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NT Aboriginal organisations call for NT Government to be dissolved ...

Georgina Gartland
26.07.16 6:43 pm

...  and demand input into Royal Commission

A coalition of Northern Territory Aboriginal organisations today called for the federal
Parliament to step in to dissolve the NT Government, following the exposure of the NT
Government’s barbaric abuse of children in detention.

“Any government that enacts policies designed to harm children and enables a culture of
brutalisation and cover-ups, surrenders its right to govern,” said spokesperson John

The federal Parliament has ultimate control over NT matters and can act to dissolve the
current NT Government and bring on an urgent NT election.

“We also urge the Prime Minister to ensure the NT Government plays no role in the
development or oversight of the Royal Commission.

It must be entirely independent of the NT Government, and chaired by an appropriate
independent expert and must have Aboriginal representation from the NT.

Local organisations and those working in this sector must have input into the terms of
reference. The terms of reference must:

• Encompass the entire NT youth justice system, not just issues relating to detention
• Examine all previous enquiries relating to youth justice in the NT for cover ups and
uncover why the recommendations were not implemented.
• Not limit how far into the past the Commission can inquire.
We also call for further immediate interim actions:
• The Commonwealth must appoint an alternative provider of youth detention and child
protection/out of home care for the NT. The NT Government cannot continue to deliver
these services while our kids remain at risk.
• The youth currently on remand should also be removed from the Darwin and Alice
Springs detention facilities immediately and placed in appropriate secure
• The office of the NT Children’s Commissioner must be appropriately and adequately
resourced to perform her statutory duties.

“That harm is being done to our children and our community in our name is unacceptable.
Those responsible, including ministers, advisers, bureaucrats and corrections employees
need to be held to account”, spokesperson Olga Havnen said.

“The NT Government has led a concerted and sustained campaign demonising young people
and to pass draconian laws inconsistent with recommendations made by successive
inquiries, including those of the NT Children’s Commissioner.

“We are seeking urgent discussions with the Prime Minister to ensure this Royal
Commission actually meets the needs of those most affected, and ultimately creates the
momentum for reform of the entire youth justice system in the NT.”

AMSANT – John Paterson
Danila Dilba – Olga Havnen
NAAJA – Priscilla Collins
Central Land Council – David Ross
CAALAS – Eileen Van Iersel 0418
Northern Land Council – Joe Morrison


TASSO Celebrate new office space

Cassandra Wells
26.07.16 4:12 pm



Health Budget Crisis Looming, Where’s Will?

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader
26.07.16 3:10 pm

The Tasmanian Budget is heading for crisis with an estimated $1.8 billion in Federal cuts to health beginning from 1 July next year. If these cuts aren’t reversed, they’ll devastate our public hospitals and health services.

The Liberals are back in government in Canberra. Premier Hodgman needs to seek an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister and fight to restore Tasmania’s fair share of Federal health funding as he told Tasmanians he would after the first and second harsh Abbott budgets.

We’ve heard nothing from the Premier, Treasurer or Health Minister about any planned rescue of Tasmania’s public health system. They’ve been silent while the clock ticks down to 1 July 2017.

In May last year, the Premier vowed to lobby his Federal colleagues for the State’s fair share, but has almost nothing to show for it.

Tasmanians who rely on quality public health services deserve better than the inaction they are getting from Will Hodgman’s ‘do nothing’ Government.

Premier Hodgman said he would fight to have the funding restored to protect essential services in Tasmania. If it’s not restored, we are going to see significant and dire impacts on our public hospitals.

GetUp’s analysis shows the Launceston General Hospital will lose $290 million over the next decade, with the Royal Hospital set to lose over $470 million.

These funding woes in public health are untenable. We have the nation’s oldest and fastest ageing population, and a significant chronic disease burden that, tragically, is not improving.

All the research tells us that an investment in the health of people is an investment in a healthy, productive economy.

Why isn’t the Premier talking about the cuts to health and why isn’t he on the plane to Canberra to deliver on his promise to Tasmanians?



Vanessa Armstrong
26.07.16 2:30 pm


Join the Convict City Rollers and teams from Launceston, Victoria and Sydney this weekend as they go head to head in the year’s season highlight!

The Convicts’ first game since returning from the national Great Southern Slam, fans can expect two hard hitting battles on Saturday night, backing this up with another three matches on Sunday.

The games come in the midst of an exciting season for the Convicts since securing their own training venue and receiving full membership to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Convicts join a handful of leagues nationwide that have their own training space. This will allow further training opportunities for juniors and introductory classes.



Stanley Burbury Theatre, 6pm to 8pm, 12 August: Rally to protect takayna/Tarkine

26.07.16 12:31 pm

We invite you to join us for the launch and rally together calling for secure protection of this globally significant Aboriginal cultural landscape.

We are rallying you together to support the call for secure protection of the takayna/Tarkine coast, the National Heritage listed Aboriginal Heritage landscape.

Speakers Bob Brown and Heather Sculthorpe
Live Music
More special guests to be announced soon!

The wild, remote coastline of takayna/Tarkine, on the very edge of the world, showcases thousands of years of Aboriginal heritage, representing an unbroken cultural connection. Our new book and film is the Tasmanian Aboriginal people’s story of their living connection to this global treasure and the struggle to protect it. A beautiful collection of portraits, stories, and photographs, this book is a moving call to action to protect one of the world’s most spectacular and culturally significant places, takayna.

Note: Excuse the use of capital T in the name of the event, FB doesn’t allow use of lower case in first word!!!!

Facebook HERE


Don Dale Juvenile Centre’s horrific history

Steven Chaffer, The Bob Brown Foundation
26.07.16 11:45 am

Darwin’s Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre was where a 15-years-old boy committed suicide in the middle of a federal parliamentary controversy over mandatory sentencing of Aboriginal children in 2000, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

The boy was found hanged at the centre on day 23 of his 28 day sentence for stealing biscuits, apparently not knowing he was due for release within 5 days.

At the time, to avoid the House debating a Senate bill to prohibit mandatory sentencing of juveniles in the Northern Territory, Prime Minister John Howard struck a controversial deal to give the Burke LNP Government $20 millions over 4 years to end mandatory sentencing.

