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Crikey Worm: Barnaby Joyce ...

19.02.18 6:57 am

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Macquarie Harbour salmon deaths called into question after fish farmer Petuna cuts 22 jobs

19.02.18 6:56 am

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AFP considers whether to investigate George Christensen over ‘greenie punks’ photo

19.02.18 6:55 am

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The Briefing ... Turnbull: ‘No issues with Barnaby’

The Saturday Paper
19.02.18 6:01 am

Good morning, and welcome to The Briefing.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce have met for the first time since publicly excoriating each other in the wake of Joyce’s infidelity scandal.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Turnbull said there were “no issues between the Liberal and National parties at all”, and that he had not apologised to Joyce as “there is nothing to apologise for”. Turnbull and Joyce will both be absent from the domestic spotlight this week, as Joyce takes enforced personal leave and Turnbull travels to Washington DC. Treasurer Scott Morrison defended Turnbull’s ban on ministers having sex with staff on Sunday, saying on the ABC’s Insiders that “if you sleep with your staff, it’s not private anymore”.

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Journal of world’s first Green Party ...

Geoff Holloway
19.02.18 6:00 am

Please download the journal of the United Tasmania Group, the world’s first Green party. The UTG Journal Issue No. 2 includes the following articles:

1. Editorial concerning Dr. Richard (Dick) Jones, founder of the United Tasmania Group and the relevance of UTG policy to today’s politics
2. All parties are responsible for our protected areas
3. Preventing child abuse and neglect
4. Youth justice: a Justice Reinvestment approach


New York Review of Books: The Heart of Conrad

New York Review of Books
19.02.18 5:50 am

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HobartNotHighrise: Town Hall, Macquarie St, Hobart Tue. 27th Feb @ 5:45pm for 6:00pm start

Brian Corr for Hobart Not Highrise Inc.
19.02.18 4:33 am


Town Hall Meeting:

 Town Hall, Macquarie St., Hobart

 Tue. 27th Feb. @ 5:45pm for 6:00pm start.

Discussion Topics: Highrise and Major Projects.


 Live performance of our theme song: “Don’t Get Tall (like other cities)”. See the video on our website;

 Introduction: Brian Corr, President Hobart Not Highrise Inc.;

 Speaker 1: Hon Elise Archer MP, Liberal Party, Denison Member & Candidate (8 minutes max.);

 Speaker 2: Hon Madeleine Ogilvie MP, Labor Party - Labor Whip, Denison Member & Candidate (8 minutes max.);

 Speaker 3: Hon Cassy O’Connor MP, Greens Party - Party Leader, Denison Member & Candidate (8 minutes max.);

 After the 3 speakers, each will have a ‘right of reply’ (3 minutes max. each)

 Questions from the floor.

 Close meeting (7:00pm approx..)

All speakers have been confirmed.

Highrise & Major Projects are big issues for the future of our city, so we ask that the meeting be confined to these two areas; thanks.

We look forward to a great meeting.

Authorised by Brian Corr for Hobart Not Highrise Inc.


Time to hold the government to account

Wayne Turale Chair, Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania
19.02.18 4:19 am

The Shooters, Fishers & Famers Party Tasmania cautiously welcomes the Liberal Government recent $2.2M injection pledge into the freezing inland fishing licences to 2017-18 levels over four years.

This a positive acknowledgement by the Liberal Government that the SFFP Inland Fishery Policy submitted to them in December last year was the way forward to save and restore our fisheries.  It is clear that the fear of political ramifications for the outdoorsmen/women of this State has shocked them into action.  As far as we are aware, this is the first time, we have had a government to make an election pledge to improve conditions for fishers.

Shooters, Fisheries & Farmers Party will continue to push for to preserve the traditional Tasmanian outdoor way of life and will hold Government accountable for commitments given.

However, it falls well short of solving all the issues with IFS, Inland Fisheries Services.

SFFP will insist the public owned purpose-built hatchery at New Norfolk be re commissioned and a comprehensive plan to restore the last truly disease free “wild brown” fishery in the world.  The recent Atlantic salmon contamination of Penstock lagoon and the possible tainting of Lake Crescent and Dee Lagoon well renowned blue-ribbon trout fisheries are an irrefutable argument for IFS to take control of the stocking program.

There should be double the amount of funding allocated to fisheries, aged pensioners should be able to access free fishing licences, the river Derwent should have more fishing pontoons to enable the elderly and young better access to fishing the river.

There should be more funding into providing toilets and other facilities in the lakes areas. Much has been promised before, and nothing delivered.

SFFP will continue to push for to preserve the traditional Tasmanian outdoor way of life and will hold Government s accountable for commitments given.

We hope these election commitments are not just more hollow promises. The only way to hold them to account is to vote Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania on March 3rd.


Guardian Brit: UK’s brutal prisons

18.02.18 6:21 pm

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Plea for no woodchip port in Dover ...

Wren Fraser Cameron, Far South Future
18.02.18 6:12 pm

A grassroots community alliance from the far south and Dover stood on Parliament steps yesterday and pleaded for No Woodchip Port in Dover.

