILE, a new piece of theatre made with the communities of Glamorgan Spring Bay will be performed in a number of East Coast towns.

For young Tasmanians, Finegan Kruckemeyer’s wonderful play The Boy with the Longest Shadow will continue to tour to schools around the state.

The continued existence of the Tasmanian Theatre Company depends on your support. Private donations are the lifeblood of our company and I invite to you make a donation to ensure that we can continue to produce the theatre you want to see. I know you will be richly rewarded.

I very much look forward to seeing you at the theatre.

Check out the 2014 season HERE:

Charles Parkinson
Artistic Director

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Spiegeltent a spectacular spellbinding success story

Ten Days Executive Director and Producer Marcus Barker
24.03.14 9:29 am


Presented by Ten Days in association with Strut & Fret

Tasmanians have given their first Spiegeltent experience an overwhelming tick of approval, with the
internationally-renowned tent of mirrors selling almost 15,000 tickets and reaching half a million dollars
in tickets sales at the box office.

The internationally-renowned Spiegeltent, proudly brought to Tasmania by Ten Days in association with
Strut & Fret, was erected on the forecourt of PW1 and played host to 33 local, national and international
acts with over 140 artists gracing the stage.

Ten Days Executive Director and Producer Marcus Barker said the Spiegeltent made Hobart’s waterfront
its home over 18 jam-packed days filled with world-renowned cabaret and burlesque, circus acrobatics,
side-splitting comedy, family fun and the very best of Australian and international musical talent.

“Tasmanian audiences streamed through the doors of the Spiegeltent with a large number of shows
completely selling out, including The Audreys, Frank Woodley, Breabach, Christopher Coleman Collective
and selected shows from Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo and headline act Cantina,” Mr Barker said.

“Internationally-acclaimed headline act La Soirée proved to be the most popular show in the program,
selling out five shows prior to opening night plus an additional 250 new seats, sparking the announcement
of an extra show to meet demand, which also completely sold out within 48 hours.

“Outside the Spiegeltent, The Outdoor Lounge provided a sumptuous gastronomic experience for
Tasmanians, serving up the finest Tasmanian produce and thousands of glasses of Tasmanian sparkling.
“Ten Days also partnered with community organisations TasPride and the Estia Greek Festival to present a
range of diverse performances and extend the reach and engagement with the Tasmanian community.”

Mr Barker said the March 2014 Spiegeltent extravaganza was one of the first steps in an exciting new
strategic direction for Ten Days, evolving from a biennial festival to offering audiences access and
enjoyment to a range of multifaceted cultural experiences all year round.

“The creative and financial success of Tasmania’s first Spiegeltent season is very encouraging and we are
pleased to announce that the Spiegeltent will return to Tasmania for the 2015 festival,” he said.

“Excitingly, we also hope to take programing from the Spiegeltent north to both Launceston and Burnie in

Mr Barker said since the first festival in 2001, Ten Days had lead the state’s creative industry, adapting
and evolving in order to continue inspiring and entertaining Tasmanian audiences and the 2015 festival
would be no exception.

“Ten Days is evolving with the times to ensure the international multi-arts festival is a leader in any
decade and continues to provide economic value as well as cultural and artistic inspiration and
entertainment to the Tasmanian community,” he said.

“Plans are now well underway for a reinvigorated 2015 festival, which will again not only inspire
audiences throughout Tasmania, but also continue to foster and encourage great cultural and artistic

“The statewide festival will take place from 20-29 March 2015, so watch this space!”

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Commonwealth Chorister to Golden Girl

Paula Xiberras
22.03.14 7:28 am

Kathleen, left.

The lovely Kathleen Maloney is a busy lady, ABBA tribute artist, music teacher, wedding singer, and one time Commonwealth Games chorister that was starstruck by Ian Thorpe’s large feet, but that’s another story!

On answering the phone for our chat ,Kathleen responsibly tells me to hold the line while she pulls up her car so we can chat. Kathleen has never been to Tasmania before but is very much looking forward to her trip performing the part of Agnetha from ABBA in ‘Gold: the ultimate ABBA show. Kathleen is particularly keen on experiencing the cooler weather in contrast to being ‘hot and bothered’ living in Queensland.

Kathleen says she is a ‘massive’’ ABBA’ fan and playing Agnetha comes as second nature to her, having played the ABBA songstress in other ABBA tribute acts. In fact she was enlisted for this production by a drummer friend who worked in the band and had also worked with Kathleen on previous occasions.

Kathleen’s naturally long blonde hair and similarity in looks meant ‘being’ Agnetha didn’t need a lot of physical adjustment. In an ironic twist, both names, ‘Kathleen’ and ‘Agnetha’ both mean ‘pure’ and this fits in well with not only the ‘pure’ sound but also ABBA’S wholesome, squeaky clean reputation that appeals to a wide demographic. Kathleen informs me that she has studied video to master Agnetha’s hand movement and like the rest of the band Kathleen has also studied the Swedish language(via the internet) to authenticate her performance.

