Investing in Tasmania’s Creative Future

Mel King
15.08.18 9:27 am

The Theatre Council of Tasmania (TCT) is delighted to announce that home-grown artist, Rob
Maxwell, will soon return to Hobart share his professional talent with local theatre

Rob will conduct two, voice empowerment master classes on Saturday, 18 August and will
also spend Monday, 20 August working with the cast of professional theatre company, Blue
Cow’s, production of Hamlet to deliver specific voice coaching.

Rob is a Tasmanian actor, voice teacher and recent NIDA graduate (Master of Voice), who also
holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Melbourne, and is a graduate of the
Atlantic Acting School in New York City. Rob is currently teaching on NIDA’s prestigious
Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting program, and runs a private voice, speech and dialect coaching
business in Sydney. In 2017, Rob was the recipient of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board
(TAAB) Chairman’s Scholarship and used his grant to do further study in America under
internationally-acclaimed dialect coach Beth McGuire

TCT Vice President, Rod Anderson said that “Tassie theatre has produced some of Australia’s
finest talent.

“The TCT is proud to continue supporting the development of our next generation with this
invaluable workshop.”

The master classes on 18 August are not just for actors but anyone wanting to free their
natural speaking voice, whether it be as an actor, a teacher, a director, a public speaker, or a
parent. Participants will come away with a greater awareness of their vocal abilities.

However, you better be quick as the workshops are filling up fast!

The Hamlet rehearsals will begin with Rob leading the company in vocal warmups, working
one-on-one with the actors and sitting in on the day’s rehearsal, listening to text, giving
feedback and supporting director Robert Jarmon.

Rob is thrilled to be sharing his studies with Tasmanians and hopes to encourage more people
to develop their skills through scholarship opportunities offered by the TCT and other sources.

Additional Background:

In the two master classes on Saturday, 18 August, Rob will take participants through a series
of explorations that will cover breathing, phonation, resonance, articulation, and text. He will
also be touching on dialect acquisition for those actors seeking to expand their repertoire of

Robert Maxwell

As a voice teacher and acting coach Rob is passionate about guiding actors towards individual
expression, through the acquirement of a psycho-visceral connection to text. During his time
at NIDA Rob was fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s leading voice
practitioners, including Kristin Linklater, Catherine Fitzmaurice and Barbara Houseman. His
teaching philosophy is also inspired by the work of Cicely Berry, Arthur Lessac, Patsy
Rodenburg and F.M. Alexander.

In 2017 Rob was the recipient of the NIDA MFA Scholarship, and also the Tasmanian Theatre
Council’s TAAB Chairman’s Scholarship. The latter gave him the opportunity to travel to the
U.S.A. to intern with esteemed dialect coach Beth McGuire, while she worked on the hit Marvel
film Black Panther. In 2018 Rob returned to the States to undertake residencies at Yale School
of Drama and Carnegie Mellon University.

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Moonah Arts Centre: Moonah MOVES Festival

Moonah Arts Centre
14.08.18 3:18 pm

The Moonah Arts Centre is proud to host The Moonah MOVES Festival!

This festival is an inclusive, exciting, inviting celebration of dance in all its many and varied forms.

Kicking off on 30 August, The MOVES offers a packed program of workshops, performances and events.

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A Decade Undressed: A Burlesque Anniversary

Miss Kitty's Meow
14.08.18 12:22 pm


The smooth jazz styling of Tassie’s own Bootleg Gin Sluggers will accompany your favourite artists as they show off a decade of disrobing.

Take this one night only opportunity to dust off your best fashion, lace up your dancing shoes and celebrate the night with us!

Early Birds $25| Pre sale $35| Doors $45

Tickets are limited and pre booking is highly recommended.

On Saturday 25 August 2018 at 8:00pm


Moonah Arts Centre
23-27 Albert Road, Moonah, Tasmania 7009


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Sidespace Gallery: Henrietta Manning 10-15 August 2018 Solo Exhibition. LAST DAYS

Henrietta Manning, First published July 26
14.08.18 12:00 pm

Henrietta Manning, Grand Tour, Self, acrylic on masonite

Title: Henrietta Manning. A Cambodian Selfie.

Venue: Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Level 1/77 Salamanca Place, Hobart, TAS.

Dates & Times open to the public: 10th – 15th August 2018 10am-5pm

Date & Time of Official Opening: Friday 10th August 6-8pm

Speaker at Official Opening: Adriana Taylor. Commissioner Huon Valley Council

Website: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Event Teaser ...

The Grand Tour, at its height in1660–1820, was undertaken to complete the education of predominately wealthy young men, becoming a rite of passage forming part of an elite’s entry into polite society.

Often accompanied by a tutor or guide the most popular destinations were the cities considered to be major centers of culture, and sites with the remains of ancient Roman and Greek civilisation.

Surprisingly today’s tourist holds much in common with those earlier travelers; while the journey is unlikely to be as arduous, the mindset is similar. Our idea of a ‘holiday’ reflects the reality that time on the Grand Tour was frequently spent in more frivolous pursuits.

Most striking is the difference in speed. A Grand Tour lasted from months to several years while today the tyranny of distance has been vanquished, it is possible to dip in and out of cultures and worlds different from our own for a few weeks/days or even hours. There is no slow acclimatization and the real sense of distance travelled has been lost.

The collection of souvenirs was as endemic as today. Like the modern selfie, the desire to record one’s own image as traveler was met by commissioned portraits, painted either in iconic settings or surrounded by tokens of learning and acquired mementos.

Today a selfie takes only seconds to capture.

The artist’s self portrait, ’Grand Tour Self’ references the traditions of the Grand Tour commissioned portrait. In particular it’s proportions, composition and the pose of the artist is based on the 17th century Italian painter Pompeo Batoni’s portrait of the 22 year old Wyndham Knatchbull-Wyndham. Grand Tour sitters were typically portrayed wearing the luxurious silk ensembles they had tailored for them overseas in the company of their dogs that may even have accompanied them.