However the deal left the NT police with discretionary powers as to what constituted a minor offence and therefore who would avoid incarceration. ‘The Howard formula failed’, Bob Brown said in Hobart this morning.

A Royal Commission into the horrific events at the Don Dale Centre should trigger Federal intervention including, if necessary, taking direct responsibility for the juvenile justice system in the Territory, Brown said.


Lambie answers questions from an Australian Journalist about the ABC’s Q&A

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
26.07.16 6:17 am

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent questions by a journalist from The Australian regarding the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar on ABC’s Q&A last Monday has made the following statement:

“Like many Australians I watched the ABC’s Q&A last Monday and enjoyed the show. I’m disappointed to learn that the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar, who queried Pauline Hanson, has also resorted to publishing personal insults about me.

In relation to his questions – I think it’s valuable to note that Pauline handled them well and contributed to an important public debate about Islam, radicalization and terrorism. The only disappointment I have is that Mr Elomar and others (including Sam Dastyari) were not questioned about their attitude toward Sharia Law.

Do they support Sharia law or not? This is the key question I want answered because every terrorist who has attacked the west has supported the imposition of Sharia Law. Mr Elomar’s and Sam’s response to this key question would have better informed all Australians. I’m convinced that Sam is firmly opposed to Sharia law – because his family was fleeing a country where religious extremists were imposing Sharia Law and all its brutal penalties on innocent people.

If Sam stayed in Iran and chose to be an atheist – then under Sharia Law he would have been immediately, killed by his government. However I have the feeling that Mr Elomar is a supporter of Sharia Law and that support, more than his personal insults - concerns me the most.

I believe you can be a good Muslim without supporting the death penalty for gay people or women who are found guilty of having sex outside marriage - or the cutting off of hands if you are found guilty of stealing. It’s clear that Sharia law is the law of the Islamic terrorists and extremists who want to impose it by force on the world. And support for it means that you support the views of Islamic terrorists and extremists - and are more susceptible to quick radicalization.

Support for Sharia law – apart from proving you are the terrorist’s best friend - also shows you have no appreciation for how Australian democracy works, the separation of powers and cost in blood previous generations have paid - so that women, minority groups and workers can live peacefully under Australian law and enjoy equality, basic civil rights and freedoms. 

The debate on the threat from terrorists and radical Islam needs to focus on values and culture instead of name-calling. Sharia Law support, self evidently shows you are anti-democratic, anti-women’s rights, homophobic, dangerously intolerant and brutal. Sharia Law support shows you also believe in the death penalty and mutilation for minor crimes – especially for people who stand up to radical religious leaders - and tell them and their sick beliefs, to piss off.

After WW2 Australia screened, then welcomed people from Europe who rejected fascism– so too can Australia today screen and welcome people from all over the world who reject Sharia law - and believe in democracy, western civil rights and freedoms. However, if you support the Terrorist law – you cannot be welcomed here, for our own safety.

Some may be insulted that I’ve compared the conflict today between us and the Islamic terrorists to our conflict with fascism in the 1940’s – but when the facts are properly considered (Saudi v Iran / Sunni v Shia) Islam is in a world-wide conflict today, with not only western peoples – but also itself. The Islamists’ end goal – like fascism is to concentrate political and religious power into one entity (see Iran) and destroy all democratic institutions and have no separation of powers.

That’s why a national discussion & debate on Sharia Law is so important – because Sharia Law defines and explains the values and culture of the Islamic extremists who pose a grave threat to our peace and safety.” said Senator Lambie.



Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome
25.07.16 6:20 pm

Tasmanian gay rights advocates have called on Premier Will Hodgman to write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asking him to drop his proposed plebiscite and allow a free vote in Parliament instead.

The call comes after Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, wrote a similar letter.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

“I call on Will Hodgman to follow Daniel Andrew’s lead and speak out against the proposal for a costly, divisive and unnecessary plebiscite.”

“A plebiscite will cost $160 million, money that would go a long way to alleviate the funding shortfalls in Tasmania’s health and education systems.”

“A plebiscite will also cause division in the community and threaten the mental health of vulnerable LGBTI Tasmanians at a time when we should be uniting around the positive values we all share as Tasmanians.”

“Many Tasmanians will remember the divisive, hateful debate about decriminalising homosexuality that our state went through in the 1990s and the last thing they want is a repeat of that awful time.”

“All marriage equality polling shows the reform has majority support in Tasmania so there’s no need for a costly and divisive plebiscite.”

“A free vote in Federal Parliament will resolve the issue of marriage equality quickly and fairly.”

“It’s time for MPs to do the job we pay them for, making laws.”

For a news report on Andrew Daniel’s letter go to:



Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich
25.07.16 6:15 pm

Australian Marriage Equality today said it does not believe taxpayer’s money should be provided to the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaign in the event of a plebiscite.

“We did not ask for a plebiscite, but if one is imposed upon us we do not think Australian taxpayers should pay for the respective campaigns”, Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich said.

“$160 million is expensive enough and we don’t think its right that more public money is added to the cost of a plebiscite”, he said.

“Australian Marriage Equality does not believe we need public funding for Australians to be able to have a conversation about equality for all that takes from no one.

“Marriage equality is about ensuring every Australian has the opportunity to reach their potential, marry the person they love and build a secure and committed future.

“If we are faced with a plebiscite it’s important that supporters of marriage equality come together and run a positive, inclusive and respectful campaign that reflects our shared Australian values of a fair go for everyone”, Mr Greenwich said.


Tender let to pipe drinking water to Avoca

25.07.16 6:05 pm

The town of Avoca in the Fingal Valley is a big step closer to receiving fully treated drinking water with TasWater awarding the tender to construct a 29km pipeline from nearby Fingal.

The construction work will be carried out by Tasmanian company, Water Industry Solutions.

Avoca has mainly drawn its water from the South Esk River but following the detection of Cadmium and Lead in excess of acceptable levels, the town supply has been subject to a Do Not Consume notice.

TasWater CEO Michael Brewster said several alternatives were considered, including bore water, collecting rain water at individual properties or carting water by road to replenish the town’s reservoir. 