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Turnbull’s attack on Emma Alberici’s tax-cut analysis doesn’t add up

18.02.18 5:23 pm

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EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

Pearls and Irritations: ALBERICI: No case for a corporate tax cut when one in five top companies don’t pay it


How to make the March 3 poll anything but boring ...

Kim Peart, candidate for Lyons ... a lion for Lyons, a tiger for Tasmania
18.02.18 5:18 pm


With rumbles about that the Tasmanian election is a tad “boring”

“Despite a malcontent labeling, like a child on school holiday, Burnie’s debate “boring”, it was wonderful to see so many people engaged and interested in this election.”

Could the whole show be livened up with more of a carnival atmosphere?

When campaigning in Deloraine, and seeing my logo ~ a lion for Lyons ~ an old chap asked me if I was a member of the Lions Club.

I answered “No” but did reflect on the question.

This reflection led to a little humour with the suggestion of a Lyons Club, as a way to celebrate elections in Lyons.

There is a festival in India where men with bellies to boast of, paint them as lions.

Are there any politicians in Lyons who would qualify for a painted belly?

This would be the one time, from time to time, when the belly would be an icon to honour.

Maintaining equality will be a challenge, but we can wonder about that.

Each electorate could choose their own themes, such as Bass, being named after a mariner, the explorer who sailed with Flinders, might have a maritime theme.

Instead of only winners celebrating election wins, having a carnival theme at the time of the polls, would make election campaigns more interesting.

With a Poll Day Festival, everyone would be able to celebrate the carnival of our democracy.

Winning isn’t everything, and nor should it be.

Authorised by: Jennifer Bolton, 39A Bridge Street, Ross


New York Review of Books: Fifty of the greatest literary quotes of all time

New York Review of Books
18.02.18 1:43 pm

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Tasmania Labor pitches 120% renewables target, rooftop solar boost

Sophie Vorath, REneweconomy
18.02.18 1:33 pm

Solar panels on the Tastex roof in Hobart ...

The Tasmanian Labor Party has pledged to take the state to “120 per cent renewables”, with an energy strategy that aims to lock in lower electricity prices and secure the island’s status as a clean power exporter.

In a statement released on Friday, ahead of the March 3 state election, Labor leader Rebecca White said her party would – if elected – “restore” and capitalise on Tasmania’s renewable energy advantage, with a range of new policy measures and targets.

Chief among these are a target of “more than 120 per cent renewables” within five years, and a “Distributed Energy Target” to boost on-site installations like rooftop solar by more than 80 per cent by 2022 …

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Labor’s energy policy: Labor ready to turn up Tasmania’s energy advantage


Labor will remove fees for students at all Tasmanian public schools

Rebecca White MP Labor Leader 18 February 2018
18.02.18 1:28 pm

 Public education is a fundamental right
 Labor will waive fees for all Tasmanian public school students
 Labor is committed to addressing the cost of living
 Initiative will save a family with three children around $1800 a year  

A majority Labor Government will reduce the cost of living for thousands of Tasmanian families by removing public school fees.

“Public education is a right and financial barriers should not stop our children from getting the best start in life,” Labor Leader Rebecca White said.

“This is a major cost of living initiative that will remove barriers to public education and put more money in the pockets of hard working families.

“Labor’s decision to waive the cost of public school fees will save a Tasmanian family with three kids around $1800 each and every year.

“The cost of public education has been steadily increasing and is now a significant burden on Tasmanian families.

“Bills arrive at the worst possible time, right after Christmas when many families are already struggling with cost of living pressures.

“And Labor will provide free bus transport for all students to their closest public school and our Active Kids initiative will make participating in sport more affordable.

“We don’t want there to be a barrier for any child to access education.

“Waiving fees for public school students has been costed at $24 million per year.

“And Labor can afford it because we are prioritising our spending commitments.

“The Liberals are splashing around cash to cling onto power, we are prioritising spending on health, education and the cost of living.

“Tasmanians have a clear choice at this election. The self-interest of the Liberals or a majority Labor Government that will put people first.”


Shorten must come clean on support for workers

The Chairman of the Love Your Local campaign, Michael Best
18.02.18 1:13 pm

The Chairman of the Love Your Local campaign, Michael Best, has called for Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten to come clean on whether he supports the workers in pubs and clubs or Tasmanian Labor and the Greens move to remove gaming machines from pubs and clubs.

“Bill Shorten says he supports the workers, so today is his chance to stand up for the thousands of employees who will be impacted by the decision by Labor and the Greens to remove gaming machines from pubs and clubs,” Mr Best said.

“Anthony Albanese says he doesn’t support Bec White’s move, so what about Bill Shorten?

Mr Best said some 5,100 jobs will be impacted by Labor’s decision through job losses, a loss in hours or a change in role, with at least 1,000 jobs to go.

“There are 5,100 people in Tasmania worried about their future – will they lose their job, will they have reduced hours or will they need to retrain for a new role,” Mr Best said.

