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The ubiquity of sexual harassment

Karen Middleton, The Saturday Paper
22.10.16 1:15 pm

Last Saturday, my phone started dinging with incoming messages at 8am.

It began with friends – five in the first hour – who’d read what I had written on this page about some of the unwelcome sexual attention I’d received in my adult life. They were supporting my decision to write about it. They also wanted to check that I was “okay”.

Brave was the word that kept coming up – a brave piece of writing. Honest, raw, brave.

I wasn’t certain being called “brave” was necessarily a good sign and I braced for the backlash I was sure would come from those who so enjoy dissecting my appearance and my intellect – or apparent lack thereof – from their anonymous castles on social media.

But the wave of responses was another kind entirely.

By the end of the day – indeed, the week – I’d lost count of the messages, not only from friends and family but also from colleagues, professional associates, politicians, their staff and strangers, responding to what had clearly struck a chord.

“I found your article hard to read,” a parliamentarian wrote to me. “Almost beyond comprehension that this has been your experience. Thanks for writing it.”

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Letter to the Editor on Malcolm Turnbull

Len Langan
22.10.16 1:11 pm

It is a curious thing that we hobbled our Prime Minister at the recent Federal Election and then pick on him for not doing anything. We the Electorate nailed his foot to the floor. We listened to Labor’s mendacity over Medicare, believed the dubious words of an outside subversive organisation that should face prosecution for interfering in an election, and now have the naive audacity to criticise the Liberal Coalition for our collective stupidity.

We all know that The Australian Labor Party is being controlled by forces outside the Party room, that their leader - with a small “l”- is a puppet to these forces, and that collectively their shadow front bench is singularly lacking in talent.

Bill Shorten is not Prime Ministerial material and everyone knows it. He may be regarded with some deep accuracy as a political Billy the Baptist waiting on he that is to come when a higher authority decides who that should be.

The recent storm in tea-cup over the listing and importation of guns was a Labor and Trades Union Beat-up so Transparent that a child of five could see through it. It was a red-herring well past its us by date and on the nose, used it to cover up their support of union corruption and in doing so serving their masters. They who must be obeyed regardless of every aspect of public welfare.

Malcolm Turnbull and his team have not failed us we have failed ourselves. We have looked vision in the face and rejected it to wallow in the darkness of the mythical “light-on-the-hill” that was never lit.
We have endorsed the undermining of Democracy. A treasure of human society that The Labor Party hold in contempt. They clearly want to establish a neo-totalitarian bureaucracy that will enslave future generations to debt.

Perhaps we are facing the truth that a Nation gets the government it deserves!


Tas extends recognition of overseas same-sex marriages

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome
22.10.16 1:09 pm


Advocates have welcomed the Tasmanian Government’s recognition in state law of same-sex couples married in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand but say the federal Marriage Act should recognise them as married partners.

In 2010 Tasmania became the first state to recognise overseas same-sex marriages as state civil unions, but the Marriage Act prohibits their recognition as marriages in federal or state law.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said

“The state government’s initiative provides greater legal certainty for Tasmanian same-sex couples married overseas and overseas married same-sex couples holidaying in or immigrating to Tasmania.”

“The importance of this was re-inforced last year when a married same-sex partner from the UK, Marco Bulmer-Rizzi, who was on his honeymoon in South Australia, was not recognised as his husband’s next of kin after his husband’s accidental death.”

“But recognition as civil partners under state law is no subsitute for full recognition as married partners under federal law.”

“The solemn vows of life long commitment same-sex partners make in other countries should be respected by federal law but instead they count for virually nothing the moment these partners walk through Australian customs.”

“The only answer to this problem is reform the federal Marriage Act so overseas same-sex marriages are recognised for what they are, full, legal, equal marriages.”

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Lambie puts more Senate heat on Dairy Australia over conflict of interest claims

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
22.10.16 1:08 pm

Click below to view 30sec YouTube of Senator Lambie questioning Mr Akers

During Estimate Committee hearings this week, Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie raised conflict-of-interest concerns with the chair of Dairy Australia, Mr Geoff Akers, who admitted that his wife was on the board of Australia’s largest dairy manufacturer Murray Goulburn.