“Following a full assessment of the options, a pipeline, which brings water from the new Fingal water treatment plant, was considered the most practical and sustainable long term solution.”

Mr Brewster says the new treatment plant has more than enough capacity to meet the needs of both towns. 

The pipeline will be constructed mainly along existing road side easements, feeding fully treated water into the local Avoca Reservoir which will comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The town’s existing chlorination system will be retained to boost chlorination levels in the water after arriving from Fingal.

The pipeline itself will be designed in a way that minimises the risk of damage, avoiding the risk of interrupting the supply between Fingal and Avoca.

‘The Fingal-Avoca pipeline is an important part of TasWater’s on-going commitment to the Tasmanian community. Around $100 million is being spent each year to upgrade our infrastructure and improving the quality of drinking water is a priority.”

Construction of the new pipeline will be underway by September (2016) with the project competed by the New Year.


Tassie’s success with the golden spirit recognised at Whisky Live Hobart

Johanna Baker-Dowdell
25.07.16 5:07 pm


Pure air, clean water and a mild climate are just three of the ingredients needed to produce some of the world’s best whisky. Tasmania has an abundance of these, making it the place to be when Whisky Live hits Hobart this weekend.

This is the first Whisky Live event for Hobart, and will be held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel on Saturday, 30 July, wrapping up the inaugural Tasmanian Whisky Week (22-31 July).

Many Tasmanian whisky brands will be sharing their whisky know-how and offering tastings at Whisky Live, including Lark & Overeem Distillery, Sullivans Cove Single Malt Whisky, Hellyers Road Distillery and Redlands Whisky.

Overeem Whisky brand ambassador Jane Overeem says Tasmania is fast becoming known as Australia’s whisky island.

“There are now approximately 20 registered distilleries in the state. It is very exciting as each distillery is producing fantastic quality single malt whisky and other spirits. We are winning many domestic awards, and certainly holding our own on the world stage,” Jane says.

Sullivans Cove sales and marketing assistant Nathan Campbell explains that access to high quality water and barley are essential building blocks from which to craft good single malt whisky.

“Tasmania has some of the most favourable growing conditions for barley on the planet, clean and pure water and a mild climate that is perfect for malting. One of the longest-running and strictest quarantine programs in the world means that the island and its produce are kept pristine. We only use Tasmanian-grown barley to make our whisky, simply because it is the best,” Nathan says.

All of these factors combine to make Tasmania a prime venue for whisky lovers. Those who enjoy indulging in this amber spirit can explore brands from Tasmania, Scotland, Ireland and India at Whisky Live.

Hellyers Road Distillery master distiller, Mark Littler says single malt whisky consumption was undergoing a renaissance in Australia, which follows current trends in Europe, and is something the state’s whisky brands have been able to capitalise on.

“We are finding a much younger demographic is being drawn to single malt whisky and the sense of provenance that comes with boutique brands like Hellyers Road Distillery and other Tasmanian whisky distilleries. Tasmanian whiskies have garnered a global reputation in the last few years for crafting some of the best New World whiskies available anywhere,” Mark says.

In the words of Tasmania’s godfather of Tasmanian whisky, Bill Lark of Lark Distillery, on ABC’s Radio National program: “The reason Tasmania is doing so well in the international marketplace is that… we’re all passionate.”

These brands and more will be at Whisky Live at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, 1 Davey Street, Hobart on Saturday, July 30. Two sessions are available: 1pm - 4.30pm and 6pm – 9.30pm.

Tickets for Whisky Live are $99, which includes the whiskies for sampling, an assortment of food to graze on while tasting, a whisky glass to keep and a whisky tasting guide with notes, photos and flavour profiles. The Rare & Old Bar is an optional extra.

Tickets are available online at:

About Whisky Live
•    Whisky Live only admits patrons aged over 18 years.
•    Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Small Business Award winner in 2015.


Only PM Turnbull and Premier Hodgman to blame if Tasmania’s bid ...

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
25.07.16 8:12 am

... for a $50M new Tourism site fails – Lambie

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent meetings with Premier Will Hodgman, Senator Eric Abetz and the Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens - District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen – has named the Prime Minister and State Premier the only people to blame - should Tasmania’s bid for ex-HMAS Tobruk fail.

Click below to view YouTube conversation between Senator Elect Lambie and Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens - District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen

“At this late stage of the Navy bid process - only the Australian Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier can save a project that is guaranteed to generate at least an extra $50M into the Northern Tasmanian economy - and hundreds of new jobs over the next decade. If our Tobruk dive site bid fails - there are only two people to blame in this game - that is Malcolm Turnbull and Will Hodgman.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“It’s clear after speaking to both Senior Tasmanian Liberal federal and state politicians - and community stakeholders, that both the state and federal governments have gone out of their way to blow up the St Helens Community’s bid to sink ex- HMAS Tobruk in the East Coast’s waters of Skeleton Bay.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“And right now – there are only two people who can undo the harm that their governments have deliberately caused to the Break O’Day Council and Chamber of Commerce & Tourism bid for HMAS Tobruk – and that’s Premier Hodgman and Prime Minister Turnbull. That shouldn’t be a problem because they are supposedly, both Liberal leaders in charge of their governments and bureaucracies. And they both have the power to ensure Tasmania gets a fair go.” said Senator Elect Lambie.

“From the federal perspective, the Prime Minister must ensure that Tasmania receives the same deal that other states have enjoyed regarding the sinking of ex - Naval Vessels for Dive Tourism. Parliamentary Library Research shows that precedents have been set for the following ex-naval ships:
Ex-HMAS Brisbane
This vessel was scuttled on 31 July 2005 2.9 nautical miles east of Mudjumba Island, off the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. In October 2001 the Commonwealth Government agreed to provide $3m in funding for this project.
Ex-HMAS Canberra
This vessel was scuttled on 4 October 2009 off Ocean Grove, Victoria. In July 2007, the Commonwealth Government agreed to $7m in funding for the project, with any additional funds required to be provided by the Victorian Government.
Ex-HMAS Adelaide
This vessel was scuttled on 13 April 2011 approximately 1.8km off Avoca Beach near Terrigal in NSW. Following a period of negotiations, the Commonwealth decided to provide up to $5.8m in funding, with the NSW Government initially contributing $250,000 but needing to meet additional costs relating to the project.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“And from the Tasmanian state perspective - Premier Hodgman must be prepared to fight for Northern / East Coast Tasmanian tourism projects as hard as he did for Hobart Tourism projects. If the Premier and his government can invest $10m in Dark Mofo – they can do the same for the Tobruk Tourism Dive site project. Mr Hodgman is the Premier for all of Tasmania – not just Hobart.” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“I’ve been informed by the St Helens community that a deadline by the end of this month has been imposed by the Department of Defence regarding the acquisition of the Tobruk. I’m urging Premier Hodgman to ensure that the state makes a conforming application for Tobruk – while I put pressure on the Federal Liberal Government to give Tasmania the same deal that other states have enjoyed when they’ve taken possession of former Naval vessels.