“The people impacted by this decision have already been told they are parasites by the anti gaming lobby, so it is time for Mr Shorten to put people first by supporting the hard working men and women in our pubs and clubs.”

“Today, Mr Shorten has the chance to stand up for the people he claims to represent and protect their jobs by saying no to Bec White’s plan to remove gaming machines from pubs and clubs,” Mr Best said.


Guardian Oz today: Russian meddling ...

The Guardian
18.02.18 1:11 pm

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Crikey, Daily Review: Tom Gleeson ...

18.02.18 1:09 pm

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One person’s trash is another’s DIY 3D printer at this volunteer-run innovation hub

18.02.18 7:16 am

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20,000 more salmon suffocate in Macquarie Harbour.

Ken Orr Vice Chair, Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania
18.02.18 7:12 am

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Vice Chair, Ken Orr asks” How many more jobs will go? and when will the Minister and the EPA take their heads out the sand, and act”.

Innocent workers are losing their jobs, while the Government, the Minister Rockcliff and the EPA stand by doing absolutely nothing.

“Dissolved oxygen levels are at disastrously low levels and 2 to 3-kilo fish are suffocating in there thousands,” Orr said.

SFFP ask again, Where is the quarterly IMAS report, showing the health of Macquarie Harbour, why has it been delayed when it was due out in January?

Has it been held back until after the election? Does this mean the EPA is merely a Liberal Government puppet?

“SFFP wants a robust and sustainable salmon industry, but if these issues in Macquarie Harbour aren’t addressed immediately, more job losses could result. The harbour is a unique waterway” Orr said, and “current farming practices are not sustainable and there must be a total and immediate review.”


Where is the Public Car Park in Ross?

Kim Peart, Candidate for Lyons in the Tasmanian election, a lion for Lyons, a tiger for Tasmania
18.02.18 7:00 am

Saturday 17 February 2018

University of Tasmania event on the oval in Ross, next to the Town Hall

With only space for one bus to park in the bus parking location in Ross, four buses parking by the Town Hall leaves one over the one disability parking place in Ross.

Do the historic towns and heritage attractions of Tasmania need special oversight by the Tasmanian Government?

Ross is a very popular town with visitors to Tasmania, and as an iconic heritage village, needs special care.

The town is like a little Port Arthur, with its own isle of the dead on a hill, and hosted one of Tasmania’s Convict Female Factories.

Visitors arrive by car, at times pulling a caravan that together takes up three parking spaces, and buses that must also find somewhere to park in Ross.

Considering how tourism is a growth industry in Tasmania, the need for parking space can be expected to grow in Ross.

And then there is the potential for functions, events and receptions in Ross, where weddings in the iconic Uniting Church are frequently followed by a reception in the Town Hall.

Yesterday, the University of Tasmania held a function on the old School Oval (image 1), with buses and cars filling up the street, with one parking over the only disability space in Ross (image 6).

Why is there no plan for a public car park in Ross?

If the number of businesses double or triple, where will all the customers park?

As more grey nomads roll through Ross, with their long vans, where will they park?

As more coach loads of tourists arrive in Ross, where will they park?

As more events and functions are held in Ross, on the oval and in the Town Hall, where will all the patrons park?

And where will the residents of Ross find a place to park, when the streets are filled with cars, caravans and buses.

With nowhere found to park, many travellers will keep driving out of Ross, taking their money with them.


The need for a larger parking capacity in Ross was identified in the Ross Bridge Conservation Plan 2003 (image 12), to be located on the site of the Caravan Park (image 11), but this never happened.

In 2016 privately owned land was on the market (see “privately owned land” in image 11), and I wrote to the Council suggesting that they should purchase this land for a public car park in Ross. This did not happen, and the land was sold, and is again privately owned.

Later in 2016 the Council purchased land next to the Man O’Ross Hotel to develop a new town park in Ross.

If the “privately owned land” had been purchased for a car park, walking access to Church Street could have been through the new town park.

Examine image 10 to see just how much unplanned and undeveloped public land there is around Ross.

Did the Council need to buy more land for a new town park?

The old school oval, where the University of Tasmania held an event yesterday, is public land, located next to the public toilets in Ross, and the Town Hall.

Then there is the public land by the river, with views out over the Ross Bridge, the Macquarie River, and the surrounding heritage landscape, right where the belt of main heritage attractions are located in Ross.


With no plan for a public car park in Ross, I fear that the old school oval will become the public car park in Ross, because there is no other location.

How bizarre would that outcome be?

To have a ground next to the public toilets and the Town Hall in Ross that can be used for events, functions, carnivals, and even a farmers market, and have the location at risk of becoming a car park, reveals an absurd lack of planning where it counts.

A policy is already being developed by the Council to use the oval for parking, when there is an event in the Town Hall.

What happens when the event is on the oval, as happened yesterday?


Does Ross need a new town park (see image 11), when the need is by far more urgent for a public car park?

As the tourism experience is being messed up in Ross, should the Tasmanian Government take more responsibility for planning matters in heritage towns?