Fans will not be disappointed with the authentic replication of the clothes. The jump suits and capes are twins to the originals.

Kathleen tells me that on a cruise featuring Marcia Hines and The Temptations she found the group under the scrutiny of one of ABBA’s original managers who gave the tribute act the thumbs up as well as some little tips to embellish the act.

The performance itself, as well as featuring all the great hits is scripted, but there is also liberal ad lib’s. The production is divided into a 45 minute opening and a break before another hour of performance.

The evening promises fun with fans expected to ‘rock up’ with fancy dress and of course there will be plenty of audience participation.

It’s time for our chat to end and for Kathleen to ‘rock up’ to one of her other jobs and teach youngsters to sing!

You can see Kathleen sing as Agnetha in ‘Gold: the ultimate ABBA show’ on Friday `the 25th of April at The Country Club Casino, Launceston and Saturday, 26th April at The Theatre Royal.

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Julia Lezhneva Dazzles Melbourne – The Art of Beautiful Song

Carolyn McDowall, thecultureconcept circle
21.03.14 2:02 pm


Subscribers of the Great Performer’s 2014 Concert Series on Wednesday evening March 19th at the Melbourne Recital Centre witnessed something truly wonderful as much-celebrated Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva in an Australian debut performance dazzled Melbourne with the voice of an angel.

Her trio of songs from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Exsultate jubilate K154 ending with a glorious Alleluia, proved she was an angel sent from heaven to bewitch us all.

She performed a superbly conceived and flawlessly delivered program of truly beautiful songs, sensitively accompanied on the Steinway Grand by the highly skilled pianist Mikhail Antonenko, who is also her manager.

It was a bravura display from Julia, who combine vocal splendour with an innate and finely drawn sense of taste and style.

She was understated in every way, including how she looked ...

Read the rest of Carolyn McDowall’s review, thecultureconcept circle, here

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Great Scotts have Spiegel in the bag bringing a taste of Scotland to Hobart’s waterfront

Ten Days Executive Director and Producer Marcus Barker
21.03.14 1:51 pm


The final weekend of Spiegeltent’s spectacular program is upon us, and with some amazing performances
still to come, hailing all the way from Scotland’s highlands is Breabach – a five-piece ensemble who will hit
the Spiegel stage with full vigour on Sunday, 23 March 2014.

Ten Days Executive Director and Producer Marcus Barker said bringing the rolling glens and the craggy
peaks of Scotland to Hobart’s Spiegeltent, Breabach was a thrilling and unique contemporary folk music
band, which had earned international recognition winning the 2012 BBC Alba for Folk Band of the Year.

“Breabach will deliver a thrilling and unique brand of contemporary folk music, which has earned the
group international recognition that continues with the release of their fourth album, Ùrlar. The band will
be performing songs off the new release in their Tasmanian debut performance in the Spiegeltent, kicking
off at 5:30pm on Sunday, 23 March,” Mr Barker said.

“Offering a glimpse of what Tasmanian audiences can expect from Sunday night’s Spiegeltent
performance, Breabach will be at Salamanca Market this Saturday, incorporating the distinct sound of
highland twin bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, bass, flute, bouzouki, and Gaelic and Scots songs to produce a
diverse and captivating performance with some Scottish step dancing from band member Megan.”

Breabach stars Calum MacCrimmon (pipes/whistles/ bouzouki), Ewan Robertson (guitar/vocals), James
Mackenzie (pipes/flute/whistles), Megan Henderson (fiddle/ vocals/step dance) and James Lindsay
(double bass).

Ten Days Spiegeltent wraps up its program on Sunday, 23 March. For a copy of the Spiegeltent program or
to purchase tickets, simply head to, phone 6210 5777, drop into the on-site box office or
visit the Ten Days office located at 71 Murray Street, Hobart.

Who: Breabach band: Calum, Ewan, James, Megan and James
When: 12pm on Saturday, 22 March 2014
Where: Salamanca Lawns, behind the taxi rank, opposite
Spiegeltent, Hobart

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Bett Gallery News: Hannah Gadsby coming to Oz

Emma Bett, Bett Gallery
21.03.14 12:56 pm


Tasmanian born Hannah Gadsby is a closet art scholar. On ABC TV’s newest series she will travel across the continent on a mission to debunk the myths of the Australian identity as defined by Australian art.  Hannah Gadsby coming to Oz airs on ABC TV Tuesday nights at 10pm.

For those of you who missed our own Julie Gough and Joan Ross featuring in Episode 1 there is still a chance to catch it on iview here:

More from Bett Gallery, here

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