“Normally I wouldn’t enquire about the personal lives of any person in organisations that receive tax payer funds – however given that hundreds of Tasmanian Dairy Families are facing ruin because of the way the Australian dairy industry has been managed – I stand by my questioning of Mr Akers during Estimates Hearings.” said Senator Lambie.

“Conflict-of-Interest can also be another form of corruption, and given the dangerous mess that our Dairy industry is in – farmers right now must be given a guarantee that their representatives, running Dairy Australia are acting solely in farmers’ best interests – not the interests of other parties.” said Senator Lambie.

“Just as Mr Akers answered my questions honestly about conflict-of-interest, when the special Senate Committee on the Dairy Crisis begins its hearings – I will also expect the same honesty and I will ask the same question of every officer and employee of Dairy Australia who appears before the Senate Committee. It will be important for all Australians to establish if Dairy Australia is a truly independent body - given that tax payers contribute tens of million to its operations every year.” said Senator Lambie.

“One of my first lines of enquiry during the committee hearings will be to assure myself that the large multinational companies which dominate Australia’s Dairy Industry – do not have undue influence over Dairy Australia’s advocacy, decisions, policy and public statements made on behalf of its members. Independence and honesty in Australia’s Dairy Industry, like in politics - are essential to ensure that the best interests of the Australian people are acted on and delivered.” said Senator Lambie.


Appco: Workers launch $85m class action against marketing giant over alleged underpayment, bullying

22.10.16 1:07 pm

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Kingborough Council considers Australia Day awards shift

22.10.16 5:11 am

KINGBOROUGH Council will consider renaming its annual Australia Day Awards ceremony and moving the date from January 26.

A report prepared by council officers said January 26 may no longer be an appropriate date for the ceremony for a number of reasons “including the growing debate regarding the association of January 26 with not only the colonisation of Australia by Europeans, but with the dispossession of land and rights of Aboriginal people”.

The council will consider a recommendation to move the awards to May, to coincide with Volunteer Week …

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Bellerive Boardwalk: Seafarers’ Festival this Sunday

Catherine Rogers Communications and Marketing Officer Clarence City Council
21.10.16 5:19 pm

This Sunday 23 October heralds the return of the Seafarers’ Festival at Bellerive Boardwalk. 

The Seafarers’ Festival is a fun-filled day for the whole family with a focus on all things nautical. The festival includes music, activities, competitions, maritime information, a craft market and a selection of fine food. 

This year there will be plenty of new activities on offer. Pirates from Big Monkey Theatre will host Giant Battleships, based on the classic children’s game of sinking your opponent’s battleship. People can also make tentacles for the Killer Kraken Sand Sculpture, create and race your own wind-powered boat, learn the official game of the British Royal Navy, and participate in hydrodynamic experiments with the WhySci Science Unit. 

Festival Convenor, Alderman Sharyn von Bertouch, believes that while there will be plenty of activities to get involved in, the Seafarers’ Festival also delivers much more. 
“We are delighted to welcome back the newly refurbished ML Egeria for her 75th birthday,” Alderman von Bertouch said. 

“ML Egeria, the ‘Governor’s Launch’ is made of Huon Pine and Teak and is glowing after her restoration. People are invited aboard to view her in her full glory as well as four other vessels on which people can go on short runs in the harbour. 

“We are also teaming up with the Lindisfarne Sailing Club and the Bellerive Yacht Club to bring Discover Sailing Day, a chance for people to try out either the small Pacer boats similar to those used in the Rio Olympics or larger keel boats. Advanced registration is available on the Clarence Arts and Events website.” 

The Seafarers Festival has also teamed up with some of Tasmania’s best producers to provide quality food and wine throughout the day. 

Entertainment will focus on international cultures that have a rich vein of nautical history. The festival presents Songs ‘From the Sea’ featuring music by groups from five different cultures. 

With ocean races to witness, oral histories from the early days of Tasmanian fishermen and over thirty interactive stalls, the currents of intrigue run deep at the Seafarers’ Festival. 

The Seafarers’ Festival will be held on Sunday 23 October from 10.30am-4.00pm at Bellerive Boardwalk. More information is available at


From health to law, Tasmanian women recognised in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards

Telstra Business Women’s Awards
21.10.16 5:01 pm

Finalist ... Penny McShane ...

Thursday 10 October 2016 – Healthcare, social welfare, law, and media are some of the sectors represented by 2016 Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Awards finalists. The 16 women are among the most brilliant business women in the state. 