The artist is wearing Cambodian trousers and shawl, and not having any dogs has substituted her cat and chickens. As the artist’s worked in their studios, not out on site, certain props reappear. Noticing the chair in the Wyndham portrait appearing in a number of other Batoni portraits Manning has reincorporated it into her own.

‘A Cambodian Selfie’ contrasts the superficiality of mass tourism with the real world of Cambodia, a country struggling with extremes of wealth and poverty, corruption and privilege and the intergenerational trauma of civil war. In their tourist bubble focused on the stunning historical sites such as Angkor Watt what is learnt or understood about the current lives of its people? In 2017 the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs contributed 90 million of tax payer’s money to aid Cambodia’s ‘greater prosperity’. This to a country whose track record on human rights and democracy is lamentable, that the international Labor Organization reported that 10 cents in every dollar is lost to corruption. A government who’s Tourism Minister has stated ‘we have no crisis but there are politicians who are having a crisis themselves’ in reference to opposition party members fleeing the country after the forced disbandment of their party by the current government in preparation for the 2018 elections. While the tourism town of Seim Reap expands its accommodation and services government imposed economic land concessions rob farmers of their land and livelihoods. Half of the countries arable land, a quarter of the countries surface, has been conceded to private companies under the scheme. It has been estimated that 85% of Cambodians are now migrants, either internal, or external to countries such as Thailand.

Holiday travel is by its nature superficial and can only provide a small window to experience another culture but how much smaller is that window getting every day as the crowds hop off planes onto buses, following their tour leaders flag back to the safety and sterility of their generic hotel? The Grand Tour has become ‘grand tourism’, the crowds of people descending on ‘hot spots’ are now so vast that whole cities are considering limiting their numbers because of the impact physically and culturally of this stampede. What do these tourists really see and return home with? A bucket list ticked? A series of selfies loaded onto facebook and instagram?

The idea of travelling for the sake of curiosity and learning was an idea developed in the 17th century. With John Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690), it was argued, and widely accepted, that knowledge comes entirely from the external senses, that what one knows comes from the physical stimuli to which one has been exposed. Travel, therefore, was necessary to develop the mind and expand ones knowledge of the world.Today tourism is the world’s largest industry. More people are involved, either as a member of a host community, a travel/tourism industry player or as a consumer/tourist than in any other industry. The legacy of the Grand Tour lives on still influencing the destinations tourists choose and shaping the ideas of culture and sophistication that surround the act of travel, but of the staggering 2.5 million visitors to Angkor Watt in 2017, generating 52.5 million in six months, what is the real cost and benefit to the Cambodian people?

Exhibiting since1985, Henrietta is an established award winning artist represented by Colville Gallery, Hobart, and has been a finalist in many art prizes including The Wynne 1994/1996 and the 2017 Glover Prize.

Download invitation ...

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Quiet please, the People’s Library is opening its doors for September

Natasha Newman, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
14.08.18 9:51 am

The People’s Library (2017-18) is a participatory artwork by Tasmanian artists Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward (A Published Event) presented in partnership with Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania.

Tethered in everyday acts of writing, reading and telling, The People’s Library has published a unique living library of new and original book-length works by Tasmanian writers. Part performance library, part contemporary artwork, The People’s Library has published one hundred and thirteen books covering many genre that is cumulating in a month-long event at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre in September 2018 which the library’s holdings will be held for a public audience.

Influenced by the great Ancient Library of Alexandria, (founded in the third Century BC) whose rulers attempted to assemble in one place, every book in existence, The People’s Library is an opportunity to leave a trace, locate a life or sweep a narrative arc within a unique Tasmanian library.

In September 2018, The People’s Library will open at Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, creating a movement of public events – book groups, live readings, dedicated readers in residence, salon events. The People’s Library/A Published Event will also launch the inaugural HobART Book Fair from 21-22 September 2018.

Key Dates for The People’s Library

For a detailed calendar of public event for The People’s Library:

Wednesday 15 August @ 11am
Soapbox Launch: Mather’s Place, Bathurst St, Hobart.

Friday 7 September @ 11am
MEDIA CALL: The People’s Library, Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

Friday 7 September @ 6pm
OFFICIAL OPENING: The Peoples Library, Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

Friday 21 September @5pm
OFFICIAL LAUNCH: HobART Book Fair, Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

Each year Salamanca Arts Centre commissions a curator or curators to research and develop a significant exhibition on a specific curatorial concept that becomes our Major Curated Exhibition. Emerging, mid-career, established or even outsider artists respond to the curator’s concept.

The exhibitions debut at SAC’s Long Gallery and Sidespace Gallery. The Major Curated Exhibitions are of national significance and the highest profile activity within SAC’s annual Arts Program.

SUPPORTED BY: The Australia Council, the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body; the City of Hobart; The Regional Arts Fund; with generous support form the Allport Bequest

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TSO to perform September concert at Melbourne Recital Centre

Samuel Cairnduff Director Marketing and Communications TSO
14.08.18 9:42 am

Orchestra to headline Shubert & Strauss concert at MRC; followed by Hamer Hall The Capulets and the Montagues performance with Victorian Opera

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra will travel to Melbourne in September for two performances, firstly on Sep 13 in a headline concert entitled Shubert’s The Great at Melbourne Recital Centre, then as part of Victorian Opera’s production of Bellini’s The Capulets and the Montagues at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne the following evening, September 14.

One of Melbourne’s pre-eminent performing arts complexes Melbourne Recital Centre is an acclaimed music destination combining architectural innovation and acoustic perfection. Its world-class performance spaces showcase the best music, artists and ensembles from around the world. The TSO will perform in the MRC’s largest space, the 1000-seat Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.

Shubert’s The Great will feature the composer’s Symphony No 9, his last, and widely regarded finest, symphony - commonly known as the ‘Great’.  Featuring renowned Australian soprano Siobhan Stagg, whose talents will be featured in works by Richard Strauss, the concert will be conducted by TSO Principal Guest Conductor Johannes Fritzsch.