We can ensure that the Tobruk project will be successful – but we’ll all have to work smarter, harder and co-operatively to guarantee the deal.” said Senator Elect Lambie.


Rally Reinforces Public Opposition to Greyhound Cruelty

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson
24.07.16 7:40 pm

Today’s ‘March for the Murdered Million’ rally commemorated the thousands of dogs that die across the country every year as a result of the greyhound racing industry.

There’s growing public opposition to greyhound racing because of the cruelty exposed in the last 18 months.

Today’s rally, held worldwide, echoes the strong community voice objecting to the cruelty of the greyhound racing industry.

It was a courageous move for Premier Baird to ban greyhound racing in New South Wales. While the ACT rapidly followed suit, disappointingly, the Hodgman Government quickly ruled out a ban in Tasmania.

Tasmanian MPs have been contacted by countless constituents in the wake of the NSW and ACT governments’ decision to ban greyhound racing, wanting the same ban here.

Racing and Animal Welfare Minister Jeremy Rockliff must reconsider his government’s position and put an end to this cruel industry in Tasmania.

The greyhound racing industry is a cruelty-ridden industry subsidised by the State Government to the tune of almost $5m a year.

It’s time the Hodgman Government followed in the footsteps of NSW and the ACT, and moved to ban greyhound racing in Tasmania.



Clint McGilvray
24.07.16 5:59 pm

Australian Marriage Equality (AME) today welcomed the Federal Opposition’s announcement of a new role of Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality in the new Parliament.

“We welcome the appointment of Terri Butler who has been appointed in the new role of Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality”, Australian Marriage Equality National Spokesperson, Shirleene Robinson said.

“The newly appointed Assistant Minister Terri Butler has been a strong supporter of marriage equality having co-sponsored a cross party marriage Bill from Labor, Liberals, Greens and Independents in the last parliament.

“For more than a decade, Australian Marriage Equality has been working to deliver marriage equality for every Australian and the appointment of a Shadow Minister for Equality reflects how our parliamentarians are committed to supporting equality for all.

“Australian Marriage Equality is committed to achieving marriage equality in this parliament. We have more supporters of marriage equality than ever before with true champions of reform across every political party.

“It’s important that the cross party support that now exists transcends party politics and is harnessed to achieve this reform.

“We believe marriage equality can be achieved through a simple vote in the parliament, however if a plebiscite is imposed upon us, we need to work together to run a positive, inclusive and respectful campaign that unites Australians from all walks of life.

“We also welcome the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s intention to meet with the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discuss the path to marriage equality as a sign that cross party cooperation is starting.

“Marriage equality is a simple issue of fairness for all. All Australians should be treated equally under the law and that includes being able to marry the person they love.

“This issue is about members of our families, our friends, neighbours and workmates. They should be able to have the same aspirations and opportunities in life as everyone else”, Dr Robinson concluded.


TFGA calls for federal flood recovery support

TFGA President Wayne Johnston
22.07.16 6:55 pm

Tasmania’s peak farming body has called upon the Federal Government to recognise the significant social, economic and environmental damage that was caused by the Tasmanian floods in early June.

“Last week TFGA CEO Peter Skillern and I travelled to the MerseyLea area of the North West Coast to visit members and to witness for ourselves the damage that was done by the floods,” TFGA President Wayne Johnston said.

“Pictures alone do not properly convey the extent of the damage that was wreaked through this district. It is going to take many of these farmers years, not just months, to recover.

“The TFGA will continue to work closely with farmers from all flood affected areas, advocating at both Federal and State levels, to ensure that adequate resources are available for Tasmanian farmers to get back on their feet.”

“We call upon the Federal Government to recognise the damage that was caused by this natural disaster, and to provide the financial resources to allow farmers and others to get their lives back.”


Emergency Department at RHH at capacity once again

Janine Kemp
22.07.16 2:09 pm

ANMF raises its concern, once again, to the continuation of ‘bed block’ in the Royal Hobart Hospital. 

Thursday 21st July presentations to Emergency Department (ED) far outweighed bed availability with the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) being full to capacity with 40 patients and all resus bays full. 

“The announcement of opening beds in the middle of the winter season is too late for the influx of presentations that this season is bringing.  Short-term recruitment is difficult in response to crisis reaction to open beds and Nurse Unit Managers are unable to recruit nurses, to ensure these beds can be safely staffed. These beds cannot be staffed on overtime and double shifts” 

“The government freeze on increasing full time equivalent (FTE) nursing staff is also a disadvantage on building a resilient future nursing workforce, and prevents any investment in the future security for health overall in Tasmania.” 

“ANMF believes that Tasmania must grow its own nursing workforce for the future and staff hospitals in a strategic long term plan.  If our government invests further in Educator hours and support on the wards, and employs more graduates we would grow a wellqualified workforce enabled to handle the demand of presentations and ageing population.” State Branch Secretary Neroli Ellis says. 

“ANMF once again calls on the Minister to step in and immediately address this ongoing stressful situation within the RHH.”


Inaugural Tasmanian Whisky Week (22 – 31 July 2016)

Jane Overeem
21.07.16 7:04 pm

The inaugural Tasmanian Whisky Week kicks off tomorrow! 

