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Greg Hunt broke last election’s promise on whales and is silent at this election

Greens spokesperson on whaling, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
29.06.16 6:52 pm

Greens spokesperson on whaling, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has today released the Greens election policy to protect whales from being harpooned in the Southern Ocean.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “In opposition Greg Hunt couldn’t stop talking about how he was going to save the whales but when he got into government he went silent. His promise to protect the whales by sending a Customs vessel to the Southern Ocean was never fulfilled.

“He put trade deals before whales and the Liberal Government went out of its way to keep whaling off the agenda when Japan and Australia met.

“In this whaling policy the Greens have committed to take the next legal step necessary to prevent the slaughter of whales in the Australian whale sanctuary. If we can’t get an immediate result in the International Whaling Commission then the Greens would direct the Attorney General’s Department to mount a legal challenge to Japan’s whaling activity via the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea. This was a position that Greg Hunt once held but is again silent on.

“We would also send the Australian Border Force Cutter (ABFC) Ocean Shield to the Southern Ocean to monitor the Japanese whaling activity and use this as evidence in the next court case. It is Australia’s job as a nation to protect against illegal whaling in the Australian Whale Sanctuary, we shouldn’t have to keep relying on the courageous efforts of Sea Shepherd to get the job done,” he concluded.


Disappointing end to Federal Election campaign

TasCOSS acting CEO Jo Flanagan
29.06.16 3:35 pm

The Liberal attack on our country’s most vulnerable at the tailend of the Election Campaign provides a consistent ending to a campaign that began with Member for Braddon Brett Whiteley’s characterisation of Newstart recipients as ‘off their heads on drugs’.

TasCOSS acting CEO Jo Flanagan said Tasmanians were sick of politics that sought to divide communities and turns neighbours against each other.

“TasCOSS expects Tasmanian politicians, candidates and representatives to show integrity and leadership on the social issues that affect so many Tasmanians every day,” Ms Flanagan said.

“The Coalition government’s re-election campaign has lacked true leadership in creating a sustainable social vision for the future that is inclusive of all members of society.

“Tasmanians want leadership that creates a culture of opportunity and aspiration and that can bring people together and apply good public policy to complex challenges to turn around long-term, entrenched issues.
“Divisive politics gets us nowhere. This is the time to show leadership and integrity and put forth a bold social vision that tackles housing affordability, healthcare, job opportunities and transport infrastructure.

“Reaching economic surplus will not help vulnerable Tasmanians living on programs like Newstart—people who have to choose between heating their houses and putting food on the table.”

Ms Flanagan said Tasmanians deserved better than simplistic and populist politics that continud to stigmatise people legally entitled to access assistance and support from the Federal Government.

“People who access programs such as Newstart are human beings and deserve better than being set up as the ‘baddies’ who will be persecuted to serve the budget’s bottom line.

“We know that the whole of society benefits socially, politically and economically when the gap between the rich and the poor is closed. In the final stages of the election campaign it is up to the Federal Members of Parliament to remember that a strong social fabric is the only way to ensure social, political and economic security for everyone into the future.”

TasCOSS represents Tasmania’s social service sector and advocates on behalf of vulnerable and disadvantaged Tasmanians.



President of the Law Society, Matthew Verney
29.06.16 3:29 pm

The Law Society of Tasmania today congratulates Chief Magistrate Michael Brett on his appointment to the Supreme Court. Mr Brett will fill the vacancy arising from Justice Porter’s retirement.
The President of the Law Society, Matthew Verney said

“Mr Brett has been a fine Magistrate and Chief Magistrate and I have no doubt will be an excellent Judge of the Supreme Court of Tasmania. He is both widely liked and respected. On behalf of the legal profession I offer my warm congratulations to him.”


Greens pledge $1.2million to Produce to the People

Greens Candidate for Braddon, Scott Jordan
29.06.16 12:01 pm

Greens Candidate for Braddon, Scott Jordan has made a commitment to providing $1.2million over four years to Produce to the People to enable the continuation of their food aid program to needy families in NW Tasmania. The project has been facing an uncertain future following withdrawal of government assistance.

“My background has been in community services, and I understand the impact of poverty”, said Mr Jordan.

“I also understand the impact that projects like Produce to the People can have. Last month 700 families had food on the table thanks to Produce to the People”.

“That’s 700 families that had kids go to school fed and read to learn, pensioners who had nutritious healthy food, and parents who never had to face telling their kids that there is nothing to eat”.

“Produce to the People are heroes to these families, and we are so pleased to be able lend our commitment of $1.2million over the next four years”.

This builds on the Greens plan for tackling poverty and housing stress by increasing Newstart and Youth Allowance by $55 per week, returning single parents to parenting payments, increasing Rent Assistance by 30%, reducing energy costs by installing solar panels on every public housing homes, and building 14,500 new public and social housing homes – including 75 new homes in Braddon.

“The Greens will make a real difference to the people who need it most”.


TPC Should Rethink Planning Scheme Hearings

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Planning spokesperson
29.06.16 10:05 am

It was standing room only at the Tasmanian Planning Commission Hearing into the Statewide Planning Provisions in Hobart, with people struggling to hear proceedings.

There was universal discontent with the process and the lack of time for proper community consultation about planning changes.

The TPC needs to radically rethink its planning provisions hearing process.

The current hearing schedule focuses on single zone issues, and will mostly be held in Hobart. There’s only a single day in Burnie and West Tamar to tackle “regional issues”.

If Statewide Planning Provisions hearings are held without change, many Tasmanians will risk having their voice not heard. At the moment the proposed hearings are far too limited in scope, and will lock out northern and regional Tasmanians.

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is being rushed through at the expense of regional Tasmanians, as well as the disengaged and less literate. 

Most people haven’t had enough time to engage with the complex and voluminous changes to planning laws.

The Statewide Planning Scheme changes must have comprehensive statewide consultation.

The way the proposed hearings are structured will make it impossible to discuss overarching issues. Stakeholders like MONA and UTAS, along with conservation and ratepayers’ groups, raised concerns about the “zone only” focus in the directions hearing today.

We heard from a farmer and saw-miller from Huonville, who was concerned that planning changes may mean he loses his investment and his children’s inheritance.

