Hamish Anderson

Paula Xiberras
20.12.14 5:51 am


He may not have made it to Tasmania as yet or to MONA which he says would be ‘so cool’ but Hamish Anderson, the blues and rock singer/writer has been doing some spectacular travelling of recent times.

Touring with BB King and receiving accolades such as being’ the (world’s) best guitarist under 30’.  Hamish answers them modestly with’ what a year it’s been in the US for an Aussie kid’ and that ’he’sthrilled’.

The name Hamish in Yiddish means ‘homey’ meaning ‘cosy’ and ‘comfortable’ and that’s how Hamish was in his studio surroundings but now he’s employing a very different meaning of his name, that of its use as a nickname for ‘highlander’ and Hamish is relishing his time on what is definitely high ground as far as success goes.

He says America is a great place with opportunities to perform in different places every night.  It’s been a different but desired process for Hamish to move away from the studio and to put himself open to more challenges such as filming a video ‘all in one go’ and recording live.

Hamish still writes his songs on the typewriter although that changes to notepaper while he’s on tour but he finds both methods ideal as he can stay focused on the task with no distractions which occurs when working on a computer.

Hamish new album ‘Restless’ which describes Hamish’s feelings at the moment’ restless with anticipation, is out now along with the first single ‘Burn’.

You can read more about Hamish on his website:

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The Rundown ...

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
19.12.14 11:57 am


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Ellie Ray, Director. Tracy Broomhall, Gallery Administration Officer
18.12.14 1:47 pm

Joel Crosswell with his work, Galaxias, 2014, 5 drawings, ink on paper

Liam James with his work, Sunburnt Country 1 & 2, 2014, digital photograph

The 2014 Tidal: City of Devonport Art Award opened to a crowd of 140 people on Friday 12 December. The national biennial $15,000 prize, made possible by Devonport City Council and the Gallery’s Friends Committee, was awarded to Hobart artistJoel Crosswell for his work Galaxias, 2014, 5 drawings, ink on paper.

“This was my first time entering Tidal. I’m feeling very lucky!” – 2014 Tidal winner, Joel Crosswell

The 30 year old artist from Hobart grew up in Tasmania and completed a Fine Arts Degree at the University of Tasmania in 2008. During an artist residency in 2013, Crosswell discovered the endangered Galaxias fish in Tasmania’s central highland lakes:

“I was lucky enough when I was on this residency at the end of last year to come across a couple of these fish. So, that influenced a lot of my work I did for the residency. I actually thought the work fitted quite well with the theme of Tidal. The piece talks about existence and not just in animals but also in our own human form.”

Aside from the Galaxias, Crosswellis inspired by many influences: “I’m always reading and listening to music and watching different types of films – it’s the things around me that I’m influenced by.”

The judges also awarded two commendations to Troy Ruffels, Rift, 2013, digital print on aluminium; and Liam James, Sunburnt Country 1 & 2, 2014, digital photograph.


The judges for Tidal 2014 consisted of two nationally recognised art experts, Erica Green, Director, Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia and Sean Kelly, Arts Coordinator, Moonah Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmaniawho selected the 27 finalist’s works from 260 entries.

“Celebrating works of art that reflect on the sea and coastal regions, the Tidal Art Prize provides a valued opportunity for artists to make works of art that contribute to our understanding and appreciation of this most precious resource.” Erica Green

“The range of genres, media, in the entries to ‘Tidal’ 2014 was impressive indeed. The high number of artists from Tasmania proves that the standard of work in this State is very high and new artists of real quality emerge every time ‘Tidal’ comes around. This of course makes the judges’ job fascinating and almost impossible at the same time”. Sean Kelly


Tidal: City of Devonport Art Awardfeatures the work of the 27 finalists who were announced in September. Since its launch in 2004 as a non-acquisitive art prize, Tidal has grown in stature. In 2010 the Major Award was made acquisitive and the major award rose from $10,000 to $15,000. This was made possible by the hard work and support of the Gallery’s Friends Committee who raised the extra $5,000. Tidal is now recognised as a significant national award – not for the prize money alone ¬– the issues surrounding our seas and coastlines impact on every individual, in varying ways,  across the universe.

Tidal attracts artists from across Australia at various stages in their careers.  Previous major award recipients have included Patrick Pound, Neil Haddon, Marian Drew, Matthew Newton and Paul Snell. The Award provides a contemporary platform for artists to reflect upon the myriad perspectives and challenges inherent within the interconnections of land and sea while also encouraging excellence in conception, innovation and execution.

Visitors to the Gallery are encouraged to vote for their favourite work in the exhibition, which will go towards the Gallery’s $1,000 People’s Choice Award to be announced at the conclusion of the exhibition.

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New Artist Investment Program

Vanessa Goodwin, Minister for the Arts
17.12.14 5:30 pm

The Liberal Government is a strong supporter of the Arts in Tasmania.

Tasmania’s cultural sector is a competitive strength of our state and provides important social, economic and public value in our community.

Investment in our artists helps deliver arts experiences around the state and also generates content for the festivals and events that bring tourists to Tasmania, pushing us further towards our goal of attracting 1.5 million visitors per year to the state by 2020.

The Government, through Arts Tasmania, is introducing a new Artist Investment Program to be rolled out in 2015, for projects commencing in 2016.

The Artist Investment Program comprises two categories

• Development for creative and professional development activities, and
• Delivery for activities that enable artists to present their work to the public, or better engage with their audiences.

The Artist Investment Program introduces a new two-stage application process aimed at reducing the upfront work required by artists.
The initial Expression of Interest focuses solely on the artistic idea. Selected artists will then be invited to make a full application requiring a budget and project plan.