The situation in Ross has been allowed to stumble in the dark, because the Tasmanian Government takes a hands-off approach with the Northern Midlands Council, but is the Council up to the task of planning in Ross?

Failing to include a public car park in Ross, shows that the Council is totally failing in its planning duty.

Bad planning is a drain on the public purse, and undermines the economic potential of a heritage town.

Developing a new town park, which is not needed, costs a large amount of public money, and then developing a public car park in Ross, which is needed, will cost a heap more money.

And if there is nowhere else to go, will it have to go underground (image 9)?

Obviously, an underground car park in Ross is a crazy idea, but so is failure to include a public car park in town planning for a popular attraction.


After the election, whether I am in parliament, or not, I plan to seek the forming of a Ross Heritage Committee, to include Tasmanian Government, the Council and local interests.

A similar committee was formed to work on future plans for the Ross Bridge (image 12).

Now there is a need for a plan and vision for Ross, to identify where the public car park should go, and how this can be made to happen.

Getting the planning mix right needs to include ~

a heritage plan,
a business plan,
an environment plan,
a community plan, and
a cultural plan.

Relying on local Councils to get heritage planning right, not to mention basic town planning, is a gamble with high risk, and in Ross, that gamble is being lost, along with economic opportunities.

Should the Tasmanian government look at an overview body to ensure that all the planning boxes are being ticked with heritage and tourist towns across Tasmania?

There is a precedent for this, with the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority created in 1987.

Ross for instance, has no management plan, so there is no planning guide for the Town.

A heritage oversight committee could be a partnership between the State Government, Council and local interests, and ensure that each heritage town has a management plan, and that all needs are being met, such as a public car park.

If the current approach were working, there would be a focus on delivering a public car park for Ross, rather than an additional and unnecessary public park.


The Northern Midlands Council is currently seeking to rezone the old Ross Clinic, so it can be leased commercially (image 7). ~

The building is currently empty.

I have suggested to the Council that the building should be dedicated to the interpretation of the art of the Ross Bridge.

I have not yet been able to inspire the Council in this discussion, which would need to include the Tasmanian Government, who own 3D digital images of the 186 stone carvings along both sides of the three arches.

When the Council advertised the rezoning, no mention was made of a Master Plan for the whole property, which includes the Ross Swimming Pool (image 7).

Focusing on part of the property, the need for parking spaces for the Swimming Pool was not included.

Access to the pool has for decades been across the Uniting Church land, and through their gate.

One day the gate was smashed.

The gate has now been replaced, and locked (image 8).

It can but be wondered why the Council assumed that it was OK to access the Ross Swimming Pool across Uniting Church land, and why access and parking was never developed from the street access for the property on Bridge Street.

We now wait to hear what the Planning Commission concludes with this canine breakfast of planning.


The Ross Swimming Pool property connects with large areas of public land (image 10).

Rather than focus on one small area of this public land around the Swimming Pool, a plan is needed for all the public land in the area, from around the Ross Bridge, and around the Uniting Church, to the Convict Female Factory.

Those are the three main heritage attractions in Ross, and the public land around them is a natural heritage park in waiting (image 11).

It is quite crazy that the planning for the heritage area is neglected, and more land purchased in Ross for an unnecessary new town park, when the need is for a new town car park.

The only way that this unfortunate logjam in planning may be broken, is with heritage oversight planning by the Tasmanian Government.

Relying on the Council to get the heritage planning right, has been tried in Ross, and has failed.

This failure has a financial impact on Tasmania’s economy, when a heritage town like Ross can be contributing so much more.

When a heritage town works better, it creates more employment, and delivers greater pleasure to the community, and for visitors.

Authorised by: Jennifer Bolton, 39A Bridge Street, Ross


Far South Future’s Protest in Hobart yesterday ...

Far South Future
18.02.18 6:56 am

View on Facebook here


Not So New Labor Backs in Woodchip Exports from Dover

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens’ Leader, 17 February 2018
18.02.18 6:53 am

After refusing to ever meet with concerned Dover and far South residents, Labor Leader, Rebecca White, today confirmed she supports the proposed woodchip export facility in Port Esperance and acquisition of public land to deliver it.

How the Labor Leader could come to such a definitive position without talking to the local community is anyone’s guess. 

Rebecca White may be a fresh face and a new leader for Labor, but she has the same attachment to divisive, unsustainable forestry operations of Labor leaders past.

The proposed woodchip export facility threatens a growing and vibrant local visitor economy and residents are saying it’ll send the region backwards, to the last century.

With bulk carrier ships arriving from overseas every three weeks and hundreds of log trucks on roads used by locals and visitors, the threat is real.

On forestry, the Liberal and Labor parties are in lock step.  They want to take Tasmania backwards.

The Greens stand with every far South resident and every Tasmanian who don’t want a return to forest conflict and recognise ‘clean and green’ is this island’s future.