On the stage of Hamer Hall the following evening, the TSO joins Victorian Opera’s production of The Capulets and the Montagues which will feature Jessica Pratt and Caitlin Hulcup.  The innovative move of offering choir seating for sale will provide the audience with a unique perspective of the performers as they overlook the orchestra.

The collaboration between the TSO and Victorian Opera is part of a multi-year collaboration between the two organisations to present opera in different formats. The TSO will present the Opera in Concert, Gounod’s Romeo et Juliette on October 20 in association with Victorian Opera as part of an 11 day festival of Shakespearean inspired works.
Shubert’s The Great will be performed ahead of the Melbourne concert Thursday 6 September in a Tasmanian exclusive at Launceston’s Albert Hall. 

Siobhan Stagg also appears on August 25 with the TSO in the matinee concert Clair de Lune at Hobart’s Federation Concert Hall.

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra - Schubert’s The Great
Thursday 6 September 2018 7.30pm
The Albert Hall, Launceston
Tickets: | 1800 001 190

Thursday 13 September 2018 7.30pm
Melbourne Recital Centre, Elisabeth Murdoch Hall
Tickets: | +61 (0)3 9699 3333

The Capulets and the Montagues
Friday 14 September 2018, 7.30pm
Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall
Tickets: |


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Devonport Regional Gallery: The final exhibition at Stewart Street, From Here to There

Geoff Dobson, Director, Devonport Regional Gallery
14.08.18 8:35 am

Left image: Allan Francis, Baptist Church once; Art Gallery now 1987, from Homes of Devon 6 Open House, b&w photograph, DCC Permanent Collection, acc. 1987.029. Right image: Courthouse, Devonport, n.d. The Robinson Collection, R5844, DCC Permanent Collection

From Here to There
Curated by Erin Wilson
Opening: Friday 24 August at 6pm
Exhibition Dates: 25 August - 30 September 2018

In its final exhibition before relocating to the old Courthouse building, at the paranaple arts centre, the Devonport Regional Gallery will look back on the exhibitions, collection, people and events that have shaped its last 34 years in Stewart Street.

paranaple arts centre director Geoff Dobson said the public was being encouraged to share both their memories of the Gallery and their ideas for its future as part of the exhibition.

The exhibition, From Here to There, will feature a reading room with past exhibition catalogues on display for visitors to look back on. This will be accompanied by an installation of light box posters from a selection of past exhibitions, highlighting the scope of both Tasmanian and national touring exhibitions held at the Gallery over the years.

A display from the permanent collection will also celebrate the diversity and growth of the collection. A selection of items representing different facets of the collection will be on display, including photographs from the historic Robinson Collection, a ladies’ ball dress from the Moon Collection and a selection of Owen Lade’s portraits of children. In addition, the first acquisitive Tidal Award recipient Matthew Newton’s work Moonbird boy 3 will be on show, along with a recent acquisition of works by Anne Morrison.

In addition to artworks from the gallery’s permanent collection, the exhibition will also feature an indoor mural by the gallery’s young members’ committee, The Droogs.

Mr Dobson said the mural would be developed during the whole exhibition period and visitors are encouraged contribute to the mural, which will focus on the gallery’s history as well as the community’s hopes and dreams for the new gallery at the paranaple arts centre.

``This is a unique opportunity for the public to join in the celebration of the DRG’s last three decades as well putting their hopes for the future on display.’’

``We are hoping many people will take an opportunity to offer their insights.’’

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Tasdance: Drinking Water ...

14.08.18 8:12 am


Sete Tele and Lisa Hirmer
Presented by Tasdance at the Junction Arts Festival

Final Call out for participants!

There are only a few places left for households to be involved in this unique project!

Led by artists Sete Tele (based in Perth WA) and Lisa Hirmer (Canada) Drinking Water is a participatory installation dance performance work that encourages all communities to transition to new ways of sharing water.

If you think you and your household might like to ‘harvest’ water over a few weeks in your homes with the help of Sete and Lisa, then we want to hear from you!  Each household will be tasked with gathering or ‘harvesting’ water on/ in their respective homes.  The artists Sete and Lisa will personally visit each household in the lead up to the Junction Arts Festival to devise a water gathering process appropriate to each home, with local and environmental conditions taken into account.  You will be asked to chart the ‘harvesting’ of your water over a few weeks.

Your ‘harvested’ water will be brought to Tasdance on Sunday September 9th where the water will be celebrated and tasted.  Then the water will be ‘danced’ to Prince’s Square to join the Acoustic Picnic at the Junction Festival and to finally transfer the water into the Fountain…..if this sounds like something you want to participate in, we would love to hear from you!

If you and your household are keen to be part of this art work, please contact Tasdance no later than Wednesday August 15th at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)                       



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Queens of the Stone Age asked if they could play MONA. We said YES

14.08.18 7:32 am


Now’s your chance for an audience with the Queens, in a literally underground, one-off, non-arena-style special performance in the heart of the museum.

Monday 3 September, 8pm (doors 7pm)
Nolan Gallery, Mona
$82.50 + booking fee




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Luca Brasi team up with Alice Ivy

Danae Effern, Little Giant
10.08.18 11:27 am


Luca Brasi met Alice Ivy for the first time at Falls Festival when Alice Ivy came to the rescue.

With a flight cancellation Luca Brasi were never going to make it to Byron Bay in time for their set. Bummed to potentially be missing out on playing, Alice Ivy swapped set times to save the day!

A new found friendship led to Alice Ivy remixing recent Luca Brasi single ‘Clothes I Slept In’ from their recently released fourth album Stay.