For the first time artists can apply for both categories. This can be for two separate projects, or for two distinct components of the one project.
Expressions of Interest will be assessed by artform peers drawn from Arts Tasmania’s new Peer Register, along with relevant artform members of the Artist Investment panel. Full applications will continue to be assessed by multi-artform panels.

Expressions of Interest for the new Artist Investment Program will open in February and close in April 2015.

The new Artist Investment Program is the result of several years’ formal and informal consultation with industry, shaped by feedback received from the new models of arts investment directions paper and artist survey.

For further information on the Artist Investment Program visit:

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Sydney Siege, Pakistan Slaughter - Holding Hope & Love High

Carolyn McDowall, Muse News, thecultureconcept circle
17.12.14 10:34 am


If we are to win the war on terrorism and as hard as it is, whenever such terrible events happen as the appalling Sydney siege, and as I write this, the senseless slaughter of so many innocent children in a school in Pakistan, we must hold onto hope and keep the Message of Christmas - caring, courage, compassion and love alive.

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The Daily Review

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
16.12.14 3:23 pm


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Devonport Regional Gallery December Newsletter

Devonport Regional Art Gallery
16.12.14 2:37 pm


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Emma Bett, Bett Gallery
16.12.14 1:22 pm


Joel Crosswell has taken out the $15,000 acquisitive, national prize at the Tidal: City of Devonport Art Awards. The biennial award provides a contemporary platform for artists to reflect upon the tidal theme, and the perspectives and challenges within the connection between land and sea.
Galaxias, by Crosswell, won the main prize, with judges applauding the artist’s “strong and unforgettable” work.

Available work by Joel Crosswell can be viewed online at

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Despard: Last Summer Show in the downstairs Gallery. Newsletter ...

Steven Joyce Director Despard Gallery
16.12.14 1:00 am


Please join us for the last Summer Show in the downstairs Gallery on Wednesday 17 December at 5:30 for festive drinks and to celebrate the end of another enjoyable year at Despard Gallery.

Despard would like to thank all our artists, clients, supporters and friends for making 2014 a great year.

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And HERE for the latest Newsletter

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FOV: All I want for Christmas is a first-class singing experience ...

Festival of Voices
15.12.14 5:46 pm


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Tassie’s Tattooed Tenor

Paula Xiberras
14.12.14 5:28 am


The name of Matthew Garwood’s album is ‘Tattooed Tenor’ but it could easily be called Tasmanian tattooed tenor because Matthew is one of our own, and a pretty nice one of our own as I found out when I spoke to him recently.

Matthew caught and held our attention as a contestant on The Voice, almost as much for his unique appearance as for his commanding voice.

It’s testament to his powers that only Matthew and the winner of the competition were given contracts by Universal.

Matthew is an original, an illustrated man who finds his niche in the relatively conservative area of musical theatre.

Matthew is very proud of his West Tamar heritage and the vibrant arts culture that exists in his home state. He speaks highly of the educational opportunities, experience and chances for creativity that were given to him in Tassie.

His admiration is also in evidence for his experience of the journey on The Voice and how he was looked after, made to feel comfortable and at ease. He calls it ‘an incredibly positive opportunity’and the exposure garnered him gigs at the Wrest Point Casino, Melbourne Cup lunch with plans for little teaser gigs at the end of this year and perhaps next year a tour and getting back to Tassie to play in ’Evita’ in March.

Another area where Matthew is making an impact is doing talks at school assemblies emphasising being yourself and being comfortable in his skin. He is an advocate for not needing to conform.

With his dad a teacher at Prospect School Matthew is decidedly scholarly, in fact he was pursuing the possibilities of a career in business accounting and economics. What artistic flair Matthew may have brought to this fairly conservative career.

But business’ loss is show business’ gain and Matthew has plans too, for fashion modelling and his own clothing line.

Matthew’s debut album will showcase Broadway hits including fairly modern songs from‘Wicked’ and ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Love Never Dies’, even though, surprisingly Matthew is decidedly old school with a particular love for the gems of the late 40’s. ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ from ‘South Pacific’ as one of his favourite songs.

Matthew might just bring a new audience to musical theatre as he has discovered with the demographics on his Facebook page that reveal followers include 13 to 25 year olds.

Matthew’s album ‘The Tattooed Tenor’ is available now.

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Rudely interrupting Rohan and Roy

Paula Xiberras
14.12.14 5:13 am


One of the meanings of the name Rohan is ‘ascending’, and Rohan Brooks and his fellow band members of pop/ indie band’Rudely Interrupted’ certainly have their star ascending.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Rohan for a chat while he was on the promo road for the band’s new single ‘I am alive’ and their self-titled album.  We also talked about how the boys have been to Tassie a couple of times performing at the Republic Bar and their love of Tassie parklands.

As well as Tasmania the group has done some serious overseas touring including Italy, where they played in palatial surroundings with an 80-piece orchestra. In fact touring the world is second nature to the guys, having clocked up 13 international tours including a special performance as the first indie band at the United Nations in New York to celebrate world disability day. The band makes a point of not talking about their own challenges because they want the emphasis to be firmly on their music.

However the guys are inspirational to everyone who has been posed with challenges, including physical ones such as the guys have been rudely interrupted by ... but interruptions do not phase these musos and as brilliant band member and ‘perfect pitched’Rory (who in fact coined the name of the band) says he’s making up time from those interruptions.

The boys have been playing together for a number of years after meeting in 2006 at Jonathan Burnside’s (Rory’s dad) barbecue.