Join Adam Richards on a training stroll for Canberra Walk For Refugees

Jane Salmon for Adam Richards
18.02.18 6:49 am

When: Sunday 18 February, Adelaide Zoo Entrance, Frome Rd, Adelaide (11am Adelaide time or 1130 EST).

              and also

Monday 19th 1.15 pm local time, 1.45pm EST Outside the District Court of South Australia, Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square

Going ahead in wig, gown, and trainers!

Adelaide Aussie father and son crew Adam Richards and 14 year old Ned are back in training for another marathon to highlight the plight of refugees detained offshore by Australia.

It hasn’t been plain sailing for asylum seeking boat arrivals to our shores. Some have been held by Australian Immigration for nearly 5 years, unable to get on with work and family life.

Adam and Ned find the island confinement of adult and children refugees offshore on Manus and Nauru particularly “unAustralian”. Torture of minors doesn’t float their boat. Detainees should be brought here or released to safe third countries, they argue.

This time last year Adam and Ned completed a 1200 km mid-summer slog from Adelaide to Canberra, burning shoe leather before bumping into the nation’s leaders and literally jumping into Lake Burley Griffin with a small armada of activists from ACT and around the country.

This year their goal is to trek from saltwater Sydney Harbour to inland Lake Burley Griffin. They’re calling their 310 km, two week undertaking a #CanberraWalkForRefugees.  When asked by RN Breakfast last week whether he believes this undertaking can make a difference, Adam recently commented “I think people standing up for what’s right is the only thing that has ever made a difference”.

Aussies sympathetic to refugees are invited to tweet, sponsor or stroll along with Adam and Ned across the 2 weeks from Sydney on Saturday 24 Feb to 11 March 2018. Info about participation is below.

Supporters can also join in with tweets and facebook photos, or go on a simultaneous walk in their local area. 

Many Australians see sailing as an expression of their secure lifestyle and physical freedom.
This year’s Walk will again end with a rally at Parliament House and symbolic launching of cardboard boats into Lake Burley Griffin. This time, new Senator Jim Molan, military architect of boat turnback policy, will be one of the pollies they’ll invite to jump in the lake with them. His “nautical” response to the global refugee crisis (mainly generated by war) isn’t considered very “nice” by #CanberraWalkForRefugee supporters.

Adam is a lawyer by day and human rights activist by night. You can join him for a training stroll in the city between court cases this Monday February 19 at 1.15 pm SA time.

Who: Adam Richards in wig, gown, trainers
When: Monday 19/2/18 at 1.15 pm SA Time or 13:45 EST on the lawn outside the District Court, Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square, Adelaide.

Call us for details of the training walks, Sydney and Canberra event details, social media links, sponsorship and more.
t: @walkforrefugees, #CanberraWalkForRefugees
e: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The Canberra Walk For Refugees 2018 is non-political and is organised by friends, family and refugee advocates from Adelaide and Sydney with endorsement of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We will not stand for offshore detention, so we are walking to end it.

Background ...

•  On February 24 2018, Adelaide lawyer Adam Richards and his 14 year old son Ned Thorn will commence a two week walk from the Sydney Opera House all the way (on foot) to Parliament House in Canberra to call for all men, women and children in the Manus and Nauru Regional Processing Centres to be evacuated and provided with a safe solution that respects their human rights.

•  The Walk event commences with a rally at the Opera House at 10 am Saturday February 24, and will culminate with a rally at Parliament House Canberra on Sunday 11 March 2018.

•  Adam and Ned walked almost 1200 km from Adelaide to Canberra in 2017 but this year, being gluttons for punishment, they are going national. They invite all Australians to join in with their walk in some way, either for the rallies, on the road to walk with us at various stages, or to take part by posting in the social media campaign or going on your own local walk during those two weeks in parallel.

•  Adam, Ned and their team agree with the 12 former Australians of the Year who recently noted in their open letter to the Australian Government that the situation on Manus and Nauru has moved beyond the political and is now a humanitarian crisis. As such, we invite everyone to join in the Regatta and take this opportunity to stand for an approach to refugees and asylum seekers which provides for our own safety without harming those who have turned to us for theirs.

•  We particularly invite older Australians who remember an Australia that was a world leader in the compassionate and ethical treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. We are also keen to see children involved and invite schools, community, sporting and church groups to come along together either to join in the main walk or to participate in the Regatta of Hope in your local area.

•  The #CanberraWalkForRefugees 2018 is non-political and is organised by friends, family and refugee advocates from Adelaide. We are pleased to have the support of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We will not stand for offshore detention, so we are walking to end it.

•  The Walk highlights that the total distance from Canberra to Manus and then Nauru is around 5 925 km one way.


Adam and Ned are lively talent, see below:
Adam & Ned’s Big Walk for Refugees on RN:

When asked whether he thinks the walk will make a difference, Adam replied “I think people standing for what is right is the only thing that will ever make a difference”.