“We were fucked. Alice Ivy swapped spots with us and when we got to the site she gave us a bottle of Moet and we hung out and drank together. We made a sick and extremely talented new friend, got to party and play a show. The result of all this is that she also did a sick remix of one of our songs. We definitely owe her a few, what a ledge!” said Luca Brasi lead singer Tyler Richardson

“I was soo stoked when the guys asked me to remix a song off their record! We come from such different music worlds but it’s amazing that we were able to create something super cool together, those boys will always have a place in my heart!” Alice Ivy

Luca Brasi kick off their national album tour this weekend and have announced they will be supporting Gang Of Youths at the Brisbane Riverstage on Saturday the 24th of November.




With special guests Tiny Moving Parts and Eliza & the Delusionals
Sat 11 August – Club 54, Launceston * - SOLD OUT!
Fri 17 August – The Triffid, Brisbane - SOLD OUT!
Sat 18 August – Manning Bar, Sydney
Wed 22 August – Rosemount Hotel, Perth **
Thur 23 August – The Gov, Adelaide
Fri 24 August – The Croxton, Melbourne - SOLD OUT!
* Tiny Moving Parts not appearing ** Eliza & The Delusionals not appearing

Just announced - Saturday 24 November, Riverstage, Brisbane with Gang Of Youths. Tickets on sale now.



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Devonport Regional Gallery: August Newsletter ...

Devonport Regional Gallery
10.08.18 6:40 am



Look, HERE

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Moonah Arts Centre: Exhibitions opening 6pm Thurs, Aug 23

Moonah Arts Centre
09.08.18 9:07 pm

Abstraction, Abjection and Activism: The Fragility of Goodness ... Elizabeth Day


Exhibitions run 24 Aug - 15 Sep 2018

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Bett Gallery: Stephanie Tabram’s new work ...

Bett Gallery
08.08.18 5:06 pm


Stephanie Tabram’s work captures the essence of Tasmania’s distinctive and picturesque rural landscapes. Tabram’s detailed paintings are deeply personal and reveal both keen observations and memories of the artist’s current and past life in other rural locations.

Tabram says of this series of work, “I grew up on farms similar to the properties out here. I have waited for school buses on similar roads, powder fine road dust settling on my shoes. A lifetime later I can still feel the anticipation, every vehicle brings speculation- where are you going and why.”

Born in the United Kingdom, Stephanie Tabram moved to Australia with her family at a young age. Having studied art during the late 1980’s in Sydney, she now chooses to live just outside of Hobart, her paintings capturing the quieter, slower lifestyle this island inspires. Tasmania’s unique light is signature to the haunting landscapes she creates and the direct gaze from either her beloved Shetland pony or her collection of jersey cows allows you to understand just why she is so well regarded and so highly sort after.

Email your interest in this work to the gallery: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

View past work by Stephanie Tabram here:


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Tasdance: Spring is just around the corner ...

08.08.18 7:48 am


Hello from Tasdance, 

With the end of Winter upon us and Spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share all the activities that have been keeping us busy at Tasdance. 

The Tasdance Artists

Earlier in the year we were thrilled to welcome the Tasdance artists, a group of exceptionally talented independent artists being: Sofie Burgoyne, Gabriel Comerford, Rachel Arianne Ogle, Thomas E.S. Kelly and Isabella Stone.  They were joined by the interim Artistic Director Carol Wellman Kelly who has had a long association with Tasdance.

The Tasdance Artists hit the ground running and were keen to build relationships with both the local Launceston and the greater Tasmanian community.  They opened the Studio for the weekly ‘Meet the Makers’ sessions which provided a wonderful opportunity to connect and get some insight into what they do in their creative space.  As well as this, the Tasdance artists led some Stompin’ workshops, sharing their skills and experience with the next generation of dancers …

Read more here

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Republic: Stephen Cummings Signs to Bloodlines

Julia Hill
08.08.18 7:31 am


•New studio album Prisoner of Love due for February 2019 release
•Solo catalogue to be re-released including vinyl reissues
•A two-CD career retrospective will be issued
•October tour announced
Stephen Cummings, one of Australia’s most loved and respected singers and songwriters, is returning to where his recording career started – Michael Gudinski’s Mushroom Group.

Bloodlines is proud to announce that it will be re-releasing Stephen’s solo catalogue plus Stephen’s brand-new album, Prisoner of Love.

The ARIA Award-winning artist has indicated that this will be his final studio album.

Bloodlines will also issue a two-disc career anthology.
“I am very proud to reunite with Stephen Cummings,” Michael Gudinski says. “We had our first Top 40 hit in the US together! He is etched in Australian rock history, and Bloodlines is the perfect label for him.”

Michael also managed The Sports. “At times, Stephen could be frustrating to deal with,” he admits. “But he has always been brilliant. In fact, it’s high time that ARIA recognised Stephen’s remarkable body of work and inducted Stephen Cummings and The Sports into the ARIA Hall of Fame.”

Stephen is pleased to be reunited with Michael’s Mushroom Group, saying it “makes sense to me”.

“There is something to be said for local expertise,” Stephen says. “My recording career began with Mushroom and Michael, and in these mystifying times, Mushroom and Michael seems the right place to maintain my fanbase. I need help with stuff.

“I have had my issues with Gudinski, but I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Stephen wrote candidly about his relationship with Michael in his 2009 memoir, Will It Be Funny Tomorrow, Billy? “I have it on good authority that Michael Gudinski once asserted to an assembled group of industry types at a reception for Jimmy Barnes that after working with me in The Sports he vowed never to manage an artist again – so execrable was the experience.

“[But] even if Gudinski was an offensive and abusive bear of a man, at least he went to gigs and liked music.”

Michael Gudinski confirms: “I gave up management for 10 years because of Stephen Cummings. He was traumatic to manage. But he’s great now and in a much better space.”

After The Sports split, Stephen released his debut solo album, Senso, in 1984, featuring the hit single ‘Gymnasium’.