Rohan says that in some ways because of their challenges, the boys appreciate success more than others who find it more easily.

View the clip for new single I Am Alive:

Info on The Frasil Foundation:

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The Daily Review: This Weekend

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
13.12.14 8:39 am


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The Daily Review

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
12.12.14 2:13 pm


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Tasmanian Love Stories combines art with true tales of love and passion

Bec Donaldson, Contributing artist (artist name “Rebecca Wood”)
11.12.14 9:46 am


From an old family heirloom, to a hidden mountain hideaway, to a beach known as ‘the centre of the universe’; from a lost cow and a flower farm, to the mystery of Tasmania’s ‘most beautiful’ woman – these and other true tales of love and passion have been captured in the art exhibition “Tasmanian Love Stories: True loves and passions from Tasmania’s history”, showing at the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Gallery (in the Hobart library) until the end of February 2015.

A group of nine local artists have explored elements of local heritage from the past 200 years, using a variety of printmaking techniques to tell the stories of their research. 

The artists are: Josefa Abrahams, Nicky Adams, Elizabeth Archer, Anna Berger, Jenny Blake, Barbara Boyle, Janet Freestun, Cecily Lazenby and Rebecca Wood.

Together the artworks reveal colourful aspects of Tasmania’s history. References to early industries sit beside images of natural heritage, including endemic flowers, wildlife and responses to the environment. Other works speak of social heritage, from original Aboriginal inhabitants through to notable or notorious local characters, major events that shaped the community, and the adventures and passions of common Tasmanians.

Old newspapers, diaries, letters and history books were all consulted, and some artists were inspired by their own ancestry, and by interviews with descendants of original families. 

To complement the artworks, the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts has obtained some unique items on loan from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, including delightful examples of late 19th century Valentines cards from the famous Sticht family on Tasmania’s west coast, and a “Convict Love Token” – a coin engraved by a convict with a message of love for family members left behind.

Each artwork comes with a short story, linking the image to the tale of passion unearthed. “We want Tasmanian Love Stories to appeal to everyone, from those who love art, stories and local history to those interested in themes of love and passion,” said contributing artist Rebecca Wood.

“Tasmania’s past is so rich. We hope our exhibition offers a new, creative way to experience some fascinating new stories.”

Tasmanian Love Stories opens Thursday 11 December at 5pm at the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Gallery (LINC [library], 91 Murray St, Hobart), and is showing until the end of February 2015. 

Entry is free.

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The Colour Code: Single and shows

123 Agency Media Release
11.12.14 9:31 am



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To Kokoda & The World War I Commemorative Cookbook

Sharon Evans Big Sky Publishing - Marketing & Communications
11.12.14 6:23 am


Another superb title from the Australian Army History Unit and a unique Cook Book from an Aussie soldier and My Kitchen Rules contestant, David Hopgood,  and his wife Cath, helping to raise funds for Soldier On. 

To Kokoda, new release in the Australian Army History Unit Campaigns Series

When the Japanese war machine swept through South-East Asia in early 1942, it was inevitable that conflict would reach Australian territory on the island of New Guinea.
It was here against a determined enemy and on one of the harshest battlefields on earth, that the Australian forces began to learn the crucial lessons that would be needed to break the back of the Japanese Army in New Guinea.

To Kokoda tells the story of the bloody and protracted struggle as Australian troops fought to drive the Japanese off the Owen Stanleys and out of Papua.

“In To Kokoda, Nick Anderson cuts through the thick
fabric of myths and tall tales that have been woven
around the story of the Kokoda Trail and recovers the
essential detail of the military campaign.”

- Dr Garth Pratten, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, ANU


World War I Commemorative Cook Book, A culinary journey through our military history

This cook book showcases the hearty style of cooking evocative of the time, and presents simple, traditional recipes with a modern twist.

Combined with a brief history of the contributions of the Anzacs, this cook book commemorates and honours our WWI soldiers.

A percentage of proceeds will go to Soldier On, helping our wounded warriors.

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GREAT WOMEN OF COUNTRY 2015 National tour dates

TATIANA MARCHANT | Estellar Publicity + Promotions
11.12.14 6:15 am

Melinda Schneider & Beccy Cole

Country superstars Melinda Schneider & Beccy Cole announce…

New #1 album Great Women Of Country And The Songs That Made Them

To celebrate the release of their #1 Australian Country Music album Great Women Of Country And The Songs That Made Them, Melinda Schneider and Beccy Cole have announced a string of national concert dates from February 2015.  Following on from successful capital city shows in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney in late 2014, these shows will see the girls perform together right across the country from Hobart in the south to Townsville in the north and Albany in the west.  All 22 tracks from the album will be performed live, including such classics as Stand By Your Man,  I Will Always Love You,  Blue Bayou, D.I.V.O.R.C.E., and of course, the first single off the album, 9 to 5.

Melinda and Beccy are music royalty in Australia.  Renowned for their successful solo careers, between them these outstanding talents have amassed 18 albums, five of them Gold status, together with numerous awards and accolades. Fifteen Golden Guitars adorn their mantle pieces, with both of them having taken gongs for Female Vocalist Of The Year and APRA Song Of The Year. They both also proudly boast a swag of songwriting awards and Entertainer Of The Year awards.

It seems only fitting and natural that these firm friends not only record an album of some of the all-time great country songs by women but also perform them live and in concert. The album and the performances are an opportunity for Melinda and Beccy to pay a heartfelt homage to the songs, the songwriters and the singers behind these timeless and heartfelt hits.

