After a very boggy server upgrade, which involved moving 18 years of content – about 56K posts, 217K comments, and the rest – we are back online at

There are still some bugs to iron out, and some old posts may not appear as they used to for the time being. It should all be finished soon, which is more than we can say for some world crises.

We are moving to a bi-weekly model. Most of our content will be published in either a ‘mid-week edition’ on Wednesday or a ‘weekend edition’ on Saturday. A few other things – special days and events, urgent stuff or major breaking news, niche, etc. – might get scheduled for other days.

We hope to have at least a dozen articles in each of these editions so it’s worth your while to stop by.

Tasmanian Times can always use some help. We need writers, editors, photographers, general helpers, social media people, administrators, moderators, and people to make the cookies. We will continue to do the best we can with the resources we have available.

We look forward to continuing to be an independent platform by and for Tasmanians in an increasingly uncertain and indeed hostile digital media landscape.

Please check in next Wednesday, see you then!