The Planning Commission needs to listen to the strong views expressed in today’s hearing and rethink the Statewide Planning Scheme consultation. It’s too important to rush through.



Clint McGilvray
29.06.16 10:03 am

Australian Marriage Equality (AME) today welcomed the record number of LGBTI candidates running in Saturday’s Federal Election.

“This year we have more than 40 LGBTI candidates proudly running across all major political parties”, Dr Shirleene Robinson, National Spokesperson, Australian Marriage Equality said.

“This includes prominent Liberal Party candidates Tim Wilson and Trent Zimmerman, Labor Party candidates Pat O’Neill and Penny Wong, Greens candidates Jason Ball and Rob Simms, and the Veterans Party trans candidate Bridget Clinch. 

“It’s fantastic that so many members of the LGBTI community are putting themselves forward at the next Federal Election and that so many communities are backing them.

“Regardless of whether every candidate is successful at the election, it sends a powerful message to young LGBTI people in our community that they too can aspire to be a political leader in our country.

“As we look to achieve marriage equality in the next Parliament, it’s important that we have strong support from both LGBTI representatives and other supportive MPs committed to a fair go for every Australian.

“It is great that we are seeing diverse members of our community entering politics right around Australia and this increase is happening across all parties”, Dr Robinson said.


Election policy survey re Burning Native Forests to Make Electricity

Peg Putt, Markets for Change
29.06.16 9:10 am

The burning of native forest biomass should be completely removed from Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) after the Australian government last year controversially legislated to include it.

Markets For Change has been surveying the policy position of all candidates for the Federal election on this issue and all responses are being posted on our website:

We also have enabled our supporters to email candidates themselves.

“The continued inclusion of native forest biomass in the Renewable Energy Target would entrench industrial logging and export woodchip style destruction in the magnificent native forests of Australia as export woodchipping retracts, and could increase logging pressure. It is likely to also displace genuinely clean sources of renewable energy such as solar and wind power from receiving the benefits of Renewable Energy Credits,” said Markets For Change CEO Ms Peg Putt.

“The fact is that burning native forests for energy is highly emissive of greenhouse gases – more so per unit of energy generated than is burning coal. Logging advocates claim that this is irrelevant because eventually that carbon is recaptured by growing forest, but that ignores that the time for such recovery is measured in many decades or even centuries.  We have much less time to substantially decrease our emissions if we are to turn climate change around with strong emission reduction targets for 2020 and 2030.”

“Instead our forest could be allowed to grow in peace and yet earn substantial money from credits for carbon storage,” Ms Putt said.

What the Parties did last year:

The Liberal-National Coalition government introduced the change that included native forest biomass in the RET. The Greens opposed it. Labor opposed the original amendment that inserted the change, but then went on to vote in favour of the final legislation that included native forest combustion in the RET.
Senate cross benchers agreed to the inclusion of burning native forests, including Nick Xenephon. The exception was Senator Lazarus.

Labor avoiding stating its position?

Labor’s climate policy is silent on removing native forest biomass from the RET, although they have been explicitly asked to state it. Yet Labor in government excluded native forest bioenergy from the RET and explained the policy thus: “Wood waste from native forests was removed from the RET as an eligible renewable energy source in 2011. This amendment was made to ensure that the RET did not provide an incentive for the burning of native forest wood waste for bio-energy, which could lead to unintended outcomes for biodiversity and the destruction of intact carbon stores [1].”


Desperate Liberals deliberately lie about Lambie Voting Preferences

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
29.06.16 9:07 am

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has written to the leader of the Liberal party demanding that he remove Liberal commercials which deliberately lie about the JLN’s voting preferences

“Malcolm Turnbull must apologise to the people of Tasmania for his Liberal Party’s deliberate lie to them about my Network’s voting preferences. It’s clear from the fact that I’ve chosen an open ticket - and my how-to-vote cards state; “Vote 1 JLN” and “Vote 2 to 6 as you please” - that I have not preferenced any other political party.

So why would the Liberals say I’ve preferenced the Greens – who have caused a loss of at least $5B in Tasmanian business investment, have been responsible for a death of at least 5000 jobs - and who I have publically joked about in the past, are similar to the Taliban because they want us to live in the dark ages!!??” said Senator Lambie.

“Is it a sign of political desperation that Mr Turnbull and his Liberals have resorted to such blatant lies, which will surely damage his personal reputation as an honest man, and place a big question mark over all his election promises. It’s also a sign that Malcolm Turnbull is no different to the other Liberal leader he was forced to replace because of lies, incompetence, chaos, dysfunction and a long list of broken promises to the Australian public.

Mr Turnbull knows as well as I do - as the Prime Minister who introduced the new Senate voting laws - that an open Senate ticket (which the JLN has) means that it is now legally impossible for me to direct anyones’ voting preferences to any other political party.

It’s sad that a man who is a lawyer and wants to be Prime Minister knows full well, that the voter for the first time in the history of Australian Senate elections has the sole ability and power to direct their political preferences – as they see fit – and yet is happy to be part of this desperate lie. This lie will backfire – and cause damage for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals at the ballot box.” said Senator Lambie.     


Letter to the Editor ...

P. Khan
29.06.16 7:04 am


South Australia is a mendicant state the same as Tasmania ,but has shown the lead Tasmanian should heed what they are doing , following recent announcements by Labor and Liberal parties supported by some regional Mayors and Uni. Tas “ Associated Degrees ‘’  at the proposed Uni. relocation in Launceston is the best we can offer.

Major companies seek to employ Graduates who have full degrees , recently the Advertiser had an article by Mr. Courtney over the inferior NBN being installed at Bridport this article highlights, if we want the best for businesses and our youth who are our future, governments need to revisit the technology available as South Australia have done.

The exodus of our youth will continue if we do not have the best technology for the future ,once we have it they can operate from Scottsdale and Bridport without moving interstate.
                                                                                                                                                              Brian P.Khan
                                                                                                                                                              Bridport 7262

and I quote   Simon Evans article Financial Review 28th June .

Chattanooga in Tennessee is an unlikely role model but companies based in certain business precincts in Adelaide will be offered internet speeds at least 10 times the speed of the National Broadband Network as the city becomes the first in Australia to join the growing Gig City movement.