As Schneider puts it “Both Beccy and I had always thought about doing an album like this individually … but I woke up one morning and the idea wouldn’t leave me alone, so I called Beccy and asked: wanna do it together?”. And so they have.

“I loved revisiting the songs that were such a big part of my childhood, they’re timeless, they were old even then!” says Cole. “These are some of the songs that I drew from to make my own music, to get to pay tribute to them by recording and performing new versions is a great responsibility but such an honour.”

Great Women Of Country And The Songs That Made Them, was released on 7th November 2014, and debuted at #1 on the ARIA country music charts and #9 on the ARIA album charts.  The first single, 9 To 5, reached #1 on the CMC Video airplay charts and continues to receive massive support across radio nationally. 

The 2nd single, LOVE HURTS, is due for release Dec 5. 

Wed 25 Feb – Princess Theatre, Launceston
Book on 03 6323 3666 or

Thur 26 Feb – Burnie Arts & Function Centre
Book on 06 6430 5850 or

Fri 27 Feb – Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart
Book on 1300 795 257 or

Sat 28 Feb – Albury Entertainment Centre
Book on 02 6043 5610 or

Sun 1 Mar – Canberra Theatre
Book on 02 6275 2700 or

Tues 3 Mar – Regal Theatre, Perth
Book on 132 849 or

Wed 4 Mar – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
Book on 08 9550 3900 or

Fri 6 Mar – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
Book on 1300 661 272 or

Sat 7 Mar – Albany Entertainment Centre
Book on 1300 795 012 or

Thur 19 Mar – Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre
Book on 1300 788 503 or

Fri 20 Mar – The Events Centre , Caloundra
Book on 07 5491 4240 or

Sat 21 Mar – Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
Book on 1300 655 299 or

Wed 25 Mar – Townsville Civic Theatre
Book on 07 4727 9797 or

Thur 26 Mar – Mackay Entertainment Convention Centre
Book on 07 4961 9777 or

Fri 27 Mar – Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall
Book on - 1300 182 183 or or 1300 136 166 or

Sat 28 Mar – Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat
Book on 03 5333 5888 or

All shows are on sale from Monday 8th December.

Album Great Women of Country out now through Universal Music Australia

Melinda Schneider:

Beccy Cole:

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The spectacular Spiegeltent will return to delight Tasmanian audiences once again

Lucinda Bray Font PR
10.12.14 2:46 pm


The internationally acclaimed Spiegeltent will return to Tasmania’s iconic waterfront as part of the
Tasmanian International Arts Festival for 25 days of dazzling entertainment and fun for all ages next

The travelling entertainment salon was a smash hit with Tasmanian crowds in March this year and is
back at Princes Wharf No.1 forecourt from 5-29 March 2015.

Ten Days Artistic Director, David Malacari said that following the success of the 2014 season, sell-out
crowds were again expected for next year’s Spiegeltent.

“More than 150 international, national and Tasmanian performers will showcase a unique and
exciting array of comedy, cabaret, music, circus, burlesque and acrobatic performances as well as
family friendly fun that cannot be missed,” Mr Malacari said.

“In a Tasmanian first a selection of Spiegeltent performers will also be stepping out of the tent to
astound audiences in Launceston, Devonport and Burnie as part of the festival’s Spiegel Sideshow

One performer set to journey north is Hobart based vocalist Maria Lurighi as she returns for her
second Spiegeltent season.

Maria first entertained Ten Days audiences in 2001 as one of the first artists commissioned to
perform in the newly created Ten Days on the Island Festival. Today she performed an exclusive and
intimate jazz piece with pianist Matt Boden at the launch of the 2015 Spiegeltent program.

“The Spiegeltent offers a unique atmosphere for performing and I am thrilled to be working with Ten
Days once again in 2015,” Miss Lurighi said.

“Audiences will be delighted at the return of La Soirée which, along with renowned Australian
company Circa and their show Beyond, will headline the Spiegel program,” Mr Malacari said.

“Beyond is a truly sublime world-class show. The circus cabaret experience presents an unexpected
and surreal mix of comedy, music and magical circus tricks that will be equally mindboggling for
adults and children.

“And Hobart audiences will have another chance to get their hands on the hottest ticket of 2014
when the five star theatrical phenomenon that is La Soirée returns.

“With its combination of jaw dropping acrobatics, hilarious comedy, spellbinding circus acts and
cheeky cabaret performances audiences will be treated to a spectacular evening of entertainment.
“Another highlight of the Spiegeltent program is 2014 La Soirée standout Le Gateau Chocolat, who
will return to Hobart with his hour long solo show I Chocolat.

“A side splitting selection of comedians including Barry award winner Denise Scott, Colin Lane, Jason
Byrne, Ronny Chieng and The Axis of Awesome will leave audiences gasping for breath with their
unforgettably hilarious performances.

“Scottish contemporary folk band Breabach will be back with their high energy performance as part
of the diverse musical line up which includes Archie Roach, Camille O’Sullivan, DJ Dexter, All Our
Exes Live in Texas, James Morrison, Jordie Lane and the Tasmanian premieres of the sensational LFRESH
The LION and Iceland’s Sóley, just to name a few.

“Tasmania’s local music talent will also be on show with Maria Lurighi joining Matt Boden and Peter
Tanfield for wonderful jazz and home grown star ASTA returning for her first Tasmanian show in over
a year.”

The Outdoor Lounge is also back with free entry for all to enjoy a great bar and al fresco dining on
Hobart’s iconic waterfront late into the evening.