Fact check

18.02.18 6:26 am

TasWater recognises the Prime Minister’s promise yesterday of Federal Government funding to
Launceston’s Combined System as a valuable start to addressing the many factors needed to help
clean-up the Tamar River.
However, in interview the Tasmanian Premier said there were 1000 sewage spills from the
Launceston combined system per year.
This is not accurate.
There are between 60 and 90 overflow events from the Launceston combined system per year.
The Premier’s number actually reflects how many times the stormwater pumps started within a
single pump station connected to the Launceston combined system.
This number of pump starts is actually a sign the system is working properly.
The combined system will only overflow into the Tamar when there is excessive stormwater in the
system. This occurs on around 50 per cent of rain days throughout the year. Records over the past
four years show that this is between 60 and 90 events per year.
Controlled discharges only occur when the volume of stormwater entering the system exceeds the
capacity of sewage pumps to safely manage the flow. In those cases, a controlled discharge of excess
water is diverted into the Tamar. This is how the system was designed to operate and helps prevent
flooding behind Launceston’s flood levy system.
The actual wastewater component of an overflow like this is always highly diluted being typically
more than 95 per cent stormwater.
The number of 1000 that is often repeated represents the pumps doing what they are designed to
TasWater hopes the Prime Minister’s commitment yesterday will be guaranteed regardless of the
make-up of the next Tasmanian government and if so, looks forward to working cooperatively with
which ever party succeeds in forming government.


Crikey: The Rundown ...

18.02.18 6:24 am

Read here


Full steam ahead for heritage rail under Labor

Rebecca White MP Labor Leader Craig Farrell MLC Shadow Transport Minister 17 February 2018
18.02.18 6:23 am

•      Labor would invest $3 million to restore and revitalise heritage rail projects
•      By working collaboratively Tasmania can produce some unique rail experiences
•      Labor would appoint a Tasmanian Rail Access Coordinator (TRAC) 

A majority Labor Government will invest $3 million to fund rail infrastructure projects on existing dis-used lines across Tasmania.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said heritage rail has enormous potential if it’s backed by a government that values it.

“We recognise the tremendous potential for world-class heritage tourist rail experiences to operate across the State,” Ms White said.

“Labor will commit $3 million over five years to fund the establishment of tourist rail experiences.”

Shadow Transport Minister Craig Farrell said the $3 million would be available for infrastructure upgrades, rolling stock restoration, compliance and training and general equipment purchasing.

“Labor is committing a significant amount of money to help heritage rail projects succeed,” Mr Farrell said.

“And we will act within the first six months to appoint a Tasmanian Rail Access Coordinator (TRAC) and Stakeholder Board, to work with the sector to identify the way forward to recommence operations. 

“Funding will be issued on a business plan approval basis.

“The West Coast Wildness Railway shows what can be achieved. It’s one of the world’s “great train journeys”.

“It is renowned for overcoming engineering challenges and providing an incredibly scenic journey. It easily rivals Victoria’s iconic Puffing Billy.

“And there are exciting and potential heritage rail projects right across Tasmania.”

•      The Hobart to New Norfolk and National Park railway traverses the Derwent Valley, the river and the foreshore. The line is in good condition to Boyer. The track from Hobart to Bridgewater has been set aside by Labor for return to use as a passenger line.

•      Devonport to Penguin/Burnie/Wynyard is known to be one of the most scenic shoreline rail journeys in the world.  Its linkage with the adjacent food/biker coastal pathway would allow this corridor to be marketed internationally offering a higher yield rail product.

•      Launceston to Georgetown allows tourism utilisation of this rail line, with the potential for return journeys on the Tamar River by existing boat operators to provide a scenic rail/water cruise. Launceston to Relbia also offers short trips to the Relbia wine region.

•      The former Emu Bay Railway from Burnie to Rosebery or Zeehan traverses magnificent mountain rainforest remote from the highway and could easily provide an eco-friendly feeder to the West Coast, the Strahan attractions and the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

“Labor recognises there is currently insufficient tourism numbers to operate all of the above services continuously year round,” Mr Farrell said.

“However an integrated organisation with flexible rolling stock could seasonally operate the above services for short periods, by repositioning rolling stock and staff around the state as required, with the southern based service providing a core commercial operation.

“Rather than ignore the opportunities that Tourist and Heritage rail can give Tasmania, a Majority Labor Government will actively engage and assist the passenger trains to return to the rails.” 


Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania Policy Summary

Wayne Turale, Leader of SFFP & Candidate for Lyons, Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania
18.02.18 6:07 am

Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party evolved from growing discontent from within the Tasmania Rural and regional Communities.  There is a wide spread view that the Major Parties have given scant regard to Tasmania’s Rural Community only calling on them during election campaigns for support. The past decade or so has seen dramatic change and challenges for rural and regional Tasmanians and their communities.

SFFP Tasmania is your political voice for all Tasmanians feeling disenfranchised, stigmatised and ignored by the major parties, Tasmanians deserve better.  Our Policy platform has been formed from communication with real people in our communities with realistic aims.

SFFP believe large change starts with small, simple, community engaged ideas that are realistic and achievable.