In practical terms , the lighting-fast download speeds and fatter “pipes” which come from the the existing SABRENet network which already connects South Australia,s universities and major research authorities will be offered to companies based in seven different precincts including the Techport site where the ASC submarine and shipbuilding operations are located.

Chattanooga has reinvented itself as a hub for hi-tech businesses after the city,s electricity utility .EPB, installed a fibre optic network that allowed ultra- fast broadband.It was the first of the “one gigabit “ speed cities to set up, and has been followed by a string of other cities in the US.  South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill on Monday announced that $4.7 million would be invested by his government turning Adelaide into a “ Gig City” by making the SABRENet optical fibre network   available to business .The roll – out will start at the end of 2016. The SABRENet network is jointly owned by the South Australia,s three universities . The University of South Australia and Flinders University.

The ultra- fast internet speeds will be available to businesses at seven sites including Tonsley Technology Park which was formerly the location of the Mitsubishi Motors car assembly plant,  the Therbarton BioScience Precint and Techport. Companies will need to invest in extra “ end- user “ technology to access the high –speed internet but Mr Weatherill said the access should drive “ significant “ economic development.

  Chattanooga , which once had the reputation as one of the US,s most dirt cities now label itself as “ A playground for pioneers “ as it seeks to lure more high tech entrepreneurs .

  Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese two weeks ago outlined the benefits of investing in bespoke super- fast internet service to attract businesses involved in the “ Knowledge industries “
    { end of article }


Greens to create firefighting capacity within the Australian Defence Force

Greens Defence spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
28.06.16 2:53 pm

The Greens have pledged to establish a specialist firefighting unit within the Australian Defence Force and bolster Australia’s aerial firefighting fleet.

Greens Emergency Management spokesperson Nick McKim said the recent fires in Tasmania’s wilderness had shown the increasing fire risk that Australia faces from a warming climate.

“The science is clear - global warming means hotter, drier summers, with more dry lightning strikes, and therefore more bushfires,” Senator McKim said.

“We need to do all we can to support our firefighters, particularly to respond to remote and wilderness fires in as safe a way as possible.”

“It’s time we broadened the mandate of the ADF so that it has improved capacity to assist our communities address domestic challenges like firefighting and responding to sea level rise.”

“That’s why the Greens are proposing to train professional Army personnel in extreme and remote area bushfire fighting, as the New Zealand Defence Force currently does.

Greens Defence spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said the party would also have the Royal Australian Air Force purchase and operate three amphibious waterbombers to add greater capacity to Australia’s aerial fleet.

“These are the kinds of practical steps that Australia needs to be taking to help better prepare and respond to natural disasters,” Senator Whish-Wilson said.

“The policy would require the ADF to invest $150 million on three water bombers at $50 million each, and up to a further $50 million over four years into operational support and training, from its existing budget, making a total commitment of $200 million over the forward estimates.”

“This would be boosted by the Greens’ previously announced policy of doubling the number of civilian firefighters by 2030.”


Council calls on pollies to put the Derwent Valley back on the map through real investment

Derwent Valley Council
28.06.16 11:35 am

The Derwent Valley Council says election promises from both Liberal and Labor Lyons candidates, while greatly appreciated, do little to address the fundamental needs of the Derwent Valley.

Derwent Valley Mayor Martyn Evans says he is looking forward to working with whoever is elected the representative for Lyons to develop a meaningful economic blueprint for the region.

“The Derwent Valley needs real investment in real projects which will make a real difference. It’s time we put the Derwent Valley back on the map,” said Mayor Evans.

“We are calling on the standing members of the Lyons electorate to work with us to direct funding into areas which will create jobs for the people of the Derwent Valley and provide ongoing opportunities for businesses.

“Since the closure of Willow Court in 2000 and downturns in the forest and paper industries the Derwent Valley has suffered a slow decline in job opportunities and retail trade.

“This has caused significant financial difficulties for families and businesses.

“The Derwent Valley is dying a death by a thousand cuts. We need investment in projects which will provide sustainable jobs for local residents and build economic activity in the region

“We have the highest youth unemployment rate in Tasmania, and unfortunately $2 million for Boyer Oval or $600,000 to redevelop the areas around the Derwent River does not address this or the many real and serious issues facing the Derwent Valley.

“We believe real strategic investment, long term projects will deliver the much needed boost to reinvigorate the Derwent Valley economy.

“The popularity of Dark Mofo installations at Willow Court has been a prime example of the potential reuse of Willow Curt and the economic gain that investment in that precinct could bring. Dark MoFo has highlighted the community’s willingness to engage with one of the most unique pieces of our history.

“The areas of Willow Court which have already been renovated have drawn significant interest from people wanting to become part of a new era of business in the Derwent Valley.

“Mr Hutchinson has campaigned on jobs and growth while Mr Mitchell has said strong communities are built from the ground up. A strong local economy is the foundation the Derwent Valley needs and the restoration of Willow Court is the type of investment the area needs and wants.


Turns out tough guy Joyce is really a pussy cat on biosecurity

Invasive Species Council
28.06.16 6:57 am


Read more HERE


Tasexit – Will Brexit have major implications for the UK and Australia?

27.06.16 5:30 pm

Peter Brohier, Convener of National Sea Highway Groups, today called again on the Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Opposition to properly link Tasmania to the national transport network, as they have done with all other states.

He said, “There seems there seems to be two possible options for Tasmania –

• For the Australian Government to properly incorporate Bass Strait transport into the national transport network effectively linking Tasmania to the rest of the nation. Also, to appoint a Royal Commission to investigate why the most significant well funded Howard core promise to the people of Tasmania in decades regarding Bass Strait transport equality has and is being reduced to almost nothing.

• To investigate whether, in the absence failure to deliver this necessary link, whether both Tasmania and the rest of the nation would be better off if Tasmania was restored to its former position as a British colony and exited the federation.

This approach would reduce Tasmania’s current dependence on other states. It would offer Tasmania the ability to use its natural and developed strengths to greater advantage and directly integrate its economy with that of London. There may also be strategic implications.

It many also allow brand Tasmania to be sold to the world as premium products and ensure direct transport services for people and products to world markets through established and new trade links. 

Such a move may now be in keeping with the developing state of affairs in the Parliament at Westminster and the Crown – the parties that may need to sanction such an outcome”.

