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01.03.11 12:00 am

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Fruit wines and ciders ferment accord

Dane Hunnerup Program Officer Arts & Events Clarence City Council. Arts & Events eNews:
28.01.15 4:54 pm

The Sixteenth Tasmanian Fruit Wine and Cider Festival is a foray into the trends and tangents of the non-traditional wine and cider market in Australia.

As mass manufactured beverages continue to decline and the rise of boutique and craft liquors delight the palates of an increasingly discerning public, this festival serves as a great barometer with over 120 fruit wines, liqueurs, ciders and meads.

Ciders, especially those involving blends with a wide range of berry fruits dominate this year’s tasting line-up including the introduction of a range of ‘cysers’. Made by fermenting various fruit juices as you do to make a cider, this digestif is accented by the inclusion of honey. The result fills your taste buds with a sweet and spicy after dinner drink.

Accompanied by a range of street food and music from Mama K and the Big Love and Billy Whitton and the Men of Steel, it’s a great Sunday outing which also presents a unique opportunity.

This event precedes the judging of all Tasmanian entries into the Australian Fruit Wine Show, and as we’ve seen with speculation in the Tasmanian whiskey market, it’s a golden opportunity to pick up a favourite drop before medals are awarded.

The Tasmanian Fruit Wine and Cider Festival is a project of the Rotary Club of Sorell. Entry is by gold coin donation with unlimited tastings for $10. Funds raised are used to support local charities.

The Sixteenth Annual Tasmanian Fruit Wine and Cider Festival

Sunday February 1, 12-4pm

Bellerive Boardwalk, Cambridge Road, Bellerive

Information at


Managing Tasmania’s energy businesses

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer
28.01.15 4:53 pm

The Government is committed to prudently managing taxpayer-owned government businesses.

The capital structure of the Energy Businesses has been reviewed and advice has been provided to Government from Treasury, Pricewaterhousecoopers and the energy businesses.

As a result the Government has made a decision to rebalance the way debt is allocated between our energy businesses, and approved the transfer of $205 million of Hydro’s debt to TasNetworks.
A further $120 million of debt (making a total of $325 million) is intended to be transferred over the next two financial years.

The $205m debt transfer will relieve Hydro of the debt burden placed on it by the former Labor-Green Government when they transferred to Hydro the debt associated with the purchase of the gas-fired Tamar Valley Power Station (TVPS).

Labor inexplicably paid $160 million above the actual value for the TVPS. This has proven to be one of worst decisions in the history of energy policy in Tasmania.

As outlined at GBE Estimates last year, Hydro is considering the option of divesting the closed cycle gas turbine at the TVPS and running the remaining turbines as peaking units.

Under the current circumstances, it’s clear that Labor and the Greens forced too much debt onto Hydro.

Hydro operates in a highly dynamic and competitive market and its current level of debt is impacting on its ability to compete in the market.  This Government will support Hydro in its efforts to be right at the forefront of power generators in Australia and to deliver on the historic investment in Hydro that generations of Tasmanians have made.

Equity transfers through the restructuring of debt between Government Businesses are not unusual and will not in any way impact on power prices, which are strictly regulated.

This is an equity transfer that TasNetworks is more than capable of handling, with no impact on power prices, and which will help Hydro reach its potential.


Mathematics rock star stirs the debate on whether maths should still be taught at school

University of Tasmania media and communications officer Lana Best
28.01.15 3:14 pm


She is the rock star of the mathematics world and the question Professor Dame Celia Hoyles is going to explore at her free public lecture will resonate like a smashed guitar.

Is maths important?

Some people are adamant that it is, while others (ask any teenager) will argue that the subject is both boring and irrelevant.

Professor Hoyles, Professor of Mathematics Education at the London Knowledge Lab, University College London Institute of Education at the University of London, will present School Mathematics: Potential, Policy and Practice, at the Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre 1, at the University of Tasmania, Hobart on Thursday, January 29 from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

She is also presenting at the Conversations on Knowledge for Teaching conference in Launceston on February 11-13 (fully subscribed).

In her free public lecture on Thursday, she will discuss what she sees as the root of differing points of view on the importance of teaching maths.

“I will argue that mathematics is indeed important but only if learners actually engage with the subject and do so in ways that are rigorous,” she said.

“I will propose that one way to achieve both rigour and broader access to mathematics lies with using appropriately-designed digital technology and I will illustrate my argument with examples from research and practice.”

University of Tasmania Faculty of Education acting Associate Dean (Research) Associate Professor Rosemary Callingham said that it is “an absolute coup” for the State and the University to have Professor Hoyles in Tasmania through the University’s Visiting Scholars Program.

“She is someone with extraordinary knowledge whose suggestions and interventions through Britain’s leading policy-makers is really starting to have an impact, with enrolments increasing and the status of mathematics rising,” Associate Professor Callingham said.

“Anyone who has any interest at all in the place of mathematics, from educators to maths-reliant industries like computer animation and digital technology, will be fascinated by this lecture.

“And her ideas on policy shifts that could promote and enhance maths in schools could really benefit Tasmania.”

Professor Hoyles is being accompanied on her trip by her equally successful husband Professor Richard Noss, an expert in mathematics and technology, who will be speaking at a free public lecture at the University of Tasmania’s Cradle Coast Campus in Burnie on February 5 at 5.30pm.

Profile: Professor Dame Celia Hoyles (OBE)

Celia Hoyles is Professor of Mathematics Education at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, University of London, following teaching in London secondary schools.

She was awarded a first-class honours degree in mathematics from the University of Manchester and holds a masters and doctorate in mathematics education.

Professor Hoyles was the UK Government’s Chief Adviser for Mathematics, 2004-2007, and the Director of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, 2007-2013.

She was the first recipient of International Commission of the Mathematics Instruction (ICMI) Hans Freudenthal Medal in 2004, and of the UK’s Royal Society Kavli Education Medal in 2011.

She became an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in 2004, and was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2014.

Her academic interests are secondary students’ conceptions of proof, the mathematical skills needed in modern workplaces and the design computer environments for learning mathematics.

She has directed more than 30 research and consultancy projects and been published widely in articles and books.

She also co-presented a popular TV mathematics quiz show, Fun and Games, which topped the prime-time ratings between 1987 and 1990.

She serves on the Education Committee of the European Mathematical Society and was elected as President of the learned society the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) in January, 2014


Queensland Gets Baroque Festival That Liberals Refused to Support

Nick McKim MP | Greens Arts spokesperson
28.01.15 3:00 pm

Premier Will Hodgman should explain how he is happy to subsidise Forestry Tasmania in excess of $50 million this financial year, but could not find a fraction of that amount for the Baroque Festival, Greens Arts spokesperson Nick McKim MP said today.

“How can it be that a make-work industry like native forest logging can receive massive subsidies, yet a fantastic little event like the Baroque Festival is sent packing?”

“It seems like the ‘jobs. jobs, jobs’ mantra only applies if it fits with the Liberal’s ideology of ‘dig it up, chop it down’.”

“It doesn’t seem possible that Campbell Newman could be made to look like a strong supporter of the Arts, yet Mr Hodgman seems to have managed it easily.”

“Like Tony Abbott’s decision to award a knighthood to Prince Phillip, Mr Hodgman should simply accept that he made a mistake, and reverse his decision.”

“The horse may have bolted, but Mr Hodgman should at least be doing what he can to salvage something from the mess he created,” Mr McKim said.


Rockliff Makes It Up As He Goes Along

Nick McKim MP | Greens Education spokesperson
28.01.15 1:04 pm

Tasmania’s education and skills sector faces an extraordinary situation in which Minister Jeremy Rockliff intends to abolish the independent Tasmanian Qualifications Authority without having a replacement plan in place.

“Mr Rockliff announced his intention to abolish the TQA in the State Budget, and yet six months later he has absolutely no idea what he will replace it with,” said Greens Education spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

“Jeremy Rockliff is earning a well deserved reputation for making it up as he goes along, and this is no exception. It is not good enough for him to say this will be all worked out sometime in the future.”

“The danger is that Mr Rockliff’s decision to abolish the TQA will result in more work for our already overloaded teachers, who should be able to focus on their core role of educating students.”

Mr McKim also said that removing the independence of the TQA’s work opens up the risk that course development could be politicised by politicians.

“What next? Will Mr Rockliff abolish wilderness studies because it conflicts with his government’s obsession with developing Tasmania’s wilderness areas?”


Rockliff must explain why he knows better

Michelle O’Byrne MP Deputy Labor Leader Shadow Education Minister
28.01.15 12:08 pm

Jeremy Rockliff’s decision to replace the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority with himself is the latest bizarre thought bubble from the Liberal Government.

Shadow Education Minister Michelle O’Byrne has questioned the wisdom in Mr Rockliff deciding the curriculum for year 11 and 12 students.

“What qualifications does Jeremy Rockliff have to take on this important role?,” said Ms O’Byrne.

“What guarantees can the Minister give that this process will be free of politics and Liberal Party ideology?

“Why is he better placed to oversee subject choices in our schools than experts at arm’s length of politics?

“If the Government is determined to scrap the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority it should be considering real, long lasting reform.

“Labor’s plan for an expert policy body, spearheaded by the University of Tasmania, has attracted strong community support.

“Labor envisages this policy body will be responsible for establishing an integrated and comprehensive educational model starting from early childhood and ending with tertiary education or trades training for all Tasmanians.

“Rather than the Minister calling the shots, based on the politics of the day, the future education of our kids should be determined by experts and long term vision.”


Port Arthur bookings and travel advice at Brooke Street Pier

Andrew Ross Marketing Manager Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority
28.01.15 10:24 am

Visitors to Hobart can now book their tickets to the Port Arthur Historic Sites, as well as obtain travel advice, accommodation bookings and itinerary suggestions, at the new Brooke Street Pier.

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) has established a booking office at the new waterfront facility that offers ticket sales for the Port Arthur and Cascades Female Factory Historic Sites, as well as travel advice and accommodation bookings to help visitors get the most from their visit.

PAHSMA Director of Tourism Operations Anne McVilly said the Brooke Street facility offered visitors the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the many offerings at the World Heritage listed sites before they set out on their journey.

“It’s a great opportunity for those who haven’t been able to do much research or planning to get some first-hand advice on the options and to decide whether they’d like to stay a night or two in the Port Arthur area to fully experience and explore all that it has to offer,” said Ms McVilly.

“The Cascades Female Factory’s reputation is growing, however the exposure to visitors offered by the Brooke Street outlet will also help raise its profile and help visitors find out about the convict women’s story.”

In addition to ticket sales and travel information, the Port Arthur outlet at Brooke Street also offers a museum-quality interpretive display, with a small collection of artefacts providing a glimpse of life in the convict era.

Information about the artefacts and the visitor experiences at the Port Arthur, Coal Mines and Cascades Female Factory Historic Sites, are available in English and Chinese, on interactive iPad devices. Brochures and maps are also available.

The facility is open seven days a week.


Footrot vaccine permit a great first step

TFGA President Wayne Johnston
28.01.15 10:22 am

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) has welcomed the news that a new strain specific footrot vaccine has been allowed into the State.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) last week issued an emergency permit to Treidlia Biovet for the use and supply of Custom Footrot R-Pilus Vaccine for a period of six months (January 23 to July 30).

TFGA President Wayne Johnston said that the decision was a great first step for the state’s farmers.

“Virulent footrot is the most serious disease facing Tasmanian producers. It is more costly than OJD, lice parasites and flies,’’ Mr Johnston said.

“The TFGA has been working with Treidlia Biovet, and lobbying state and federal government ministers, in anticipation of this decision. We have also provided extra information to the APVMA to help bring the permit to fruition.”

Footrot is present in nearly every state in Australia, but Tasmania’s climate and irrigation practices create ideal conditions for it to spread within and between flocks.

Since the previous footrot vaccine, Coopers’ Footvax, was banned from use in Australia in 2008, sheep owners have had nothing to assist them with the control and eradication of the disease. The only preventative practices that have been available are foot paring/foot bathing, or antibiotic treatment under specific conditions.

“Many farmers have chosen to sell entire flocks, rather than see the sheep suffer. They now finally have a fighting chance at eradicating this scourge from their properties,’’ Mr Johnston said.

He emphasised that, given the prevalence of the disease in Tasmania, the TFGA would continue to lobby at a state and federal level for a minor use permit for the vaccine because no relevant registered product currently exists in Australia.

“A minor use permit would help provide the kind of certainty that our sheep producers need to start rebuilding flocks within the State.”

The TFGA encourages anyone seeking further information on the vaccination program to contact their veterinary provider, or visit


New Speed Limits for Novice Drivers

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure
27.01.15 6:35 pm

The Liberal Government is committed to improving road safety for all road users to help save lives and reduce serious injuries.

We want novice drivers to be as prepared as they can be to drive solo on our roads, and that includes gaining experience at highway speeds.

That’s why we are delivering our election commitment to increase speed limits for novice drivers to end the anomaly that sees a newly graduated P2 driver able to drive up to 110km/h without any prior legal experience of driving at speeds over 80km/h.

The Government is now writing to all novice drivers and other stakeholders to let them know that from March 2nd this year, the new maximum speed limits for L2 and P1 drivers will increase from 80km/h in higher speed zones to:

• 90km/h in a 90km/h zone
• 90km/h in a 100km/h zone
• 100km/h in a 110km/h

Importantly, these changes will help to improve traffic flow on our roads, particularly on our major highways where a 30km/h speed difference in traffic can be unsafe.

The new speed limits will not apply to L1 car drivers and L and P1 motorcycle riders, for whom the maximum speed limit will remain at 80km/h, but they will apply to those learning to drive a heavy vehicle.

I will ask the Police Commissioner to ensure that novice drivers are closely monitored in their compliance with the speed limits applicable to their new licence conditions.

All motorists are reminded that the speed limit is not a target, and that it is critical to maintain a safe speed and always drive to the conditions.



Jacquie Ray, Font PR
27.01.15 6:33 pm

Yesterday afternoon (Monday, 26 January) nearly 3,000 litres of diesel was accidently discharged onto Mornington Road from the site of a business operating in the area.

At this time it was believed that the spill was caused by a mechanical problem with a pump.

The business operator contacted the Environmental Protection Agency which requested Council’s assistance.

Council has been managing the clean-up of the spilt diesel to ensure that environmental harm and infrastructure damage is kept to a minimum.

It is expected that the remediation works should be completed by tomorrow (Wednesday, 28 January).


Blow to business confidence should be a wake-up call for Liberals

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer
27.01.15 6:29 pm

A significant hit to confidence in the latest NAB Monthly Business Survey should serve as a wake-up call to the Liberal Government.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon says the survey shows confidence levels have fallen sharply in Tasmania. 

“This is a reminder that the Liberals rhetoric in government does not match their actual performance,” Mr Bacon said.

“This is a very worrying result and one Labor takes no pleasure from.

“Splurging $400 million on election promises and then cutting more than 1200 full-time jobs to cover the budget shortfall is not the way to improve business confidence.

“Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein massively overspent during the election campaign and are now left in a very awkward situation.

“They also promised Tasmanians they would return the budget to surplus in their first term, a promise they dumped soon after the election.

“If the Treasurer cannot show a pathway back to surplus, business confidence will always suffer.

“The Liberals honestly believed the act of changing the government itself, rather than hard work, would solve all Tasmania’s economic challenges .

“This severe drop in business confidence is a reminder that Peter Gutwein is not the economic mastermind he thinks he is.

“I note the Treasurer’s response to the survey completely ignores reality.”



Leonie Mickleborough LWFHA Coordinator
27.01.15 6:24 pm

The Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. will be making an award for a book on family history in 2015.

The Lilian Watson Family History Award honours the memory and the contributions to genealogy and family history of Mrs Lilian Watson who died in March 1996.

The award is for a book however produced or published on paper, dealing with family or biographical history and having a significant Tasmanian content.

A definition of ‘significant’ is contained in the Conditions of Entry.

The competition is open to the general public as well as Society members.

The 2013 Award was won by Cecily Duggan for Pioneers, Ploughman and pull-shots: a family’s experience in Tasmania from 1808. The winner of the 2014 Award will be announced and presented at the society’s Annual General Meeting at Swansea on Saturday 20 June 2015.

The Conditions of Entry and Entry Forms are available from the TFHS Inc. Branch Libraries or by applying to the Family History Award Co-ordinator, PO Box 326, Rosny Park, Tasmania, 7018 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) These forms may also be downloaded at

The closing date for entries is 1 December 2015

Download poster:



Lauderdale: World Wetlands Day

Vishnu N. Prahalad, Geography and Spatial Science Discipline, School of Land and Food, Geography-Geology Building, Sandy Bay Campus,
27.01.15 2:48 pm


The 2015 World Wetlands Day celebrations are held in Lauderdale, Hobart on Saturday 31st January, supported by Clarence City Council and others.

Please join us in celebrating our wetlands through music, art, science and recreation, and look to their future in a fast-changing world.

We have a fabulous line-up of wetland-themed events for all the family, including;

• A wetland birds walk with Dr Eric Woehler to meet the migratory and stay-at-home bird residents of Ralphs Bay.

• A Dogs’ Breakfast - bring your pup along and have a sausage and a chat with Birdlife Tasmania members and others about how dogs and native wildlife can live side by side - free leads and dog snacks for all canine participants, and a BBQ for their human companions - let Eric know you’re coming at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

• Salt marsh experts Vishnu Prahalad and Phil Watson will take you on a wetlands walk, to explore the unique flora, ecology and cultural history of the saltmarsh wetlands that adorn much of Tasmania’s coastline. You’ll also have the chance to get involved in Tasmania’s first hands-on trial of community-based saltmarsh wetland health monitoring!

• For the kids, Parks Discovery Rangers Fiona Hume will be taking a wetlands walk, and Jess Fuller-Smith will be games mistress for a range of fun kids’ activities.
• There will also be wetland-themed face painting for your own little swamp monsters!

• Snappy science talks - local wetland experts give short, sharp and sometimes funny talks on our wetlands and the animals and plants that call them home.

• Book launch of Vishnu Prahalad’s new publication, A guide to the plants of Tasmanian saltmarsh wetlands, by UTAS’s Distinguished Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick and renowned Tassie poet Dr Pete Hay.

• Live saltmarsh wetland music! Folk renditions of wetland-themed tunes.

• Colouring in for grown-ups! Join scientific illustrator Georgina Davis for a short introduction to capturing the nature of our wetlands on paper – and take home your own supplies to continue your drawings at home! RSVP’s are required for this event - to book yourself a seat, please RSVP through Eventbrite (

With the exception of the drawing class, all of the days’ activities are FREE!

But we do need you to RSVP through Eventbrite (, for catering purposes.
Print out your free ticket and bring it on the day to receive a free drink!

For more information on World Wetlands Day, see

Download program:


Follow updates on the Facebook page for the event:


Medicinal Cannabis Study Shows Safer Alternative to Prescription Painkillers for Chronic Pain

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Health spokesperson
27.01.15 2:05 pm

Health Minister Michael Ferguson must heed the results of the first major Australian study of chronic pain and medicinal cannabis use which has found that cannabis provides greater relief to many chronic pain sufferers than conventional pain medications, Greens’ Health spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said today.

“This National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NRARC) study reaffirms evidence from researchers internationally and the testimony of chronic pain sufferers that cannabis is effective in pain management,” Ms O’Connor said.

“According to a NDARC report in 2012, Tasmania has the nation’s highest rate of Oxycodone use and the second highest rate of morphine use.  Opioid prescription and use in Tasmania rose from 19 300 prescriptions in 1999, to 127 400 in 2010 and it continues to rise.” 

“Unlike these highly addictive and indeed toxic medications, medicinal cannabis can provide relief without harmful side effects and the risk of death from accidental overdose.”

“Health Minister Ferguson has continually ignored the pleas of Tasmanians who are using, or would benefit from using, medicinal cannabis for a range of terminal and chronic conditions.”

“He cannot ignore the fact that prescription painkiller use is increasing sharply in Tasmania and can cause considerably more harms than medicinal cannabis.  To my knowledge, nobody has ever died from an overdose of medicinal cannabis.”

“This latest NDARC research cannot be ignored by the Health Minister.  To do so and to continue to have a deeply conservative approach to medicinal cannabis that denies benefits to Tasmanians in need would demonstrate a lack of compassion.”

“On behalf of those many Tasmanians who are currently using medicinal cannabis to relief suffering, and those who would benefit from being able to access it legally, I strongly urge Mr Ferguson to put aside his prejudices and look at the evidence.”

“Surely he doesn’t want to be known as the Minister who stood idly by and did nothing to deal with the fact that Tasmania has the nation’s highest heavy duty painkiller use rate while there is a safer, natural alternative available?”


Long-term unemployment figures getting worse

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer
27.01.15 10:08 am

The number of long-term unemployed people in Tasmania has increased dramatically over the past twelve months.

State Treasury analysis of ABS unemployment data shows that the number of Tasmanians considered to be long-term unemployed – those who have been unemployed for 52 consecutive weeks or longer - and the very long-term unemployment – people unemployed for 104 consecutive weeks or longer - increased by nearly 24 per cent to 6100 in 12 months.

The average duration of long-term unemployment in Tasmania leapt from 47.6 weeks in December 2013 to 56.8 weeks in December 2014 - the highest in the country .

Labor Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said the figures highlighted ongoing challenges for the Tasmanian economy, which would only be made worse by Peter Gutwein’s plans to sack 1200 workers.

“Peter Gutwein appears oblivious to the impact that sacking 1200 workers will have on our unemployment queues,” Mr Bacon said.

“Long term unemployment has worsened under both state and federal Liberal governments.”

The ongoing difficulty for all Tasmanians looking for work is highlighted by the number of unemployed people per job vacancy. In Tasmania the rate is 8.5 people for each vacancy. An improvement on the GFC highs but finding a job is still very difficult.

“Eric Abetz has been a complete failure as Federal Employment Minister. His ‘Restart’ incentive program, designed to create 32,000 jobs a year for mature-age Australians (who are over-represented in the LTU category) resulted in barely 500 new jobs over the first five months of its existence,” Mr Bacon said.

“The sad reality is that long-term unemployment rates are associated with poor physical and mental health.

“Further, as an individual’s skills lose currency their employment chances diminish and the whole economy suffers.

“Labor has a strong vision for an expert policy body to drive structural reform in our education system to address disadvantage, increase opportunity and set our kids up for the job opportunities of the future.”


Unfinished Business: Time to Treaty

Kim Booth MP | Greens Leader
26.01.15 12:45 pm

The Greens today called for a formal Treaty to be negotiated between the State of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.

“Last week I wrote to the Premier, in his capacity as Aboriginal Affairs Minister, requesting he initiate good-faith negotiations with representatives from the Tasmanian Aboriginal community to deliver a meaningful Treaty,” Greens Leader and Aboriginal Affairs spokesperson Kim Booth MP said, while addressing the Invasion Day rally held in Hobart.

“Unfinished business with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community is holding back our reconciliation journey,” Mr Booth said.

“Its time to Treaty.”

“We need to negotiate a formal Treaty which acknowledges the sorry history that has occurred on this island, and which seeks to address the current pattern of exclusion and discrimination inherent in our current state legal and policy-setting framework.”

“International examples of successful treaties highlight they are not merely symbolic but can make a real and practical difference to everyday life.  Treaties formalise rights and responsibilities, establish an agreed path forward towards mutual goals, and can fundamentally restore dignity to disposed First Nations.”

“Lack of action by the Commonwealth does not prevent the State from tackling its own reconciliation responsibilities by opening up good-faith treaty negotiations with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community.”

“Health, education and economic opportunities area as much State responsibilities as they are Federal, and therefore it is necessary and appropriate for the State to take the initiative and move to negotiate a Treaty.”

“The first step is to consult with the Aboriginal community over the appropriate mechanism by which a Treaty can be negotiated, its participants, and agreed timeframe for negotiations.”
“The agreed mechanism arising from this initial agreement would then be established, with recognised authority to negotiate a formal Treaty between the State of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.”

Mr Booth also reiterated the Greens’ call for Australia Day to be shifted to another date.

“Every year the issue of moving our national day of celebration to a day that unifies all Australians arises, and this issue will not go away.”

“I repeat the Greens’ call for the Premier to show political leadership, and formally raise the need to move the date from Invasion Day with his Federal colleagues,” Mr Booth said.

Background Information: to the Greens’ Proposed Tasmanian Aboriginal Treaty:

• Internationally treaties are a recognised form of agreement which reaches a settlement between First Peoples and those who have settled on their land.

• New Zealand, Canada and the United States have treaties with their First Peoples.  Canada is still negotiating new treaties.

• Treaties in Canada, New Zealand, and the US are recognised as empowering their First Peoples to make decisions that affect them, and assist in improving their health and well-being, education and employment status and opportunities.  Research has also found that life expectancy statistics for First Peoples are far better in these countries which have formal treaties. [1]

• Australia remains the only Commonwealth nation which does not have a treaty with its First Peoples.

• Lack of Commonwealth action does not preclude Tasmania establishing its own Treaty with Tasmanian Aboriginals.

• Successful Treaties are based on negotiation – not merely consultation. ‘Consultation’ is perceived as a one way process, whereas ‘negotiation’ involves parties coming to the table as equals who work their way towards agreement.

• The national Treaty Project states that, “A basic feature of a treaty relationship is a mutual recognition of authority… Each side is recognizing the political authority of the other party to represent a community at the negotiating table. A treaty is also governmental in character because typically it deals with the shared exercise of decision-making authority.” [2]
• Work conducted during previous national attempts to progress a national Treaty demonstrate that the process needs to include:

• Step 1: Consultation with Tasmanian Aboriginal communities regarding the appropriate mechanism by which a formal Treaty can be negotiated, and to identify the necessary participants and timeframe.

• Step 2: establish the agreed negotiation process arising from Step 1, and provide appropriate administrative resourcing as necessary, including the capacity to seek expert advice.

• Public education and awareness campaigns will also be instrumental in delivering key goals of the Treaty, and to foster true reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Tasmanians.

• Successful negotiations also build relationships based on trust and genuine communication seeking an understanding of other’s points of view. The process also offers important avenues for non-Aboriginal Tasmanians to come to terms with the challenges facing us all as a State.


[1]: Indigenous Health and the Treaty Debate: Rights, Governance and Responsibility; Sydney forum papers 2004.

[2]: Brennan, Dean: “Could a Treaty make a Practical Difference in People’s Lives? The Question of Health and Well-being”; The Treaty Project Issue Paper No. 4, 2004.

DOWNLOAD: Letter from Greens Leader Kim Booth MP to the Premier and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, 23 January 2015,


Suicide Prevention Advocate wins Australia Day Award

Lyndall Edwards CCC Marketing and Communications
26.01.15 11:00 am

When Mitch McPherson suddenly and tragically lost his 18 year old brother Ty to suicide, he had a choice to become part of the stigma and silence around suicide or to speak up and help others.

Mitch McPherson chose the latter and so began the Speak Up – Stay ChatTY charity movement, which has now become national thanks to the involvement of AFL footballers who have supported the McPhersons through their connection to the Lauderdale Football Club. Speak Up – Stay ChatTY is familiar to thousands of Tasmanians because of their visible bumper stickers.

One of the most visible events undertaken by the charity was the ‘Tour de Tig’, in which Mr McPherson and six of his friends ran from Burnie to Hobart over four days, raising over $40,000 and state wide awareness of suicide.

He has since enlisted the help of personalities such as footballer Jason Hodge and Richmond star Jack Riewoldt. Both of these players have assisted through appearances at events organised by Mr McPherson by supplying signed merchandise for raffles. Many more sporting identities have offered their services to raise awareness and money.

The Speak up, stay chatTY movement is now recognised across Australia and the ‘Speak Up and Stay ChatTY’ facebook page, which has over 7,000 friends, lists a huge range of fundraising and awareness activities and tips on mental health and staying connected with family and community.


Construction Underway on New Slip Lane onto Bowen Bridge

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure
26.01.15 10:49 am

The Liberal Government is committed to upgrading Tasmanian roads to improve transport efficiency and lower the risk of crashes.

Work is now underway on a new slip lane and junction improvements on the East Derwent Highway at the eastern approaches to the Bowen Bridge.

The existing junction had a high crash history, with incidents generally involving vehicles making right turns from the East Derwent Highway southbound.

The construction of a new slip lane at Otago will move those vehicles heading southbound towards Risdon away from the junction and improve traffic flow on the East Derwent Highway.

Works will also improve the left turn lane at the existing East Derwent Highway-Goodwood Main Road junction for northbound traffic.

We are pleased that the work has been awarded to Tasmanian company Andrew Walter Construction Pty Ltd, providing a boost to local jobs and economic activity.

Construction is expected to be completed by May 2015, weather permitting, and an approved traffic management plan will apply while works are underway, which will limit traffic to one lane at certain times.

This project is jointly funded by the Road Safety Levy and the Safer Roads program, two important State Government road safety initiatives that provide funding to improve safety for all road users.

For more information, visit:


Don’t Celebrate January 26 petition launched

Kaylene Allan
26.01.15 5:37 am

An electronic petition ( here ) has been launched in support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s commemoration of “Invasion Day” (January 26).

The “Don’t celebrate January 26” petition is calling on the Federal Government to stop national celebrations on this day. 

Spokesperson Kaylene Allan explains, “while the Australian government promotes Australia Day as being about “inclusion, unity and feeling good about being Australian”, for Aboriginal people it marks the onset of their dispossession from their ancestral lands.

Hence it is a date that divides the First People of Australia and all those who came after.

“To celebrate on this day diminishes all of us.

“Eventually change will occur. No other country celebrates their national day on the day when the First Peoples of that land were invaded.

“And increasingly countries and states in the Americas are formally replacing “Columbus Day” with recognition of the First Nation Peoples, their cultures and their resistance to the arrival of Europeans.

“Ending celebrations on January 26 is such a fundamental step in reconciliation and in creating a respectful and inclusive Australia.

“Countries like New Zealand where the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (1840) is commemorated each year shine a brilliant light on just what is possible.

“While finding a new meaning or alternative date for a national day will take time. In the meantime Australia must stop celebrating on January 26.”


Supporting King Island

Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier
25.01.15 2:22 pm

The Liberal Government will stand side by side with the King Island community in the wake of the devastating fire overnight.

We would like to thank and commend the Tasmanian Fire Service volunteers who responded swiftly and appropriately to the incident.

We would also commend the work of the State Emergency Service’s volunteers and Tasmania Police who assisted, and the Tasmanian Ambulance Service who also responded.

Fortunately no lives were lost and there are no reported injuries, however initial reports suggest the pharmacy, newsagency, a private residence and other businesses were significantly damaged.

King Island is a tight-knit community and there is no doubt the loss of its pharmacy and newsagency will create significant concern in the community.

THO North West is already working with the local pharmacist and doctors to ensure the continuation of the important service for the King Island community.

Discussions are also underway to ensure a long term solution is found as soon as possible

King Island is also a resilient community and we want to assure islanders that we will do everything we can to support them.

Roger Jaensch, on behalf of the State Government and Liberal Members for Braddon, will fly to King Island on Tuesday to meet with the community and Local Government.


Rededication of the Lefroy Memorial Avenue

Sarah Courtney, Liberal Member for Bass
25.01.15 11:48 am

Today’s official opening and rededication of the Lefroy Memorial Avenue of Honour marks an important chapter in the Centenary of ANZAC celebrations for Tasmania.

Eleven men from Lefroy, out of 122 who enlisted, made the supreme sacrifice in battles in Gallipoli and the Western Front during the Great War and in September, 1918, a tree planting took place known as the Lefroy Memorial Avenue of Honour.

For many years these trees were called ``Soldier Trees’’ by the locals but unfortunately, over the years, the avenue fell into disrepair and only three of the original 11 oaks remained.

The Returned Services League of Australia was made aware of the plight of the Avenue in 2006 and with grants and donations from the Australian and Tasmanian governments, the George Town Council and the George Town RSL the site has been restored and transformed.

Local businesses and volunteers also got behind the project in an outstanding show of community spirit which will ensure that the soldiers of Lefroy are remembered into the future.

We are honoured to support our veterans, especially during the Centenary of ANZAC, and helping to restore sites like this Lefroy Memorial Avenue of Honour helps maintain that historical link and educate current and future Australians.

Special congratulations also to the RSL which managed to locate and contact descendants of the 11 soldiers with a representative of each soldier at today’s ceremony.


Improving Road Works Safety

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure
25.01.15 9:58 am

The Civil Contractors’ Federation has been engaged to conduct traffic management audits on Department of State Growth road work sites to improve safety and consistency in traffic management.

This is the first stage of delivering on our commitment to improve road works traffic management in Tasmania.

Improving our road infrastructure is a strong priority of the Liberal Government, and road works are a vital part of delivering this.

We know that drivers can become frustrated with delays during road works, particularly when variable signage is used or speed limits seem to be unreasonably low.

We also recognise that in some cases signage at road works sites can be inconsistent and that contractors can do better in this area.

These new traffic management audits are designed to improve the safety and consistency of road works sites.

Safety at road works is an important issue around Australia. My Department is working with its counterparts in other States and industry bodies nationally to address this issue.

With a number of construction projects underway across Tasmania in these warmer months, including six sites on the Midland Highway, I am reminding motorists that traffic management is an unavoidable part of road works and the workers are there to make roads more efficient and safer for the travelling public.

Make it your plan to include a longer-than-expected travel time, to ensure that you take into account delays at road works sites during your journey.

At times, it may not be obvious why the signs are posted but we ask that motorists be patient, slow down, obey the signage and take caution whilst travelling through work sites on our roads.

Every worker deserves to go home safely at the end of each day.



TFGA CEO Jan Davis
24.01.15 12:27 pm

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association is encouraging consumers to support Tasmanian farmers this Australia Day by filling their plates with locally grown produce.

TFGA chief executive, Jan Davis, said there are plenty of ways to incorporate fabulous Tasmanian foods into your Australia Day BBQ.

“You might be planning to host Sam Kekovich, Ita Buttrose, Captain Cook, Ned Kelly, Sir Donald Bradman and Richie Benaud so that you don’t have to ‘lamb alone’. Perhaps the star of your meal will be a juicy cut of Tasmanian beef or pork. Why not start with Tasmanian oysters or salmon? Then add some delicious salads, roast potatoes or vegetables. After a game of backyard cricket, round the meal off with a tasty cheese selection or a pavlova topped with seasonal fruits and berries,” Ms Davis said.

“Of course, to accompany these delicious delights, Tasmanians have a huge selection of beverage choices too. Local beers and wines, ciders and juices – we’ve got the lot.”

“Tasmanians truly are fortunate to have such a wide variety of high quality produce to add colour and taste to our Australia Day celebrations.”

Ms Davis said that by tucking into plenty of fresh, locally grown produce this Monday, consumers would be making healthy choices while also supporting farmers from around Tasmania.

“By serving freshly prepared foods, consumers will be supporting local growers – so make sure you check the country of origin labelling when making your purchases,” Ms Davis said.

Ms Davis said that fostering a culture of healthy eating is a key area that requires investment from the Tasmanian government.

“Preventative health should be a high-priority policy for the government given the levels of poor health and obesity in this state’” she said.


Evidence of broken system highlights need for real reform

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health
23.01.15 7:23 pm

Today’s DHHS quarterly report highlights why our plan to reform the health system is so important, with thousands of Tasmanians still waiting too long for the care they need.

Shortly after the election, we delivered on our commitment to reveal Labor’s hidden waiting lists, which showed tens of thousands of Tasmanians were stuck waiting for care.

Unlike Labor, who chose to deliberately conceal the true extent of the problem, the Liberal Government will not hide from the problem we inherited.

That’s why we’ve made the true waiting list transparent in today’s DHHS December 2014 quarterly report, which shows there are 35,679 Tasmanians waiting for care, including 26,898 on outpatient lists previously hidden from the public.

This is more than five times the figure declared by Labor, which for years assured the community the waiting list was around 7,000. Some of these Tasmanians have been waiting up to 12 years for treatment.

This is nowhere near good enough and demonstrates the size of the challenge facing Tasmania – a challenge which has been exacerbated by a fragmented health system which has failed to deliver what it promised.

The status quo isn’t good enough. Our health outcomes are among the worst in the country and this is why we need to have genuine reform, so we can put the needs of patients back where they belong – at the forefront of every decision.

The Liberal Government is now rebuilding our health system to deliver the care Tasmanians need and deserve and we are working with the community to create a health system we can all be proud of.

The feedback from this week’s public forums on the reform process has been excellent and will help inform decisions around safety and sustainability in the White Paper to be released in March.

The DHHS quarterly report can be found at:


DPP Response

Nick McKim MP | Greens Justice spokesperson
23.01.15 4:08 pm

The Greens understand the Attorney General’s decision to recommend to the Governor that the DPP be removed from his position.

“This has been a tragic affair with no winners.

“We offer our condolences to the Pearn family for their loss,” said Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

“It is crucial that public confidence in the DPP be maintained, and we presume that Dr Goodwin’s decision was based on legal advice from former Solicitor General Leigh Sealy.”

”There is a strong argument for the effective life tenure provisions of the DPP and Solicitor General to be amended, but it is vital that the amendments do not compromise the independence from government of either office.”

“Given the pay restraint on the overwhelming majority of public servants, we believe that this is also an opportunity to reassess the frameworks that set the pay levels of the DPP, the Solicitor General, Judges and Magistrates,” Mr McKim said.


Becoming Australian citizens

Yabbo Thompson
23.01.15 3:21 pm

On Australia Day 2015 about twenty members of the extended Thapa family, Nepali Bhutanese former refugees, will become Australian citizens at the Derwent Entertainment Centre in Glenorchy. 
Four generations of this family, which settled in Glenorchy over four years ago, will receive a return for their hard work in;  learning English, studying what it means to be an Australian citizen, training, finding jobs, making friends, setting up homes and adjusting to life in Tasmania.

To mark the occasion a traditional dance program has been arranged and will be performed by; Narbada Thapa, Susmita Khadal and Nar Maya Thapa.

Our young dancers, wearing Nepali costume express their love and devotion towards the country where they were born and grew up.  Dances are very happy, harmonious and show the prosperity within the natural beauty of the country, welcoming everyone.

The song, “Pool Manjhari”, in the first dance, describes Nepali customs, the nation and its main attractions, naturally very beautiful, with snow covered mountains as the backdrop. Fast running rivers arise from the heart of the great Himalayas. The song features flora, such as basil, which has sacred importance in Hindu culture.

The main theme of the song is that the Bhutanese Nepali people have a very strong sense of national identity, humanity, lovable heart, affection and pride. The country is blessed and sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. The spectacular snow mountains draw tourists and pilgrims, showcasing the country and its people to the world.

The second dance with a song called, “Mai Ramri Huna”, will be performed by Narbada Thapa.

This song describes the Nepali costume and how beautiful she looks in that costume. The dancer will convey to the audience that the only way of becoming beautiful is to be made up according to Nepali custom.

Despite living in such a beautiful country we had to leave it and now we are adopting Australia as our new land. At this moment, we are experiencing a mixture of feelings such as; happiness, sorrow, joy and regret. We are also thrilled to become citizens of this country. Even as we delight in the moment, we may burst into tears when the memories of our country and childhood come into our minds.

Venue: Derwent Entertainment Centre, Glenorchy, Tasmania 10.30am January 26th 2015


A win at the Tasmanian Industrial Commission for Salaried Doctors

Lucinda Szczypior Font PR
23.01.15 3:20 pm

AMA Tasmania has welcomed the Tasmanian Industrial Commission’s decision,
saying it is a win for salaried doctors across the state and for the future sustainability
of Tasmania’s public health system.

President Abey handed his decision down today with respect to the application by
AMA/Tasmanian Salaried Medical Practitioners Society to vary the Medical
Practitioners (Public Sector) Award.

AMA President Associate Professor Tim Greenaway said the Industrial Commission
had in large part accepted all of the AMA’s submissions with respect to new
classification structures for doctors in training and specialists.

“We need to make the award more competitive to allow Tasmania to attract and
retain doctors without relying on unsustainable locum fees and special deals,”
Associate Professor Tim Greenaway said.

“Doctors are at the forefront of health care delivery and in order to have a quality
health care system that provides the best possible clinical outcomes for our
community, we must be able to both attract and retain highly skilled doctors.

“Recruiting senior doctors to Tasmania is a very real problem, as is retaining them.
“AMA Tasmania now calls on the Government to accept the Industrial Commission’s


The LTVTA Twilight Market

Kirby Curwen Marketing Manager – North
23.01.15 3:17 pm

Is your sports club thinking about doing a recruitment drive? Is your business looking to expand its clientele in a new and innovative manner? Do you want to display your products in an exciting fresh setting?

Then look no further than the newest event of the Launceston calendar in February 2015!

The Launceston and Tamar Valley Tourism Association is excited to announce the inaugural LTVTA Twilight Market.

The market will be held at the Seaport Precinct on Friday 27th February 2015 and is supported and embraced by the Launceston City Council, Hawthorn Football Club, and the businesses of the Seaport precinct. Hot on the heels of the successful Sundown Cinema series held at the Seaport in October and November, Seaport is expanding into a hub for the community.

Far from being a traditional market, the event will feature celebrity and Masterchef runner-up of 2012, Ben Millbourne, hosting a cook-off competition with members of the Hawthorn Football Club in a quest to seek the handiest Hawk in the kitchen.

The market will also feature entertainment from local bands, dance companies and entertainers, as well as two special Zones – a health and wellbeing zone and a special Kids Zone with bouncy castle and face painting. Food and wine stalls will be available for dining, as well as the restaurants of the Seaport area.

The LTVTA Twilight Market seeks to encourage an increased length of stay for visitors to Launceston by capitalising on two of Launceston’s major annual events – the Launceston Cup and the NAB Cup. The market also coincides with the Tourism Tasmania marketing campaign “Go Behind the Scenery” and by showcasing local businesses and produce, aims to give both visitors and locals the opportunity to experience firsthand the hidden gems that Tasmania has to offer.

The LTVTA is seeking expressions of interest from potential market stall holders to be involved in this exciting project – from businesses that have market experience to artists wanting to display to a wider audience to social and sports clubs expanding their membership.

For enquiries and applications please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


AustSafe Super welcomes new Regional Manager

Matthew Hogno Head of Marketing and Business Development
23.01.15 3:11 pm

The industry super fund for rural and regional Australia, AustSafe Super welcomes John Garwood to the team as Regional Manager for Tasmania. 

John’s new role will service the needs of members and employers in Tasmania. 

“John has worked within the banking and finance sector for over 30 years. He maintains a strong network within the local business community and being a local, he understands what’s important and relevant to Tasmanian industries, residents and communities,” AustSafe Super CEO, Craig Stevens said.

Mr Stevens continued, “We’re very excited to have John on board to join our hard working, member focused team of Regional Managers throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.”

John will be available to help members with anything super related, including the benefits of consolidating super, insurance cover and investment options offered by AustSafe Super. He’s also on hand to help employers with their super obligations, including upcoming SuperStream changes.

John can be contacted by mobile on 0475 832 401 or by e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

AustSafe Super is the industry super fund for rural and regional Australia, and has been committed to looking after members’ super throughout their working life, and into retirement for over 25 years.