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NATION: Trump's new world disorder catches Turnbull government napping

Dawn of the Centrelink Robot ...

Unemployment: an exercise in spin ...

Hydro knows what caused Basslink to fail. Why can't the Plebs know ... ?

2016: A very good year in the life of the HVC — now for the final clean-up

When hospitals make patients sick ...

Perish the pension ...

The terrible, fatal lie ...

The Mercury goes shopping at the Boxing Day sales

Comment: Is Bigger Media really a good option for Tasmania’s democracy?

A gentle wake ...

The Peter Principle ...

The growing financial crisis in Tasmania’s newspaper industry

Will Jacqui Lambie back Big Media’s merger plans?

NATION: Turnbull's Christmas message neither comfort nor joy ...

Saul Eslake's Tasmania Report ...

The Truth about Forestry Tasmania ... in its own words ...

Foxes: A letter to Dr Vanessa Goodwin

The parallel worlds of public hospitals and Peter Gutwein ...

NATION: Say it ain't so, Bro ...

A Christmas Pudding ...

Long term motorcycle travel ... my experience

BASSLINK: Dracula in charge of the blood bank?

If it does succumb, it will take any hopes of reviving the Tasmanian forestry industry with it ...

Change The Date

I am calling it early ...

Growing Within the Community ... The Christmas Party ...

NATION: All tip and no iceberg ...

Poverty of 20th & 21st century architectural imagination ...

Tarkine Gems Threatened by Future Liberal Logging

Abrupt Climate Change ...

End discrimination against Tasmania ...

Foxes ...

Why? BAFTA-Award winning doco on Mr Flanagan has received no ABC promo ...

NATION: Into the gutter with Dutton ...

Arnold Bloch Leibler, acting for the Receivers v Abetz Curtis, acting for Forestry Tasmania

The USA elections and our broken system ...

Should public opinion determine policy?

Thursday to Thursday ...

Peter Gutwein, do your duty for the Huon ...

NATION: Kiss your ring of steel ...

Bulk-billing rates crash

Can Spiderman save the Mercury from oblivion?

Ruby, Camilla, and all that lovely prickly, tasty, delicious gorse ...

Trumped into Climate Change

Stupidity is on the rise in our age of enlightenment

Trump's victory comes with a silver lining for the world's progressives

NATION: A great and momentous choice

What might have been ... Democrats' embrace of neoliberalism won it for Trump ...

NATION: "We were robbed ... "

What is your view on what caused the Basslink failure?

How Far Off Is Abrupt Climate Change?

NATION: A Prime Minister missing in action ...

SSM: Santamaria, Tony Abbott, Cardinal Pell, John Howard, self-appointed guardians of morality ...

Forestry Tasmania ... We have a right to know about your economic incompetence

NATION: Turnbull declares war on Abbott ...

Well may we protest ...

Dylan: The Simple Twist of Fate ...

The long march ... Fear and loathing on the Camino trail, Days 11-13 ...

A concerned politician’s guide to donations reform

Basslink: The very secretive State Government ...

A response to Eric Abetz's comments about 'coming out' ...

NATION: Creepy Clown hysteria ...

TasWater Should Report in Real-Time, Says Legislative Council

Parliament should reject 'jail without justice' plan

NATION: Government by circus and sideshow diversion

Thanks once again to everyone at The Royal

Basslink Lemon - Take 2. A Fiscal Encumbrance

Is a door flying open on Geelong Star ... ?

Lincoln’s irreverent sense of humour and joie de vivre ...

Passion in the raw down Huon way. SACKED! Taylor is Commissioner ...

NATION: Lights are going out for Turnbull government

Turnbull’s Lunatic Attack on Renewable Energy

Eastern quolls edge closer to extinction – but it’s not too late to save them

Likely cause of Basslink failure is the Geelong Star

NATION: Turnbull's UN speech cannot disguise his government's refugee crisis

Will Tourism assist Vandalism?

Australia panders to a despot and a loyal citizen pays the price ...

A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature ...

NATION: Turnbull's backflip marks a year of stunning under-achievement ...

The Secret Life of Trees ...

How political donations distort democracy

How low can Huon’s council go?

Shooting the messenger … a subjective analysis of a new millennium Tasmanian inquest

The Goose and the Gander ... Dastyari and Harriss

The Sixth Global Extinction – We are Now Entering it ...

Coral or Coal? – Can’t Have Cake and Eat it Too ...

NATION: Turnbull loses control

Australia has lost its way

HVC’s $54,000 BoI defence is still under wraps

Before I saw the light ...

NATION: Scott Morrison's War on the Poor ...

Can secret political donations be justified?

Careers Australia and its long-running tangle with controversy

Careers Australia digs deep to donate to the Tasmanian Liberals

Over 600 Tasmanians caught up in Careers Australia marketing scandal

1080 and the contamination of water

'I am just so happy to be alive', he said ...

Launched! Physick ... and a true Elder

NATION: a government drowning by numbers

Why Huon Valley Council should still be sacked

Head in the sand ...

The Worthiness of Trees – Reflections from an Activist

How the world media reports Nauru abuse ...

NATION: A government in diabolical trouble ...

LINGIARI: Until the chains are broken

How Rupert Murdoch went bad ...

Before it happens, here is the news from the Huon ...

Rodney Croome: this is personal – why I can't resign myself to a plebiscite

Pokies: Tassie players are sheep being shorn ... or sheep being skinned ...

NATION: Nothing to fear but fear itself ...

NATION: Serious questions of judgment ...

Takayna Forests ... Masterpiece ...

FIRST DAY ... August

If it looks too good to be true ...

The King Hit ...

Tasmanian Federal Liberal’s Bitter Harvest: Parts 1 & 2

George Pell subject of Victoria Police investigation into multiple allegations of sexual abuse

Confessions of an amateur political campaigner

Hiding behind terrorism

Baby Boomers hijack the debate ...

Stanley Burbury Theatre, 6pm to 8pm, 12 August: Rally to protect takayna/Tarkine

Royal Commission into banking, financial services: Why ASIC cannot do the job

Religious Holidays: Time for a Change

The People Problem in Global Warming is Shunned

Donor reveals Tasmanian Liberals host secret ‘policy forum’ for corporate contributors

NATION: Malcolm buys his Mandate ...

'It wasn't a forced we need to go, rather a heartfelt other-worldly plea ... '

Tarkine Embellished in Winter’s Charm ...

How technology disrupted the truth ...

Why does our outrage just fade away ... ?

NATION: Someone else to blame ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: A council with no shame

NZ: The horror of wild animal poisoning

MEDIA: Perfect storm facing digital news. Latest circn figs? Guardian's great article ...

The out-of-touch elite ...

NATIONAL, STATE: Lesson learned ...

Rodney Pople's Creative Mind ...

Can the Liberals change on health?

Is the King Island Scrubtit Tasmania’s canary in the coal mine?

UK: lost, divided and alone

The Mayfair Gulag ...

STATE: How Hodgman, Gutwein and Ferguson lost the election ...

Tasmania leads the NATION ...

FEDERAL Election 2016: Good Heavens ...

THE VERDICT: Federal Election 2016

First Day, July: A celebration of the Tarkine ...

Renewable energy is big news in regional electorates across Australia

It’s up to all of us

Jo Cox ... and the Language of Hate ...

Everyone rejoice, Manus Island is 'open and free'!

A Big Week for Boy-Men

Brexit ...

POKIES: What the Candidates reckon ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Dysfunction’s the name of the game

NATION: The 'opportunistic Trots ...'

A bright new extension lead for Basslink, which is down (again)

The Right Connections ...

Huon Valley Guessing Games: It’s time to act, Mr Gutwein

Rupert Murdoch: Our Part in His Evil Upfall* ...

NATION: Malcolm and Andrew tread water ... Andrew's boycott?

BASSLINK: Sunny Groom's holiday as Basslink fried. Mr Brooks ... resigns ...

How (and why) Australia is trying to usurp the PNG govt

Dirty Dairy ...

NATION: Like a pantomime horse ...

Doubts about jobs and growth

Be under no illusion: Malcolm Turnbull wants to destroy Australian literature

Tasmanian devil cancer research down a blind alley?

How taxpayers are obliged to fund a racket

NATION: There are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Turnbull campaign proves a fizza

Huon Valley Guessing Games: Huon waits on the real umpire’s call

Damning findings on training company spark calls for Tasmanian Liberals to return donations

Australia's soaring housing costs signal need for a new economic consensus

Another Eagle Electrocuted

TT: It’s time for an upgrade … with a little help from our friends ...

BASSLINK: Tasmania's power crisis

The Budget ...

NATION: No roadmap on Manus for Turnbull

Precious Freshwater diverted to Aquaculture

Tim Slade responds to Mr Brewster, CEO of TasWater

Leicester ... !

Let's dare to talk about it … a message of hope

The people’s case for transport equity

BASSLINK highlights State's budget woes

What nobody dares say to you about climate change ...

PNG gives middle finger to selfish Australian overlords ... and good on them

The grim, deadly reminders that the war in Afghanistan has failed

STATE: Who are the Tasmanian Liberal Party’s secret gift-givers?

A poem as lovely as a tree ...

The recolonisation of Norfolk Island is a heavy-handed act of regression

A Sham ...

My campaign for medicinal cannabis

STATE: Tasmanian Greens Call for an Inquiry into TasWater

NATION: Probe needed into $4b meltdown of failed forestry schemes

Planning law changes will change Tassie forever

Rebuilding lives after the Nepal earthquake

'Embracing the Climate Challenge' ...

East Timor is mad as hell, and it’s our fault

BASSLINK: A Wrap. $400m cost? The Senate Inquiry ...

Why shouldn’t we raise the legal smoking age to 21 ... ?

Tasmanians say: ‘Show Us Our Drinking Water Data’

April 17: Bill McKibben's Hobart Oration. The Rogue Nation ...

'There is reason to celebrate the protection of our Blue Derby forests ...'

STATE: Lies trump truth in the GST carve-up

The Slaughter of Rhinos is a Crime ...

STATE: Blue Derby, nature tourism revival that could be lost to logging. ERIC and Libs' ticket ...

NATION: Live within our means?

NATION: The Loonies are running the Asylum ...

Why the killing in Iraq will never end ...

Pro-nuclear environmentalists and the Chernobyl death toll

Dr Richard Condie, fundamentalist Bishop of Tasmania ...

The case for integrity ...

NATION: We have the fifth lowest tax to GDP ratio out of 34 countries ...

This summer’s sea temperatures were the hottest on record for Australia: Here’s why ...

Tristan und Isolde ... in Hobart ...

Humans and the environment: New Zealand's lessons for Tasmania ...

BASSLINK: Is Hydro insolvent?

BASSLINK wrap: 'Interconnector fault pinpointed'

NATION: PM's COAG gambit fails while Uranium sales to Ukraine proceed. Newspoll ...

Australia’s private pathology lobby shifts political donations strategy

NATION: Turnbull declares war on Abbott faction. Newspoll, Abbott, Nauru, The Reef ...

Senator Eric Abetz: why dumping me was a big mistake

The passenger on Team Australia: Is it time to cut Tassie loose?

Inadequate policing and inadequate penalties

Nature under threat from the Far Right

Fire in the Tarkine – A Dynamic Ecology

Hope for HIV in Africa: Observations by an Eldoret Journeyman

Growth Isn’t Everything — Just Ask Japan

“Clean, Green” New Zealand's Rivers in Crisis

Maori Trusts Allow 1080 Poison to be Dropped Directly into Water

Easter 1916 - a terrible beauty?

TARKINE ... After The Fire ...

Burning our identity: a failure of collective consciousness?

Stopping attacks on gay people is not an attack on freedom

Author Richard Flanagan on Syria's great exodus

NATION: Turnbull capitulates to a right wing rump. July 2 POLL?

Gutwein and the Huon: Tough talk, or will he squib it?

The Palm Sunday Walk ... for Refugees

BASSLINK wrap: Libs secretly migrated own Internet services off Basslink. Will, Entura, Board ...

STATE: Government may end Federal Group's monopoly on poker machines

The Billions lost on MIS ...

The Attorney-General, the Public Trustee and donations to the Tasmanian Liberals

Tourism ...

The Critics ...

COMMENT: The right to know & donations to the Tas Liberal Party by the Public Trustee's lobby group

Basslink's wrong cut ... ?

What can you expect from a Hydro Board with five business/finance backgrounds ...

Nero fiddled. Basslink fried ...

The Basslink of the Tasmanian planning world has just been released

NATION: Turnbull creates storm in double d cup in a week of dithering and indecision

The great big crash in tobacco consumption


Barnaby ... and Tony ...

An outsider's look at the contentious practice of clearfell logging ..

NATION: Abbott's kamikaze attack on Turnbull threatens to destroy both

Notes on the Syrian exodus: ‘Epic in scale, inconceivable until you witness it’

Turn it Off

Calling for help from a lawyer ...

Tasmania's Energy Crisis

A much more serious plague ...

NATION: Turnbull goes the full Tony ... NBN ...

STATE: What happened when I applied to re-join the Tasmanian Liberal Party ...

STATE: Politicising the Tasmanian bushfires

Fighting Tasmanian Fire Service website incompetence is harder than fighting the fires ...

The ANU graduates of 1975, Forestry Tasmania, Ta Ann Tasmania and Captain Rolley

The Re-making of a Town ...

Is Huon council GM playing for time?

HCC's strong anti-pokies stand ...

Wilderness fortunes and Rural Public Health

What Premier Will Hodgman should have said about the fires ...

NATION: How can I help you win today? The politics of fear and division

Road safety, government and the individual ... A different view

Scenery mining versus national park management

Locking away our civil rights

STATE: Bad News Trainwreck For Good News Will

Some suggestions for bushfire control authorities in Tasmania (and elsewhere)

Lapoinya: A slow walk ...

Flogging off the (dairy) farm to China ...

Following in the footsteps of our First People

NATION: Turnbull has no time for democracy over GST

Zero tolerance of fires in Australia: a new paradigm for want of new technology and tactics?

Tasmanian Liberals disclose origins of less than one-fourteenth of income

John Lawrence: FT directors quit ... and ...

First Day ...

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (4)

Hydro, Basslink ... Is it true ... ?

Government blindness spells doom for an ailing company

Infrastructure Tasmania gives Hobart Rail the Green Light

NATION: Morrison's pitch to raise the GST rests on a pack of lies ... and worse

He's not Kevin, says Eric ...

Stan Grant: the Australian dream is ‘rooted in racism’

It's ridiculous ...

FSC International's puerile, spurious excuse ...

NATION: The People's Messiah ...

The greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War ...

More plastic in the ocean ... by weight ... than fish ...

VDL in Australian hands: What’s in it for Tasmania?

What an absolute ripper of a book!x Tennis ...

NATION: The Silly Season reveals Turnbull's real agenda

John Lawrence's wonderful analyses ...

The zillion year town

Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities ... (1)

A Tasmanian Murder Mystery: Who is Killing Ross?

Gunns, Solvency and the 30th June 2011

The memories ...

Rob Walls: Sunrise on New Year's Day ...

Letters to my grandchildren (1) ...

The truth about John Howard’s East Timor ‘liberation’

I don't give a **** if we agree about Climate Change

Optimism Is The New Denialism In A Warming Malcolm Turnbull World

Losing my religion for equality

Tony Abbott's New Year's Dishonour List

2015: the year it became exciting to be alive ... apparently

STATE: Tasmania the roadkill capital of the world ... as captive-bred devils die ...

Will Tasmania be left as the last state without regulation of political donations?

Who are the invisible major donors behind the Tasmanian Liberal Party?

Federal Hotels nonsense

This place changed my life ...

RIP ... the video store ...

A Cosmical Comicular Event

NATION: Paris agreement ... A breakthrough and a catastrophe. Macfarlane. MYEFO ...

Reforestation of the Earth: Australia’s Inaction ...

Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

A Grave Matter in Ross

The Emperor Has No Clothes

SHOCKER: Will Minister Harriss outlast FT?

The Tasmanian Politician ... and the powerful will of Mr Farrell ...

Turnbull’s Political Philosophy

A miscarriage of justice ...

Tasmania Report: A Tale of Two Tasmanias

HVC: Time for an administrator?

NATION: Malcolm's Flash as a Rat with a Gold Tooth ...

No Planet B, no Planet A

A Response: The Fight about Western Might being Right

The Knot in my Stomach

Turnbull goes to Paris climate talks with 'a policy that does not exist'. Bishop ... of Entitlement

Ted's Bio-Blitz ...

Thousands Rally in Hobart for Climate Action

Mt Lyell re-opening likely within two to three years

'World’s Best Practice' ... ? Rebuff Libs, say Weber, Putt, McKim ...

STATE: Erich's triumph ...

NATION: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It's Super Mal!

How and why ISIS emerged ...

PARIS: Spot The Extremists ...

Brighton Council votes unanimously to join anti-pokies’ groups

Starlight ... sense of safety and sense of Place

PARIS: You can't Bomb the World to Peace ...

What are green solvents and how do they add value to plantation forests?

A parrot from the past ...

We cannot learn from the past ...

An Argument for Assisted Dying in Australia: Andrew Denton’s Di Gribble Argument in full

Brisbane Baroque's stunning Mark II ... what might have been at the Theatre Royal ...

The lost dog

STATE: The Truth about Jobs ...

Climate change puts UTAS plans at risk

The Pokies Cup. Five Runners. What are the odds?

Now Turnbull ... what next?

TPP Trade Pact Would Give Wall Street a Trump Card to Block Regulations

COMMENT: Does the Tasmanian Government really know what its policy is on pathology privatisation?

Urgent patients waiting months or years for care

State Government considers secret private bid for public 'medical services'

Government House: Kate Warner honours the EDO ...

NATION: Get your snout out of the trough ... GST

Has FT turned the corner?

What happens if a major political donor doesn’t disclose?

Who’s a Liberal donor gonna call? Rentbusters!

The private pathology industry emerges as major Tasmanian Liberals donor

Federal Hotels' predicament

PLANNING: Open Letter to the Legislative Councillors ... bill passes ...

PLANNING: An Open Letter to MLCs

Pioneer folk wonder if TasWater’s WorkSafe Tasmania Award is a joke ...

Palm oil, pollution and pyro-politics

NATION: Love is in the Air ... Amnesty, Abyan ...

NATION, Turnbull: ‘Small L’ Liberal Or Planet-Eating Death Star ... ? Amnesty, Abyan

Millennial Masculism Man (2)

26 bankers already sentenced to a combined 74 years in prison

All bets are off if deal’s lost: Greg Farrell puts heat on Libs ... will they buckle ... ?

NATION: The Hole in Malcolm's argument ...

Ka-Ching: pokies documentary reveals what makes the machines so addictive

Michael Ware's war record

UTAS Launceston move to Inveresk a 'great deception'

NATION: Stop the boasts ...

Arrest in Kiwi 1080 Baby Food Scare Clears Public

NATION: There's never been a more exciting time to be Malcolm Turnbull ... MH17 ...

Whatever the truth of Garrett’s story, it’s about gambling industry politics & influence

Tasmania's Farrell family moves up in Australia's rich list

NATION: Everything is on the table

First Day of The Month ...

NATION: New wine in old bottles. The Summit ...

Australian Marine Science has become truly parasitic, 'killing its host' ...

Don't Miss ... Three upcoming Economic Society of Tasmania events ...

‘We view this place as home now'

The Queen and I go a long way back ...

The Tarkine Tiger

Where to from here?

Decriminalise the use of small amounts of illicit drugs ...

'Absolute insult ...' 'Wedging the Mayor ...' 'Threat to residents ...'

NATION: Another week, another Prime Minister. The five-point bounce. Abbott's fury ...

Tasmania takes the lead in affordable housing

Tasmanian eSchool Changes will hurt the most Vulnerable

Green Death from Above

Fate of a House on a Fort on a Hill

Here comes the Great Disruption ...

Geelong Star: The Grim Reaper ...

A light at the end of a decade-long tunnel ...

How can you not despair?

NATION: Not waving, drowning. TURNBULL quits, challenges Abbott ...

Peter Dutton And Tony Abbott May As Well Have Been Laughing At Aylan Kurdi

Dear PPB Advisory: Possible misuse of public funds to prop up seemingly bankrupt companies

Smells like Team Australia ... Guess How Many Virtual People They Killed ...

NATION: It's all about the people of Canning

NATION: A conga line of clowns and illusionists. FLANAGAN on Border Force. DYSON stays put ...

Truth Hurts: The Science Behind Why People Don't Care About The Death Of Our Planet And Democracy

STATE: ‘True’ unemployment rate hits 18% – the nation’s worst

NATION: Theatre of the Absurd. 'Sleepwalking'. The Christian Right. Greste. Bart ...

Show Tassie some respect ...

Kellam's warning as Will says: 'There's nothing to see here ...'

Mercury: The Fall ... and why it matters

NATION: Abbott's pigeons come home to roost

Creating a Future that Works

Carbon accounting & FT profitability

Ta Ann, Forestry Tasmania and the loss-making Take-or-Pay Contracts

Far more beautiful left standing

NATION: Round 1 to Skink and Snake ...

Rob Walls' Picture Essay of today's (Sat) Hobart City Hall rally in support of ...

Is this our social contract?

Australia was ready to act on climate 25 years ago, so what happened next?

How to save the Planet ... and Humankind

Increasingly, we can't trust journalists to decipher finance

NATION: All this bullshit has gone too far ...

NATION: Bronny ... the 'bad' system's poor 'victim'. PM Tony: Worst ever? Abetz ...

How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world

Lapoinya Letter of Learning

Xenophobia is killing our Planet

Racist booing of Adam Goodes: this is Abbott’s Australia

Tony Abbott, 2012: The Speaker is the guardian of parliamentary standards ...

After a big win for Brisbane, Baroque looks at China

Doing justice to Tasmania’s role in the national marriage equality debate

Eric Abetz is Rodney Croome’s best friend

Down in the Huon, who would like their money back?

NATION: All you need is talk ...

The Troglodytic Liberals and the Epoch of Coal

The end of capitalism has begun

I fear this coming weekend may be my last as a member of the once-proud ALP ...

Barnaby Joyce hates sheep as well as dogs and cows!

STATE: Here we go again ... Big Tree ... ?

Rolley laments Gunns mill blunder

NATION: A hole in the heart ...

NATION: Poor, poor Bronny ...

A fragment of Balmain history

International Acclaim for Bicheno Boathouse

Malaysian corruption scandal

Tasmanian Times & Anonymity of comments

NATION: the Bill Shorten Show Trial. Hewson on the rise of Isis

Ta Ann Tasmania: Just like Google ...

The hypocrisy ... the monumental hypocrisy ... ?

The Age of Post-Democracy

NATION: The dreadful, dreadful Abyss

STATE: Promoting tourism in the Tarkine ... a way ahead

The rabid attachment to the past

Tony Windsor: Stop the Brutes

First Day: A celebration of the West Coast ...

STATE: Poisoning our Western Rivers – When will it stop?

Is the Abbott Government fascist?

ABC 'on the side of Australia', managing director Mark Scott says, amid firestorm over Q&A

NATION: Abbott trashes the Rule of Law. Housing bubble. Q&A ...

Human rights and all that’s wrong with the Magna Carta

‘Spin’ – It’s no substitute for a positive response!

A British Genocide in Tasmania

Come on Sue ... spill the beans ...

Washington’s “First Objective” ...

How Wild is the Tarkine Wilderness?

The housing crash we had to have: A Gen Y perspective on the bubble

Tasmanian Integrity Commission should act on Forestry Tasmania

Geelong Star Trawler Management In More Hot Water

Forestry Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie MP and the tabled document ...

Andrew Wilkie: Time for a Royal Commission into Forestry Tasmania. TV Pulp Mill spruiked ...

STATE: Torching the Tarkine - More Liberal Lunacy. The terrified bushwalker ...

Land of the Northwestern Redneck ...

NATION: Facing mutiny ... Abbott goes on the attack

I approached the Labor government ... but they would not help

The liquidation of Nature

NATION: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Why We Torture Asylum Seekers ...

The Super-Ministry of Fish 'n Chips ...

Tasmanian Authors: The Real Gems of Australia

The Budget ... REACTION

Following Ireland down the path to equality

How I Didn’t Become A Victim To Bullying: Caroline Dean, TEDxQueenstown

Off-road motorists' continued use of Tarkine tracks makes farce of ban

NATION: Personal choice and economic reality; Paid Parental Leave

Ella ... and the story that created our nation ...

Martyn Turner visits Oz ...

Peter Brohier's letter to Tony Abbott. All Peter Brohier articles on TT

The Tarkine Coast – A Wildlife Refuge

NZ: A programme to poison a nation

NATION: Where there's smoke there's Joe (and Tony)

JOBS: The outlook is gloomier than it has been for a long time. Charities under pressure

STATE: Milne got results from minority pacts with both sides of politics

Christine Milne resigns ...

This vandalism occurs without any apparent sign of action by Tasmania Police ...

Waterloo Bay: The Great Deceit

The Waterloo Bay proposal and the Southwood site ...

Rednecks hoon through the Tarkine ...

NATION: Balls of steel and feet of clay

Omega transport plan: Linking Victoria and Tasmania

Footfalls echo in the memory ...

An ANZAC reflection ...

Bread-and-circuses live on ...

Black War: The incompetent in pursuit of the intangible ...

It’s not the Tasmanians I know. The Tasmanians I know are proud, resourceful, curious

Health reform ... and the perils of hope

The Way We Were ...

A dog's death from 1080 poisoning ...

No wonder he's grinning ...

Who is Andrew Nikolic, Member of Parliament for Bass?

Baroque and bogans battle over the menu at lunch with Leo Schofield

April Fool's Day ...

First Day of the Month ... a celebration of 10 Murray ... and Entropy ...

New Zealand is stockpiling pure Compound 1080 ...

Discover the Spirit of Tasmania ... and Western Civilisation

The terrible consequences of fundamentalism ...

HERETIC: Why Islam needs a Reformation NOW

FEA’s Receivers Deloitte has at last found a buyer for FEA’s land and trees

Welcome 'home', Richard ...

NZ's 1080 blackmail letters' threat to poison dairy products: The Fallout for Tasmania

The Surplus Fetish ...

The Wisdom of The Elder

Team Clean's record haul of rubbish

A Curious Episode in Sarawak

NATION: The Energiser-Bunny ...

Rodney Croome's Lent Lecture to St Matthews ...

Seven per cent can’t afford the doctor

An extraordinary invasion of privacy of an ordinary private citizen. Examiner tale vanishes

Andrew Nikolic: An attack on the long-standing principle of academic freedom ...

Mr Nikolic MP, Dr Powell and freedom of expression ...

A very dark territory where our conduct as a nation betrays our vision of ourselves

Play ...

NATION, STATE: National conversation called by those who are deaf to all form of entreaty

NATION: Resist the Fear and Loathing. First Dog ...

Triggs was attacked for defending the powerless – and one day another PM will apologise for it

Medicare: the co-payment lives!

Dying Like An Animal: The Price Of Empathy And How Governments Use Yours Against You

Julian Burnside: Independent media for reality's sake

Things that can't last ... FT fails the test, says Examiner

STATE: Lapoinya; Institutionalised duck-shoving. EMRS ...

NATION: Abbott’s Dark and Chilling Vision for Australia

'He seems to belong on Route 66 instead of the Devil’s Highway ...'

Abbott ignored Joyce, Hunt and departmental advice over failed Tasmanian forest policy: FOI document

NATION: A dark new chapter ...

NATION: National security ...

Fracking Our Way into Hell on Earth

Dr Powell, The Examiner letter and Mr Nikolic MP

There just isn't the trust that local needs will be properly met ...

Lapoinya: Has FT found the way?

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (50)

Harriss Protest Bill: It works

LNP spills Abbott's guts

Abbott dealt out of the game

Tony Abbott is 'a very good captain ...'

Rupert’s Queensland Election Hissy Fit

Hobart Baroque? No. Brisbane Baroque

NATION: Manus; We must act ...

Call for State and Uni to dump Taib Mahmud ... and Ta Ann

Tasmanian achievement a matter of national pride

Fact-Checking Julia Jabour and Indi Hodgson-Johnston

STATE: Fixing hospitals? Here’s how. Nyrstar's hand out ...

Bob Brown: Wilderness degradation should lead to unique label being dropped

The Truth About Ta Ann. 'The biggest environmental crime of our times'

Maxine's story from the Trenches v Julia's story from the Benches

Stand up ... before our capacity to do so is stolen from us ...

Open Season on the Tarkine Coast

But wait ... there's more: TT's Tasmanians of the Year

How to squash an economy

The Tragedy of the Commons

Tarkine: International call to protect nation's heritage

The Flan Man and Bob Graham give it all away ...

FT and FSC: Accreditation is simply Not Possible. Your $30 million to subsidise FT ...

The last of Leo ...

The Moral Irrelevance of Christian Doctrine ...

'Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'

China and US strike deal on carbon cuts in push for global climate pact

Who’s knocking on Tasmania’s aldermanic doors?

STATE: How are things going, Will?

FT: Nothing has changed ...

Writers and artists ... saving wildlife and habitats ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (36)

Garbage Guts!

'Frightening the community into silence ... ' Bill passes. FT's $43m loss ...

What Makes Them Tick: Inside The Mind Of The Abbott Government

Ice: The destruction of my tenant's life ...

The story of the Phoenix Timber

EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030

Tassie's forestry wars echo UK's motorway wars ...

Keeping alive the British colonial tradition of tugging our forelocks ...

NATION: Tony and coal, 'A contradiction to all available evidence ...'

STATE: Fracking poses risks to agriculture, tourism, Tasmania's reputation ...

The Flan-Man Triumphs

Robert Armstrong’s adieu

How Great Cities Deal With Woodchips

HAWTHORN: It’s a con. A fraud

STATE: Insanity ... !

Life in a ‘degrowth’ economy, and why you might actually enjoy it

An artist's sermon on that word ...

Bitter Harvest ... ignorance in Tasmania

This is an important moment in the life of Spring Bay Mill

Shock of the New: Replacing history with a Concrete Block. Green Wall call

Corporatised Sport: As scandalous as drug-taking ...

Howard embarrassed? He should be ashamed!

Pay freeze will increase hospital costs

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (30)

Abetz still in the woods, fighting a lost war

'Real-Time' acid on local, state, federal pollies

The Influence of China on Global and Australian Housing Markets

Real Time political funding disclosure & Internet Democracy

Has Politics Failed Us?: No, but there's a lack of authenticity, passion and leadership

Greg L'Estrange and the Triabunna sale process ...

The Budget Reality ...

Dr Kevin Bonham: Hobart City Council Voting Patterns 2011-2014

A bad budget for patients

Liberals' missed opportunity

Tasmania's economy - out for lunch. Back Soon

"Nathan Carswell" called

Hobart Baroque: Be realistic, demand the impossible!

The Governor’s Legacy

An Open Letter to Joe Hockey

State Governments can’t control the economy. There, I’ve said it ...

John Gay's $3.1m illegal trading windfall pursued by Commonwealth

Why a drover’s dog* will win the next federal election

Triabunna and Government: Victim of cognitive capture by self interested promoters and groups

I sat ... where my ancestor sat, transported for machine-breaking ...

Global rock climbers alarmed at cable car proposal

Hobart Baroque and the Tasmanian economy

Forestry Tas: Devoid of commercial purpose

Well sinners ... welcome to the launch ...

Who is Nathan Carswell?

The brief life and swift death of Hobart Baroque

Abbott fiddles as the nation burns

Ripping off hospitals

In politics, keeping one’s word is sacrosanct

Aiding and Abetzing

'Something You Need To Know...'

The pervasive power of Rupert Murdoch. The Bullying and Hypocrisy of Andy Coulson

Tassie: Public Servants make up carbon tax shortfall

Will voters find out who is funding Tasmanian local government election campaigns?

Public opinion and democracy

Five years on since the US recession ‘officially’ ended in June 2009….

Tasmania's Senators on the repeal of the carbon tax: what they said and how they voted

Don't conduct any due diligence ... Just throw money ...

Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete

Liberal Cadart stands firm on his grand vision

Restoring Lake Pedder - a project for Tasmania's future

Hello Jan Davis ... Do you a deal!

The Broken System

Poverty of the progressives

Country towns: death or deliverance. A visit to Scottsdale ...

Who is picking up the tab for the Myer redevelopment?

Another reason to block the Appropriation Bills ...

The Values Ratchet

Misleading Maps?

Divide & Conquer In Tasmania

Broken promises and shameless lies ...

Casting the first stone of breaking convention might come to haunt Abbott

An ideological crusade against the poorest and most disadvantaged ...

No soft landing with Captain Abbott

Us v Them, Australia vs Asylum Seekers, Slaves vs Everyone Else: Is there a difference?

Greg Hall and the unspoken Sins of Omission

The four-letter word which could save the world

Celebrities Join World Heritage Campaign

Double-Dissolution ... now. The bond of trust is broken

Struggling Ta Ann Tasmania splashed out on $136,000 of wine from Evan Rolley. The Sarawak Report ...

Leading the Australian economy to the Abbott-oir

All-powerful Paul Harriss. Mendicant ($45 million) Ta Ann ...

Mother Mountain: The Symphony of Birdsong (9)

Evil Was Only a Visitor

This is how empires collapse

Selling state assets is ideology rather than logic

The Lives of Brian

Whither the Liberal Conscience?

In Tasmania, even crooks like Gay can run a business

Apartheid-style boycott to save the planet, says Tutu as Bolivia enshrines natural world rights

Forests: Reality bites for Paul and Will ...

Fat Cat cull is not enough

What Jim Bacon told me ...

Jim Bacon: The Emperor has no clothes

Listen to the message of Orlando, Will ...

Premier Hodgman Starts A War He Will Not Win

GUNNS – The life and death of a rogue corporation

Another Sad Birthday Lucille

Chronicle 67: Ohhhhhhh Monty's ...

How to kick-start the economy: swap the paid parental leave scheme for small business tax concession

This mantra is seriously delusional ...

Pulping State Politics ... or Ducks on a String

Most Tasmanian political donors remain in the shadows.

The Failure of Far Right-Wing Ideology

The Rule Of Law – Tasmanian Style

A Wave of Unreason

Big Coal’s annus horribilis

Doubts removal legislation is really democracy removal legislation

How Korda Mentha instructed Premier Giddings to act. The Legislation ...

Taken for a Ride

Giddings' Green Clean Dumps Antony

Tell me a story… about free trade

How Lara Giddings comprehensively failed ... and why her demise is certain

7 Days, 8 Friends, 140km. 1 Rainforest

Integrity comes from within - but it also needs to be seen from outside

Tasmania's ban on genetically modified crops made indefinite in bid to protect clean, green brand

Missing millions and the law of triviality

A happy new year is unlikely ...


The Remedy: The investigative system is better in every respect ...

Nitens plantations worth more than just pulp

Scruffy's bid for the Legislative Council. Scruffy to be interviewed by Crikey ...

My, how you’ve grown (6) ... a (final) update on the Peregrines

We’re in the [adversary system] tart shop now, boys

Memo to Tasmania: ’twas an industry done-deal

The House Wins: Gaming Reforms Ditched

MMG Rosebery mine top toxic polluter in Tasmania

Australia Needs a National Response to Miscarriages of Justice

Continued ...

My, how you've grown (5) ... another update on the Peregrines

Abbott: Think Of Me When You Smell Incompetence

A Very Deliberate Destruction

Some Things I Need to Know Before the Election (in no special order)

My, how you’ve grown (4) ... another update on the Peregrines

The irony that proves the point

Turning politicians into corporate servants ...

Federal Hotels: End of a chapter

The case of the declining eastern quoll: correlation equals causation – or does it?

My, how you've grown (3) ... another update on the Peregrines

The Lost is not lost ... it is alive and kicking

Lest We Forget: the need to morally justify Afghanistan

In calling for revolution, this half-Messiah has hit a nerve

The Nation: The idea of a mandate

My, how you've grown (2) ... another update on the Peregrines

Centenary of Powered Flight in Tasmania

Falling Into the Sound of Water

Foxes: Ivan Dean and the Kitchell report

My, how you've grown ... an update on the Peregrines

An extraordinary Picture Essay: The nesting Peregrine Falcons ...

Losers! Ditch the old ways of thinking ...

Education: Change is easy – it’s improvement that’s difficult

The Dread Pirates Greenpeace, Hobart rally speech ...

100 years of Moving Pictures ...

The Billion Dollar Opportunity

MIS scams uncovered

Poetry, without a shred of pity

Death in Amsterdam

Keith Dunstan and his place in the Australian sun

IPCC report: Australia can expect 6C rise on hottest days

Toxic Tas Water

Look Who’s Laughing. Flannery, Booth

Tasmania is a far lesser place today ...

Ex-staffer lashes Huon council

Tony Abbott’s Great Big Carbon Tax Lies – Part 2

The Debt Fallacy

Pull the other one ...

Frank Nicklason on John Gay: I have a bad case of indigestion

What the government’s feed-in tariff announcement means for you

Loosing the Dogs of Xenophobia

Nick Evers: Gentle, into that good night

Launceston ... Sewerage systems can’t cope with more extreme weather

Into the future ... Estonia tells Tasmania: Shed Legacy Thinking

Open letter in support of free speech and reform in Tasmania

At Last: Breaking through the Tasmanian Paradigm

Meanwhile ... just how long will it take to crack the Tassie Paradigm ... ?

Ta Ann: the supreme beggar

So you can basically lie ...

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world ...

The Final Acceleration – Just Waiting for the Great Disruption?

The rise and fall of Julia Gillard - what it means to women

Pragmatic answers to the asylum seeker question. Rudd and Indonesia

Rudd, PM!

The coming crisis for the oceans. Obama Acts

Rise of the Ruddster ... 7PM ... ? 6.38PM: Shorten backs Rudd ...

Watching the watchmen: Charles Lewis on non-profit journalism

Doing the Climate Maths with Bill McKibben

Why I’m Not Drinking The Water

Special Timbers: The Broken Business Model

Understanding Budgets: A Better Way

Like shooting goldfish in a barrel

Countless millions of sawlog tonnes smashed, chipped, wasted ...

The Question of Bass Strait

The Magic Wand of the Confidence Fairy

Climate Change Alarmism as a Moral Responsibility

The Next War Won’t Have Guns


The Four Reports of the Climate Apocalypse?

Fear and Freedom

It’s what’s left unsaid

I don't agree

It's no secret. Tasmania's economy is buggered

Is the press too big to fail? It's dumb journalism, stupid

God help us in a world infused with anger

Can’t you just see Bob walking towards you, in your mind’s eye?

Balance is appeasement. Fairness is truth ...

The health money-go-round

Tasmania, Tourism and the Elephant in the Room

The Tasmanian Forest Gravy Train

Abortion: Here is my story ...

Hobart Baroque: The long-cherished dream becomes reality ...

The Bradbury Effect (or why the Liberals can’t win in 2014)

Tigers in The Weld: The Sequel

PAL: Redressing the injustice

What is justice?

Tailings spill: The concerning inconsistencies. Ringarooma warning ...

Bass Strait: The critical Wilkie-Katter motion

Evan Whitton: Investigative v Adversarial Law

Poisoned Water

We'll never get over it …

Underbelly: The suggested grounds for a Royal Commission

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania

Giddings knew Gunns was insolvent

How to be happy ... with less

The Underbelly of Forestry Tasmania. Julia pledge on pulp mill


Underbelly: Paul Harriss; A Step Too Far?

Lost ... without the pulp mill ...

What is a Small Mine?

Federal Hotels: the turning point?

Pulp Friction - Fact not Fiction

No basket-case: Tasmania on the bumpy road to economic sustainability

Top five regrets of the dying

The hope Jon West rejects

Democratic hemlock: saving earth from our animal selves

WHA: The Facts

The Tree-sitters: Designing a habitat on high

Tasmanian Devil: THE full NEW YORKER

Harsh lessons of a bushfire horror

Climate Change: It’s time to speak up …

Tasmanian Devil

A doco which could make you sick!

The Need To Increase Tasmanian Parliamentary Numbers

Extreme temperatures by the end of the century. The hoax we had to have

RBF: A hard road ahead

I resolve to try and do that

US spies on Assange in UK Ecuador Embassy

Some leaders! Some vision!

There Must be a Better Way

The party interest

Lara’s Gambit

Rafferty Rules: The Incredible FT Saga. Crikey: The forestry con job ... and response

Remembrance, Memory and Silence: Forgetting a Larrikin Tasmanian Digger

Forestry Tasmania: Wilful deception and crass incompetence

Forestry Tasmania: To be cosmetic or profound – that is the question

The Meaning of Vandielaff

One night in Rosevears ...

Rosevears Pub, Thursday, Nov 1: Tasmanian Times' Tasmanian of the Year ...

The Decline of Love and the Rise of Non-Freedom

The duty of politicians to principles, not mob rule

That man stole something from me ...

Gunns: The morning after

The legal ambush that sank marriage equality

Bring them home! John Laws agrees!

Gunns drawn amid immense hostility

Re-Envisioning the Hobart Rivulet

Let us hope the days of the cargo cult are over

That’s the way the money goes! The federal health bailout and its priorities

A Problem of Cunning Tasmanian Foxes or Much Less Cunning Innovation?


Fish and Chips on Fridays

It's not mob rule ... it's protecting Tasmania's interests

Trashed already ...

Understanding the science behind the super-trawler’s quota

Scientists confirm that Margiris quota is unsound

If a child of an addict could ask the Federal Group why ... ?

Was Australia intended as a hemp colony?

The man on the mountain

Copping: Consultation Not Spin

Tasmanian Cronyism: the more things change, the more they remain the same

Scale back: the corporate lessons of Tasmania’s forestry debacle. Forest carbon ...

‘Cargo cult’ mentality is not an economic development policy

Don't write off Labor ... yet. Greens slump in latest poll

State of the State: Slow progress but I’m fearful ...

Gunns Ltd ... the worst disaster!

Loving Our Democracy

Why tobacco prohibition won’t work

Electricity ... a perspective

Back to the future for the forestry industry

Max Bound 1924—2012

Shame on us all

Gap narrows but Liberals still cruising

Dealing with FT: John Powell's tortuous saga (includes all articles)

The Second Coming is more likely ...