Mr. Brohier went on to say, “Tasmania should not be allowed to continue to go backwards while the rest of the nation continues to be linked by billions of dollars in vital federal infrastructure.

Tasmania should not be denied the surface transport equality crossing Bass Strait that it enjoyed at the time of federation.

The effective working of the whole Bass Strait transport artery remained vital to every social and economic activity in Tasmania. Existing federal equalization schemes fall far short of meeting this task.” 


Arrested Lapoinya Forest Protesters Charges Dropped in Burnie Magistrates Court Today

Stewart Hoyt, convenor for Forests of Lapoinya Action Group (FLAG)
27.06.16 4:55 pm

From Left to Right: Barbara Hoyt, John Henshaw, Brett Donoghue, Roger Bradley

John Henshaw, Roger Bradley and Brett Donoghue, arrested in the Lapoinya Forest protests this past summer, faced the Magistrates Court in Burnie at 10 AM today, Monday, 27 June 2016. 

They were charged with failing to obey a police instruction under the Liberal Government’s “Anti-Protester Act” 2014. 

The Prosecution failed to tender any evidence to support the charges, therefore the Magistrate ruled that there was no case to answer and the three defendants were free to go. 

The Defence requested that costs be awarded to the defendants.

This issue will be require further submissions.

It is the opinion of FLAG that the present Liberal Government cannot continue to blame others (e.g. the Police) for their unworkable and discriminatory laws targeting communities which disagree with the practices of protected government business enterprises and other favoured corporations.

That these laws are the subject of a High Court Challenge speaks volumes as to their fairness and/or validity.

There is one more Court appearance yet to be scheduled regards the “Anti-Protester Act”, that of Barbara Hoyt who elected to have the issue heard in the Magistrates Court.

To date, there has been no response from the authorized authorities.

She was fined after allegedly failing to obey a police instruction on the same day as John Henshaw was arrested.

Authorized by:  Stewart Hoyt


2016 The Gallantry Continues: Annual Reserve Forces Day Parade – Hobart 3rd July 2016

Mr Denis Bignold – State Chairman, Mr Peter Bignold – Media Officer
27.06.16 4:42 pm


This year promises to be unique and very exciting as we continue our “Centenary of the First World
War” theme by revisiting the departure of Tasmania’s volunteers to Gallipoli and the Western Front
during World War 1.

We will recall acts of bravery in WW2, recognise gallantry in past and current conflicts and lastly
remember D company 6RAR and their legendary “Battle of Long Tan” in Vietnam
1966. 2016 is a very special year being the 50th anniversary of that battle.

Many notable dignitaries will attend including Lt. Dave Sabben MG (ret’d) a platoon commander
during the Long Tan engagement, who will lay a wreath on the Cenotaph in remembrance. We are
honoured to advise that the salute will be taken by Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery ,
AC, CVO, MC (ret’d) a former Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

On parade will be serving and former members of the three services, and descendants. Some will be
in uniform and others will be in civilian attire. The majority, of course, are former members who are
proud of their service and are keen to attend to show their support for current Reserve members.

DATE: 3rd July 2016

LOCATION: Hobart Cenotaph

ARRIVALS: 1000h to 1030h

TIME: Marchers form up at 1030h on the pathway at the Aquatic Centre
end under the direction of the RSM . Parade commences 1100h

SPEAKERS: Major General Jeffrey - Gallantry from the Boer war to present
Guy Barnett MP Author- Tasmania’s VC Recipients
Lt Dave Sabben MG- Gallantry in the Long Tan rubber trees

WET WEATHER PLAN March will continue rain, hail or shine. Large Marquee provided.

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Letter to the Editor ...

Len Langan, Longford
27.06.16 2:05 pm

Those of us who take an interest in the preservation and conservation of our national heritage must be very concerned when they see those supported by taxpayers money to look after it fail us in so many ways.

One is entitled to express a particular objection when these individuals and institutions are found seriously wanting in both care, priorities and practice.

An example might be found during the recent floods here. It was forecast that the flood might exceed the 60 year mark yet out at Clarendon no one thought of taking any precaution to protect the Coach House standing as it does in a very vulnerable position.

For those who do not know, thousands of tax payers dollars were spent a few years ago renovating the old workers cottages on the ground floor of this building. The expenditure was fully justified as these cottages are a unique example of the Christian compassion of James Cox, who built Clarendon in 1838, for his workers standing as a wonderful monument to one of our finest early Colonial Settlers.

In my view, and many of you might agree, The National Trust of Tasmania - who with a small “m” manage this important heritage site - did not take any action to protect these cottage dwellings. (The front of the building could have been sand-bagged and doorways could have been sealed to at least limit the intake of water.)

Once actually flooded and a great deal of damage done, it did not take The National Trust long to bemoan the fate of these important heritage dwellings and to tell us all that they would need thousands of dollars to re-renovate them.

One finds their appeal rather shallow as they now only open the place for three days a week inconveniencing the many Tourists who want to visit it, and failing to offer support to the local businesses who have jointly supported The Tasmanian National Trust for years without a thought.

The facts are clear. Those who are entrusted with the care and protection of our valuable heritage must be vigilant, competent and apply themselves to the tasks entrusted to them. The public are entitled to question them.


Learner Driver DVD Launch

Mel Knuckey Manager, West Moonah Community House
27.06.16 1:38 pm

Key words - literacy, multicultural, driver training, road safety

The West Moonah Community House is pleased to invite all media to attend the launch of the .

The Hon. Matthew Groom MP, Minister for State Growth will launch the new L1 Learner Driver DVD at 10.30am on Wednesday 29th June 2016 at the West Moonah Community House, 130 Springfield Avenue West Moonah

This project is an initiative of the West Moonah Community House in conjunction with the Department of State Growth; and was made possible with the assistance of the Tasmanian Government, Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania, and the Rotary Club of Sullivan’s Cove.

The concept of the Training DVD was developed and produced by Mr Kim Smith A.P.M. in undertaking a range of Literacy programs including L1 Driver Licence and Citizenship classes.

The training methods used including the DVD, address the four main building blocks of learning -  Visual, Auditory, Written and Kinaesthetic, which have increased comprehension markedly.

This is the first of more instructional DVD’s that will be made available in a USB format. It can be translated into different languages, will assist International Drivers, Driver Education classes and continue to assist people with language and learning difficulties and more.


Glamorgan Spring Bay Councillors “surprised and disillusioned”

Deputy Mayor Cheryl Arnol, Clr Bertrand Cadart, Clr Britt Steiner, Clr Richard Parker, Clr Jenny Woods
27.06.16 9:58 am

Response to Mayor Kent’s interview in The Mercury, June 24 2016:

Five (out of 8) Glamorgan Spring Bay Councillors were surprised and disillusioned to read Mayor Michael Kent’s recent comments that he did not feel that much progress had been made on the 18 recommendations coming from the investigation into Council by the Director of Local Government.

Deputy Mayor Cheryl Arnol said ‘it was unfortunate that Mayor Kent had not taken the time to discuss the matter with his fellow councillors before going to print particularly given he had only recently returned from 7 weeks leave and may not have been fully aware of the progress’.

Clr Britt Steiner was ‘surprised to read the tirade against local government structures’ and expressed concern that the message was very divisive.  Clr Steiner is distressed that she had no idea that the Mayor felt this way particularly given that there had been no enquiry from him nor any communication with his team.  Clr Steiner further commented that ‘any comments a Mayor makes should come with the endorsement of councillors and this tirade does not’.

Former Mayor, Clr. Bertrand Cadart expressed the view that Mayor Kent’s statement: ”Local Government is like banging your head against a brick wall” is unspeakable and demonstrates a total lack of respect towards a most rewarding job awarded by one’s trusting local community. Clearly Mayor Kent should remember who put him in the Mayor’s chair in the first place” said Clr. Cadart. “Furthermore, if only due to his age, Mayor Kent must be aware that politicians “come and go” but institutional administrative framework, starting with the General Manager, must however, be solid, steadfast, coherent and ensure the continuity of sound governance regardless of the political contexts of the day.” added Clr. Cadart. “It appears that Mayor Kent finds it difficult to deal “with bruises in his head” (Mercury June 24, 2016, page 9) well… perhaps he ought to be aware that one cannot just accuse the “bricks” on the outside but also the “rocks” on the inside to cause bruising in one’s head.” said Clr. Cadart. “Furthermore, I have observed, since the last elections, an extreme willingness and patience consistently demonstrated by the very experienced Deputy Mayor Arnol, to “show the ropes” in the most decent faith to a new Mayor obviously very “green” and totally ignorant of local government procedures and behavioural patterns only to be snubbed and treated with extraordinary disdain” concluded Clr. Cadart.

Clrs Richard Parker and Jenny Woods share the views of Deputy Mayor Arnol, Clr Cadart and Clr Steiner and were concerned that the Mayor had portrayed a personal opinion that could give the community the perception that the Council was not operating within the bounds of the Local Government Act.

A review of the recommendations shows that many of them have been dealt with over recent months.  For the sake of good governance, some of the recommendations require on-going review and action from both Councillors and staff.  The Deputy Mayor said that ‘the recommendations most lacking in action are the two attributed to requiring attention by the Mayor”.

Clr Kent’s attack on the Director of Local Government was unwarranted and uncalled for and should not be construed as the view of Glamorgan Spring Bay Council.  Mayors are not only the official spokesperson for councils but also their unifier, so they should be very careful to ensure that the views they express in the public arena are in fact the view of the Council as a whole. Anything less can lead to confusion and a community perception that the council is divided.

The Mayor had the opportunity to have input into the roles and responsibilities of Mayors, Elected Members and General Manager with the recent targeted review of the Local Government Act 1993 which is due to go to Parliament early next year.

Deputy Mayor Arnol said: ‘this tirade by Mayor Kent only serves to highlight that it was a major error of judgement on the government’s part to change the Local Government Act 1993 to allow people with no local government experience to stand for Mayor particularly when one of the prime responsibilities of the Mayor is to rationally lead and provide guidance to the Council and elected members to assist them in fulfilling their roles.  If there is no belief in the effectiveness of the Local Government Act or an understanding of the structure of local government by the Mayor, then there can be nothing but derision and mockery in the way the Mayor undertakes this role”.


Family thankful for hostage release

Jacquie Ray
27.06.16 9:50 am

The family of Tasmanian Mark Gabbedy, who was one of three Australians kidnapped in a deadly attack in Nigeria, has expressed its overwhelming relief at his release.

Mark Gabbedy’s elderly father, who described the experience as unbelievably stressful, said he had since spoken to his son by phone after he was released physically uninjured late yesterday local time.

Mr Gabbedy praised his son’s employer, Perth-based mining company Macmahon Holdings, for negotiating the release and that of his son’s fellow workers, who included two other Australians and a New Zealander.

Mr Gabbedy senior said company representatives, who had been in constant contact with the family, had demonstrated remarkable compassion and a fierce determination to secure the release of the hostages.

“We are enormously grateful to them,” he said. “And I am sure Mark’s late mother has been watching over him.”

Mr Gabbedy, who lives in Tasmania’s north west, has asked the media to please respect the family’s need for privacy.



Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison
27.06.16 9:05 am

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, has commented on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s alarmist claims about a potential power-sharing Parliament.

“The Prime Minister is being blatantly dishonest by trying to claim that power-sharing Parliaments lead to anarchy and chaos,” Mr Wilkie said.

“History shows that in fact power-sharing Parliaments are often quite stable and reformist, as was the case during the 43rd Parliament.

“It’s also extremely arrogant for the Prime Minister to try and tell voters that they shouldn’t give their vote to an independent or minor party candidate and that the only right way to vote is to vote for him.

Essentially, Mr Turnbull is saying that the almost one third of Australians who don’t vote for the major parties are wrong.

“Comments like this are terribly disrespectful of the democratic process which allows every Australian to vote for whichever candidate best reflects their views.

“And for Mr Turnbull to be seeking unrestrained power is dangerous. Remember that WorkChoices, for example, was borne of Prime Minister John Howard’s unfettered power in the Parliament.

“The Prime Minister needs to realise that there’s a reason that people are moving away from the major parties in droves. He would do well to listen to the Australian people rather than running a ridiculous and unfounded scare campaign.

“The Prime Minister, and the Opposition Leader I would add, should stop blaming everyone else for their troubles. That Liberal and Labor are on the nose is entirely the fault of the Liberal and Labor parties.”