Stephen’s third album, 1988’s Lovetown – recorded for just $2000 – was featured in the book The 100 Best Australian Albums, and is one of the Top 40 albums of the ’80s, according to the Australian edition of Rolling Stone. The Age poll of artists and music industry representatives declared Lovetown one of the Top 50 Australian albums of all time, with journalist Jeff Jenkins writing, “Around the time he released his third solo album, Stephen Cummings was dubbed the St Kilda Sinatra. A fair description, though Cummings is a better songwriter. He’s never made a bad album, but this is his masterpiece.”

Stephen’s solo work has been issued on nine separate labels. Bloodlines have gathered his entire catalogue, which includes 17 studio albums plus two Liberation Blue albums, Close Ups and Good Bones.

The re-issue series will include vinyl releases – the first time many of Stephen’s albums have been released on vinyl.

Albums to be reissued include 2003’s rockabilly-inspired collection, Firecracker (“a complete genre-busting masterpiece”, according to Dave Graney), the ARIA Award-winning A New Kind of Blue, plus two albums produced by The Church’s Steve Kilbey – 1994’s Falling Swinger and 1996’s Escapist.

Stephen is one of the nation’s most acclaimed artists. As Bernard Zuel wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald: “He is easily one of our great storytellers, capable of creating lives in miniature.” Radio National called him “arguably the best pop vocalist in Australia”, while Toby Creswell stated: “Stephen Cummings is a master of poignant detail, the oblique image that captures a state of rapture.”

Stephen’s songs have been covered by Jimmy Little, The Whitlams, Vika & Linda, Rebecca Barnard and Weddings Parties Anything.

Stephen has also written two novels, Wonderboy and Stay Away From Lightning Girl, and been the subject of the 2014 documentary Don’t Throw Stones.

Stephen has made his new album with Billy Miller, a Mushroom contemporary from the late ’70s, who also produced Stephen’s 2009 album, Tickety Boo. Prisoner of Love will be released in February 2019, and the back catalogue roll out will start next year.

To celebrate the return of Stephen Cummings to Mushroom, watch one of his classic songs delivered live at The Forum in Melbourne below: 
VIDEO: Stephen Cummings - ‘When Love Comes Back To Haunt You’ (Live at The Forum) 
Stephen has announced an October tour. These will be his only shows for 2018. 

Tickets onsale now

Thursday 4 October
Smiths Alternative | Canberra, ACT

Friday 5 October    
Camelot Lounge | Sydney, NSW
Saturday 6 October
Lizottes | Newcastle, NSW
Friday 12 October    
Republic Bar | Hobart, TAS

Sunday 14 October        
Wheatsheaf | Adelaide, SA
Friday 19 October
Junk Bar | Brisbane, QLD
Early show *SOLD OUT
Late show
Saturday 20 October
Bison Bar | Nambour, QLD
Friday 26 October
Caravan Music Club | Melbourne, VIC

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The Nightingale set to star in national film festival

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts
07.08.18 7:41 pm

The Nightingale has continued its success with the film set to make its Australian premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival this October.

The production was supported with $250,000 in funding from the Hodgman Liberal Government and injected around $4.5 million into the local economy, in addition to employing more than 70 Tasmanian cast and crew.

Predominately shot in Tasmania, the film showcases our unique heritage and landscapes to the rest of the world, and will add to Tasmania’s growing reputation as a destination of choice for filmmakers.

The announcement comes on the back of the feature film being selected for competition at the prestigious 75th Venice International Film Festival, announced last week.

The Adelaide Film Festival will also feature the world premiere of virtual reality cinematic installation The Waiting Room, from Tasmanians Molly Reynolds and Rolf de Heer.

We are committed to supporting and growing Tasmania’s cultural and creative industries, and these success stories confirm our investment is working.

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Madman Films: In Cinemas this month ...

Madman Films
07.08.18 2:17 pm


Watch here

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Opening of The National Picture: the art of Tasmania’s Black War

Greg Lehman
06.08.18 7:18 pm


After what seems like a decade of research and a lifetime of interest in the visual history of my Aboriginal ancestors, I take great pleasure in inviting you to the opening of The National Picture: the Art of Tasmania’s Black War, an exhibition co-curated with Tim Bonyhady for the National Gallery of Australia.

This exhibition will open at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery on Thursday 16 August.

Your presence would be a very welcome contribution to celebrating this event.



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Virtuosi Tasmania: Harp Plus! Impressionists

Virtuosi Tasmania
06.08.18 7:07 pm


Four musicians from the HarpPlus concert.

Virtuosi Tasmania is bringing the harp with flute, clarinet and strings to venues across the State with a great selection of chamber music from the impressionists Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel tempered with baroque foundations from J. S. Bach and more.

Playing will be Meriel Owen harp, Lloyd Hudson flute, Andrew Seymour clarinet, Jennifer Owen violin (L-R above) as well as string players Edwina George violins, Will Newbery viola, and Jonathan Békés cello.

  Sept 6 Thursday 2pm City Baptist Church, Launceston
  Sept 7 Friday 2pm Burnie Arts and Function Centre, Burnie
  Sept 9 Sunday 11am Home Hill Winery, Ranelagh
  Sept 9 Sunday 3pm Riversdale Estate, Cambridge

Download the full Program with all the details, or visit our Website.

Tickets from the TSO Box Office and at the door.

Visit for further details.

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Trailer revealed for Dying to Live documentary

Caroline Whiteway, Madman Films
03.08.18 5:11 pm


July 31, 2018 - Madman Entertainment has today revealed the trailer for director Richard Todd’s DYING TO LIVE, a documentary examining the ‘waiting game’ of organ transplantation. The release coincides with Donate Life Week, an annual community awareness campaign to promote organ and tissue donation in Australia.

DYING TO LIVE follows the personal challenges of several people whose lives are impacted by organ and tissue donation; both the immense suffering experienced while awaiting organs and the gratitude and inspiration when donors become physical philanthropists.  In his searching look at this complex subject director Richard Todd (FRACKMAN) reveals that Australia lags behind similar countries in organ and tissue donor registration numbers.