Denial piled upon delusion ... enough material for a whole round of psychiatric conferences

Last (w)rites

Here comes the sun: chilling verdict on a climate going to extremes

The Cassandra syndrome: two economists and the coming financial crisis

The Case for Restoration Forestry. Check on Gunns' pulse ... IGA: Another extension

Tassie Gems

Another federal health plan falls apart

Ta Ann-backer Abetz visits Sarawak. Sarawak People tell Ta Ann to go

Cut down The Triffid. Pokie barons plunder carbon compo money

FT persists with its trashing of history ...

Joining the dots

Clean water needs revised forestry operations

Push v Pull: The Morality of Offshore Processing

Hospital budgets to be cut by new pricing scheme

This is the way the world ends ...

Truly stupefying ...

What Mt Wellington really needs

A Loss for Words

How to save our hospitals


Does the 2010 election herald a return to Van Diemen’s Land?

Are we not capable of solving our own problems?

But wait! There’s worse!

Is Labor the least worst?

Ashamed of our animal instincts

Ghost Story #1

MONA – the Sex, Death and Taxes Gallery

I’ll Always Be Labor (but I don’t have to vote for them!)

Beware of conservatives

Where to Tasmania?

Wilful blindness and the new forest industry. Booth: Broke FT puts its hand out, again ...

The Naked Emperors

Feathering nests or furthering Tassie ... ? GetUp's banned ad

Without fear or favour

Legco: Labor crushed

Andrew Nikolic and The New Examiner. 48,000 visit New Examiner ...

Is Tasmania a failed state ... ?

Toe the line, or you don't work in Tasmania

Geoff: It's far worse ... Forestry Tasmania’s shrinking estate

Forestry Tasmania – A Compelling Case for Reform

Janet Laurence: After Eden

DISMISSED! Paul Harris 'called out'. The Stench. DISMISSED: Court rejects Gunns

LegCo: two colourful campaigns

The State: The glorious folly of one ...

Get out of Afghanistan ...next year

Labor Death Wish – cutting umbilical cords

Rethink FT: The devastating truth about a Rogue Agency

The Problem: No Trust

The report Lab-Lib would rather you did not see. Libs' attack: Recant, says McKim. Wilkinson probe

Forestry's 'Sustainable Practice': The Neverending Story

Dream on ...

State of the State: What your mother didn't tell you, graph by graph

'The garbage media component to what happens around here in Tasmania'

The Rogue Agency

Paul Harriss’s Altruistic Trips to Sarawak. Ta very much. Rolley takes Ta Ann reins. MRs

Dark facts uncovered by White Knight. Will prefers Lton Cup to White Knight. Repeal PMAA Petition

Paul Harriss MLC should resign. Questions which must be answered

Gunns White Knight gallops off

The anti- depressant/placebo smackdown

Nobody’s buying ...

Native Forest Logging is economic madness

Cliched, populist drivel

I won't be silenced on forestry by dinosaurs stuck fast in a swamp

A dog: The financial truth about Ta Ann Tasmania. MLCs 'premature'. World protests


The Tragedy of Tasmania's Forests: One act on from Flanagan

Travels around Tasmania with some latte sippers

Bobby-z ... and the Miners of Potosi

MIS growers felled again

Ancanthe ... all that will be lost

Writers, artists, journalists ... how to foment a (peaceful) revolution

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Don't bother coming back after Christmas. The meaning of Clause 27. Gunns Ltd plumbs new depths

The stupidity that has no end ... but is it Gunns end?

Conflict of interest: The cancer within our public life

Lara’s Metaphor

It will be a tough 2012

Lest We Forget: the need to morally justify Afghanistan

Professor Stewart didn’t get much right

Black Ice Economics

Gonzo Greg’s Report Card

(Hobart) Council: who will be the new Lord Mayor?

Your City Council: sorted from green to blue (2009-11)

Gunns: No way to establish emails' veracity. Les Baker: I wrote some; they are ancient history ...

These emails are genuine

Gunns: Do they deserve public funds?

In Australia the people are sovereign

The Road to Nowhere

Lara: Like a spoiled rich teenager with a spending problem ...

The Inconvenient Truth: Forestry is in crisis

Well Done Tasmanian Communities

Lara, Will ... and the Corner Store

Not the GFC: 12 years of Labor neglect, Stupid

TT Line - Tasmania's Own Titanic

Forestry Tasmania’s secret

Download: Strategic Review of Forestry Tasmania - Request for Tender. What is HCV forest?

Aussie, Christian or universal values?

Not the cake, Lara, the Bread ...

Putting the 'Un" in Australian

No Giddings Bounce – Is Labor Doomed?

Morality, politics and asylum-seekers

Greg's Chutzpah ... and Postscript. FT profit ... and Bob Gordon's performance ...

Dear Mr L’Estrange ...

Tourism in Tasmania is a failure

Naked and Exposed

Bartlett's mess

Sustainability of eucalypt plantations in Australia is failing

Flood, fire, mega weather events, climate change and risk…???

The state of democracy

Forestry Tasmania's cover-up

Urgent need to address key shortcomings in the Forests Agreement

One minute to midnight: The Brighton By-pass ...

An Impure Tasmania

Will Aird’s Legacy be Giddings’ Great Challenge

Integrity Commission could probe The Auspine – Scottsdale Saga. And, Kim Booth's new call

Gunns: The Next Chapter?

Gunns: Is the worst over?

Afghanistan: review of the war and use of the war power

Afghanistan and the alliance argument

The death of Forestry Tasmania?

Afghanistan: new US policy favours reconciliation

Afghanistan: the supposed threat to national security

From Forest Destruction and Public Subsidies to Profitable and Sustainable Forestry Practices

Election 2010: The campaign about nothing

Dr Amos, It's just plain nonsense

Beware of Politicians Bearing Gifts

The fox that wasn’t there?

Cutting through the forest feud

The Rot Remains at the Core of Forestry and Government

The forestry assault

Labor will win Denison

The Truth About Plantations

Swing voters mistrust Labor-Green coalition

Where has your money gone ...

Round and round the same old table?

Forestry Tasmania is the stumbling block

Accounting for Dummies—Lessons from the Forest Industry

Forestry Tasmania goes bush ... and hides the cost

Gunns Through the Looking Glass

The Randwick Inclusive Power Sharing Arrangement – a Model for Tasmania?

Pokies: Bullying has done its job

Chronicle (39): End of an era/ Start of an era

A clear statement on intervention

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A cancer in our midst

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