To celebrate the Spiegeltent’s return a free opening night will be held on March 5 offering an
evening of enchanting entertainment featuring the UK’s Cocoloco, Silent Disco, Iain Lang’s Punch and
Judy, The Dead Maggies, a sample of highlights from Beyond and more.

The full Spiegeltent program will be inserted into the Mercury on Saturday, 13 December. Tickets go
on sale from 10am on Thursday, 11 December.

A limited number of tickets will be offered at a 25 percent early bird discount prior to Christmas,
subject to availability. To purchase tickets simply head to, phone 6210 5777 or visit
the Ten Days office located at 71 Murray Street, Hobart.

The 2015 Spiegeltent will be presented in association with Strut and Fret Production House and
supported by Southern Cross.

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Emily Chung
09.12.14 7:17 pm


Socially conscious Perth soul songstress, Shameem has announced the release of her new single, Under One Sun (out Friday 12 December) and new album, The Second City set for release on January 16.  Shameem will be celebrating the releases with a national tour kick starting in Perth at Subiaco Arts Centre on January 17, moving through to Melbourne on February 19, Canberra February 20, Sydney February 21, Newcastle February 22 & 23, Brisbane February 27, Byron Bay February 28 and finishing up in Adelaide on March 1.

With a strong soul influence and a unique jazz sensibility, the follow up to acclaimed first single, Beautiful Soul, Shameem’s latest offering, Under One Sun was co-written with Grammy-winning UK-based producer, James Bryan (Nelly Furtardo, Olly Murs, James Morrison).  Peddling an important message, Under One Sun is a catchy soul pop number that will leave you singing the heartfelt lyrics long after song’s end.  Touching on how humanity has a common root, the chorus sees Shameem sing, ‘everyone’s dreaming under one sun’.  “We are all members of one human race, we all live on the same planet and receive life from the same sun in the sky,” explains Shameem.  “I want people to think about why it is that we treat some people differently to others, when they are all equally our human brothers and sisters, no matter where they come from, what colour they are or what they believe.”

After discovering the work of Western Australian artist, Renee Farrant, who makes paper cut art using plain white paper, Shameem says, “I thought how cool would it would be to make a video where everything is made of paper?’  So she floated the idea with director/ producer Jason Eshraghian (Passenger, Northlane), and he came up with the story of an artist who lives in a paper world, and this became the song’s inimitable and clever film clip. 

The Second City LP was co-produced with Rob Agostini (Rai Thistlethwaite, Tim & Jean) at Soundbaker Studios in Perth.  Rich with soulful vocals and keys-driven works of art, the record offers insight in to Shameem’s inspiring passion for life, positivity, spirituality and general desire to assist in the betterment of the world via song and goodwill, not dissimilar in sentiment and talent to global superstar, Alicia Keys.  It touches on a number of thought-provoking themes over the generously loaded 15-tracks; the overcoming of prejudice, broken trust and forgiveness, thankfulness, and gratitude in the face of difficulties. 
Excited about releasing her sophomore record, she jokes, “I’m also feeling a mix of anticipation and impatience.  I’m guessing that this is how a pregnant woman feels; I’ve been cooking this album up for so long and I just want to give birth to it already!”

Keen to hit the road to bring a new life and energy to her songs on stages around the country, Shameem beams, “we stretch out the song arrangements and I like to let my band members improvise and re-interpret the songs.  I love chatting to the audience, so I tell all the stories about what inspired me to write the songs and the meaning behind the lyrics.”

View the clip for Under One Sun Listen to the new album The Second City


Tickets available from

Tickets available from

Tickets available from

Tickets available from





Tickets available from 

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Deni Ute Muster announces 2015 dates, first tickets and first artists!

Rina Ferris
09.12.14 6:18 am


2015 Deni Ute Muster First Announcement!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014:  It is with great pleasure that the organisers behind the increasingly popular Deni Ute Muster reveal the very first details of the 2015 event.

Celebrating its 16th birthday this year, the 2014 edition will no doubt be remembered for many years to come for the 18,000 patrons who graced the plains over the course of the October long weekend. 

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, team “Muster” are working tirelessly to create an even bigger and better event for next year so we suggest you take your calendars, smart phones, tablets and PC’s without delay and block out Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October 2015.  And while you’re at it, submit your leave request form and set your out of office, because this will be one unmissable event!

With discounted Loyalty/Member tickets now on sale we thought we would take this opportunity to give our devoted patrons a little sneak peak at some of the artists who will be mustering up a storm on stage come October …

BIRDS OF TOKYO is a band who needs no introduction, their insistent, bittersweet, rock sounds have resonated deeply with Australian critics and fans. Following two acclaimed albums, the indie band’s self-titled third studio release spent over eight months in the Australian Top 20 and was certified double platinum. It also picked up an ARIA Award for Best Rock Album in 2010. Early in 2011, the band’s anthemic breakthrough hit Plans ranked #4 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 while the follow up single, Wild at Heart reached #1 on the country’s National Airplay Chart and won the band an APRA Award. BIRDS OF TOKYO also received the publicly voted Rolling Stone Readers Choice Award and ARIA Award for Most Popular Australian Artist. Spearheaded by the album’s first two singles This Fire and Lanterns, the bands fourth studio album March Fires debuted #1 on the National ARIA Album Chart – the band’s first ever #1 record.  The album was certified Gold within four weeks of release and has since surpassed Platinum sales, while the quadruple platinum single ‘Lanterns’ was the most played song on Australian radio in 2013. With a playlist boasting some of the biggest Aussie rock anthems of the last few years BIRDS OF TOKYO are destined to incite an all-in, mass sing-a-long at next year’s Muster, and we sure as hell can’t wait!