The week takes place from Friday July 22 to Sunday July 31, 2016, with industry events being held across 9 days in Tasmanian distilleries, bars, barns, stables, restaurants and hotels. Tasmanian distilleries are opening their doors to host behind-the-scenes public tours to meet the distillers in person, provide access to unreleased whiskies, and offer dining opportunities to showcase their award winning products. 

Tas Whisky Week has been coordinated by the Tas Whisky Producers Association (TWPA), coordinated by Brett Steel (Drink Tasmania) and Jane Overeem (Overeem Distillery Brand Ambassador). The idea was born when the international exhibition ‘Whisky Live’ was confirmed to be held in Hobart for the very first time. “As there will be many interstate visitors travelling to Hobart for Whisky Live, we wanted to ensure there were additional whisky events and tours available for travelers when they are here. The entire Association jumped on-board with the idea and are each hosting some fantastic events during the week” says coordinator Jane Overeem. 

Whisky Live is the international celebration of whisky, bringing all the whiskies of the world together under one roof. Over 40 exhibitors from major world whisky brands will be exhibiting at the Hotel Grand Chancellor on 30 July 2016. Tasmanian Distilleries are going to represent a decent number of these exhibitors – making it very attractive and unique for interstate travellers. “It’s not very often you get all the Tasmanian Distillery founders and distillers together in one room, it’s very exciting” says Jane. 

There are now 20 registered Distilleries in Tasmania, which is just one of the reasons why Tasmania is becoming recognised as ‘the whisky island of Australia’. Tasmanian whiskies have taken the world by storm in recent years, taking out numerous global awards, including four local distilleries winning Liquid Gold status in Jim Murray’s infamous Whisky Bible. In fact, Tasmanian distillers have been so successful, not only do they now export whisky to Scotland, but they have also shown their Scottish counterparts how to establish their own boutique distilleries. 


St Vincent de Paul Giving Tree as part of Jack Greene’s Christmas in July promotion

Joe Zucco
21.07.16 6:17 pm

Commencing Monday July 25th until Sunday July 31st Jack Greene is running a Christmas in July theme throughout the venue.  The major drawcard of the event is a giving tree with all gifts going to Tasmania’s homeless through the St Vincent de Paul Society.  Jack Greene is urging the community to donate items such as blankets, warm clothing, tinned food and toiletries.
Winter Christmas menu items such as Christmas pudding and American style Christmas Ales will be available for the duration of the event and everyone is encouraged to attend in their Winter Christmas attire.

The original idea for Christmas in July came from a former employee Campbell Nicol whilst on a work trip with Operations Manager Joe Zucco in Sydney.  As the idea developed it turned into a way to give back to the community in particular the homeless people struggling through the cold Tasmanian winter.

For more information stay tuned into Jack Greene’s Facebook page 


Markets say keep state powers over GM crop bans and keep GM food labels

Louise Sales, Friends of the Earth, Fran Murrell, MADGE, Bob Phelps, Gene Ethics GM-Free Australia Alliance
21.07.16 11:29 am

GM-Free Australia Alliance members reject the Productivity Commission’s recommendations to remove states’ rights to ban genetically manipulated (GM) crops for marketing reasons and to remove GM food labelling. GM crops pose unacceptable risks to our health, the environment and key export markets and removing the bans and GM labeling would eliminate choice for farmers and consumers.

Louise Sales from Friends of the Earth’s Emerging Tech Project says: “The Productivity Commission has ignored the compelling evidence from the Tasmanian and South Australian Governments, and other stakeholders, that show the value of remaining GM-free. Instead its report reads like a Monsanto press release.”

“GM canola has been a complete flop in Australia. The European Union buys the vast majority of Australian canola and pays a premium of up to $70/tonne more for GM-free canola than for GM varieties.

These highly profitable exports are under threat from any GM contamination and state moratoria minimise the risk of GM contamination. GM seed sales are down 10% in WA this season.”

Bob Phelps of Gene Ethics says: “ending state powers to establish GM-free zones for marketing reasons would mean any GM crop approved by the Federal Government regulator (OGTR) could be grown anywhere, without state or local approval. Australia’s key trading partners have zero tolerance for unapproved GM crops, so would react badly if Australia allows new types of GM crops (such as GM wheat) before they are approved elsewhere.”

“For example, the US National Grain and Feed Association estimates that US exporters and farmers lost up to $2.9 billion in corn exports to China in 2013/14 because of the presence of an unapproved GM corn variety - Viptera.”

An Australian Farm Policy Journal article last year concluded that: “GM crops and food could seriously ‘taint’ the brand position of non-GM Australian produce in Asian markets”.

Fran Murrell from MADGE says: “State bans on GM crops exist to protect valuable export markets because most shoppers globally don’t want to eat GM-free food. GM and GM-free labeling enables shoppers to avoid GM food for a range of ethical, environmental and health reasons.”

“We urge everyone to reject the Productivity Commission’s proposals during the next round of public comment on its draft report,” Ms Murrell concludes.

• National Grain Feed Association. 2014. Lack of Chinese Approval for Import of U.S. Agricultural Products Containing Agrisure VipteraTM MIR 162: A Case Study on Economic Impacts in Marketing Year 2013/2014
• Review of Asian Consumer Attitudes Towards GM Food and Implications for Agricultural Technology Development in Australia. Woodhead et al. Farm Policy Journal; Vol.12; No.3; Spring 2015
• FoEA (2015) GM 2.0: Australian regulators engineering the truth,


Tasmania businesses puts innovation on the agenda

Club Kidpreneur PR Officer, Kimberley O’Brien
20.07.16 3:32 pm

A nation-wide search for Australia’s top young entrepreneurs is set to start later this month and upper primary school children from Tasmania’s Cradle Coast could be amongst them. 

Club Kidpreneur Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to inspiring kids aged 9-12 years, has launched a national competition, the Kidpreneur Challenge, to unearth the enterprise capacity of young Australians from years 4, 5 & 6. 

Some of Tasmania’s innovation leaders will come together across two nights at the end of July to share information about the Kidpreneur Challenge competition and the entrepreneurship programs currently happening in the Cradle Coast community. Hear from University of Tasmania’s Professor of Community Entrepreneurship Elaine Mosakowski; Cradle Coast Innovation Principal Business Advisor Daryl Connelly; Maker’s Workshop Coordinator Joanna Gair; and Club Kidpreneur’s School Partnerships consultant Robyn Kronenberg. 