Telstra Business Women’s Awards Ambassador, Group Executive, Media, and Chief Marketing Officer Joe Pollard said that Tasmanian women are changing business, one brilliant business woman at a time. 

“Now in their 22nd year, the Telstra Business Women’s Awards champion women from diverse industries, ensuring their achievements are given the recognition they deserve, and continue to raise the profile of women in business,” Ms Pollard said. 

“The 2016 Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Awards finalists demonstrate the unique combination of skills required for professional excellence: the courage to take risks, sound financial management, strong leadership skills and of course, sophisticated business acumen allowing them to thrive.” 

Some of the finalists include: Jessica Norton who created Eat Safe Live Well, an information website and free app, which provide healthy recipes and advice for people with allergies and other dietary requirements. 

Emma Price created Source Kids, a free magazine dedicated to bringing relevant, reliable and upto-date information to families and carers of children with a disability. 

Through Beacon Foundation, Lynda McKay, supports young Australians who are at risk of leaving school for a lifetime of welfare dependence. Lynda’s role is to work with businesses, educators and communities to provide opportunities for young people while they are still at school

Another finalist, Kirri-lee Brazendale, formerly in the Australian Defence Force, created fitness business, Military Mumma, motivational public speaking company, Kirri Wears Pink, and also took over the reins of mud obstacle course, Raw Challenge Tasmania. 

Kimberley Martin, is a senior associate at Worrall Lawyers where she specialises in providing specialist advice and solutions in estate planning and related fields. 
Also included in the finalists is Penny McShane, who founded Evomed Pty Ltd, a business that seeks out innovative healthcare technologies to distribute in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Pakistan. 

There are six Telstra Business Women’s Awards categories in 2016: Entrepreneur, For Purpose and Social Enterprise, Public Sector and Academia, Corporate and Private, Young Business Women’s and, new in 2016, Business Woman in Asia. 

“Telstra is a passionate advocate of women in business and we are thrilled to extend the Telstra Business Women’s Awards program into Asia this year to further recognise and reward the courage, leadership and creativity of brilliant business women,” Ms Pollard said.
The 16 finalists join other Tasmanian winners and finalists as Telstra Business Women’s Awards Alumni.
Winners of the 2016 Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Awards will be announced at a Gala Dinner at Princes Wharf No. 1, in Hobart, on Tuesday 25 October. State and Territory category winners will be flown to Melbourne for the National Awards judging, culminating in a glittering celebration dinner on the night of Wednesday 16 November 2016. 

For information about the Awards and to purchase tickets to the Awards Gala Dinners please call 1800 817 536 between 9am and 7pm AEST Monday to Friday. 

Nominations for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards are open year-round. If you, or a brilliant business woman you know, deserve recognition, nominate today: 

Finalists for the 2016 Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Awards are: 

Entrepreneur Award  Alicia Rackett, Blue Rocket Productions, Hobart Penny McShane, Evomed Pty Ltd, Hobart Kirri-lee Brazendale, Kirri-lee Enterprises Pty Ltd, Cambridge Dr Kirsten Connan, TasOGS - Tasmanian Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialists, Hobart

For Purpose and Social Enterprise Award   Lynda McKay, Beacon Foundation, Launceston Bernadette Black, Brave Foundation, Hobart Penny Egan, Cancer Council Tasmania, Hobart Melody Towns, Be Hers, Howrah Emma Price, Source Kids, Launceston

Public Sector and Academia Award  Penny Terry, ABC, Launceston

Corporate and Private Award  Kimberley Martin, Worrall Lawyers, Hobart Belinda Hazell, Optimum Standard, Sanford Naomi Edwards, Tasplan Super, Hobart Alicia Leis, WLF Accounting & Advisory, Hobart

Young Business Women’s Award   Renee Parry, Parry Real Estate Pty Ltd, Prospect Melody Towns, Be Hers, Howrah Kimberley Martin, Worrall Lawyers, Hobart Jessica Norton, Eat Safe Live Well, Hobart Kirri-lee Brazendale, Kirri-lee Enterprises Pty Ltd, Cambridge


COAG Council on Law and Justice

Rene Hidding, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
21.10.16 4:53 pm

The Tasmanian Government is disappointed the COAG Council on Law and Justice today did not resolve the matter of the Adler shotgun.