“I was absolutely shocked to hear that we are not very good at donating organs in Australia - 17th in the World” Director, Richard Todd.

DYING TO LIVE was chosen as one of the six social impact films for 2017 by Goodpitch Australia and recently had its world premiere at the 2018 Sydney Film Festival where it was showcased in the highly regarded documentary section.

Following its world premiere, DYING TO LIVE will screen at the prestigious Melbourne International Film Festival (August 14 and 16) and at Cinefest Oz, Australia’s premier destination festival, on August 25.
The Guardian listed DYING TO LIVE as one of the top ten feature films in Australia to watch out for in 2018.

Richard Todd is an award-winning director especially attracted to stories that require a very close and personal relationship with a central character as seen in 2015’s FRACKMAN.  As director of Aquarius Productions, he has also collaborated with international TV companies and distributors including ABC, TBS, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Tokyo TV, Granada and France 3.

In Cinemas November 2018.

The full trailer for the film is now available to view here:

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Astor Hotel to make music this weekend ...

Laura Harper, CEO, Music Tasmania
02.08.18 12:11 pm


A group of ten Tasmanian musicians are set to take over the iconic Astor Hotel from 3-5 August to write, record, and share music, while receiving industry advice from some of the best in the business. 

The musicians will be mentored by ARIA Award-winner Monique Brumby and Producer Ryan Farrington (AKA Akouo), along with national music industry professionals Grant Gillies and Richard Moffat.

The selected musicians are Anna Williams, Crystal Livermore, Beatrix Bouwman, Jackson Simpson, Jonathan Dieckfoss, Ruby Austin-Lund, Rhys Gray, Tom Fowkes and Finn Clarke.

The inaugural Astor Sessions is presented by Music Tasmania and Melbourne-based publisher Gaga Music and will focus on developing new opportunities for musicians through publishing and synchronisation in film, television, advertising and gaming.

Music Tasmania’s CEO Laura Harper said: “Tasmania has a thriving music scene however it can be difficult to make a living from music without leaving the island. The digital world has opened up a world of opportunities and landing a great sync can be a game changer.”

“We don’t have any music publishers based in Tasmania so partnering with Gaga Music is a way to build capacity and connections in this part of the music industry.”

According to the Founder and Director of Gaga Music, Grant Gillies: “Our model at Gaga is to be creative and give a song and songwriter every opportunity to find a home. We have a strong track record of sync successes across the globe working with leading directors production houses, advertising agencies and renowned music supervisors.”

“Connecting creative communities is essential to the growth of the local industry in Tasmania. We hope that by starting these conversations and with the ongoing support of Music Tasmania the local industry continues to thrive”, Grant said.

Gaga Music also has a history of signing Tasmanian artists including Anthony Rochester, Tiger Choir, and more recently Maddy Jane, and A. Swayze and the Ghosts.

The Astor Sessions musicians will work with Moo Brew to interpret the ’sound of beer’ over the weekend as part of the creative development process.

“We’re excited to work with Moo Brew to explore the sound of beer through music. This is a unique chance for the musicians to expand their practice and understand how to work with a creative Tasmanian brand”, Laura said.

This project is funded through a City of Hobart ‘Creative Hobart’ Grant.

Music Tasmania is assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

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Please join us for the opening of Dear kunanyi ...

Respect the Mountain
01.08.18 6:12 pm

Image: Peter Dombrovskis, Dolerite columns at head of Avalanche Couloir, Organ Pipes Mount Wellington, 1995

6pm, Wednesday 8th August

The Long Gallery, Level 1, Salamanca Arts Centre

With opening remarks from Ruth Langford

Dear kunanyi is an exhibition of contemporary artistic responses to kunanyi, acknowledging the importance of this mountain to the people who live beside it.

The exhibition continues until Sunday 12th August.
Open 10am - 6pm daily
Late night opening until 8pm on Friday 10th August

Join the event on Facebook, here:

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David Rankin: Expanding a Conversation of Cultural Influence

CarolynMcDowall TheCultureConcept Circle
01.08.18 11:13 am


Shelter Island, New York based Irish Australasian artist David Rankin (above) will visit Melbourne and Sydney this Spring to enjoy conversation with friends, fans and followers against a backdrop of works past and present at Charles Nodrum Gallery,  Richmond September 6 - 8 and at the Conny Dietzschold Gallery East Sydney, September 5 - 22 …

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Stage Floor Diva ...

Philip Miller
01.08.18 7:35 am


Stage Floor Diva Video Link:

Stage Floor Diva Link and all main Download Sites:


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TSO honours departing Managing Director with Heyward Prize

Samuel Cairnduff Director Marketing and Communications TSO
31.07.18 3:03 pm

Nicholas Heyward

Applications now open for new composition prize, an orchestral composition competition for Tasmanian composers

The TSO today announces a new composition competition, honouring TSO Managing Director Nicholas Heyward who stands down at the end of 2018. The Heyward Prize will celebrate the immense contribution Mr Heyward has made to furthering Australian composition during his 17-year tenure at the helm of the TSO.

The competition, now open for entries and closing on 1 April 2019, is open to composers of any age who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents, currently residing in Tasmania and have been a resident of Tasmania for at least one full year, from 26 May, 2017. Up to three works may be selected for a closed reading rehearsal by the TSO to take place between August and October, 2019 and the winner will be selected by the musicians of the TSO through a confidential voting process

The winning work will be announced late 2019 by Dr Maria Grenfell, Head, UTAS Conservatorium of Music, School of Creative Art and be programmed for performance by the TSO within 3 years of announcement. The winning composer will receive a professional quality recording by the TSO as well as a cash prize of AUD$3000.