Club Kidpreneur School Partnerships consultant, Mrs Robyn Kronenberg said, “It is important to expose children to entrepreneurial thinking at a young age, because much of the entrepreneurship experience develops life skills.” 

“Recent research shows there is an increase in the enterprise skills that employers want from young people: critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, financial literacy, digital literacy, teamwork and communication,” 

“The Kidpreneur Challenge program is built on the premise of giving children their first real-world business experience and lays a foundation of these critical enterprise skills for jobs of the future,” she said. 
Run in schools during Term 3, students in the Kidpreneur Challenge will work in small teams to build a business, sell products at a local market and pitch their business idea via video to real-life entrepreneurs for their chance to win a money-can’t-buy-business internship with IGNITE partner Moose Toys, the world’s 5th largest toy company and makers of the latest craze Shopkins. 

Kids learn the key steps to start a business from ideation to commercialisation, they then donate their profits to charity, fostering an understanding of how business can be used for social good. 

Mrs Kronenberg said, “The interactive, experiential learning allows kids to stretch their creativity, get comfortable with risk and failure, and build resilience and confidence. The program is mapped to the Australian Curriculum achievement standards and general capabilities.”

The Club Kidpreneur information sessions will be held 4pm-5pm, Tuesday July 26th at the CollabLab, University of Tasmania and Wednesday July 27th at Spreyton Primary School. Registration is free and open to all schools, parents and business community members. To register email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact Robyn on 0413 582 841 by Monday 25 July. 

Download Flyer:



Hill Street IGA X-press West Hobart stores wins national IGA X-press Store of the Year

Grant Hinchcliffe, CEO of IGA Tasmania
20.07.16 11:19 am

Hill Street IGA X-press in West Hobart is celebrating after winning the prestigious national award for IGA X-press Store of the Year at the annual IGA Awards of Excellence held on the Gold Coast.

The award for West Hobart makes it back-to-back wins for Hill Street, with the Lauderdale operation winning the IGA X-press Store of the Year last year.

The IGA Awards of Excellence recognised the dedicated efforts of the stores and their staff in the local community and heralded the winning stores as the benchmark for other 1,455 independent grocery stores and supermarkets across the IGA retail network. 

The national awards were judged on a range of criteria including what the store is famous for, customer service, community contribution, department excellence, brand values, merchandising, shopper experience and the store’s overall performance. 

Hill Street IGA X-press in West Hobart has won this award by delivering a great fresh food offering, impressive grocery range and outstanding presentation standards in every department to shoppers. 

Customers enjoy access to the stores prominent cheese room with daily cheese sampling, a full range of flowers available from the in-house florist as well a great range of homewares. Together these initiatives have improved the store’s customer shopping experience.

The awards were presented to Hill Street IGA X-press West Hobart by Chairman of the IGA Retail Council, Ben Ryan and Metcash CEO of Supermarkets, Steven Cain.

Grant Hinchcliffe, CEO of IGA Tasmania said the IGA Awards of Excellence acknowledge the hard work, commitment and excellence our stores have demonstrated all year. 

“Congratulations to Hill Street IGA X-press West Hobart for winning IGA X-press Store of the Year. This Hobart based grocer has performed exceptionally well, and the store’s dedicated work as an independent retailer has been deservedly recognised with this award,” Mr Hinchcliffe said.

Hill Street’s Nick Nikitaras said it was humbling to be recognised at such a level and paid tribute to the many hardworking members of the Hill St team who had helped make the business such a success. 

“When we won the state award early this year we were pretty delighted, but to now get national recognition as a retailer of the year is pretty impressive,” Mr Nikitaras said.

“We couldn’t have done it without the help of our hardworking team at our store in West Hobart, the strong relationships we have with our suppliers and most importantly the great support we get from our customers.” 

The IGA Awards of Excellence take place each year at a gala dinner during the Metcash Food and Grocery Expo on the Gold Coast to celebrate the success across IGA’s network of 1,455 stores. This year the awards also recognise our supplier partners and the role they play in supporting the IGA network.

Over 6,000 retailers and suppliers visit Expo from across the Metcash business to experience retailing best practice and latest products and food trends to bring to shoppers at their local IGA. 


Refugee Activists Blockade Wilson Security Car Park ...

Gaye Demanuele, Samantha Castro
20.07.16 8:01 am

Refugee Activists Blockade Wilson Security Car Park with giant tripod on Opening Day of Australia’s biggest Security Exhibition and Conference.
... on Opening Day of Australia’s biggest Security Exhibition and Conference


Activists in Melbourne have erected a giant tripod with a climber hanging from it and are currently blockading a Wilson Security car park at Melbourne Convention Centre (Jeff’s Shed). In a double blow to Wilson Group Holdings, which includes Wilson Parking, Wilson Security, Wilson Storage and Wilson Medic One, this blockade delays the start of the prestigious Security Exhibition and Conference being held in the centre, at which government representatives and members of ASIO, AFP and Border Force will be in attendance. In Sydney refugee activists have shut down Wilson Security Circular Quay car park in solidarity with the Melbourne convention blockade and refugees imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru
The refugee activist Shayne Small (25 yrs old of Melbourne) is attached to the tripod blocking the entrance to the convention centre car park and stated:
“I am suspended in limbo in solidarity with asylum seekers imprisoned on Nauru and Manus Island, and on-shore. Unlike the people who are held as political prisoners despite having committed no crimes, I will be able to free myself when I choose to come down from the tripod”.
Refugee supporters involved in the Boycott Wilson campaign are calling on Australians to boycott and blockade Wilson Security car parks over their human rights abuses and torture of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru. The group are demanding the Federal Government cancel the contracts, close the camps and bring the refugees to Australia.

The group also noted Wilson Security should take head of the demise of Transfield/Broadspectrum due to their involvement in the detention industry. In the recent takeover of Broadspectrum by Ferrovial, the company recently announced that once the current Broadspectrum contract for management services in Nauru expires in February, 2017, they will withdraw from the refugee detention industry. This leaves the government without a primary contractor to manage both Manus and Nauru, with only Wilson Security apparently waiting in the wings.