Instead, the customs ban will now be extended while the matter is resolved.

The Tasmanian Government position is clear: we will not support any weakening of Australia’s world-leading gun laws.


French Benedictine monks to establish community in Hobart

The Catholic Weekly
21.10.16 4:47 pm

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Howrah Community Bowls Centre Opens

Will Hodgman, Premier
21.10.16 4:42 pm

Congratulations to the Clarence City council on the grand opening of its new year-round, all-weather indoor bowls facility.
The Tasmanian Liberal Government proudly supported the construction of the Howrah Community Bowls Centre through the Community, Sport and Recreation’s 2015 Major Grants Program.
The eight-rink indoor bowls centre is the only indoor bowls facility in the Clarence municipality and provides additional sporting opportunities for the community within the Howrah Recreation Centre.
There are currently 150 participating members, a further 150 social members and around 300 non-member participants. There are more than 42 user groups and clubs accessing a wide range of activities within the Howrah Recreation Centre such as tennis, guides, play groups, karate and the Country Women’s Association.
The Government is proud to have supported this project not only because it provides improved facilities for local communities, but also because it helps us to meet our goal to make Tasmania’s population the healthiest in Australia.
It’s ambitious but we have a Healthy Tasmania Five Year Strategic Plan to achieve it. It supports people from all walks of life to become more aware, interested, engaged and more in control of their own health and wellbeing.  It also fosters community connectedness, bringing people together to support each other toward better health and that’s something the new Howrah Community Bowls Centre can do.
Participation is expected to increase considerably at the new Centre through the ability to provide additional activities such as championship events, twilight bowls, school group programs, disability/aged care programs and winter sports.


Do we eat too much meat?

21.10.16 1:39 pm

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Top Scientist Calmly Destroys Anti-Climate Science Politician With Science

21.10.16 1:34 pm

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Coroner’s finding too little, too late

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome
21.10.16 1:19 pm



A Hobart man who was not recognised as his late partner’s next of kin has vowed to continue his anti-discrimination case after the Coroner finally accepted he was wrongly treated.

The Tasmanian Coroner’s Office has recognised Ben Jago as next of kin of his late partner, Nathan Lunson, nineteen months after initially granting that status to Mr Lunson’s mother.

As a result of the initial decision, Mr Jago lost control of Mr Lunson’s burial and was only allowed to attend the funeral after negotiations between the respective families and as long as he sat down the back and did not speak.

Ben Jago said the Coroner’s decision is “too little, too late”.

“It has been nineteen months of heartache and trauma since the Coroner’s Office made the mistake of not recognising my relationship to Nathan.”

“I intend to continue the anti-discrimination case I have against the Coroner’s Office because I want Nathan’s final wishes respected and because I don’t want this to happen to anyone else in the future.”

Mr Jago’s lawyer, Ben Bartl, said the Coroner’s Office failed to apply the law as it stands in Tasmania.

“The Coroner’s Office failed to grasp that same-sex partners have had equal rights under Tasmanian law since 2004, regardless of whether they are in a state civil union or not, and it is important the Coroner’s Office be held accountable for the trauma their decision caused.”

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said Mr Jago’s case illustrates the need for marriage equality and for more education about the existing rights of same-sex partners.

“I call on the State Government to do more to ensure there is a better understanding of the existing rights of same-sex partners, both in the public sector and in the general community.”

“I also urge Tasmania’s federal politicians to heed Ben’s case and vote to pass marriage equality as soon as possible.”

“Marriage equality will reduce the likelihood of this kind of discrimination by providing married same-sex partners with the legal certainty that can come with a marriage certificate and by fostering greater respect for the legal rights of all same-sex partners including those who choose not to marry.”

Mr Jago and Mr Lunson were engaged and had plans to marry in New Zealand.

For an article by Ben Jago about his experiences go to:

For an article about the Coroner’s decision go to:


Vegetable deal good outcome for growers

TFGA Communications Manager Kirsten Woolley
21.10.16 1:16 pm

Tasmania’s peak farming organisation has welcomed the news that vegetable processor Simplot will provide an extra six million kilos of Australian vegetables annually to Coles under an 8-year deal.

TFGA president Wayne Johnston said that it was particularly pleasing to hear that 90 per cent of that target would be sourced in Tasmania.

“This is a good outcome for our members, who will play a major part in providing this kind of tonnage to Simplot. It is also testament to the fact that Tasmania continues to produce the highest quality vegetables,’’ Mr Johnston said.

“The news should also help to firmly cement the future of the company’s two processing plants in the State.”

The TFGA and its committees will continue to work closely with Simplot to ensure this long-term relationship continues to benefit all industry stakeholders well into the future.


Michael Gravener vs Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Indigenous Corporation ...

Georgina Gartland
21.10.16 12:44 pm


October 24th, 25th, 26th, 28th October 2016

Federal Court Darwin, Supreme Court Building, Civic Square.

Commencing October 24th Michael Gravener, whistleblower, and former CEO of the Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Indigenous Corporation (MARIC), will allege in the Darwin Federal Court he was incorrectly dismissed from his job whilst uncovering and working to rectify serious irregularities within the corporation.  Last year Mr. Gravener was terminated instantly on August 11th, nine weeks into his employment.

MARIC provide a range of services, funded through the Northern Territory and Federal Governments, in the largely Aboriginal town of Borroloola, situated in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) investigated MARIC. The Compliance Notice - s439-20(1), a public document, was released in December 2015 and confirmed serious governance and financial irregularities. 

Mr. Gravener has had extensive experience working with Aboriginal communities for 20 years. As a Whistleblower he has found himself unemployable and will fight to clear his name of the false and damaging accusations.

A select few, mostly outsiders, in remote community corporations, and other supporting entities allow corruption to flourish with impunity in communities and the ‘Aboriginal Industry’.

Mr Gravener is seeking justice not only for himself but also for the Aboriginal community of Borroloola.


NSW claims “jobs and growth” impacts from sharks to bypass EPBC Act

Greens spokesperson for Healthy Oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
21.10.16 12:40 pm

Greens spokesperson for Healthy Oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has labelled the NSW Government’s rationale in requesting the Federal Government use emergency provisions to dodge environmental impact assessments as ludicrous. The NSW Government has given notice to the Federal Environment Minister saying he should use his emergency powers stating that media reports of shark interactions are likely to impact on “jobs and growth”.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The EPBC emergency powers are granted to the Minister to provide temporary exemptions for environmental approvals in the case of war or devastating bushfires, not because of bad headlines.

“If the Environment Minister accepts this spurious premise from the NSW Government then he will turn a legal loophole into a chasm, rendering the entire EPBC Act ineffective.

“Josh Frydenberg needs to ensure that the NSW Government provides a full proposal for the installation of mesh-nets along the NSW coast, and he then needs to undertake a full assessment of the environmental impacts.

“Shark mesh nets will not make swimmers and surfers safe, but they will indiscriminately endanger wildlife like turtles, whales and dolphins.

“Shark nets are a political solution to a public concern, but they aren’t a genuine solution. The Environment Minister must ensure he doesn’t set a precedent that weakens the EPBC Act,” he concluded.

Letter from NSW to Federal Environment Department tabled in Senate Estimates today found here:


Treatment underway at Mole Creek’s new water plant

21.10.16 12:36 pm

(l to R) Aaron Just, Senior Systems Engineer, Sage Automation & Peter Kafieris, Process Engineer, Laurie Curran Water

Construction of a new water treatment plant for Mole Creek is all but complete with treated water already being produced.

Mole Creek’s current water supply dates back to the period immediately following Word War 2 when in 1946 plans were put in place to set up a water system for the town.

Water started flowing in 1953. It was collected in a weir south of the town and after passing through a simple filter to remove pieces of clay, gravel and leaf litter, it was fed to the town’s reticulation network by gravity.

While this water has been used by the community for many years, it has never been adequately filtered or chlorinated and in line with current health regulations it fails to meet an acceptable standard and in recent years consumers have been advised to boil the water before consumption.

TasWater’s new treatment plant will change all that.

Contained in a large shed, the treatment plant sits alongside two large reservoirs-one for raw water while the other stores the fully treated water. Just like the existing system it will be fed to the town and rural properties along the way by gravity.

Built by water technology specialist, Laurie Curran Water, the plant is currently undergoing testing and commissioning. This is where the systems are tested and calibrated to ensure the filtration process thoroughly cleans and disinfects the water.

This is a complex process with the Department of Health and Human Services only allowing Mole Creeks need to boil water being revoked when it is absolutely confident the treatment plant can provide a consistent supply which meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

TasWater is also working through a review of the reticulation system throughout Mole Creek to ensure all customers are appropriately connected.

TasWater CEO Michael Brewster says he is really pleased to see progress being made at Mole Creek with treated water expected to be flowing by December 2016.

“I am happy too, to use this year’s national water week to highlight a series of projects around the state aimed at improving water quality.”

“Mole Creek is just one of a number of communities where a significant amount of money is being invested, part of TasWater’s annual spend of around $100 million on infrastructure upgrades.”

And our work isn’t going to ease up with plans to bring all our Tasmanian water supplies up to standard over the next two years so we can remove all existing boil water advisories.

Michael Brewster says this will be an occasion for a long awaited celebration for both residents in smaller communities around Tasmania and TasWater.


Letter to the Editor on Turnbull’s Leadership and wastage

C Frost
21.10.16 12:32 pm

Once again we see the wastage of Taxpayers’ funds with a Holiday junket for Government Staffers to Paris, flying 1st Class and staying in a Hotel costing $400 per night.

And why “To attend a forum on how to save money”.

What a joke?

Then we have the Government not knowing what the cost was – really, do we believe that?

I think not, the cost is believed by some estimates to have cost almost $250,000, is that saving?

What happened to video links? or having our Embassy staff in France actually do the work?

MP Turnbull then wants to reduce the money paid to people who are on basic pensions, cut Medicare assistance etc.

Sorry Malcolm time to go, and have someone with a bit more creativity have a turn, that is if National’s Coalition Government have anyone with the skills.

I watched MP Mr Pyne shouting down MP Mr Albanese on the Today Show, it reflected arrogance of just how the reigning Government is detached from the truth of things.


Centrelink complaints soar with fed-up customers sick of phone service

21.10.16 12:31 pm

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Ringarooma Valley water scheme taking shape

21.10.16 12:30 pm

TasWater’s campaign to upgrade the quality of water across the north east of Tasmania is gaining momentum as projects take shape.

The building to house Ringarooma’s new water treatment plant is in place with the initial work on the electrical fit-out under way.

Some of the major components of the water treatment equipment are already on site with more to be delivered and installed before the end of October

As well as the building containing the water plant, a raw water storage facility is also being built on the East Maurice Road site.

Work is also underway on a new treated water reservoir high on a hill a couple of hundred metres from the treatment plant site, which will gravity feed water to Ringarooma, Winnaleah, Branxholm, Derby and Legerwood.

Water will be stored in an existing reservoir in Winnaleah while construction of a new reservoir for Derby is about to start.

TasWater CEO Michael Brewster says he is really pleased to see progress in improving water services to smaller communities in Tasmania.

“I am happy too, to use this year’s national water week to highlight projects around the state aimed at improving water quality.”

“The Ringarooma valley is just one of a number of communities where a significant amount of money is being invested, part of TasWater’s annual spend of around $100 million on infrastructure upgrades.”

And our work isn’t going to ease up with plans to bring all our Tasmanian water supplies up to standard over the next two years so we can remove all existing boil water advisories.

Residents connected to the Ringarooma scheme should be receiving fully treated water early next year following commissioning of the treatment plant and associated facilities.

After a period of assessment the Department of Health and Human Services will then be able to approve the removal of long standing Boil Water and Do Not Consume notices for the towns of Ringarooma, Winnaleah, Legerwood, Branxholm and Derby.

Michael Brewster says this will be an occasion for a long awaited celebration for both residents and TasWater.


Turnbull government still at war with itself ...

21.10.16 12:26 pm


This week Senate Estimates witnessed a lackadaisical and visionless Government bereft of any policy agenda when it comes to healthcare and aged care.

The Health Department confirmed that there is no plan by the Government to reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s savage cuts to Medicare.

Instead, Malcolm Turnbull’s most senior health bureaucrat confirmed that each and every one of Malcolm Turnbull’s damaging health cuts, Medicare cuts and cuts to pathology and diagnostic imaging taken to the election all remain Government policy.

The Government’s disregard for older Tasmanians was further entrenched when Government officials stonewalled and refused to provide any substance to any questions regarding aged care funding – which is the biggest issue currently facing the sector.