Deni Ute Muster favourites THE SUNNY COWGIRLS will return to the Plains to take the reigns as festival MC’s, sharing all their insider information and tips for ensuring a knockout Muster experience. The talented sisters Sophie and Celeste Clabburn will also take to the main stage for their own performance which will, as always, be one to watch! With their latest album, My Old Man making moves on the Australian Country Music Chart, THE SUNNY COWGIRLS are undoubtedly one of Australia’s most in-demand Country acts and we’re proud as punch to count them as a much-loved member of the Deni Ute Muster family. We look forward to once again basking in the glow of their unmistakeable sunshine when the Utes roll into town next year!

From Deni Ute Muster veterans to some super impressive rookies - THE WOLFE BROTHERS are also confirmed to join the party next October. Since bursting onto the scene in mid-2012 when they captured the attention of the nation and were voted into second place in the final of the nationally televised show Australia’s Got Talent, THE WOLFE BROTHERS have gone from strength to strength, from the release of their debut album, It is On, in January 2013, to touring and playing to sell-out crowds across the country as special guests on Lee Kernaghan’s Beautiful Noise Tour over the last 2 years. THE WOLFE BROTHERS are undoubtedly making their mark on the Australian music landscape and are fast becoming country music’s most talked about young artists and we cannot wait for them to sprinkle a little bit of their magic on the Deni Ute Muster crowd in 2015.

Minister for Regional Tourism John Barilaro said the Deni Ute Muster has been delighting audiences for 16 years with a fantastic line up of music and family fun and a celebration of the mighty Ute.

“The event is a highlight of the NSW Events Calendar and the NSW Government is proud to be a strategic partner of the Deni Ute Muster,” Mr Barilaro said.

“We look forward to supporting this iconic event once again in 2015,” Mr Barilaro said.

In its first year (1999), the Festival had approximately 5,000 patrons and set a new Guinness World Record for the most number of legally paraded utes at 2,839 – a record which still stands today.  Since 1999 the Deni Ute Muster has become the region’s biggest tourist drawcard and a “bucket list” celebration of all things Australian.

Deni Ute Muster General Manager, Kate Pitt, said, “If you only do one festival in 2015 make it the Muster - it has an ambience like no other festival which is why we have just taken out the Best Regional Event in Australia Award and we have huge plans for 2015.”

Member for Murray-Darling, John Williams, added, “The Deni Ute Muster is an outstanding event that showcases Deniliquin and the Southern Riverina.  Like all very successful regional events in NSW, at the core of the Ute Muster is the outstanding voluntary work by the Deniliquin and local community.  I congratulate the community of Deniliquin on their continued success with this event”.

With many more announcements to come the excitement for the 2015 Deni Ute Muster is growing rapidly and we are giving our loyal patrons and new members alike the opportunity to purchase the very first tickets to the event at a one off discounted rate. Existing members can login and new members can sign up at or call Muster HQ on 03 5881 3388 to secure their tickets. Tickets are limited and only available until sold out. Ticket holders will also be given the opportunity to reserve highly sought after camping sites at the time of purchase.

The 2015 Deni Ute Muster is proudly supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.

Tickets are on sale NOW and available at 

Deni Ute Muster
Conargo Road, Deniliquin, NSW
Friday, 2 October and Saturday, 3 October, 2015

Birds of Tokyo
Sunny Cowgirls
The Wolfe Brothers
and much, much more to be announced!
Twitter: @deniutemuster
Instagram: @deniutemuster


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Ellie Ray, Director, Tracy Broomhall, Gallery Administration Officer
08.12.14 5:59 pm

Lisa Garland, Musician, Fisherman, Aboriginal, Fred and Thylacine Hunter, 2012, silver gelatin print, Tidal 2012 Judges Commendation

13 December – 1 February 2015
Exhibition Opening Friday 12 December, 7 pm

Devonport Regional Gallery presents Tidal: City of Devonport Art Award 2014 from 13 December – 1 February, 2015.  Opening on Friday 12 December at 7 pm the exhibition features the work of the 27 finalists who were announced in September. The $15,000 National Award recipient will be announced at the opening with the $1,000 People’s Choice Award to be announced at the conclusion of the exhibition.

Tidal: City of Devonport Art Award also known as Tidal was launched in 2004. The national biennial Award was initiated by then director Jane Stewart and the Special Committee of the Devonport Regional Gallery. In 2010 the Major Award was made acquisitive and prize money rose from $10,000 to $15,000. This was made possible by the hard work and support of the Gallery’s Friends Committee who raised the extra $5,000. Tidal is now recognised as a significant national award – not for the prize money alone, but because the issues surrounding our seas and coastlines are global.

Tidal attracts artists from across Australia at various stages in their careers.  Previous major award recipients have included Patrick Pound, Neil Haddon, Marian Drew, Matthew Newton and Paul Snell. The Award provides a contemporary platform for artists to reflect upon the myriad perspectives and challenges inherent within the interconnections of land and sea while also encouraging excellence in conception, innovation and execution. These challenges may be personal or political, natural or cultural and therefore interpretations of the theme can vary considerably within a contemporary art context.

The Peoples’ Choice Award
The $1,000 Peoples’ Choice Award is sponsored by Collins Real Estate, Devonport. The Peoples’ Choice award is a non-acquisitive award selected by the viewers of Tidal and announced at the conclusion of the exhibition.

The Tidal Festival
The Devonport Regional Gallery hosts a ‘mini festival’ over the summer holidays to celebrate Tidal. The program includes musical events and workshops, outdoor art workshops, and an evening forum with guest speakers. These programs continue to grow and contribute to greater
community engagement and knowledge about our environment. Program details will be released in early December.

The Judges
The judging panel for Tidal 2014 consists of two nationally recognised art experts, Erica Green, Director, Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia and Sean Kelly, Arts Coordinator, Moonah Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania who selected the 27 finalist’s works from 260 entries.

“Celebrating works of art that reflect on the sea and coastal regions, the Tidal Art Prize provides a valued opportunity for artists to make works of art that contribute to our understanding and appreciation of this most precious resource.” Erica Green

“The range of genres, media, in the entries to ‘Tidal’ 2014 was impressive indeed. The high number of artists from Tasmania proves that the standard of work in this State is very high and new artists of real quality emerge every time ‘Tidal’ comes around. This of course makes the judges’ job fascinating and almost impossible at the same time”. Sean Kelly

2014 Tidal Finalists Announced

Diane Allison, Tok Basuki, Michael Brennan, Tim Burns, Matt Calvert, Gabrielle Courtenay,
Joel Crosswell, Angeleca Daniel, Amanda Davies, Isaac Fergusson, James Geurts, Janet Green, David Hawley, Petrina Hicks, Liam James, Kim Lehman, Sara Maher, Michael Muruste, Matthew Newton, Sarah Rhodes, Cath Robinson, Troy Ruffels, Melissa Smith, Paul Snell,  Fiona Tabart, LeAnne Vincent, Catherine Woo.

Anne Morrison, Nest, 2012, acrylic and water colour on paper, Tidal 2012 Peoples’ Choice Recipient

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Hamlet: Bonkers. Around the twist. Loopy. Mad as a hatter

Amber Wilson
08.12.14 5:00 am

How David Tennant played Hamlet ...


PLOT Theatre Company, Peacock Theatre

Bonkers. Around the twist. Loopy. Mad as a hatter. Tipping over the edge. Unstable. Crazy. Mentally ill. Batshit crazy.

Few (or perhaps none) of these descriptors are particularly politically correct terms for the affliction suffered by Hamlet in the ubiquitous Shakespearean play.

We all know the story, Hamlet being one of Shakespeare’s most performed plays (Loud Mouth Theatre performed a version with a twist earlier this year). A young man is haunted by his father’s vengeful ghost who asks his son to wreak revenge on his wife, the Queen, and her new husband, the now-deceased King’s brother Claudius.

As the spectre tells his son, the lustful and power-hungry pair have slain the now not-at-peace King in order to take his throne and his place in his marital bed. But Hamlet as a play is about more than that – it’s about when and how we depict people as mentally unstable – and when this psychological turmoil is true madness or simply the human brain’s normal response to unbearable levels of stress, emotional upheaval and tragedy.

But is Hamlet even mad at all? Is it just a big phony excuse so he can act like a dick as much as possible to his girlfriend Ophelia, and Ophelia’s conniving dad Polonius (played extraordinarily well as Ophelia’s mum in this production by Deidree McMaster), before bewildering the king and his attendants as he attempts to right his uncle’s wrongs?

Director Tai Gardner sums it up well – he says he certainly doesn’t think Hamlet is mad.

“I believe Hamlet is just a young man put under extreme pressures, and being ‘not mad, but mad in craft’ allows him to relieve some of that pressure while still striving towards his goal,” he says, adding that when you take his circumstances into consideration, Hamlet’s behaviour begins to make sense.

Sounds legit to me – if my mum or dad was murdered, I’d probably act a little “uptight” myself.

PLOT is the University of Tasmania’s amateur drama society, and they have done a solid job with the material of Hamlet. They’ve gone for a black, minimalist stage and costume design – all the characters are wearing black and the throne in the back is set up in sleek ebony. The guys wear black suits, the girls are donned in black skirts and tops, and the Players are jazzed up with black shirts topped off with bowties and braces. The Player King (portrayed solidly by Thomas McManus) descends into an almost tap-dancing jazz number. The whole effect blends nicely with a black speakeasy 1920s style to give an oddly surrealist – perhaps even nihilist – feel.

The coolest thing about this rendition, IMHO, is the fact that Hamlet’s dead old dad, the Spectre, isn’t a character of his own. Rather, he’s split into three characters – including Horatio and two Players – who speak in unison, giving a very spooky and dramatic feel. The characters, although speaking angrily in unison, move in a choreographed sequential fashion, where their postures break and reconstruct in staggered intervals.

It’s creepy, quite frankly, and gives you a sense of being hurled back to a time in the Middle Ages when ghosts and witches and wicked things were as real and present in daily life as ticket inspectors and accountants are today.

Hamlet is currently on at the Peacock Theatre, Salamanca until December 13. Tickets $19/$24.

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Tasmanian actor Essie Davis finds Dad’s a hard act to follow

06.12.14 11:41 am

George Davis at TMAG

Essie Davis in Miss Fisher mode ...

VISITORS to a new exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery will see a famous face among the delicately sketched portraits.

Hobart artist George Davis, 84, has spent most of his life painting and drawing subjects from nature — birds, animals, landscapes — and is also a highly regarded portrait artist.

And among his works on show at the TMAG are a couple of drawings of his daughter, Tasmanian actor Essie Davis, star of ABC series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and the horror film The Babadook.

Essie was in Hobart yesterday to be with her dad for the launch of the exhibition, George Davis: Master Draughtsman, and both were emotional about seeing so much of his work on display.

“It’s amazing to see it like this, I haven’t seen a lot of these pictures in a long time, myself,” George said.

“I remember seeing (Dr Winnifred Curtis) at our house being painted and walking in to tell them lunch was ready,” Essie said.

The exhibition includes drawings of native wildlife, portraits and painted scenes, as well as displays of other items from George’s studio.

George’ best-known work is the mural on the former ABC Building at 5 Sandy Bay Rd, now the UTAS Conservatorium of Music.

Essie is still enjoying the news of her nomination for a best actress AACTA award for her horror film The Babadook, which recently opened in the US to rave reviews.

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• George Davis: Master Draughtsman opens in the TMAG’s Argyle Gallery today and continues until March 1.

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The Daily Review: This Weekend

Daily Review, powered by Crikey
06.12.14 11:29 am


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Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens: Comedy of Errors

Ros Peck, Directions Theatre Pty Ltd
05.12.14 1:56 pm

Directions Theatre Pty Ltd
Presents the Hilarious Shakespeare Comedy
Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens
6 - 28 Feb 2015

Popular Director Ingrid Ganley is back in the gardens! With successes such as “Mousetrap”, “Noises Off”, “Black Coffee” and “Phantom of the Opera” under her belt, Hobart’s best loved director is returning to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to direct Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors”.

The Comedy of Errors is Shakespeare’s first comedy, and definitely one of his funniest. The comedy is fast and furious, the plot gets wilder and wilder as the play moves to its climax. Done in Bollywood style this production promises plenty of colour and movement.

Pandemonium ensues when two sets of twins, separated in a shipwreck when babies, meet up twenty-five years later in the town of Ephesus. Mistaken identities create farcical confusion in one of Shakespeare’s most hysterical comedies – The Comedy of Errors.

Ganley has put together a strong cast of experienced actors, Christopher Forbes, Jessica Davies, Jared Goldsmith, Luke Visentin, Tamara Bloomfield, Megan Brockie, Rob Maxwell, Sera Goldstone and Brian Andrews.

This is the 17th Shakespeare in the Gardens for Directions Theatre opening on Friday 6th February 2015 and plays Tuesday to Saturday at 7.00PM until 28 February. 

Tickets are available at Centertainment or at the gate one hour before the performance.

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Tasmanian Guitar Trio

Dr Gareth Koch
04.12.14 7:26 pm

7.00pm Saturday March 14
City Baptist Church, Frederick St Launceston
Gareth Koch Oliver Marshall, Darcy O’Malley

The Tasmanian Guitar Trio is the flagship ensemble of the Tasmanian Guitar Studio, directed by ARIA Award Winner Gareth Koch. Performing on classical and flamenco guitars, this highly eclectic and vibrant ensemble is rapidly becoming a fixture within Tasmania’s cultural landscape.

Dr Gareth Koch
B.Mus, Dip.Mus, PhD (Sydney, Madrid, Vienna)
ARIA Award Winner
Director - Tasmanian Guitar Studio

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No regrets, Just Love ...

Mona Foma
04.12.14 6:06 pm



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‘World Wild’ single release ‘Coast to Coast’ and Debut with ...

Sara Selwood
04.12.14 9:50 am


...  ‘I Heard They Eat Cigarettes Records’ Label Launch

Jarrad Lee Jackson is the maverick behind World Wild – an Australian artist fusing a little bit of 80s funk with synth, pop and electronica to bring you the perfect soundtrack to lazy summers spent at the beach, catching waves and rays under the sun.

Jarrad draws an eclectic range of inspiration from the likes of Beastie Boys, George Michael and Duran Duran to produce tracks that are as captivating and curious as they are cool. With a sound reminiscent of other cult surf bands such as Wavves without as much of the angst, World Wild is one to watch this summer.

‘Coast to Coast’ is a nostalgic tribute to the 80s Californian skate and surf scene, accompanied of course with a super catchy synth track. So infectious it’s one not to be missed performed in the flesh.

World Wild is signed to another emerging game changer – I Heard They Eat Cigarettes Records. With a vision to create a platform for progressive and experimental artists such as Jarrad to set the world ablaze with their music, this is also a debut for the label which has grown from the cult Melbourne street wear and nightlife scene.
Jarrad, former Drummer from Epitaph Punk band Dangerous! - will be launching Coast to Coast as his debut single with I Heard They Eat Cigarettes Records at Yah Yah’s in Melbourne on Friday the 26th December. With the festive season and the sweltering Australian summer in full swing, it’s the perfect chance to grab some friends and a cold beer and get caught up in the hype that is World Wild.

More information available at

Social Media

Friday 26th December 2014
Yah Yah’s, Melbourne - VIC
with Special Appearances, Johnny from The Galvatrons, Villainettes & More TBA

Friday 2nd January 2015
Rocket Bar, Adelaide - SA

‘Coast To Coast’ is out Friday 5th December on I Heard They Eat Cigarettes Records

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Professional Development Fellowship Program for Tasmanian Artists

Vanessa Goodwin, Minister for the Arts
03.12.14 11:22 am

The Liberal Government is a strong supporter of the arts in Tasmania.

Investment in our local artists helps create Tasmanian jobs and delivers opportunities for the community to engage with the arts.

Applications are now open for Arts Tasmania’s new professional development Fellowship program, a one-off initiative that offers four $5,000 fellowships for Tasmanian artists.

Artists from all career stages are encouraged to apply, and fellowships will be offered to artists within each career stage - emerging, mid-career and established artists.

The Fellowships will enable artists to progress their careers by undertaking professional development activities.

Fellowships can include training in specific areas of professional practice, skills development through short courses, attending identified conferences, mentorships, workshops or master classes.

Applications close on 16 February 2015. For further information visit:

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