If we obtain seats in government, the following policies will be pursued by us:

Health Services
• Demand the refunding of Preventive Rural Health Services that were vital in delivering positive health services to rural Tasmanians who it is well known have such poor health outcomes.

• Adopt a rural health Policy based on prevention, improving health literacy, keeping people in their homes and out of our current overloaded, dysfunctional health system.

• Demand the elected Parties adopt a bi Partisan Committee or Board that removes politics from services such as Health and Child Protection. This Board should include true staff representation from agencies, identify major deficiencies, strategies, hospital locations and capacity, staffing, policy, budgets and a long term 20-year plan for the future. 

• Staffing for medical facilities has always been a major concern.  Explore the option of an expanded Nurse Training Program and Campus based in Tasmania to provide career and employment opportunities for future staffing requirements.

• Deliver education programs into primary and secondary schools to educate children about how food is grown, produced and harvested for the table.  This will be achieved by training and increasing teachers and support staff across the State.

• Increase teaching support staff to assist children with basic learning difficulties.

• Insist that mobile phone blackspots for rural Tasmanians be eliminated as with the withdrawing of localised emergency services, rural phone coverage should be considered a basic service.

• SFFP will vigorously protect individual rights to enjoy the outdoor way of life, now and into the future with regard to traditional Tasmania activities such as fishing, hunting, 4 wd access, trail bike riding, marine fishing, camping and bushwalking.

• Defend the access and ownership of lawful firearm owners for recreational activities such as hunting, shotgun and dog hunting for wallabies, target shooting, trap shooting and promote this sport as a lawful activity

• SFFP will insist on more specific regulation relating to firearm storage facility, removing ambiguity and differing interpretations by inspecting officers. A standard of compliance protects firearm owners from ambiguity.

• Oppose over regulation of Law Abiding Firearm Owners that achieves nothing other than targeting lawful firearm owners instead of criminals.

• We do not accept the concept of some to remove gaming “poker” machines from rural and regional pubs and clubs. Why, because SFFP rejects fundamentally using public funds to buy jobs from people which will lead to rural and regional business disadvantaged compared to major businesses. The recent public funds used during the Forestry restructure is example of inept policy.

• SFFP believes a higher proportion of gaming revenue should be allocated to education and targeted harm minimisation programs for those with an addiction to gaming.

• SFFP believes at its core that people have, within reason, the individual rights to choose the lawful activity they participate in and the way they live their lives.
• Individuals should be responsible for their own decisions and Government interference should be minimal.

• Re-fund Theatre and Art Grants for use within regional and Rural Tasmania and promoting these in local schools.

• Appoint an Art Minister portfolio, to ensure culture and the Arts receives the attention it deserves.

• Remove vehicle registration fees for 1 vehicle (per family) for Tasmanian pensioners.  Third party insurance payment still required.

• Grant free public transport access to aged pensioners.

• Have a liaison policy enacted between Police, local Councils, IFS, Wildlife Rangers, Hydro to address and enforce the litter problem that plagues our wild places.

• Assist councils to provide free periodic bulk rubbish collections

Agriculture (Lake, Land & Sea) and Biosecurity
• Introduction of Help the Farmer Help the Community program.  A program to assist the farmer feed struggling Tasmania and help to minimise food waste. This is by processing the tonnes of quality vegetables classed as “seconds” which are currently dumped.  Farmers will receive incentives such as Hydro, Tax and Diesel rebates commensorate with produce donated.  This is a cost negative proposal with participating Primary Producers.  Working with Commuity organisations such as “ Second Bite, Loaves and Fishers” Devonport,  this produce will promote job training, healthy eating, supporting school breakfast programs, assisting those in need of quality meals in times of hardship.

• We will contine to expand the agriculture, forestry and mining industries, balanced by the sustainable utlisation of all natural resouces.

• Push for a much need injection of funds to Fisheries and Game Services for management and enforcement to sustain our wild fisheries both Inland and Marine environment and our world class wild fallow deer herd.

• Increase funding significantly for bio security state-wide to protect marine and land-based agriculture from threats such as fruit fly, blueberry rust, POMS, green snails and the ever-growing threats of other threats to our farmers and growers.  Increase security at airports and Ports with detection dogs and officers including investigating the impact of bilge water dumping from visiting shipping.

• Introduction of car and boat wash bays for suspect vehicles at the place of arrival. Our island state cannot afford to permit future insect pest incursions.

• Demand that the IFS (Inland Fishery Service) abandon their current proposed 10 year plan and develop a more robust comprehensive inclusive policy to restore our wild fishery.

• Support aquatic farming practices which are proven to be sustainable and not damaging to our marine environment.  We strongly oppose the Okehampton Bay operation, proposed King Island lease and deplore the destruction of Macquarie Harbor.  We will never support commercial Salmon Farms in areas of marine sensitivity that do not have broad LOCAL community acceptance.

• Promote funding for local rural Councils for the construction and expanding sites for free or low-cost camping sites and basic infrastructure such as refuse, toilets & dump stations to both protect against illegal dumping of rubbish, human waste & keep the high numbers of travelling tourists in rural areas as long as possible.  Phone service is vital in this regard.

