Media release – David O’Byrne MP, Shadow Treasurer, 7 April 2021

Liberals cruel infrastructure failure exposed

The Liberal’s shambolic infrastructure program has reached a new low level with Dynnyrne residents receiving a letter of acquisition from the Government.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said residents had received a letter outlining that the Government will compulsorily acquire their properties to make way for a fifth lane on the Southern Outlet.

“Today’s revelations not only reveal another bungled infrastructure project but show how little regard the Liberals have for Tasmanians and their property,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“After seven years in Government the Liberals have shown little competence in getting infrastructure out the door, with a list of delayed projects their biggest build to date.

“The Liberals simply cannot be trusted to deliver the infrastructure Tasmania needs.”

Mr O’Byrne said the letters of acquisition sent to Dynnyrne residents were a cruel indication of the Liberals agenda.

“The Liberals have decided now, right before an election, is the time to rush through a fifth lane on the Southern outlet.

“These residents have a right to be angry, just last week they were celebrating Easter in their homes and now those very homes may be taken away from them and demolished.

“Tasmania needs traffic solutions to fix traffic issues, however rushed projects that disregard residents and their homes are not the answer.”

Media release – Tasmanian Liberals, 7 April 2021

O’Byrne’s Congestion Busting Hypocrisy

David O’Byrne has spent the past three years whinging and whining about progress on delivering the Southern Outlet congestion-busting fifth lane, which has been developed in line with the Hobart City Deal partners, on time.

To now be complaining about the consultation process for the next stage of the project is the height of hypocrisy.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to the $35 million congestion busting plan, and the first stage consultation is underway on concept designs with those landowners who may be affected – as is the appropriate first step in consultation.

The fifth lane on the Southern Outlet is part of the City Deal improvements that will significantly improve bus services to and from locations like Kingborough, the Channel and the Huon Valley, through to Hobart.

What is David O’Byrne’s alternative? And has he spoken to his fellow Labor candidate, the Mayor of Kingborough who is a signatory to the deal and this project?

While David O’Byrne and Labor change their mind from one day to the next, a majority Gutwein Liberal Government is committed to congestion busting projects, making it easier for people to commute, to secure Tasmania’s future.