GM-free Food and Crops: Election Scorecard

Bob Phelps Executive Director Gene Ethics
27.06.16 8:20 am


Gene Ethics posed 20 questions on Genetically Manipulated (GM) foods, seeds and sustainable farms to leading political parties.

“The scorecard shows The Greens and Xenophon Team have the best policies on GM-free food, seed and farms to deliver the real change that agriculture urgently needs, to safely and securely feed all Australians into the future,” says Gene Ethics Director Bob Phelps.

“On our election scorecard, The Greens hit 80% as they were the only party to answer our questions and explain their policies. The Xenophon Team followed on 25%, with the ALP 8% and the Coalition Parties 0% as they did not reply.

The Greens say: “GMO assessments must be broad, independent and scientifically robust. Everyone has a right to know if foods contain any ingredients made using GM techniques, through the comprehensive labelling of those products.

“Over 90% of Australian shoppers want clear and honest GM food labels but we don’t have them so this policy is a clear winner,” he says.

Green concerns on the Trans Pacific Partnership and other ‘trade’ deals include: “The inclusion of ISDS in recent trade agreements, such as the TPP, creates a ‘race to the bottom’ that will hinder Australia’s ability to maintain our comparative advantage of clean, high quality agricultural product.”

“In response to our questions, they also oppose any deal that would allow the Low Level Presence of unapproved GM contaminants in international food shipments, as the TPP proposes,” Mr Phelps says.

The Greens share our concerns about the inadequacies of food regulation so: “support a review of FSANZ’s operations, (and) would consider options including suspending FSANZ’s operation, while ensuring that the best protection continues to be available to Australians.”

On Gene Ethics’ proposal for a Farmer Protection Fund to compensate landholders affected by GM contamination, paid for with a levy on GM seed sales, The Greens say they: “would seek to develop an appropriate mechanism to fund contamination clean up, and compensating farmers,” after consulting all stakeholders.

“We also applaud The Greens announcement of: ‘significant funding for investment in research and development and landcare, to improve the sustainability of the agriculture sector -

The Xenophon Team told us: “Farmers and consumers should have the right to say no to GMOs” and that: “Government has a role to play in supporting continued research into the long-term unknown effects of GMOs on both human and plant health.”

Examples of their proposed actions include: “Ensure all GMO products are correctly labeled so consumers can make informed decisions,” and: “Protect farmers who want their crops to remain GMO-free by imposing stricter regulations and legal liability on the responsible for contamination.”

“The ALP merely reiterated their commitment to the status quo, a flawed regulatory regime that needs reform and the Coalition did not reply to our 20 questions, despite repeated efforts over the past month to elicit a response from both the Liberals and Nationals.”

“We will continue to advocate for GM-free eco-agricultural systems that can provide ample safe, secure and affordable food and fibre, locally-produced for all Australians,” Mr Phelps concludes.

Comment: Bob Phelps 0449 769 066 or 03 5968 2996

Download Gene Ethics’ 3 party responses:




Visit our Facebook at:


Veterans could not trust Joyce as their Minister

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
27.06.16 7:29 am

Independent JLN Senate Candidate for QLD, Veteran of 3 conflicts and former officer with the Australian Defence Force, Marcus Saltmarsh has slammed Barnaby Joyce for indicating that he was qualified to be the Veterans’ Affairs Minister because he thought he was a “great supporter” of our veterans.

“I recall that Mr Joyce thought he was also a “great supporter” of the agricultural sector. And we have seen how that has worked out for the poor farmers. Barnaby has done nothing to help stop Australian farmers from taking their own lives after they’ve been unfairly ripped off by banks and multinationals for decades – what makes Mr Joyce think that he’s qualified to stop battle hardened Veterans from killing themselves after decades of being bullied, ignored and forgotten by a dysfunctional and dangerous Department of Veterans’ Affairs?” said Mr Saltmarsh.

“You only have to ask Australia’s Dairy Farmers who have been betrayed by Mr Joyce and led into bankruptcy by out of control, greedy multinationals - or the farmers of the Liverpool Plains (in Mr Joyce’s own backyard) who are fighting against a Chinese Government owned coal mine which will ruin some of Australia’s best prime agricultural land - to know how ineffective and useless the Nationals leader has been.” said Mr Saltmarsh.

“Australian veterans already have a hard enough time dealing with a dysfunctional and dangerous department – why would you add insult to injury and put a dud in charge of them? The DVA has covered up an out of control veterans suicide crisis where at least 278 veterans have killed themselves since 1999. That’s about one every 2 weeks – why hasn’t Mr Joyce already addressed these issues in the Department of Veterans Affairs in his capacity of the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia?

Unless Barnaby Joyce is willing to support the JLN’s policies of:

1.    Grant automatic Veteran Affairs gold healthcare cards to all veterans of war or war-like conflicts as a condition of service;
2.    Support for a royal commission into the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
3.    A Private Members Bill which links defence pay rises to CPI or politician’s pay increases or whichever is the greater of the two;
4.    The correct and long overdue indexation of veterans’ pensions, including but not limited to the DFRDB, DFRB and ComSuper pension schemes.
… then he can’t be trusted – and is making a cynical, belated and desperate bid for veterans and their supporters’ votes to save his seat” said Mr Saltmarsh.


New Money The Only Fix For Chronic Underfunding

Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Health spokesperson
26.06.16 7:14 pm

The strong criticism today by the Australian Medical Association of the state health budget cuts is a serious warning that can’t be ignored.

The Minister for Health has repeatedly dodged or denied all questions from the Greens about the massive budget cuts that will start from July, but the evidence can’t be denied. There is a 7% gap between funding and costs next year, with 30% across the forward estimates.

The successive massive cuts to our health system have skewed it to a focus on extreme acute cases. At every point in the pathway towards recovery there is a lack of funding in the areas that help keep people well and out of hospital.

There are huge waiting times in Tasmania for people to see a specialist for the first time in most specialties. People waiting for elective surgery have little hope of being operated on unless they are classified in Category 1. This lack of funding to the less acute means people suffer for longer and their chronic conditions get worse.

Instead of implying that staff don’t work hard enough, or that they just need to better coordinated, Minister Ferguson needs to do the only thing that will fix these problems. He needs to argue the case for additional resources and then deliver for patients.


Greens formally launch 2016 election campaign

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale
26.06.16 1:22 pm

The Australian Greens have formally launched their 2016 campaign with the entire federal Greens party room, former party leaders Bob Brown and Christine Milne, and hundreds of supporters in Melbourne.

“I am so proud to lead this party that has the courage and vision to stand up for what matters,” said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale.

“Our 2016 federal election campaign is focused on protecting the climate that sustains our health, our environment and our economy, tackling inequality and charting a better way to deal with today’s record levels of global displacement.

“The two old parties are so far gone in their race to the bottom and so sold-out to vested interests that they both support Australia’s inhumane treatment of people seeking asylum, they both support new polluting coal mines and neither is prepared to end unfair tax breaks to raise the revenue we need to fund quality schools, hospitals and services.

“We Greens have demonstrated that we are a major force in national politics, and I say to the two old parties: We’re here to stay. Get used to it.

“We have been shaping and leading the national debate, and winning support every time we take risks.

“We were the first to propose negative gearing, capital gains and superannuation tax reform.

“We’ve driven the national debate on difficult issues such as drug law reform that few people will touch.

“We started the Parliamentary inquiry into multinational tax avoidance and led the led the calls for a Royal Commission into the banks.

“With Greens in the parliament the community gets representatives who work in the national interest, not according to the will of vested interests that control the two old parties.

“We go into this election with our biggest ever federal party room, our biggest ever membership base, and the most volunteers we’ve ever had out having one-on-one conversations with voters about the issues that matter to them.

“We have a fully costed platform that raises more revenue than it spends, and tackles inequality in every measure,” Senator Di Natale said.

“We are proud to be running candidates in every seat across the country because those seats don’t belong to the Labor or Liberal parties, they belong to the community, and the community deserves a choice outside of the Coles and Woolies of Australian politics.”


Greens invest in Antarctic Science ...

Greens spokesperson for Antarctica, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
26.06.16 10:06 am

... It’s time to remove the world’s blindfold as we face climate change ...

Greens spokesperson for Antarctica, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has today released the most comprehensive Antarctic science funding package ever put forward by a political party.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The work of Australia’s Antarctic scientists is pivotal in understand the risk of climate change. Nothing shows this more than the recent discovery that the East Antarctic ice-sheet giant isn’t as stable as we thought and is now starting to collapse. This alone could potentially add several metres to catastrophic sea-level rise.

“Without understanding Antarctica we can’t hope to better predict the droughts, fires and floods that have plagued Tasmania over this unprecedented summer. The work of our Antarctic scientists is central to how we manage our economy over the coming years and decades and our investment in Antarctic science should reflect this.

“On top of cuts to CSIRO, the funding for the Antarctic Ecosystems and Climate Cooperative Research Centre and the Antarctic Gateway Partnership runs out in the coming years without any sign it will be renewed by the major parties.

“This suggests that in the future the brand new ice-breaker will be steaming back and forth to the icy south with barely any scientists on board. The Greens want to make sure that we spend more money on scientists than we do on filling the fuel tank of the ice-breaker.

“The Greens Antarctic and Southern Ocean Package will ensure that we have enough scientists to do the work that is so critical for us all. Hobart should be the world’s most vibrant Antarctic gateway city. To do this we need to have a science framework that is well funded and provides genuine career prospects.

“We are already losing our world-class scientists from Hobart to redundancies and the job prospects for those coming through the University of Tasmania looking to work on Antarctic science are looking bleak.

“The Greens Antarctic and Southern Ocean science package is worth $115.7 million over the forward estimates period.

The Greens will:     
• invest $4.4 million per year to establish a designated ice-sheet unit within the Australian Antarctic Division
• re-fund the continuation of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC and the UTAS Antarctic Gateway at current funding levels
• require the Productivity Commission to provide a full economic valuation of the output of Australia’s Antarctic Science Program and knowledge base
• establish the role of Antarctic Envoy in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
• ensure that a full response is provided to all 35 recommendations contained in the Press Review within the first three months of the term of the new Government

Download full Greens Antarctic Science Package: HERE


George Brandis should Braxit

Tess Lawrence
26.06.16 7:15 am

Pic on Flickr from HERE: CeBIT-2014-Opening-Plenary-and-Keynotes-4319

Attorney-General George Brandis is at it again, trying to corrupt democracy, protocol and age-old legal doctrines and supplant them with his own warped vision. Independent Australia Contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence reports.

Read more HERE


Letter to the Editor

C Frost.
26.06.16 1:17 am

I was reading the concerns of Australians on working holidays in the UK and how BREXIT vote would affect them?

Spending time living and working in the United Kingdom is a rite of passage for many Australians - especially dual citizens - but after the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union, this ritual might be in for a shake up.

This is what made me ask why is it Australia treat NZ people who come live and work in Australia differently to how Australians are welcomed and treated in New Zealand/

While we think about that (the recent article referred to above), look at the differences in treatment between Australia and New Zealand; sadly New Zealanders who come and work in Australia are not give the exact reciprocal treatment that Australians get when the go to work and live in New Zealand – WHY?


Students Back University Move Funding announcement

Clark Cooley President - Tasmanian State Branch National Union of Students
25.06.16 7:35 pm


The National Union of Students has commended Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement of $150 million for the University of Tasmania (UTAS) expansion plans in Launceston and Burnie.

The Universities relocation presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the state which is backed by all three levels of government working together with students, staff, and the wider university community.

National Union of Students State Branch President Clark Cooley said “This funding, along with the new degree offerings will provide Northern Tasmanian’s new opportunities to access higher education. The new degree system will dramatically increase the number of Associate Degree places, advantaging 8,000 students who have never undertaken higher education.”

Mr Cooley continued “Prime Minster Turnbull’s announcement of funding for the UTAS development will only increase the Universities attraction as a international education destination. The new fit-for-purpose campuses at Inveresk in Launceston and West Park in Burnie will provide students with world-class, teaching, learning and research facilities, currently unavailable for Northern Students.” 

The National Union of Students (NUS) is the peak representative body for Australian university students. The NUS seek to advance the rights and protect the interests of students by working with campus-based student organisations, running campaigns, and making sure the voices of students are heard by parliamentarians, policy makers, university leadership and the wider community.