The Government has slashed aged care funding by billions but is still refusing to release financial modelling, despite requests from the aged care sector and an FOI request from Labor. Instead we learnt that the Government has secretly shared the “parameters” of these cuts with a select few in the sector.

Unsurprisingly, division is still running rampant within the Turnbull Government this week - we saw the Prime Minister entertaining the idea that he was willing to horse trade on the ban on a firearm for industrial reform, and we saw a Prime Minister in bitter disagreement with the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

In Tasmania we learnt that the Turnbull Liberal Government will make taxpayer’s foot a $1 million bill for its failure to place any Liberal representatives in the North West of Tasmania.


Foreign Affairs flies 23 executives business class to Paris for a meeting about saving money

Canberra Times
21.10.16 10:35 am

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Tassie to get on the Garage Sale Trail

Bob Catchpole
21.10.16 10:20 am

Quirky items and quirky people at select Garage Sales throughout the Tasmania.

Bargain hunters throughout the state will be joining an estimated 400 000 Australians tomorrow (Saturday 22, October) to take part in the National Garage Sale Trail. So far this year there are over 15 000 sales around the country with over 12 million dollars’ worth of bargains up for grabs.

Garage Sale Trail is not-for-profit nation-wide community and sustainability event that encourages the reuse of pre-loved items and the activation, empowerment and participation of individuals within their own community.

Garage Sale Trail Co-Founders Darryl Nichols and Andrew Valder say that buying or selling at a garage sale is a simple act that can help to reduce waste and ultimately start to change people’s attitudes towards what they choose to throw out.

‘Every year, the average Australian family produces enough waste to fill a three-bedroom house. With this in mind it’s important that people start to take responsibility for their waste. By participating in Garage Sale Trail, you can help to redistribute millions of pre-loved items that may have otherwise ended up in landfill & have a bit of fun too,’ Mr Nichols said.

‘Beyond the day itself, three quarters of people who participate in Garage Sale Trail feel differently about the role they can play in reducing waste and buying pre-loved stuff after being involved in the event. That’s pretty cool for a day on the front lawn or porch,’ added Valder.

Highlights on the sale this year include the Newtown Primary Sale, the Ulverstone Community Band Sale and the Launceston Acquatic Swim club sale.

In order to grab the best bargains, buyers can create their own ‘treasure trail’ by visiting and searching for items they are interested in purchasing.

• Highlights on the Northern Trail

Sandhill Aged Care Facility
25 Waveney St, South Launceston TAS 7249, Australia

What’s available:
Refreshments, homemade arts and crafts, produce, plants and garden, bric a brac, household items, books, DVD’s, jewellery, clothing, embroidery and much more.

Launceston Aquatic Swim Club
8 Junction St, Newstead TAS 7250, Australia

What’s available:
This fundraising sale will feature a huge range of sporting equipment, toys, tools and designer fashion.

There’s something about Mary Street
39 Mary St, East Launceston TAS 7250, Australia

What’s available:
Quality clothing, books, microwave, home decor, 5.1 channel home theatre system, electric welder, clothes dryer, box trailer and a free lucky dip and colouring in for the kids.

• Highlights on the Southern Trail

Newtown Primary Garage Sale Trail
Forster Street Newtown 7008

What’s available:
Sausage sizzle, drinks, face painting, Peppa Pig, Lenah Valley Fire Brigade, Tas Police, foosball table, bikes, school supplies and much more.

Tools and other old stuff
78 Cascade Rd, South Hobart TAS 7004, Australia

What’s available:
Two sheds full of tools, mostly old, some collectible, axes, adzes, broad axes, hand tools, cross cut saws.

Summerleas Road Spring Clean
168 Summerleas Rd, Kingston TAS 7050, Australia

What’s available:
Street long sale with a range of toys, games, tools, hundreds of items to choose from.

• Highlights on the North West Trail

Bay Street Bazaar
31 Bay St, Parklands TAS 7320, Australia

What’s available:
Fabulous treasures, homewares, books, music, new and used clothes, with some great vintage pieces all excellent quality, designer items and one off pieces of jewellery, antique mirrors and quilting fabric.

Ulverstone Community Band
Wharf precinct, wharf st, Ulverstone Tas

What’s available:
Cakes, books, produce, plants, preserves, vintage clothes, furniture and more. All proceeds go to the Ulverstone Community Band.