• Implement a policy of subsidised travel on the Spirit of Tasmanian for interstate anglers bringing boats to Tasmania for recreational fishing use.  Thus, promoting and supporting tourism, hospitality, small business through recreational fishing.

• Cancel National Park fees currently paid by licenced inland anglers wishing to fish within Park boundaries.

• Allow visitors visiting National Parks to have restrained and under control pets with them.

• Abolishing fees to allow Tasmanian pensioners access to their National Parks.

• SFFP will carefully monitor Government plans to restrict public access to our National Parks, Crown Land & reserves and any proposal to expand WHA that preclude traditional Tasmanian Outdoor activities such as bushwalking, horse trail riding, motorised access, fishing, camping and hunting.

• Promote the World Fly Fishing Championships which will be held in Tasmania & show cased around the world and use this to promote this State to the World audience promoting tourism.

• Introduce information cards, in all the major tourist languages to assist them with understanding what is permitted and not into this State, both at entry points and car hire locations and other relevant locations throughout the state.

Law and order
• Insist that criminals and Game thieves using firearms illegally receive severe penalties that truly reflect public sentiment.

• Create positive working relationships with agencies such as TFGA, SSAA, ADA, Tasmania Police to ensure Tasmanian recreational hunters and firearm owners are properly consulted BEFORE change is forced upon them.

• Developing SOP, Standard Operating Procedures for Tasmania operators conducting storage Inspections to ensure a standard is set and achieved.

• Re allocate police to front line duties by replacing police with trained operators to do none essential activities. For example, conducting firearms safe inspections.

• Support the need to significantly increase police numbers and increase staffing in rural areas.

Business & Infrastructure
• SFFP will help protect local businesses by ensuring a buy local first policy, particularly with government contracts.
• Promote the decentralisation of government services to rural communities

• Commit to addressing public transport, both commuter and tourism by exploring the option of investing in the future of rail throughout the state, both passenger and tourist trains.

• Revisit Macquarie Point, where this should be a terminal for bus and rail, to assist with commuter and tourists alike,

• Protect and stimulate local businesses by ensuring we put Tasmania’s business interests first and using them where possible with Government contracts in lieu of National assets.

The Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party will be announcing more polices shortly, in the meantime this has been prepared to assist the media and voters understand, SFFP is not one dimensional and many antis would like you to believe.


Premier must address Rockliff conflict of interest

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer 17 February 2018
18.02.18 5:41 am

 Will Hodgman must address conflict of interest issue
 Labor will refer the matter to the Integrity Commission if the Premier doesn’t act
 Clear evidence that decisions are not made at “arm’s length”

If Premier Will Hodgman does not address a clear conflict of interest involving his Deputy and Water Minister, Labor will be forced to refer the matter to the Integrity Commission.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon has called on the Premier to explain how it can possibly be appropriate for a Minister to be making decisions on his own that directly financially benefit his own family business.

“Jeremy Rockliff crossed a line when agreed to waive a $200,000 debt to farmers, including his family business, on live radio.

“It proved that Mr Rockliff is not at arms-length from decisions that directly affect a company he’s a director of.

“Any possibility of good process went out the window when the Minister agreed to waive a $200,000 debt on the spur of the moment.

“It puts a lie to Mr Rockliff’s claim in the Examiner that “operational decisions, including those for the Sassafras Wesley Vale Irrigation Scheme, are made at arm’s length of me…”

“The decision to waive the debt was not made at arm’s length. It was made solely by Mr Rockliff on live radio.

“The Premier must address this matter today or Labor will be forced to refer Mr Rockliff’s conduct to the Integrity Commission.

“It’s a clear example of a conflict of interest and the Premier must immediately address it.

“The Liberals are trying to sweep this under the carpet in the middle of an election campaign.

“The Government’s track record of handling conflicts of interest is abysmal.

“Former Mining Minister Adam Brooks was forced to resign after the “protocols” put in place by the Premier failed.

“That matter is still not resolved, despite Mr Brooks contesting this election.

“How many other Liberal Ministers are dealing with undisclosed conflicts of interest within their portfolios?”


The Saturday Briefing ... Barnaby kept it secret ...

The Saturday Paper
18.02.18 5:38 am

Instead of making a controlled announcement about his marital circumstances and the pregnancy with his staffer, before facing voters at the unexpected by-election in December brought on by his dual citizenship, Barnaby Joyce chose to keep it a secret. Some in the government and the wider coalition parties are asking why there was no plan to deal with any of this in a way that did not turn it into a rolling political catastrophe.

Regardless of his robust defence, some senior government sources believe Joyce cannot recover and will have to be replaced. “One way or another, Barnaby’s cactus,” one tells Karen Middleton. “It’s just a matter of when.”

Plus: Paul Bongiorno on how Joyce is exposing Malcolm Turnbull’s greatest weaknesses, Claire G. Coleman on the failures of Closing the Gap, and Mike Seccombe on how Scott Morrison made Donald Trump his political hero.

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