Animal Justice Party calls for End to Live Animal Exports at the Ban Live Export Rally

AJP lead Senate candidate for Tasmania, Karen Bevis
25.06.16 6:53 am


Today at 12 Noon, Franklin Square, Hobart

The Animal Justice Party today called for an end to the live animal export trade, confirming it stands with the almost 80% of the Australian population who recent surveys estimate oppose live export1.

AJP lead Senate candidate for Tasmania, Karen Bevis, who will be speaking at the rally, said; “There is no moral or economic argument in support of this cruel trade.”

“The past week of revelations concerning the abuse of Australian live trade animals has been shocking. This litany of cruel behaviours cannot go on.

“Industry and government statements attempt to hide the fact that the industry is miniscule, brings little by way of economic return to the country and damages the reputation of our nation.2

“Continuing revelations of animal abuse in the live animal export industry, whether it is the tens of thousands of animals that die at sea, or the often horrific cruelty in arrival countries, demonstrate that government claims that the sector is being regulated are not matched in practice. It is evident that neither of the major federal parties appears to have the have the strength of character to put an end to the live export industry.

“If the majority of Australians who oppose live trade want it stopped they need to support the AJP to gain a voice in parliament so that we can increase our strenuous efforts to stop this appalling trade.

Karen said that, in addition to banning live export, AJP policy was to establish an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. The Australian Labor Party expressed its support of this in a letter to the AJP President last week.

The ALP has also backed the AJP’s concept of financial support for increasing plant based industries in Australia. “We know there is at least $8.3 million available,” Karen Bevis said. “This is funding that the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has just announced he wants to spend supporting Vietnam abattoirs so they can take even more live Australian animals for slaughter.

“This live export industry needs to be stopped and funds allocated to alternative industries in Australia like increased plant based industries, that employ Australian workers.

A vote for the AJP at this election is now very important in getting the message through to the major parties that the Australian publics wants live export stopped , and they want it stopped now.

1 Lonergan Research, WSPA Live Export Study Report (2012) 4-6 Quoted on Voiceless web site. The Age June 24: Opinion poll after opinion poll shows most of us want the bloody business of live animal exports stopped. It’s our political leaders who are looking the other way. Read more:

2 Live export represents just 0.4% of Australia’s total exports, while chilled meat trade is already worth 12 times more to our economy than the live trade for slaughter. In 2013. Most farmers don’t live export. Just 6% of cattle and 7% of sheep raised for slaughter in Australia last year actually went into the live export trade, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Background summary ...

Animal Justice Party abhors Government cruelty actions

Australia exports over three million live animals every year. Cattle, sheep and goats are shipped long distances in distressing conditions which result in illness and death for a significant number. They are often slaughtered in countries without adequate protections against cruelty.

Most of the dreadful incidents regarding this terrible industry were not detected through the Labor or Liberal Government’s own monitoring systems. These incidents only came to light through investigations by non-government organisations. Labor and Liberal Australian government regulations are failing to prevent or detect cruelties in the live export trade.

Following years of evidence-based criticism of the cruelty of live animal exports, over recent days the need for urgent action has become even more evident.

Survey after survey tells us the Australian people want this industry to stop

For the animals themselves, this cruel live export must stop.

Revelations over the last week show the only way to prevent the live export of animals is to vote for political parties which are committed to stopping the trade. The only political party which will do this is the Animal Justice Party.

Here is the most recent history of the situation:

• Last week (June 15) saw the terrible images shown on the ABC’s 7.30 report about Vietnam abattoirs

• Soon after it was the revelation that cattle export industry representatives called for less regulation about the wellbeing of animals on the basis that these regulations allegedly limited Australia’s economic benefit

• On Wednesday June 22nd came the revelation concerning the expert veterinarian Dr Lynn Simpson being removed from her job by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture because she revealed the cruelty of existing transport conditions for live export animals. The Commonwealth Department had allegedly received complaints from Industry about the potentially damaging impact of a report as critical as hers. 

• Then on Thursday June 23 the Deputy Prime Minister announced $8.3 million dollars to Vietnamese abattoirs.

This litany of support for ending animal terror has demonstrated a number of important things.

• evidence of cruelty is not enough to make any government of the major political parties stop the trade

• revelations of the cruelty of the trade can lead to moves to remove the source of this information from employment

• the so-called economic benefit to the country is miniscule, as is the number of farmers involved, as Live export is only worth one eighth of Australia’s boxed meat exports. Most farmer income in these situations (93%) is derived from crops and wool)

The AJP has strenuously pushed for an Independent office of Animal Welfare as part of Commonwealth Government arrangements to combat the ferocity of vested interests

The AJP has developed an agreement with the ALP that establishing an Independent Office of Animal Welfare is a necessary one and one which is to be implemented if the ALP governs the country

Moreover the AJP has addressed the economic issues of alternatives to live animal exports through an agreement with the ALP to fund the development of plant based agriculture

Voters and all animal focussed organisations who are truly sick of the corruption of public process around animal wellbeing should support the AJP in its vigorous campaign to stop live animal exports

Support statements can be found at:

• Backlash – Australia’s conflict of values over live Exports, 2016 - Bidda Jones

Authorised by W.Sloane, 66 Allara Street Canberra City 2600



Michael Mansell Secretary
24.06.16 6:23 pm



Aboriginal leader Michael Mansell believes the Brexit referendum outcome has a spill over effect on the relationship between Aboriginal people and Australia. Mr Mansell said, “The UK referendum on Brexit is about the people choosing to be part of a political system or independent of it. The British Prime Minister has made it plain that although he personally wanted the UK to be part of the EU, he would respect the wishes of the people who do not.

In Australia, we Aboriginal people have never been given a chance to say if we want to be politically separate or part of Australia. Australia has to follow the lead of the UK and give us a choice.

Already the Opposition Leader Mr Shorten has raised the issue of a treaty. That treaty could settle the political relationship between Aboriginals and Australia. If we are to remain part of Australia, let the treaty terms spell out the benefits for us.”

Mr Mansell believed the Recognise campaign was “ an absolute waste of energy and resources. Even if it was passed at a referendum, nothing will change. It has so far had millions spent on it and a referendum will cost a further $150m.

That money would be far better spent on developing a treaty between Aboriginals and Australia. We want the same right of decide that has been exercised by the people of the UK.”