Wynyard Community Men’s Shed
30 Cotton St, Wynyard TAS 7325, Australia

What’s available:
Wynyard Community Men’s Shed are selling a variety of tools, timbers, and wood crafts to raise funds for their extension project.


Howrah Community Bowls Centre opens its doors

Catherine Rogers Communications and Marketing Officer Clarence City Council
21.10.16 10:13 am

A $1.521m indoor bowling facility in Howrah was opened today by the Mayor of Clarence.

The Howrah Community Bowls Centre, within the Howrah Bowls Club, will attract state and national competitions, and be a venue for the community to enjoy a social game of bowls all year round.

Clarence City Council invested just under $932,000 to the facility, along with the Howrah Bowls Club contribution of $510,000, and the State Government contribution of $80,000, through a grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet Sport and Recreation Division.

Mayor of Clarence, Alderman Doug Chipman said he was pleased to see another major sporting facility built in the City. 

“The Howrah Community Bowls Centre is another high calibre sport and recreational facility in our City for our community and visitors to enjoy,” Mayor Chipman said. 

“We are excited about the opportunities this facility will present in regard to hosting state and national bowling competitions and it will also be an important facility for members and the community more broadly. 

“This facility is another step towards Council fulfilling its commitment to provide essential infrastructure to support, sustain and enhance community and social wellbeing. We congratulate the Howrah Bowls Club for passionately advocating for this facility and for the contribution the state government has made.”

The new eight rink facility has been a long-term planning project for the Howrah Bowls Club.

“Seven years ago the then President, Ian Cumine, issued a challenge to members: ‘where do we want the club to be in seven years’. The outcome from that challenge was the construction of a world class indoor bowls centre,” said Dennis Lourey, President of the Howrah Bowls Club.

“A dedicated group of members contributed many hours in preparing grant submissions and drawings. The Club also committed to making a substantial financial contribution to the project.

“The Howrah Community Bowls Centre is a facility the City of Clarence community can be justifiably proud of. The state of the art centre will allow a variety of community groups, young and old, to participate in the sport of bowls all year round.”

Life member and Patroness, Bernice Archer said the new facility would cater for anyone interested in bowling.

“The new facility will attract casual bowlers who like to play a weekly game of barefoot bowls as well as the dedicated full time players,” Mrs Archer said.

“Added to this relatively new group, Howrah Bowls Club has been traditionally used by school groups, people with disability and organisations such as the RSL. The new indoor facility will be even more beneficial for these people.” 
During the coming months the Club will add an office, storerooms, utility room and reception area. 

The Howrah Community Bowls Centre was opened by the Mayor of Clarence, Alderman Doug Chipman at 11.00am on Friday 21 October 2016. The Centre is located at the Howrah Recreation Centre, 11A Howrah Road. 


#TrumpBookReport: great literature reimagined as a tweet from the Donald

21.10.16 7:31 am

Twitter users have seized on a tweet describing the Republican nominee’s vague debate responses as ‘like a book report from a teenager who hasn’t read the book’

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First Dog: When I hear the words ‘smashed avocado’, I reach for my Adler 110

21.10.16 5:18 am

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Trinity Grammar School students raped other students, royal commission hears

21.10.16 4:18 am

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Lambie grills Government over Foreign Aid policy

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
20.10.16 7:19 pm

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has grilled the Liberal Government about Australia’s almost $4B p/a or $50B plus (over a decade) Foreign Aid Budget.

“There are a number of important facts that many Tasmanians would be shocked to learn - when it comes to the management our Foreign Aid budget. Despite what the Attorney General initially told me during the Estimates questioning –

Australia sends a lot of Foreign aid to countries with much larger militaries than our own, including Indonesia approx. ($300M p/a) and Pakistan approx. ($40M p/a)

And given that Tasmania grows and processes some of the best food in the world - I know our farming community and workers will be very disappointed to hear that Australia does not have in place an official policy to buy local when it comes to our Foreign Aid food, goods and products.  “ said Senator Lambie.

“I stand by my network’s policy to halve Australia’s Foreign Aid budget over the next 10 years and pull our pensioners out of poverty.

Our government should redirect that extra $25B to Australian Aged Pensioners.” said Senator Lambie.


Obama’s Secret Weapon In The South: Small, Dead, But Still Kickin’

20.10.16 6:23 pm

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