Gaye Demanuele, Boycott Wilson spokesperson explained:
“Wilson Security is at increasing risk of damaging its brand name and its profits unless it withdraws from the refugee detention industry. Not only is it an immoral way to make money, a numbers of Wilson’s guards have allegedly committed crimes against asylum seekers, including rape and physical assault of children and adults.”
The boycott campaign against those such as Wilson Security who profit off the detention industry appears to be picking up steam with the City of Sydney, along with Byron Shire Council, Marrickville Council, Fremantle City Council, Bass Coast Shire Council, Shire of Augusta-Margaret River all adopting the #NoBusinessInAbuse pledge. Other councils, including Moreland City and Yarra City are considering the proposal. Many more will follow in direct response to residents and activists demanding an end to the detention centre industry’s abuse of asylum seekers on the public purse.  Unions are also in the process of adding their strength to dismantling the detention centre industry’s profiteering on the illegal detention of asylum seekers. The Australian Nurses and Midwives Federation ANMF (Victorian branch) passed a resolution at their recent delegates meeting calling on health services to not renew parking management and security service contracts with Wilson.

Wilson Security may be running scared already, with apparently being a no show at the biggest security expo in Australia. Mysteriously, all reference to Wilson Security being involved in the exhibition and conference has been removed from Wilson Security’s website and the Security Exhibition and Conference website, exhibitors list and promotional material, despite Wilson Security originally having been advertised as a major sponsor of the event and the url on the events website still being live

Sam Castro, spokesperson for WACA (Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance) stated that
“it is unusual that Wilson Security would be missing in action from the biggest security event in the southern hemisphere with contributors including major industry players and their partners: Borderforce, Australian Federal Police, ASIO, the Attorney-General’s Dept and other various government departments and officials”.

For further information:



Lambie questions opposition to Royal Commission into Islam

Rob Messenger for Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie
19.07.16 4:50 pm

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has noted in a YouTube video that a Royal Commission investigated the problems associated with the Catholic Church – so why shouldn’t a Royal Commission investigate the problems associated with Islam?

“The Australian Catholic church for years has had a big problem with child molesters … and now we have a Royal Commission to discover the truth. Australian Islam for years has had a big problem with hate preachers, radicalization and terrorism … Why can’t we discover the truth with a Royal Commission?” said Senator Elect Lambie.
“ I have a big problem with allowing people into Australian who support Sharia Law. Sharia Law is the law of the terrorists. Sharia Law is not Australian law. We need to stop people who want Sharia law from living with us – because they radicalize very quickly. I am still very disturbed about the fact that ASIO and the Government are content to simply watch 190 Islamic radicals living in Australia - and not arrest and charge them with serious crimes.” said Senator Elect Lambie.

“Are those 190 Islamic radicals receiving Australian welfare payments? Do they have the right to vote? I want a public investigation to closely look at the funding of hate preachers and why they are allowed into Australia? Right now Islam is at war with itself throughout the world. Iran v Saudi - Shi’a v Sunni - and all their proxy wars being fought throughout out the Middle East and other parts of the world are killing many innocents - including non-Muslims.

Many people are asking why do terrorists attack us? Terrorists attack us because they hate the way we live, in a free democratic country with women’s rights, gay rights and freedom of speech – they will continue to attack us until we live like them. And they will also attack us because our troops are in the Middle East in the fight for freedom – and our Air Force is bombing Islamic terrorists” said Senator Elect Lambie.


Democracy Demands Transparency on Donations

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader
19.07.16 4:43 pm

First the ACT and now Queensland have committed to the real time publication of political donations rather than making voters wait up to 18 months to find out who gave how much to which party in the lead up to an election. 

It is well past time Tasmania did the same.

Under current Federal law and in Tasmania, voters went to the poll on 2 July having no idea who was seeking to buy influence with political parties or candidates.  Political donations at the State level are entirely unregulated.

That is neither transparent, nor democratic.  Voters have a right to know the full picture before they cast their vote.

As an example, over the past four election cycles, the Farrell Family has made sizeable donations to the Liberals and Labor, clearly in order to protect their gambling monopoly. 

Yet when Tasmanians went to the polls they did not know they might be voting for parties that would work to protect the financial interests of a major donor whose business causes serious social and economic harm.

The recent Legislative Council inquiry into the Tasmanian Electoral Commission has called for greater transparency in relation to political donations, while the Local Government Association of Tasmania is urging the State Liberal Government to legislate to require all candidates to disclose all political donations.

These requests have to date been ignored by the Hodgman Government. 

When Parliament returns in August, we will bring on the debate for electoral reform, including the real time disclosure of donations to political parties.


TASSI Race 2 (Russell River Run) will now be held at REDBANKS FISH & FIELD: 276 Masons Road, Nugent

Prue de Vries, Kathleen O’Leary
19.07.16 3:32 pm

Event Venue Change!

TASSI Race 2 (Russell River Run) will now be held at REDBANKS FISH & FIELD: 276 Masons Road,
Nugent. (The change of venue is due to the flooding of the race tracks at the Rivers Edge Camping Ground.)

This venue is a spectator’s delight. This circuit will provide spectators a view of competitors running the race trails. Camping is also available on site.
This is a two heat race - the following classes will be offered:
Race entry forms will be available on the day however; you will need to register your attendance. Please call: 03 6266 0330 or send a message to the TASSI Facebook for more information.
The club would love to see new faces, and this is the perfect venue if you just want to come along, camp out and spectate.
The momentum of the club has been building this year with many new faces and lots of interest being generated within the community.

Date: Saturday 23rd July – Sunday 24th July
Location:  REDBANKS FISH & FIELD: 276 Masons Road, Nugent, Tasmania.

To register or for further information, Contact:
Prue de Vries (President) on 6266 0330 or Kathleen O’Leary (Vice President) on 0450 270 881

A newly established dog powered sports club, ALL medium to large dogs of any breed welcome, a great way to keep humans and pooches fit and healthy while having fun. Both adults and children (Pee Wees & Juniors) can take part.