Under Mr Heyward’s leadership, a commitment to Australian music has become one of the defining characteristics and strategic pillars of the TSO through the Australian Music Program - which ensures the inclusion of Australian music in every TSO Masters Series - and the establishment of the internationally recognised Australian Composer Series which includes 21 recordings on ABC Classics, the Hush project and recordings on UK based Hyperion records.

The TSO’s Jenny Compton said, ‘The TSO is proud to honour Nicholas with the Heyward Prize. It is our hope that the impetus and excitement this opportunity generates may reflect the enthusiasm, optimism and love for all things Tasmanian that Nicholas shares with us all, every day.’

TSO Board Chair Dr David Rich earlier this year said of Mr Heyward, ‘During his tenure as Managing Director, Nicholas has realised a vision for the TSO which has positioned the orchestra as central to the cultural life of Tasmania.’ 

More information about the Heyward Prize, including guidelines and entry form, can be found at:

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‘Til The Wheels Fall Off announce 2018 dates ...

Danae Effern
31.07.18 3:00 pm


‘Til The Wheels Fall Off is back for its fifth year!

With the festival selling out in previous years be sure to pop the 2018 dates in your diary now. ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off, the weekend long party in Launceston, is happening from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th of November. 

The DIY festival was launched back in 2014 by Luca Brasi’s Tyler Richardson and Patrick Marshall to bring a bunch of their mates together to celebrate music and the local music scene. With this year’s line up announcement still a few weeks away, you can be sure to expect some of Australia’s finest will be heading to Tassie in November. In years gone by the likes of The Bennies, Camp Cope, Bad//Dreems, Jess Locke and Ruby Fields have played at the festival.

Head to the website and sign up to the mailing list to be first to hear about who will be heading to Launceston this year for one monster of a party. 


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Chief Conductor and Artistic Director Marko Letonja named TSO Conductor Laureate

Samuel Cairnduff Director Marketing and Communications TSO
30.07.18 11:38 am

Marko Letonja, from the TSO website ...

Conductor will continue artistic relationship with TSO with inaugural three year appointment after stepping down at the end of 2018

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra announces that Marko Letonja, whose seven year tenure as Chief Conductor and Artistic Director will conclude at the end of the 2018 season, will be named as the TSO’s inaugural Conductor Laureate. The appointment, spanning 3 years from 2019, will see Letonja continuing an artistic association with the orchestra, returning to Tasmania for at least 3 weeks annually, to conduct orchestral and operatic concerts.

In his role as Conductor Laureate the TSO will continue to benefit from Letonja’s strong international connections, particularly with some of the world’s most recognised operatic stars. He was instrumental in securing Swedish dramatic soprano Nina Stemme - widely regarded as the greatest Wagnerian soprano of her era - for the TSO’s 2016 concert performance in Hobart of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde, which won a Helpmann Award for ‘Best Symphony Orchestra Concert’.  As Conductor Laureate Letonja will provide expert advice on repertoire and concepts for the TSO’s annual ‘Opera in Concert’ performances, which have been a hallmark of his engagement.

TSO Managing Director Nicholas Heyward said, ‘Marko’s charismatic conducting style and excellence in repertoire selection have forged a remarkable connection with both the orchestra and our audience. He has led some of the most vibrant and exciting programs in our history and brought out a new level of cohesion and technical ability from our outstanding players. We are thrilled that we can extend our relationship with Marko beyond his Chief Conductor engagement, and continue to benefit from his talents and reputation. We are particularly pleased that we can reflect his importance to the TSO with the new title of Conductor Laureate.’

Letonja made his debut with the TSO in 2009, taking up the role of Chief Conductor and Artistic Director in 2012. Born in Slovenia, he studied at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and the Vienna Academy of Music. He has worked with many orchestras in Europe including the Munich Philharmonic, Vienna Symphony, Berlin Radio Orchestra, as well as in many renowned opera houses including the Vienna State Opera, Berlin State Opera and La Scala Milan.  In addition to his role with the TSO, Letonja continues to serve as Chief Conductor of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg, a position he has also held since 2012.

After an extensive international search the TSO will announce a new Chief Conductor and Artistic Director in the near future, whose engagement will commence in 2020.

Marko Letonja conducts the TSO in Fauré Requiem, August 4. His final concert as Chief Conductor and Artistic Director is the Opera in Concert Roméo et Juliette October 20.

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Enjoy Tea for Two with Allegri Ensemble on August 19th!

Caroline Miller
29.07.18 9:05 am



Allegri Ensemble Chamber Choir, directed by Andrew Bainbridge, invites you to enjoy our next concert, “Tea for Two”. 

Set in the beautiful Hobart Town Hall, we present a program which is not our usual fare - a bubbly a cappella tea party of folk songs, part-songs and popular songs.

Music includes tasty treats such as Ravel’s Trois Chansons and Janequin’s Le chant des oyseaulx; part-songs by Britten (The Evening Primrose), Vaughan Williams (Over Hill, Over Dale), Stanford (The Bluebird) and Pearsall (Sir Patrick Spens); folk songs from Ireland, Finland and the USA; the delicious madrigal Amor, io sento l’alma by Morten Lauridsen; and popular songs Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I Got Rhythm and, of course, Tea for Two.

Served up with a sumptuous catered afternoon tea, this will be a splendid way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Please join us for this choral feast!

Allegri Ensemble “Tea for Two”
Hobart Town Hall
Sunday 19 August
3:00 pm

Tickets $40 including afternoon tea (please note: no concession price, no door sales)

Seats are limited.
Bookings close at 5:00 pm on Friday 17 August.

Supported by Hobart City Council

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Stories in September ... programme announced

Stories in September
27.07.18 10:43 am




- CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Programme.pdf?dl=0






SiS is a collaboration between two Tasmanian storytellers - photographer and author Andrew Wilson and founder of The Wayfinder Mobile Storytelling Studio, Helene Thomas.

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Derwent Entertainment Centre:  RODRIGUEZ ...

27.07.18 7:06 am




Frontier Touring is thrilled to announce the return of acclaimed Sugar Man, Rodriguez, to Australia and New Zealand next February and March!
“Australia and New Zealand audiences hold a very special place in my
heart so I can’t wait to return down under in 2019.”  - Rodriguez

The legendary singer-songwriter and self-taught guitarist will bring his iconic blend of folk and psychedelic rock to our shores for a run of seven massive headline shows plus three very special A Day On The Green events. 
‘His voice remains untouched by the years…” – The Guardian

‘It (Cold Fact) is one of those rare lost albums that turns out to be
a genuine classic.’ - Pitchfork

Joining Rodriguez on all headline shows (excluding Darwin, Auckland and all A Day On The Green shows) will be one of Australia’s finest voices, Sydney based and 3x ARIA Award winning, Sarah Blasko.  Joining the bill in Darwin will be soul singer Caiti Baker, an A.B. Original collaborator and one half of electro-soul duo Sietta.  A Day On The Green special guests include Xavier Rudd, Busby Marou, Pierce Brothers & Alice Skye.

Rodriguez has had strong ties to Australia and New Zealand ever since his music gained airplay locally in the mid-1970s, long before the rest of the world caught onto his talent thanks to Malik Bendjelloul’s Oscar-winning film Searching for Sugar Man.  He first toured Australia and New Zealand in the late 1970s and later returned to Australia in 2014 then again in 2016 for a run of 14 shows and also released the iconic live album, Rodriguez Rocks – Live In Australia (out now through Inertia).

‘Close your eyes and you might as well be listening to the young man who
recorded Cold Fact nearly five decades ago.” – Sydney Morning Herald

‘…he proved that he’s still more than capable of entertaining and charming
sold-out crowds – an ordinary legend indeed.’ – The AU Review

The Searching for Sugar Man documentary follows Rodriguez’s celebrated history that began in the bars and clubs around Detroit in the 1960s. Drawing inspiration from the city’s post-industrial urban decay, Rodriguez recorded and released albums Cold Fact (1969) and Coming From Reality (1971), which produced hit songs ‘Sugar Man’, ‘I Wonder’ and ‘Cause’. These releases went largely unnoticed in the US, despite Cold Fact being certified five-times platinum in Australia and Coming From Reality peaking at #24 in the ARIA Album chart.

Thanks to bootleg recordings and word of mouth, Cold Fact found its way to South Africa where its counter-culture lyrics resonated with the country’s politically-alienated youth. Without a telephone and working factory and construction jobs to support his family, Rodriguez remained oblivious to the fact that he was bigger than Elvis in South Africa.

Nearly five decades after the release of his debut, Rodriguez’s incredible vocal and musical skill is finally being heard by audiences throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and North America, including festival audiences at Glastonbury and Coachella.

Easily one of Australia’s finest, Sarah Blasko will be joining Rodriguez on all February and March 2019 dates.  Having just released her sixth studio album Depth of Field (EMI Music) featuring the singles ‘A Shot’ and ‘Phantom’, Blasko has reached rarefied status. From the classic debut The Overture & The Underscore (2004) through to the stunning synth-laden Eternal Return (2015), her six-album run of genre-defining indie-rock and art-pop is unparalleled.

Vocalist and front woman Caiti Baker will also be joining Rodriguez for a one off exclusive show in Darwin. Having toured nationally and internationally as one half of electro-soul act Sietta, Baker stepped out on her own and released her incredible debut album ZINC last October including singles ‘Heavy On My Heart’ and ‘Make Your Own Mistakes’. She has toured with and supported a number of artists including A.B. Original, Dan Sultan, Son Little, Guy Sebastian and Booker T.

Act quick to secure your tickets to see this modern day poet perform live! 
VIDEO: ‘I Wonder’ by Rodriguez:

Australian special guests; Sarah Blasko (exc. Darwin) & Caiti Baker (Darwin only)
New Zealand special guests; Dave Dobbyn, The Topp Twins & The Eastern
Presented by Frontier Touring & Mix 104.9 (Darwin) 

Begins: Wednesday 1 August (2pm AEST)
Ends: Thursday 2 August (2pm AEST)
or until pre-sale allocation exhausted

Begins: Tuesday 7 August (10am local AU/12noon local NZ)

Saturday 2 February          
Villa Maria Winery | Auckland, NZ
All Ages | Ph: 0800 111 999
Tuesday 5 February      
ICC Sydney Theatre | Sydney, NSW
All Ages | Ph: 13 28 49

Satuday 9 February
Sirromet Wines | Mt Cotton, QLD | a day on the green
Rodriguez with Xavier Rudd, Busby Marou, Pierce Brothers, Alice Skye

Tuesday 12 February      
Royal Theatre | Canberra, ACT
All Ages | Ph: 13 28 49

Friday 15 February        
Margaret Court Arena | Melbourne, VIC
All Ages | Ph: 13 28 49
Saturday 16 February
Rochford Wines | Yarra Valley, VIC | a day on the green
Rodriguez with Xavier Rudd, Busby Marou, Pierce Brothers, Alice Skye  

Tuesday 19 February
Entertainment Centre | Darwin, NT
All Ages | Ph: 0889 803 333

Saturday 23 February
Peter Lehmann Wines | Barossa Valley, SA | a day on the green
Rodriguez with Xavier Rudd, Busby Marou, Pierce Brothers, Alice Skye  

Tuesday 26 February
Derwent Entertainment Centre | Hobart, TAS
All Ages        | Ph: 136 100

Friday 1 March
Kings Park and Botanic Gardens | Perth, WA
All Ages ** | Ph: 136 100

** All patrons, including minors & babies, must have a valid ticket for entry.
All minors under 18 years of age who have purchased a ticket will only be permitted into the concert site if they are accompanied by their parent/ step-parent or legal guardian.
If a minor is NOT ACCOMPANIED by their parent/ step-parent or legal guardian they will be refused entry to the concert and they will not receive a refund on their ticket. 

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