A/Prof Greenaway steps down to take on new challenge

AMA Tasmania CEO Tony Steven
19.07.16 1:57 pm

AMA Tasmania regrets to announce A/Prof Tim Greenaway has informed the AMA Tasmania Board he will be stepping down effective immediately from his role as President of AMA Tasmania.

A/Prof Greenaway has accepted the position of Principal Medical Advisor of the Health Products Regulation Group in the Commonwealth Department of Health.

AMA Tasmania CEO Tony Steven said A/Prof Greenaway has been a great servant of AMA Tasmania, along with many other Tasmanian health committees and boards for a number of years.

“After taking on the role of President in April 2014, Tim has worked tirelessly to better the health of Tasmanians, advocate for positive chance in the Tasmanian health system and improve the working conditions of AMA Tasmania members,” said Mr Steven.

“Tim presided over AMA Tasmania during the development of the state wide Tasmanian Health Service, worked closely with the Tasmanian Government through the Healthy Tasmania Committee to develop a raft of initiatives outlined in the Healthy Tasmania Five Year Strategic Plan, and implemented a new award for medical professionals.”

AMA Tasmania Vice President Dr Stuart Day will step into the role of Acting President until a new President is appointed at AMA Tasmania’s next Board meeting. 


CatholicIslam ...

Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania
19.07.16 1:40 pm



Rally to call for an end to greyhound racing in Tasmania

Clare Knight
19.07.16 8:26 am

Dr Raj Wicks at his Taroona Clinic this week with his greyhound Rosie.


A rally at Hobart’s Parliament Lawns on Sunday 24 July (11am-12noon) will call on the Tasmanian Government to join New South Wales and the ACT in bringing an end to greyhound racing.

Speaking at the rally will be Andrea Dawkins MP, Greens Member for Bass, Andrew Wilkie, Independent Member for Denison, and veterinarian and greyhound owner Dr Raj Wicks of The Dog Clinic, Taroona.

‘The Tasmanian Joint Select Committee on Greyhound Racing has seen a mountain of evidence condemning the culture of cruelty in this industry, which is no different to other Australian states,’ coordinator of the rally and Let greyhounds run free, Fran Chambers, says.

‘Despite industry claims of reform, greyhounds continue to be injured and die every week, and are confined to small kennels with little freedom of movement or socialisation.

‘Between April and June there have been nine greyhound deaths and 189 injuries at Tasmanian races. Every year, hundreds more are euthanised. Owners and trainers simply tick a box marked ‘poor performance’ or ‘lack of ability’ on an Office of Racing Integrity form called Notification of a retired greyhound.

‘The industry cannot begin to claim credibility until all greyhounds are tracked from birth, with all timely, transparent records of breeding, injuries, deaths and adoptions. This information is not available.’

‘The Tasmanian government props up greyhound racing to the tune of $5M per year, a strong indicator that the industry is neither economically viable nor sustainable,’ Andrea Dawkins says. ‘That’s $5M that could be spent in our community in far less controversial and more contemporary ways.

‘Greyhound racing has lost any creditability it had and is losing community support. The notion that an animal is property and can be treated in any manner the “owner” wishes is not reflected in law, not reflected in wider social acceptance and not reflected in the idea of a sustainable greyhound industry.’

Andrew Wilkie agrees that greyhound racing is inherently cruel and should be banned.

‘Tasmania should follow New South Wales and ban the so-called sport, or at least stop the generous taxpayer-funded handouts to the greyhound racing industry,’ he says.

‘But it shouldn’t be left up to the states and territories: if the Federal Government genuinely cared about animal welfare it would have shut the industry down a long time ago.’

Dr Raj Wicks has an adopted greyhound named Rosie. He says Rosie is a wonderful, gentle companion to his two young daughters. ‘If you’re looking for a pet, a greyhound is really one that would suit a young family with kids,’ he says.

The Hobart rally is part of the international ‘March for the Murdered Million’, an event being held worldwide to commemorate all the greyhounds that have died since greyhound racing began in the United Kingdom on Sunday 24 July, 1926.


Richard Colbeck: Ministry Announcement

Richard Colbeck, Liberal Senator for Tasmania
18.07.16 5:18 pm

I am extremely disappointed to have to relinquish my portfolio but I have to agree with the Prime Minister that the need to finalise a new team and the uncertainty relating to my Senate seat made it impossible to wait – the business of Government is much bigger than any individual.

I have been very proud to have held the Tourism and International Education portfolio under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

I am particularly proud of Australia’s first ever National Strategy for International Education released in April this year. Along with the AIE 2025, it establishes a ten year blueprint for the development of one of Australia’s super-growth sectors. This plan was extremely well received by the sector and generated considerable interest internationally.

In tourism it has been a real privilege to work to continue the strong growth in this sector.

It was very exciting to sign agreements in China in May with the Prime Minister to designate 2017 as the Year of Australia-China Tourism generating further growth out of that important market.

Also, working so closely with my Ministerial colleagues on continued reform of access arrangements to Australia, such as improved visa arrangements with China, Indonesia and facilitated premium entry as well as increased aviation access has resulted in real benefits for the tourism industry.

It has been an absolute privilege to represent Australia in trade forums in India, Indonesia, USA, the Middle East and the South Pacific – working to enhance trade opportunities for Australian businesses and building stronger relationships.

I wish Malcolm and his new team every success in their new roles as I await the outcome of the Senate vote in Tasmania.


Tasmanian Association for the Gifted releases conference program

Tasmanian Association for the Gifted Inc.
18.07.16 7:58 am

The Tasmanian Association for the Gifted is pleased to announce the release of the program for its biennial conference No Limits! from 26th – 28th August, 2016.

The program has plenty of choice, with 4 concurrent lines in breakout sessions, parallel presentations by invited speakers and 3 great keynote presentations.  There is something for everyone: educators, parents, psychologists and university students.

Raising and educating gifted children poses a range of challenges that are not well understood within the community and this conference gives people a chance to not only learn from the presenters but also to make connections with others facing similar challenges.

Please ensure that your colleagues, family, friends and whole school community are aware of this opportunity to enhance their skills, knowledge and competence at working with gifted young people. 
DON’T MISS OUT.  Click here to register now: